170+ Virginia Trivia Questions and Answers

Famous for its historic boardwalk, Virginia beach is ranked top by the Guinness World Records as the World’s longest stretch of pleasure beach. The three beaches, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Bay Beach, and the globally known Sandbridge Beach, all together form 56 kilometers of scenic coastline.

Virginia boasts as the motherland of 8 American Presidents. The state is nicknamed ‘Mother of Presidents’- the following US Presidents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler,  Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson call it home.

It is also ‘The birthplace of Nations’ given that Jameston, Virginia was the first English settlement in the United States.


Virginia Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Virginia State has a rich history, and as of April 2014, the state was recognized for its unmatched seafood. On Chincoteague Island, we find the World’s only oyster museum. While considered a delicacy today, earlier in America’s history, oysters were cheaper than beef and a staple menu at homes and restaurants. Pubs and taverns frequently offered oysters to be enjoyed with beer and ales.

Read on to explore Virginia state in-depth.


1. What is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia?



2. How many tornadoes hit Virginia on average each year?



3. What police organization is the oldest police department in the U. S.?

The Virginia Capitol Police


4. According to the American Lung Association, 11 counties in Virginia received failing grades for air quality, with what is county being the worst in the state due to car exhaust?

Fairfax County


5. What city in the Commonwealth has the most residents?

Virginia Beach


6. Haze in the mountains is caused in part by what kind of power plants?

Coal burning plants


7. What is the Virginia State Slogan?

Virginia is for Lovers.


8. What percentage of Virginia is covered by Forests?



9. Who established the Colony of Virginia as the first permanent New World English colony in the year 1607?

The London Company.


10. What is the Virginia State Fish?

Brook trout, Striped bass.


11. How big is Virginia in square miles?

42,774.2 including 3,180.13 square miles of water.


12. Williamsburg was Virginia’s capital from when to when?

1699 to 1780.


13. Where does Virginia rank in size when compared with the rest of the US States?

It’s the 35th-largest state by area.


14. Colony life was hard, and many settlers died during the Starving Time in 1609 and in the Indian Wars, and by 1624 how many of the 6,000 early settlers had survived?



15. What is the Virginia State Shell?

Eastern oyster


16. What is the Virginia State Nickname?

The Old Dominion


17. Virginia is bordered by what two states to the north?

Maryland and Washington, D.C.


18. On May 15, 1776, Virginia declared its independence from the British and then adopted the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which was then included in a new what?



19. What is the tallest spot in Virginia?

Mount Rogers at 5,729 feet.


20. What is the Virginia State Insect?

Tiger swallowtail


21. How many of Virginia’s thousands of caves are open to tourists?



22. At the start of the Revolutionary War, who was selected to head the colonial army?

George Washington


23. The largest earthquake experienced by the state of Virginia was an estimated 5.9 magnitude in 1897 near what city?



24. During the war, Governor Thomas Jefferson had to move to Richmond?

The Capital


25. On average, how many days of thunderstorm activity does Virginia experience per year?



26. In 1781, Continental and French forces trapped the British army on the Virginia Peninsula, where troops under George Washington and Comte de Rochambeau defeated British General Cornwallis in what famous event?

The Siege of Yorktown


27. What is Virginia’s average yearly precipitation?

42.7 inches


28. What is the Virginia State Fossil?

Chesapecten Jeffersonians


29. The United States Supreme Court, in 1967, struck down Virginia’s ban on interracial what?



30.  The surrender of General Cornwallis on October 19, 1781 led to peace negotiations in Paris and secured what?

The independence of the colonies.


31. In 1989, Douglas Wilder became the first “what”  elected as governor in the United States?

African American governor


32. What is the Virginia State Boat?

Chesapeake Bay deadrise.


33. How many counties does the state of Virginia have?



34. What document were the Virginians instrumental in writing?

The United States Constitution.


35. Which city has the most population of any city in Virginia?

Virginia Beach


36. What is the Virginia State Mammal?

Virginia Big-Eared Bat


37. Norfolk is the site of the world’s largest what?

Naval base, Naval Station Norfolk.


38. By 1860, what percentage of the population were slaves in Virginia?



39. Suffolk is the largest city by area how many square miles?



40. What is the Virginia State Motto?

Sic Semper Tyrannis


41. According to the Census Bureau the state population of Virginia on Jul 1, 2013, how many people?



42. After the Civil War, Virginia adopted a constitution which provided for free public schools, and guaranteed what?

Political, civil, and voting rights.


