165+ The Originals Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

“The originals” became the biggest hit after the ending of “The vampire diaries.” The vampires in “The Originals” were born in New Orleans, the state of Louisiana, and forced by their mother’s curse to protect the family from the dark evil that rises every night. The bond tests the relationships of Mikaelson’s clan as dark objects are tossed around like coins.

The show is flocked with multiple minor characters that are easy to forget over time. The plot incorporates vampires, werewolves, witches, and different types of creatures, who all have their parts to play. The fantasy show’s dynamic development of the plot never gets old- it only keeps fans returning for more.

The Originals Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

However, among all characters, Klaus, a villain character, is an outstanding hybrid vampire. With an indomitable mindset, Klaus believes his actions are unquestionable! For many decades, Klaus fought for peace and to break his mother’s curse, thereby protecting the entire Mikaelson family.

These questions will help you gauge if, indeed, you are a true Originals fan and how much you have been paying attention.

1.”Loyalty Doesn’t Make People Dangerous, Elijah.” Who said these words?

Hayley Marshall


2. What brought the Mikaelson’s back to the French Quarter of New Orleans?

Klaus caught wind of plot brewing against him.


3. “I Took Care Of A Threat. That’s What Leaders Do.” Who said these words?

Davina Claire


4. How did Klaus first discover that he was a vampire and a werewolf?

He activated the werewolf curse after his first kill.


5. “This Is The Last Note In A Song That I Started A Century Ago When I Brought Your Dad To Town.” Who said these words?

Marcel Gerard


6. How many Mikaelson siblings are there? (Dead or alive.)



7. “The Oldest Society Of Vampires This World Has Ever Known. We Are Called The Strix.” Who said this?



8. What were the names of the Harvest Girls?

Monique, Cassie, Abigail, and Davina


9. “My Dearest Aurora, Compulsion Is Not My Only Party Trick.”

Elijah Mikaelson


10. What spell did Dahlia perform in exchange for Esther’s firstborn?

A fertility spell so Esther could have more children.


11. “Harm My Sister, And I’ll Be Forced To Return The Favor.” Who said this?

Tristan De Martel


12. Who was the founder of the Strix, the oldest vampire society in the world?

Elijah Mikaelson


13. “Reminds Me To Never Piss Off A Witch.” Who said this?

Joshua Rosza


14. Why did Rebekah want Elijah to dagger in Season 3 Episode 9?

She was tired of running. The curse enacted by the dagger had returned. To embrace the prophecy of a Mikaelson falling by the hands of family.


15. “My Plan For Global Domination, Or Rebekah’s Plan To Find Love In A Cruel, Cruel World.” Who said this?

Niklaus Mikaelson


16. What were Hayley’s parting words to her deceased husband Jackson?

Till death do us part.


17. “These Paintings Can Move! They Depict A Rodent Breaking The Bones Of A Rather Tenacious Feline.” Who said these words?

Freya Mikaelson


18. What were the consequences of Davina’s actions against Van’s mother Kara?

She was banished from the witch community. Her title as Regent was revoked. Her link to the ancestors & witches of New Orleans was severed.


19. “You’re Scared Because The People You Love Are Angry With You.” Who said this?

Camille O’connell


20. Why did Klaus’ blood not help in healing Finn from his wound from Lucien?

Venom of all seven packs was added to the hybrid spell.


21. “I’m Gonna Take Back The Regency. But You Ain’t Gonna Like What I’m Gonna Do With It.” Who said this?

Vincent Griffith


22. Which dark object was not used against Klaus?

The Rosary of Madness


23. “After I Kill You I Will Remain In New Orleans Until Every Last Person Who Remembers You Is Dead.” Who said this?



24. Which of these places does NOT appear on the show?

Rolling Hills Asylum


25. “Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh. Lucien, Please. Let’s Not Ruin The Dinner Before It Begins.” Who said this?

Elijah Mikaleson


26. Which dark object trapped Tristan?

The Serratura


27. “This Isn’t Gonna Heal For Weeks! I Haven’t Had A Scar In A Thousand Years!” Who said this?

Kol Mikaelson


28. How many times has Klaus killed Mikael?



29. “We Can’t Just Pick Another Body At A Farmer’s Market, We Don’t Even Have A Spell For That!” Who said this?

