160+ Spain Trivia Questions and Answers

Spain is home to 47 million people, three-quarters of the population live in urban areas. Around 6.5 million live in Madrid, while another 5.5 million reside in Barcelona. That’s greater than the population of New Zealand.

The Spaniards celebrate Christmas, the New Year and the feast of Epiphany during the winter holidays. They cherish these special moments by living very intensely.

Spain Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Feeling famished in Madrid? Well, you can explore Restaurante Botín, which went on the Guinness Book Records as the world’s oldest restaurant. The eatery has long been serving its delicious signature meal of “Cochinillos asado” since 1700s.

Spain has an artistic streak. The country is home to the famous Pablo Picasso among other great artists. You may also be aware that the thrilling Money Heist show was filmed in Spain.

Quiz yourself with this list of Spain trivia questions and answers to learn more facts about the place.


1. On which river does the city of Toledo lie?

Rio Tagus


2. What is the capital of Spain?



3. Spain is located in which peninsula?

Iberian Peninsula


4. You can admire the works of artists and visionaries including Miro, Picasso and Gaudi here; or you can enjoy the footballing artistry on view at Camp Nou. Which Spanish city is this?



5. Which currency is used in Spain?



6. Which explorer left Spain and discovered America?


7. To start this weather quiz off: the hottest temperature ever recorded in Spain by the 20th century was on July 4, 1994. The temperature reached 47.2C/116.9F in what city near the Andalusia region?



8. Who was the King of Spain in 2020?

Felipe VI


9. Many scholars believe which book by the Spanish writer Miguel Cervantes was the first modern novel in the world?

Don Quixote


10. You are looking at a statue and plaque for Alexander Fleming. Outside which well-known Madrid structure are you standing?

Main Bullring at Ventas


11. Which countries share a land border with Spain?

Morocco, Andorra, France, Portugal, and Gibraltar


12. How many main islands are in the Canary archipelago?



13. How do you say Spain in Spanish?



14. The Strait of Gibraltar separates Spain and which African country?



15. When is Spain’s national day?

12th of October


16. Which popular musical instrument originated in Spain?



17. What is the name of the mountains which run the length of the north coast of Majorca?



18. The running of the bulls, also known as the encierro, is an annual event taking place in Pamplona to honour which saint?

San Fermin


19. Before the Romans invaded the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, the primitive Galician inhabitants lived in fortified stone towns which are now known as …?



20. Who is the head of State in Spain?

The King


21. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish, originally from Valencia. What is the main ingredient?



22. What is the longest river passing in Spain?

Rio Tejo


23. What will a waiter bring when you order a tortilla in a restaurant in Spain?

A potato omelette


24. What are Madrid’s natives called?



25. How many autonomous communities are there in Spain?



26. The 1992 Summer Olympic Games were held in this Mediterranean city?



27. What was Queen Letizia’s job at CNN+ and TVE?

News Anchor


28. The ruler of Spain in the early 16th century, Queen Juana la Loca, was known for doing what to her husband?

To parade his head body for years in the countryside


29. Barcelona is the capital of what region?



30. On the last Wednesday each August, people around the world gather in a small Spanish town named Bunol to throw what at each other?



31. On which island can you find the resort town of Magaluf?



32. You can find the famous painting “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso in which of the following museums?

The Reina Sofia National Art Museum


33. What country borders Spain to the west?



34. What is the capital of Aragon?



35. Why is the city of Toledo also known as the “City of Three Cultures”?

Jews, Muslims, and Christians live side by side


36. Toledo steel became known to the Roman armies after battling which Carthaginian general (famous for using elephants) in the Punic Wars?



37. In which small town near Valencia does the ‘Tomatina’ festival take place?



38. What is the oldest pilgrimage route in Europe, which ends at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain?

The St. James’ Way


39. Which colors are common to the field of both the French and Spanish flags?



40. What is the name of the peninsula containing both Spain and Portugal?

The Iberian Peninsula


41. How many times did the Spain national football team won the FIFA World Cup?



42. This city’s university, founded in 1218, is the oldest in Spain. The elegant Plaza Mayor was featured in the 2008 movie “Vantage Point”. The ancient bridge on the Tormes River is a reminder of the city’s Roman heritage. Which city is it?



43. What is the capital of Andalusia?



44. Which sea is located on the east side of Spain?

The Mediterranean Sea


45. Located in northwestern Spain, which major city has traditionally had the highest average number of rainy days?

Santiago de Compostela


46. Which river flows through Córdoba?



47. Which group of people rules the Iberian Peninsula for many centuries?

The Arabs


48. You are looking at the stadium where David Beckham once played home matches (while he was signed to a Spanish football team). What is it called?