43. Christ Church in Alexandria was frequented by what two famous military men?

George Washington and Robert E. Lee.


44. What is the Virginia State Flower/Tree?



45. According to a study by Phoenix Marketing International,  where did Virginia rank among the states in the number of millionaires per capita?

The seventh-largest in the U.S.


46. What did Virginian James Albert Bonsack invent in 1880 that  led to industrial scale production centered around Richmond?

Cigarette rolling machine.


47. Arlington Virginia is the home of the world’s largest what?

Office building at The Pentagon.


48. What is the Virginia State Bird?



49. What percentage of the land in Virginia is used for Agriculture?


50. In 1886, who founded Newport News Shipbuilding, which was responsible for building six major World War I-era battleships for the U.S. Navy?

Collis Potter Huntington.


51. As of 2012, how many farms were located in the state of Virginia?

Over  47,000.


52. Protests started by Barbara Rose Johns, in 1951, against segregated schools  led to the lawsuit Brown v. Board of Education, which rejected the segregationist doctrine of what?

“separate but equal”.


53. What police organization is the oldest police department in the U. S.?

The Virginia Capitol Police.


54. What is the Virginia State Dance?

Square dancing


55. Smithfield ham, sometimes called “Virginia ham”, is a type of ham protected by law, and can only be made in what Virginia town?

The town of Smithfield.


56. In 1958, led by the influential segregationist Senator Harry F. Byrd and his Byrd Organization, the Commonwealth prohibited desegregated local schools from what?

Receiving state funding.


57.  What is the Virginia State Dog?

American Foxhound.


58. Where does Virginia rank in terms of public spending on the arts?

Near the bottom of U.S. states, at nearly half of the national average.


59. Which of the following titles did English King Charles II give to Virginia? Your options: [ Fighting Hokies ] [ Tell Me ] [ Old Dominion ] [ Show Me ]

Old Dominion


60. Where is the headquarters of the newspaper USA Today located?

In McLean, Virginia.


61. Which of the following cities does Portsmouth, Virginia, not share a border with? Your options: [ Norfolk ] [ Virginia Beach ] [ Chesapeake ] [ Suffolk ]

Virginia Beach


62. What is the Virginia State Beverage?



63.  This 17.6-mile-long road over water links the eastern shore (Delmarva peninsula) to the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.


64. How many television stations are located in the state of Virginia?



65. Virginia (VA) Rt. 7 is known by several names, except:

Dolley Madison Blvd


66. As of 2011, were there many colleges and universities located in the Virginia Commonwealth?



67. Who or what was Newport News named after?

Christopher Newport


68. How many major airports does Virginia have and what are their names?

Five,  Washington Dulles International, Reagan Washington National, Norfolk International, Richmond International, and Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.


69. Jamestown, the first of the original 13 Colonies was founded for the purpose of what?

silk cultivationt


70. What organization is the largest law enforcement agency in Virginia?

The Virginia State Police.


71. Virginia is also called the ‘Mother of ___’. Complete the nickname.



72. In 1982 Virginia resumed using the death penalty, and since then how many people has Virginia put to death?



73. There are three and a half military bases located in Virginia Beach. These include NAS Oceana, NAB Little Creek, US Army’s Fort Story, and what other bases?

FTC Dam Neck


74. Portsmouth, Virginia, was founded in what year?



75. This project, completed in 2001, was Portsmouth, Virginia’s biggest investment in years, costing a total of $46 million.

Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center


76. The city of Virginia Beach merged with what county in 1963 to avoid being annexed by Norfolk?

Princess Anne County


77. The George Washington Parkway is called this as it runs through Alexandria.

Washington St.


78. US 50 is known by several names, except:

Fairfax Dr.


79. Newport News is the home of the world’s largest(________________)?



80. What bridge created on Lake Maury in 1931 still stands today?

Lion’s Bridge


81. How many Presidents of the United States were born in Virginia?



82. How many Presidents are buried in Virginia?



83. Name the mountain range running through the complete western section of the state of Virginia.

Blue Ridge


84. Western-central Virginia has a beautiful valley area. What is the valley’s name?



85. Located in Virginia Beach is a very large landfill. Many events take place on and around this landfill, including Independence Day fireworks, carnivals, and much more. What is the name of this landfill, and the lake next to it?