Davina Claire


30. Who was the Wooden Knight originally intended for?



31. Who is the original hybrid?



32. Who is Mikael?

Kalus father


33. Who is Hope Mikaelson?

Klaus and Hyley’s Daughter and Tribrid


34. What is the name of the long original sister?



35. Who is Marcell?

The king of New Orleans


36. Who played Klaus Mikelson on the originals?

Joseph Morgan


37. How many siblings are there in the original family?



38. Who is the youngest female original?

Rebekah Mikaelson


39. Who is referred to as the Noble Stag?



40. Who is the traitor in originals?

Finn Mikaelson


41. Who was the witch casket girl?

Davina Claire


42. Who is Mikaelson witch?

Freya Mikaelson


43. Who was the gay vampire?

Joshua Rosza


44. Who is the original witch?

Easter Mikaelson


45. Who was the youngest Mikael sibling?

Henrik Mikaelson


46. Who is the hybrid werewolf queen?

Hayley Marshall


47. What city is the show set in?

New Orleans


48. Who is the original vampire hunter?

Mikael Mikaelson


49. Who is the human therapist in the show?

Camille O’connell

50. Who is Mikaelson’ aunt?



51. Who is the alpha of the crescents in Originals?

Jackson kenner


52. What is Klaus’ blood a cure for?

Werewolf bite


53. Name a character from The Vampire Diaries that guest starred on The Originals?

Stefan, Tyler, Matt, Alaric, Caroline


54. What is the Mikaelson family saying?

Always and forever


55. What weapon can kill an original?

White Oak stake


56. Who is the Witch, aunt of a casket girl?

Sophie Deveraux


57. Who is the Sister of the leader of the Strix?

Aurora De Martel


58. What is the bond between an original and the vampires they turn?

Sire bond


59. Who was Marcel’s right-hand man in season 1?



60. What time period were the originals born?

Viking Era


61. Who was Vampire, violinist?



62. Who’s body was Kol first placed into?

Kaleb Westphall


63. What curse was placed on Sean and Kieran O’Connell?



64. How many years was Klaus daggered and kept prisoner by Marcel?



65. Who was Davina’s first crush?



66. Who was the Founder of Kingmaker Land Development?

Lucien Castle


67. Who was the Werewolf doctor?

Keelin Marraux


68. What is the name of the ‘ghost’ in season 4?

The Hollow


69. Whose blood was used to bound Klaus’ werewolf heritage?



70. How many years was Finn daggered for?



71. Who is Klaus’ real father?



72. What does Hope wear to help her control her magic?

A bracelet


73. Who were the witch and kidnapper?

Eva Sinclair


74. What is the shape of Hayley’s birthmark?

Crescent moon


75. Whose body did Esther first jump into?



76. Who was the treme witch?

Vincent Griffith


77. What type of magic do New Orleans witches practice?



78. Who was the leader of the Strix?

Tristan De Martel


79. What is the name of the bar Cami worked at?



80. Who was Josh’s werewolf boyfriend?



81. Which instrument did Gia play?



82. Who killed Hayley’s parents?

Jackson’s grandfather


83. In which episode does Hope make her first appearance?

Season 1, Episode 22 titled as “From a Cradle to a Grave”.


84. Who did Davina arrange to be killed soon after she became reagent?

Kara Nguyen


85. From what age Hayley has been on her own?



86. When Klaus ordered the death of the witches to hide his murder from his father, Mikael, Elijah was in a relationship with?



87. Who unlinked Hayley and Sophie?



88. Who does Elijah kill first when he becomes a vampire?



89. Who was in a relationship with Celeste?



90. Which originals call Hayley ‘Little wolf’?



91. True or false: Klaus has a ‘bird of feather tattoo on the front of his right shoulder’?



92. Which of the following names Hayley didn’t consider to name hope? Your options Zoe, Davina, Caitlin, Katherine



93. Who is Cami’s twin brother?



94. What was one of Mikaelson’s Christmas traditions?

Write down their wishes for each other to burn for luck


95. Who attacked Elijah with a dagger and gave him to Marcel?



96. Who was the first vampire turned by Eijah?

Tristan de Martel


97. What year did Klaus become a vampire?



98. Where did Klaus meet his first love, Aurora?

Count De Martel’s castle.


99. Who performed a spell for Klaus to become a vampire?


100. What was the name of the spell that Esther performed for Klaus to become a vampire?

The Immortality Spell


101. What did the Mikaelson family swear to themselves?

Always and forever


102. In which episode did Antoinette Sienna make her first appearance?

“Ne Me Quitte Pas” (S5E3).


