180 Germany Trivia Questions and Answers

A lot of people are attracted to Germany because of its vast economy and well-developed educational system. Not to forget the historical record of Germany during World War 11.

In the state of Bavaria, Beer is considered food! Germany is home to the biggest beer festival – Oktoberfest in Munich, where you’d get a liter of beer for a standard glass.

Germany Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Good news to bookish humans, Germany publishes 94,000 titles every year. The first book ever printed was in Germany. Interesting fun fact there!

If you’re a wanderlust, dare yourself to the world’s narrowest street in the German city of Reutlingen that is only one foot wide. It’s a scary thought, but worth the adrenaline rush! The outdoors never disappoint.

If you are well versed in the German language, you’ll have an easy time touring around and eating out in local hotels. So take up these Germany trivia questions and answers to learn more about the country.


1. What is the capital of Germany?



2. What is the highest mountain of Lower Saxony?



3. What is the literal translation of the word Volkswagen?

People’s car


4. What is the form of government in Germany?

Federal Republic


5. The city of Dusseldorf lies on the site where the Dussel River meets, which other European river?



6. On which river was the original center of Berlin built?

The Spree


7. What currency is used in Germany?



8. Baden-Baden is a town located in which German state in the southwestern corner of the nation?



9. Which German novelist won the 1929 Nobel Prize in Literature?

Thomas Mann


10. Who is the chancellor of Germany?

Angela Merkel


11. What is the name of the spa city located in Germany?



12. Which city is connected to the German capital Berlin by the Glienicke Bridge which saw many Cold War exchanges of spies?



13. What colors are on the flag of Germany?

Black, Red and Gold


14. Which city, the capital of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, shares its name with a bay that faces the Danish islands?



15. ‘The Monument to the Battle of the Nations’ is a monument in which German city?



16. How many official languages are there in Germany?

One. German


17. What river runs through Cologne?



18. Which major branch of Protestant Christianity identifies with the theology of a 16th-Century German friar?



19. What is the name for Germany in the German language?



20. Heidelberg’s most well-known claim to fame sits halfway up the hill known as the Königstuhl (King’s Chair), overlooking the beautiful baroque buildings of the Old Town. It is one of Germany’s most famous examples of its kind. What is it?

A sandstone castle


21. Of which state in Germany is Munich the capital?

The Free State of Bavaria


22. In 1949, which city became the seat of the government of West Germany?



23. How is the highway system called in Germany?



24. Which political party is traditionally the major catch-all party of the center-right in German politics?

CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany)


25. What was the Deutschmark?

The currency in Germany before euro.


26. With 340 km of dunes and white sand seashores (reminiscent of the Outer Banks of North Carolina), Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is a mecca for Germany’s sunbathers in the summer months. Where in Germany is the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania located?

In the northeast of Germany, along the Baltic Sea


27. How are the academics and authors Jacob and Wilhelm better known?

The Brothers Grimm


28. How many nature reserves are there in Germany?



29. The oldest town in Germany, founded in 16 BC?



30. In Germany, what is ‘the Bundeswehr’?

The German Military


31. Which car manufacturer is not German?



32. There are three city-states in Germany. Berlin and Hamburg are two of them. What is the third?



33. In which year was the German reunification of East and West Germany?



34. In which state can you find the city of Leipzig?



35. You land directly at Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport. Which place of interest can you not visit during your stay in the city?

Neuschwanstein Castle


36. As of 2016, not counting Angela Merkel, there are two living former German Chancellors, can you name both?

Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroder


37. Which German politician coined the term the ‘Wall of Shame’ with reference to the Berlin Wall?

Willy Brandt


38. Who ordered the Brandenburg Gate?

King Frederick William II


39. What is the name of the lake that forms part of Germany’s southern frontier?

Lake Constance


40. Which unofficial name was given to the German state between 1919 and 1933?

Weimar Republic


41. Who was the first head of state of a united Germany?

Wilhelm I


42. Which German boxer and the sporting icon was the heavyweight champion of the world between 1930 and 1932?

Max Schmeling


43. The Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus and the Deutsche Oper am Rhein are two examples of the city’s what?



44. Which city is the major financial center of the European continent?



45. How many bridges are there in Berlin?



46. What activity is Baden-Baden famous for–and from which the town received its name?

Bathing in hot springs


47. Kirschwasser is a German fruit brandy traditionally made from which fruit?



48. You can find wild Eurasian lynx in Germany. True or false?



49. Which neighboring country of Germany is called Österreich in the German language?


50. B&B is a fashion show for everyday clothing and streetwear held annually during Berlin Fashion Week, what does B&B stand for?

Bread and Butter


51. What is the only non-EU country to share a border with Germany?



52. As a base to visit the southern part of the Black Forest we have chosen a large city on the southwestern edge of the forest. It features a notable Gothic minster and a health and safety nightmare – uncovered water-carrying runnels called Bächle! Where will we be staying?