Mount Trashmore


86. What picture is on both the Virginia Beach flag and seal?



87. Which of these areas of Portsmouth, Virginia, is not a historic district? Your options: [ Downtown ] [ Brighton ] [ Olde Towne ] [ Park View ]



88. Who was the founder of Portsmouth, Virginia?

Col. William Crawford


89. How many independent cities lie within the Hampton Roads region?



90. VA 123 is known by how many names?



91. There is a variety of ‘Glebe Road in Alexandria and Arlington. Which of these is not one of them? Your options: [ Old Glebe Rd. ] [ North Glebe Rd. ] [ New Glebe Rd. ] [ West Glebe Rd. ]

New Glebe Rd.


92. The PFAC or Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News has housed works by all of the following artists EXCEPT: Your options: [ Norman Rockwell ] [ Andy Warhol ] [ Elizabeth Catlett ] [ Keith Herring ]

Keith Herring


93. What famous artist was from Newport News?

Pearl Bailey


94. The first ________ grown in the United States were grown in Virginia.



95. How many Presidents’ wives were born in Virginia?



96. What state is Virginia Beach closest to?


97. Virginia enjoys Atlantic Ocean beaches. Name the largest (and most popular) beach.

Virginia Beach


98. What famous warship was sunk, and later raised and repurposed, at Gosport (now Norfolk Naval Shipyard) in Portsmouth?



99. Virginia Beach contains one water park. What is this water park’s name?

Ocean Breeze WaterPark

100. Virginia has three capital cities. One is Richmond, another is Jamestown. Name the capital Virginia had from 1699 to 1779?



101. What’s the name of the mall that the Victory Crossing Shopping Center replaced?

Tower Mall


102. What region of the United States is Virginia Beach located in as per the US Census Bureau?

South Atlantic


103. What were the two ironclad battleships which fought on Hampton Roads during the Civil War. Your options: [ CSS Virginia and USS Constitution ] [ Monitor and CSS Virginia ] [ USS Clinton and CSS Bush ] [ Mayflower and Susan Constant ]

Monitor and CSS Virginia


104. Which star is not from Portsmouth, Virginia? Your options: [ Wanda Sykes ] [ Dre’ Bly ] [ Missy Elliot ] [ Latasha Colander ]

Dre’ Bly


105. Where is the state fair held?



106. What is the main waterway that splits the region into two main sections and empties into Hampton Roads?

James River


107. Van Dorn St. starts in the city of Alexandria, and continues into Fairfax Co. as this:

South Van Dorn St.


108. Fairfax County has several versions of Ox Rd., except:

Blue Ox Rd.


109. Newport News is also home of what famous collection of nautical models?

Crabtree Collection of Miniature Ships


110. What housing community in Newport News boasts of houses from the 1600’s and was once known as ‘The Gold Coast’?

Huntington Heights


111. This is the only city that is a city in Tennessee and a city in Virginia.



112. Patrick Henry made his ‘Give me Liberty or Give me Death’ speech in what Virginia city?



113. How many sister cities does Virginia Beach have?

Virginia Beach has three sister cities – Bangor, Northern Ireland; Miyazaki, Japan; and Moss, Norway.


114.  Which four cities make up the port of Hampton Roads?

Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News


115. Newport News is home of one of the first African Americans to try a case before the Virginia Supreme Court. What is his name?

J. Thomas Newsome


116. Which of these towns is closest to Virginia’s geographic center? Your options: [ Roanoke ] [ Buckingham ] [ Arlington ] [ Yorktown ]



117. What are the names of US 1?

It’s called both Patrick St. (northbound) and Henry St. (southbound) in Old Town Alexandria, Jefferson Davis Hwy. in north Alexandria and Crystal City, and Richmond Hwy. in Fairfax Co. (US 29 is Lee Hwy.)


118. At the beginning of the 21st century, Chincoteague Island contains the world’s only what?

Oyster museum


119. What is the chief export of the port of Newport News?



120. Where was colonial Virginia’s capital city moved to in 1698, after the third burning of the Capitol building in the Jamestown Settlement?



121. On which highway system is the Downtown Tunnel located? Your options: [ Interstate 464 ] [ Interstate 264 ] [ US Highway 58 ] [ US Highway 17 ]

Interstate 264


122. Virginia Beach is home to many events and festivals. Name one of the festivals taking place in Virginia.

Strawberry Festival


123. This amusement park is the busiest in Virginia with a motto of “All the fun of Europe, but only closer.”

Busch Gardens


124. Portsmouth is being studied for a merger between it and what other city?



125. In Virginia, more people work for __________________ more than any other industry.



126. Portsmouth’s Olde Towne district ranks as the largest collection of antique houses in the state of Virginia. True or False?

