160 Truth or Dare for Brother

Siblings enjoy playing a variety of games together. These range from playing video games, board games, card games, and crossword puzzles among others. Rare are the occasions when brothers would opt for games that entail knowing each other.

We have therefore decided to bring the truth or dare question game to the household unit; specifically tailored for brothers. This question game will ensure brothers have fun learning about each other’s experiences and laugh at the hilarious dares.

Truth or Dare for Brother

You can choose to record the entire game on camera, or just go live on social networks and get feedback from the public. It is a great form of entertainment that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your house.

Worried that your sister may feel left out? Fret no more, for we have an amazing list of truth or dare questions for sister as well.

Below is a collection of the best truth or dare for brother. Let’s explore!


1. Who is your favorite family member?

2. Sing the national anthem in a British accent.

3. What is your least favorite part about family gatherings?

4. Quack like a duck until your next turn.

5. What is the biggest secret that you kept from your parents when you were growing up?

6. Do 5 minutes of stand-up comedy.

7. What is your favorite movie that you secretly know is actually terrible?

8. Let someone paint your nails any way they want.

9. What is your worst habit?

10. You have 5 minutes to write a country song and perform it.

11. Have you ever bribed or flirted with a police officer to get out of a ticket?

12. Talk without closing your mouth.

13. What is something you most look forward to doing when you retire?

14. Eat a teaspoon of mustard.

15. What is one thing you are always losing?

16. Lick a bar of soap.

17. What is the strangest thing you have ever bought?

18. Dump a bucket of cold water on your head.

19. Do you have a weird collection? If so, what?

20. Pretend to be a squirrel until your next turn.

21. Have you ever shared chewing gum with anyone?

22. Eat a raw egg.

23. Have you ever lied about being sick so you could stay home from work or school?

24. Spin around 12 times and try to walk straight.

25. If you could do one thing you did when you were a child, what would it be?

26. Put on a blindfold and touch the other players’ faces until you can figure out who it is.

27. What is the one thing you dislike about yourself?

28. Take a selfie on the toilet and post it.

29. What is the one thing you would stand in line for?

30. Talk in a Jamaican accent until your next turn.

31. If anyone in your family could win an award for being the most annoying, who would it be?

32. Drink lemon juice.

33. What’s your most bizarre nickname?

34. Randomly call a person from your phone and sing them a song.

35. What’s been your most physically painful experience?

36. Call up a pizza place and order Chinese food.

37. What bridges are you glad that you burned?

38. Take a shower without removing any of your clothes.

39. If you met a genie, what would your three wishes be?

40. Act like a dog for two minutes without laughing.

41. What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to someone else?

42. Call your crush.

43. Have you ever broken something in the house and blamed a sibling?

44. Go outside and yell “Merry Christmas!”

45. What was your most embarrassing moment?

46. Go next door and ask the neighbors to borrow a random item.

47. What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

48. Sing a song with a silly voice.

49. When was the last time you laughed?

50. Sing a song with a silly voice.

51. Who is your funniest friend, and why?

52. Eat something without using your hands.

53. Which cartoon characters does the player to your right look like?

54. Try not to blink for 30 seconds.

55. Have you ever snooped to find what you were getting for Christmas?

56. Talk with your tongue sticking out.

57. What is your weirdest talent?

58. Draw or write something while holding the pen in your mouth.

59. What is the funniest thing that ever happened at school?

60. Talk using the third person until the next turn.

61. What is your favorite joke?

62. Spin ten times and try performing a simple task.

63. What is the funniest thing the family pet has ever done?

64. Stand on your hands.

65. Have you ever played a prank on someone?

66. Draw something blindfolded.

67. What is the clumsiest thing you have ever done?

68. Pour some cold water on your head.

69. What is something you would never admit to anyone?

70. Hold your breath for ten seconds.

71. What is the weirdest thing about your family?

72. Do ten pushups.

73. What is your biggest pet peeve?

74. Go get an item from another room while wearing a blindfold.

75. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

76. Mix different soft drinks and drink the mixture.

77. What is the one food you couldn’t live without?

78. Speak in a made-up language.

79. What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

80. Crawl like a worm.

81. Which book would you take on a deserted island?

82. Make animal noises.

83. If you could travel in time, which decade would you want to visit?

84. Don’t move for an entire minute.

85. What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

86. Tell a joke.

87. Which rule would you change if you were in charge at home?

88. Call a friend and explain the rules of your favorite board game without giving them an explanation.

89. What is a skill that you would like to learn?

90. Take a silly picture.

91. What does your dream home look like?

92. Talk for five minutes without stopping.

93. If you started a band, what would you name it?

94. Draw something on your arm with a marker.

95. What is your favorite video game?

96. Peel a banana with your teeth.

97. What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

98. Yell some random exclamations during the entire game.

99. What is your favorite vacation spot?

100. Drink an entire can of soda in ten seconds or less.

101. Do you have any phobias?

102. Dance with no music.

103. What makes you feel ashamed?

104. Act out a funny story.

105. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

106. Stack some items to build the tallest tower possible.

107. Have you ever been caught picking your nose?

108. Do your best Buzz Lightyear impression.

109. Have you ever skipped a shower?

110. Do your best lion roar.

111. Do you sing in the shower?

112. Prank call Grandma.

113. Have you ever cheated when playing a game?

114. Use the driveway as a catwalk for five minutes, giving the model wave to any passing cars or people.

115. What is a weird habit that you have?

116. Be a commentator for the remainder of the game.

117. What is the most childish thing that you still do?

118. Run around the outside of the house three times.

119. What is the least favorite gift you’ve ever received?

120. Wear your shoes on your hands for the next five minutes.

122. Have you ever lied to me?

123. Have a full conversation with a broom

124. What is something you wish you were better at?

125. Use a hairbrush as a microphone

126. When was the last time you did something nice for someone else?

127. What’s the longest you have ever slept?

128. Remove one sock and shoe so that one foot is bare for the rest of the game.

129. Have you ever been fired from a job?

130. Get wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper.

131. What’s the last thing you googled?

132. Pretend to win an award and give a speech thanking all the other players for their help.

133. What sport or hobby do you wish you would’ve picked up as a child?

135. Jump while holding a cup full of water above your head without spilling it.

136. Personality-wise, are you more like your mom or your dad?

137. Put ice cubes down your shirt—with your shirt tucked in.

138. What’s the biggest misconception about you?

139. Text someone using only your nose.

140. Are you a bathroom singer?

141. Show us your screen time report.

142. What is your least favorite household chore?

143. Draw a mustache on yourself without a mirror.

144. Have you ever fallen asleep in church?

145. Skip everywhere you go instead of walking or running.

146. Have you ever kept a library book?

147. Put all your clothes on inside out.

148. Do you prefer talking or texting?

149. Say the funniest joke you’ve ever heard.

150. Have you ever been to the opera?

151. Take your age, reverse the numbers, and act that age.

152. What’s your biggest insecurity?

153. Put your leg behind your head.

154. Do you still have feelings for any of your exes?

155. Tie your shoes together and try not to forget!

156. Have you ever flirted with a close friend’s sibling?

157. Play fetch like a dog, running on all fours and using only your mouth to fetch.

158. What’s your favorite book of all time?

159. Send the last screenshot on your phone to your parents.

160. Who would you cast as you in the movie version of yourself?


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