103. Who is the eldest of Mikael’s family?

Freya Mikaelson


104. Why did Esther turn her kids into vampires?

To protect them from death


105. Who was the first original to meet Davina?



106. Hope is a hybrid of what species?

Werewolf,witch, and vampire


107. How does Klaus first meet Marcel?

Klaus sees Marcel being treated poorly by his master.


108. Which actress plays the role of Rebekah Mikaelson?

Claire Holt


109. Why does Cami’s brother Sean kill his fellow priest-in-training?

The witches curse him.


110. What is the name of the original witch?

Esther Mikaelson


111. How does Davina express her visions?

She sketches


112. Who took Klaus’ daughter after she was born?



113. What’s the name of the witches’ sacrificial ritual?

The Harvest


114. Who was the founder of Strix?



115. What is Cami doing for Klaus?

Helping him write his book.


116. Whose body was Finn in?

Vincent Griffith.


117. What is The Garden?

A vampire prison.


118. What was Kalus’ beloved Camille studying?



119. What is the prize for winning Fight Night?

A daylight ring.


120. After being cursed, Sean kills who?

His peers


121. Who is the first character to cross over from The Vampire Diaries?



122. Every time Davina gets a funny feeling, she sketches angrily at her.

Drawing pad


123. How does Cami finally figure out the truth about Klaus?

She tape-records him


124. The Garden is where vampires are sentenced to be buried. How is this done?

With only their heads out of the ground.


125. Which of these is originally a hybrid? Marcel, Rebekah, Elijah



126. Rebekah changes her mind and stays in New Orleans to:

Protect Hayley and keep her baby safe


127. Who is the king of New Orleans?



128. Why is Mikael hunting Klaus?

For killing him


129. Which of these vampires made a deal to be allowed immunity from The Originals in the episode Elijah first appeared?

Rose and Trevor


130. Klaus does what to Rebekah and Elijah as a punishment?

Stabs them with a dagger


131. When does Elijah first appear in season 2 of the series?



132. Which witch was stabbed with the “needle of sorrow”?



133. What is the name of the founder of the vampire society Stix?



134. Which actors are also called the Noble Stag?



135. The witches wanted to kill who to complete The Harvest?



136. Elijah makes a deal with who to give Jane Anne’s body to the witches?



137. Which ranking is Elijah in terms of age amongst the originals?



138. Which of these is Sophie linked to? Your options; Klaus, Elijah, Marcel, Hayley



139. Who was Klaus’ mother?



140. What is Hope Mikaelson referred to as at her school to hide her identity as a Mikaelson?

Hope Marshall


141. In which year were the originals forced to flee New Orleans?



142. How old is Elijah Mikaelson in the originals?

Between 27-30 years


143. Which of these is known as the “heart” of the French Quarter of New Orleans?

St Anne’s Church


144. Elijah is younger than which brother?



145. Which character won the “Favorite Actor in a New Series” award in 2014 People’s Choice Awards?

Joseph Morgan


146. Elijah is older than which half-brother?



147. What happens related to Mikael in the last episode of season one?

He was killed by Klaus the first time in Mystic falls 151.


148. Which actors both fell in love with Tatia?

Elijah and Klaus


149. Esther used whose blood to turn her husband and children into vampires?


150. Mikael was resurrected by___ in New Orleans at the end of episode one?



151. Mikael hunts Klaus to kill him for which reason?

In revenge for killing Esther and Henrik’s death


152. What are the names of the six Mikaelsons?

Elijah, Klaus, Freya, Rebekah, Finn and Kol


153. Who calls Hayley “little wolf”?



154. Who’s the first character to appear in the pilot?



155. What’s the name of the Mikaelsons’ long-lost sibling?



156. Who’s Sophie linked to in Season 1?



157. Which one of the Originals has a different dad?



158. When was Hope born?

May 2, 2012


159. Who takes Hope right after her birth in order to protect her?



160. Who took care of Elijah when he was bitten by Klaus?



161. What does Klaus do to his siblings as a form of punishment?

The daggers them


162. When was Marcel turned into a vampire?



163. Who’s always trying to keep the family together?



164. What are Klaus and Hayley?



165. Why do they settle in New Orleans?

They once called it home


166. What’s the name of the episode fully about Elijah in Season 5?

“Ne Me Quitte Pas”





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