False, Alexandria has the largest collection of antique houses in the state of Virginia. But Portsmouth ranks second in the state and has the largest collection between Alexandria and Charleston, SC.


127. Before Portsmouth became an independent city, what county did Portsmouth belong to?

Norfolk County


128. Which of these US Highway pairs runs contiguous in the northern Virginia area? Your options: [ US 17 and 1 ] [ US 1 and 29 ] [ US 29 and 50 ] [ US 1 and 50 ]

US 29 and 50


129. Portsmouth plays host to what annual festival activity?

Seawall Festival


130. Which of the following higher learning centers are not located in the Hampton Roads region? Your options: [ College of William & Mary ] [ Virginia Union University ] [ Old Dominion University ] [ Virginia Wesleyan College ]

Virginia Union University


131. Virginia was named for which of England’s queens? Your options: [ Elizabeth I ] [ Victoria I ] [ Elizabeth II ] [ Anne ]

Elizabeth I


132. Which of the following people has a museum dedicated to them in Richmond? Your options: [ Nathaniel Hawthorne ] [ Edgar Allan Poe ] [ Robert Frost ] [ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ]

Edgar Allan Poe


133. Virginia is the ___th most populous state in the USA.



134. The American Revolution ended with the surrender of Cornwallis at what place?



135. Virginia became a state on which date? Your options: [ June 25, 1788 ] [ June 25, 1790 ] [ June 25, 1789 ] [ June 25, 1787 ]

June 25, 1788


136. The city of Suffolk has a larger size in total area than all of these cities EXCEPT: Your options: [ New York, NY ] [ Jacksonville, FL ] [ Virginia Beach, VA ] [ Dallas, TX ]

Jacksonville, FL


137. Which of these is not a county in Virginia? Your options: [ Monroe County ] [ Pittsylvania County ] [ Tazewell County ] [ Augusta County ]

Monroe County


138. What is the highest point in Virginia?

Mt. Rogers


139. Which of these is believed to be the oldest plantation in the United States? Your options: [ Monticello ] [ Shirley ] [ Carter’s Grove ] [ Bremo ]



140. What is Virginia’s rank in the area compared to the other states?



141. Who wrote ‘Carry me back to old Virginia’?

James A. Bland


142. Virginia Tech’s team mascot is a what?



143. True or False? Virginia has been dubbed the ‘Internet Capital of the world’.



144. True or False? Ella Fitzgerald was a Virginian from Newport News.



145. True or False? The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg is the third oldest in the United States, it was founded in 1693.

False, It is the second oldest college.


146. What is the height of the highest point- Mt Rogers?

5,729 feet.


147. Portsmouth, Virginia, was founded in what year?



148. What is the official language of Virginia?



149. What percent of the world’s internet traffic does Virginia handle?


150. Which world’s largest office building is situated in Virginia?

The Pentagon


151. What other languages are spoken in the state?

Spanish 6 percent and other 8 percent


152. Which airline crashed into the building?

American Airlines Flight 77


153. How many major Civil War battles were fought in Virginia?



154. Which is America’s most popular horse breed in Virginia?

The First Quarter Horse


155. When did the construction of the Pentagon start?

September 11, 1941


156. When the plane crashed?

September 11, 2001, during the terrorist attack.


157. What is the rank of Virginia among the wine producers?



158. When did Virginia have its first Thanksgiving?

In 1619


159. What does Virginia also known as?

The Birthplace of a Nation


160. How many wineries does Virginia have?



161. Which is the world’s longest stretch of pleasure beach?

Virginia Beach


162. What is the major cash crop of Virginia?



163. Which is the first successful electric street railway transit agency?

Union Passenger Railway


164. When was the Union Passenger Railway formed?

In 1888


165. Where did the Union Passenger Railway form?

At Richmond


166. Who designed the Monticello?

President Jefferson himself.


167. What is President George Washington’s home called?

Mount Vernon


168. What does President Thomas Jefferson call his own home?



169. Where is Mount Vernon located?



170. Where did the first women-run bank start in the U.S?

In Richmond, Virginia


171. What are the major industries in Virginia?

Agriculture, Aerospace, Mining, Technology, and Military


172. Which famous basketball player belonged to Virginia?


173. What is the postal abbreviation of the state?



174. What is the state’s lowest point?

The Atlantic Ocean at sea level




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