53. The ‘top 10’ tallest buildings in Germany are all in the same city; which city?

Johannes Gutenberg


54. Although Frankfurt is by far the largest city in Hesse, it is not the capital. This honor goes to which spa town?



55. Which German actress became the first person to win two consecutive acting Oscars with her 1937 ‘Academy Award for Best Actress for The Good Earth?

Luise Rainer


56. Heidelberg Castle offers more for the tourist than just beautiful architecture. What other two tourist attractions are housed inside?

An enormous wine barrel and a pharmacy museum


57. Which heavy, slightly sweet rye bread was first referred to in print in 1450 and has a long association with the Westphalia region of Germany?



58. What is the highest mountain in Germany?



59. In what year was the Allianz Arena completed?



60. Name the world’s largest Volksfest held annually in Munich? And in which month of the year does this always start?

Oktoberfest. Starts in Spetember.


61. What is the German name for Lake Constance?



62. How many states are there in Germany?



63. Which composer’s most famous work is The Flying Dutchman (1843)?



64. Which industries are the Ruhrgebiet historically famous for?

Coal mining, steel, metallurgy


65. What is the approximate population of Germany (as of 2021)?

More than 80 million


66. Which German composer was married to a pianist called Clara?

Robert Schumann


67. What one of these countries does not have German as the major language?



68. Which German band is known for the songs “Monsoon” and “1000 Meere”?

Tokio Hotel


69. What is the approximate population of Berlin (2015 figure)?

3.5 million


70. Which German rock band is known for world-famous hits, such as “Wind of Change” and “Still Loving You”?



71. Which famous German band was formed in 1965 in Hanover?



72. Near Munich you take a trip to the darkest era of German history when you visit the Concentration Camp in Dachau. In what year was it installed?



73. Which is the most successful football club in Bundesliga, the top-tier football tournament in Germany?


74. Who sang “Forever Young”, “Big in Japan”, “Sounds Like a Melody” and “Dance with Me”?



75. Hamburg is situated on the?

Elbe River


76. What is the maximum speed limit when people drive on the Autobahn or German highway?

No limit


77. Which German artist recorded the album “Farbenspiel”?

Helene Fischer


78. Which major European river rises in the Black Forest and flows across southern Germany before continuing on its long course to the Black Sea?



79. Why did Coca-Cola invent Fanta for the German market during wartime?

Because the company had problems finding the ingredients for Coca-Cola


80. What is Bavaria’s second-largest city?



81. Who is widely considered to be the greatest German literary figure of the modern era with his most celebrated drama, Faust?

Johann Wolfgang Goethe


82. The Bucksturm is a historical tower once used as a torture chamber during witch hunts. What city of Lower Saxony is it located in?



83. What is the minimum number of years of compulsory education in Germany?

9 years


84. Which was the largest and most powerful German kingdom, which was the driving force behind the reunification of Germany in 1871?



85. Baden-Baden is home to the Faberge Museum, which houses a collection of jewelry and other objects designed by the Russian House of Faberge. The item that drew the most attention until it was given to the Hermitage in 2014 was a Faberge egg made by Peter Carl Faberge for which French-German Jewish banking family?



86. Who won Wimbledon Women’s Singles Title in 1991?

Steffi Graf


87. Which novel by Bernhard Schlink is set in West Germany in 1958?

The Reader


88. Who followed the policy of Blood and Iron?

Otto von Bismark


89. For our first foray into the Black Forest, we decide to trek through the Höllental. What does the name of this natural wonder mean when translated?

Hell’s Valley


90. Who spent many years in Spandau prison?

Rudolf Hess


91. Which author wrote Berlin Alexanderplatz?

Alfred Döblin


92. Which German book by Patrick Süskind is set in Paris and Grasse (France)?

The Perfume


93. If you went to the Hofbrauhaus what sort of place would you be going to?

A brewery/pub


94. Which 2018 movies starred Tom Schilling and Paula Beer?

Never Look Away


95. What is the name of the stock market index in Frankfurt?



96. Which 1998 German Thriller was directed by Tom Tykwer?

Run Lola Run


97. From Dachau you travel northwestward to the city of Augsburg. Besides having been the residence of the mighty Fugger family during the renaissance, this is also the native city of a famous German poet. Who?

Bertolt Brecht


98. In “Who Am I”, what is the name of the hacker group?



99. Four major rivers flow across Germany from (roughly) southeast to northwest. Which of these major rivers is entirely within Germany?