Santiago Bernabeu


49. What is the name of the smallest island in the Balearic islands?


50. The city of Almeria in the southeast of Spain is home to the only desert in Europe. What is its name?

Tabernas Desert


51. If you ordered Mallorcan wine in a restaurant, in which town would it most likely have been produced?



52. What is the natural border between France and Spain?

The Pyrenees mountain range


53. What is the most notable feature of the City Wall of Avila in Spain?

It is the best-preserved city wall in the world


54. You are eating a mixture of rice, fish, meat and seafood. What is it?



55. In which region (autonomous community) can you find Santiago de Compostela?



56. Barcelona’s most famous road strip is called?

Las Ramblas


57. What is the largest island in the Canary Islands?



58. When did the Spanish flu occurred and infected more than 500 million people around the world?

Between 1918 and 1920


59. What group of people from Africa invaded Spain and stayed there for several centuries?



60. What is the largest natural lake in Spain?

Lake Sanabria


61. The sculpture named “El Oso y el Madrono” is one of the symbols in Madrid. It depicts which animal with a strawberry tree?

A bear


62. The skyline of Toledo is dominated by two buildings, one is a cathedral. What is the other?

A fort


63. What is the highest volcano in Spain?

El Teide on Tenerife (3,479 metres)


64. Which cave in Spain is the first place where Upper Palaeolithic cave paintings in the world were first discovered?

Altamira cave


65. Which beautiful Spanish city on the Mediterranean coast is the third-largest in the area? It is also the traditional home of paella.



66. What is the Southernmost point of Spain (mainland)?

Punta de Tarifa


67. When was the Spanish Civil War?

1936 to 1939


68. NASA scientists have come to the Riotinto district in Huelva to study its similarities to which planet in the Solar System?



69. Which dictator was ruling during the Civil War?

Francisco Franco


70. The last one in this list of Spain quiz questions and answers: Which of the following countries was not colonized by Spain in the past?



71. It is well known that the summer sun and tropical breezes from the Mediterranean make the Balearic Islands an international tourist destination. Which of the four Balearic Islands is the largest, also making it the largest island in all of Spain?



72. To which Royal house do King Juan Carlos and King Felipe VI belong?



73. Who conquered the islands of Majorca and Ibiza between 1229 and 1235?

James I of Aragon


74. Heading north from this capital, we’ll go to the city which is the capital of the Basque Country. Which city is home to medieval churches and modern museums?



75. When was the Second Spanish Republic founded?



76. What autonomous community in northeastern Spain contains the first Spanish city to host the Olympic Games?



77. What is the Spanish version of Nougat?



78. We drive along the lush green coast to the capital of the province of Navarre, Iruna, better known as Pamplona. This is the city famous for the annual “running of the bulls” in July. In which Ernest Hemingway novel was this event first immortalized?

The Sun Also Rises


79. What Spanish cold soup is made with blended vegetables?



80. In Barcelona, we head out for a fancy dinner. Before what time need we not bother to find most restaurants open?

9 P.M.


81. What is the Spanish word for ham?



82. You land in Barajas. Where in Spain are you?



83. What meat is used to make Chorizo?



84. What is the name of Madrid’s Airport?



85. What snack made of fried dough is usually eaten for breakfast in Spain with sugar or chocolate?



86. Situated in the northern province of Navarra, the ‘Running of the Bulls’ is held where every year?



87. Beyond the Placa de Catalunya, various neighbourhoods have been established that have a very particular lay-out. This newer part of town is called?



88. What potato omelette comes from Spain?

Tortilla Española


89. Where was Pablo Picasso born?



90. What popular tapas are made with chunks of fried potato?

Patatas bravas


91. At least I won’t have any problems with currency, as both France and Spain use the euro. Prior to 2002, which currency would I have needed for Spain?



92. What dish is similar to a paella but uses vermicelli instead of rice?



93. Andalusia, the southern part of continental Spain, has the warmest weather year-round. However, what Andalusian mountain range enjoys frequent snowfall and is the location of many ski resorts?

Sierra Nevada


94. What are Albondigas?

Meatballs in tomato sauce


95. You are looking at a large boating lake, with a monument that covers most of one side. On the opposite side, there is a wide promenade. In which Madrid park are you?



96. Where, in Spain, can you find the Dalí Museum?



97. In which country was Dalí living during the Spanish Civil War?



98. What autonomous community in northwestern Spain shares its name with a region of Poland?



99. In which country did Pablo Picasso spend most of his adult life?


100. Which system of caves on the island boasts a large underground lake?

Cuevas del Drac


101. What happened to the territory in the south of Galicia, which remained free of Spanish rule?

It began to grow and eventually became Portugal.


102. Who was the leading artist in the court of King Philip IV?

Diego Velázquez


103. If you wanted to visit the world famous ‘Cafe del Mar’, where would you go?



104. What was the byname of Doménikos Theotokópoulos?

El Greco


105. What city did El Greco live in?



106. Which Spanish artist painted “Grey and Green Painting”?

Antoni Tàpies


107. Toledo has a much larger sister city of the same name in the USA. In which state is it located?



108. Which female Spanish surrealist artist was naturalized Mexican?

Remedios Varo


109. Being a lover of red wine, I had been looking forward to drinking Burgundy in France. Which Spanish wine could I drink as an alternative?



110. You are looking at a building which was formerly a royal residence, but later came to be used by the Spanish royal family on ceremonial occasions only. Which building in central Madrid is this?

El palacio real


111. Who’s Julio Iglesias’ son?

Enrique Iglesias


112. Which country forms the closest mainland point of the islands?



113. Who sang “Corazón Partío” and “Amiga Mía”?

Alejandro Sanz


114. From what autonomous community with a capital of Merida does the Tagus River flow into Portugal?



115. Where is the music festival “FIB” held?



116. A train dating from 1912, with the original mahogany panels and brass fittings, runs through the Tramuntana Mountains and numerous citrus groves from which two towns?

Palma and Soller


117. ‘Ropa vieja’ is a specialty of which island?

Gran Canaria


118. What is the name of the bagpipe used in Northwest Spain?



119. Which Spanish King established Madrid as his capital?

Philip II


120. Which Spanish lyric-dramatic genre began as a kind of court entertainment?



121. Located in the north-western region of Galicia, this city was known as Brigantium under the Romans and was the site from which the Spanish Armada sailed against England?

La Coruna


122. Which Spanish Formula One driver raced for McLaren between 2015 and 2019?

Fernando Alonso


123. Which Spanish dictator let the Nazis bomb one of his towns?



124. What is the name of the human towers built during festivals in Catalonia?



125. Toledo is situated high above the river which surrounds it on three sides. How do most tourists make their way to the heart of Toledo at the top?

A series of escalators in the hillside


126. Which sport do the Joventut Badalona play?



127. What are the two main football clubs in Madrid?

Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid C.F.


128. Which Spanish city is best known as the home of the Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Gehry?



129. Which Spanish football player has been Manchester United’s goalkeeper since 2011?

David de Gea


130. You are looking at a Madrid building that was only restored to its former glory in 1997, having been allowed to fall into ruin for over 70 years. Which building?

Teatro Royal


131. Which sport does Seve Ballesteros play?



132. What is the name of the liqueur, based on aniseed, unique to the Balearics?



133. Who wrote “Don Quixote”?

Miguel de Cervantes


134. If you were served ‘Tinto de Verano’ What are you drinking?

Wine and lemonade


135. Which playwright and poet of Spain’s Generation of ’98 wrote the poems “Soledades” (Solitudes) in 1903?

Antonio Machado


136. Which Madrid restaurant is the oldest in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records?



137. Which Spanish author wrote “A Heart So White” and “Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me”?

Javier Marías


138. The chief Mediterranean seaport of southern Spain, this city is a popular resort city and the birthplace of Pablo Picasso?



139. In the south of the city, near the sea, a hill can be found where the Olympic stadium was built for 1992. Name the mountain?



140. What will I be eating if I choose chorizo?



141. What do Tenerife and Scotland have in common?

Their national flags are identical


142. Which Spanish novelist worked as a war correspondent for RTVE and is known for the series of novels “Alatriste”?

Arturo Pérez-Reverte


143. What mountain range runs through Asturias and Cantabria, in northern Spain?

Cordillera Cantabrica


144. Which 2001 thriller by Carlos Ruiz Zafón takes place in Barcelona in 1945 and became a worldwide bestseller?

The Shadow of the Wind


145. Madrid has been Spain’s capital since 1561. The Plaza Mayor, or main square is now a charming place with cafés and artist displaying their wares. What was the Plaza Mayor used for in the past?

Trials of the Spanish Inquisition


146. What is the Spanish name for the Netflix show “Money Heist”?

La Casa de Papel


147. Which celebrity established the Costa du Nord Cultural Centre?

Michael Douglas


148. What is housed in the Palacio de Telecomunicaciones?

The Central Post Office


149. In which company do the Cable Girls work?

National Telecom Company

150. The origin of Barcelona’s name is not certain but one popular theory is that the name derives from a general. Which of these generals is a possible source for Barcelona’s name?

Hamilcar Barca


151. In which Spanish TV show can you see 3 working-class teens in an exclusive school?



152. Most people in Spain are what religion?



153. Who plays Helena in Hache?

Adriana Ugarte


154. According to legend the nuns of Toledo ground up almonds to make which delectable sweet to survive the famine caused by marauding Arabs in the 16th century?



155. Who directed the movie “Volver”?

Pedro Almodóvar


156. Which British colony has a 1 km border with Spain?



157. For which network was “Velvet” produced?

Antena 3


158. We travel to the most famous part of Spain, Andalusia, which was under Moorish occupation for over 500 years. We travel first to Cordoba, and go to the famed Mezquita. What is the Mezquita?

A mosque converted to a church


159. Who portrayed Maria Elena in Vicky Cristina Barcelona?

Penélope Cruz


160. Built in 1590, what is the Panaderia named after?

A bakery


161. Which famous Spanish actor portrayed Zorro?

Antonio Banderas


162. What is the name of the famous palace and fortress complex in Granada?



163. Which Latin dance originated in Andalucia?



164. Which Galician city is an important centre of pilgrimage for Christians, as its cathedral is believed to house the remains of Saint James the Apostle, the patron saint of Spain?

Santiago de Compostela


165. Isolated from the humid winds of the Mediterranean Sea by mountains on the north and south, what desert in Almería is one of the driest places in Spain?

Tabernas Desert


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