The Weser

100. Who portrayed Nelly Lenz in Phoenix?

Nina Hoss


101. What kind of institution is the Spielbank, which is the oldest of its kind in Germany?



102. What is the German version of The Office?



103. You couldn’t go to the Black Forest and not see one of these. A particular favourite of Orson Welles, which of the following objects might you be aiming to purchase in the multitude of shops in Triberg?

Cuckoo Clock


104. Which thriller series was based on the bestselling crime novels of Volker Kutscher?

Babylon Berlin


105. One of the highlights of the university city of Marburg is the 13th century St. Elisabeth’s Church. Considered as one of the finest in Germany, in what style was it built?



106. What is Germany’s longest-running TV drama?



107. Why was the ‘Schloss Nymphenburg’ built?

To celebrate the birth of an heir to the throne


108. In which German medical drama can you see a young doctor Margarete “Gretchen” Haase?


109. This city is famous for its steelworks, its brewing industry (the highest output in Germany, second highest in Europe) and its soccer club (with the highest total of attendance in Europe). Located on the Ruhr River, adjacent to Hagen, Herdecke, Bochum, Witten, Schwerte, Holzwickede, Unna, Kamen, Castrop-Rauxel, Waltrop and Lünen. Which city am I talking of?



110. Auto maker – the German partner in a multi-national auto company, the brands of which include the Mercedes-Benz and Maybach is called what?



111. On which channel did Türkisch für Anfänger (“Turkish for Beginners”) premiere?

Das Erste


112. The largest ethnic minority in Berlin is ______?



113. What is the name of the cleaner in Crime Scene Cleaner?

Heiko Schotte


114. Of course a visit to Germany would be incomplete without a stop at the fairy-tale like castle of Neuschwanstein. Which Bavarian ruler had it erected?

Ludwig II


115. Which German soap opera is often referred to as GZSZ?

Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten (“Good times, Bad Times”)


116. Complete this title with a German city – “The Pied Piper of …”?



117. In which TV Show can you see two policemen investigating the murder of a famous Turkish-German football player?

Dogs of Berlin


118. Name a famous city which is situated at the confluence of three rivers?



119. When was the Armistice for WWI signed?

11th of November 1918


120. The town of Kassel comes to prominence in the art world when it hosts a contemporary arts show that last for 100 days. Previously showcasing works by prominent artists such as Christo, what is the show called?



121. Who was defeated at the Battle of Leipzig in 1813?



122. What is the name of the German underground railway?



123. Who became the Frankish Ruler of France and Germany in 800?



124. Through the famous Black Forest, we reminisce of our childhood days, when we were entertained by tales from a pair of brothers who wrote children’s stories in settings of forests and magic. What is the name of these brothers?



125. What was the name of the 1919 treaty between Germany and the Allied Powers?

Treaty of Versailles


126. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in what city?

Salzburg, Austria


127. What is a wurst?

A sausage


128. Which church of Lower Saxony are Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor, and the Queen Consort of George IV of the United Kingdom buried in?

Brunswick Cathedral


129. At what time of the year do people eat Lebkuchen?



130. The borough of Hafen is traditionally said to be home of which industry in the city?



131. What is a Kartoffelpuffer?

Potato Pancake


132. What is the name of the popular scaling spot within the Schwarzwald that is oftentimes covered in a low mist and gives climbers the illusion that they are climbing above the clouds?

Battert Rock


133. What type of meat is used in a Rinderroulade?



134. A visit to the Black Forest is not complete without paying a visit to Triberg. Which natural feature are we going here to see?



135. What is the name of the traditional German Egg Noodles?



136. In Hesse lies the burial place of Germany’s patron saint, St. Boniface. An important figure in the development of Christianity in central Europe, in which city’s cathedral would you find his tomb?



137. What is the name of the German potato dumplings?



138. Which is the best known symbol of the city of Munich?



139. In which Bundesland (federal state) is the Ruhrgebiet located?

North Rhine-Westphalia


140. The oldest zoo in Germany?

Berlin Zoological Garden


141. Which German stew means “One Pot” when translated into English?



142. What was Sebastian Vettel’s first Grand Prix win?

Italian Grand Prix


143. After attending the wedding of my nephew in the outskirts of Berlin, we have one more sightseeing session in town before flying back. Surprisingly, we find very little remaining of the Berlin Wall, and only one guard tower. Although it seems like yesterday, the wall has been down for a while. In what years were the Berlin Wall built and demolished, respectively?

1961 and 1989


144. Which sport is Bastian Schweinsteiger known for?

Football (soccer)


145. And now a question on Franconian vocabulary: what does “aweng” mean?

A little bit


146. Which female skier won five gold medals at the 2014 Winter Paralympics?

Anna Schaffelhuber


147. Which town is famous for razors of stainless steel?



148. How many times has Germany won the World Cup?

Four times


149. What is the name of a German beer maker, founded in 1878 in Issum on the Niederrhein, famous for its Altbier and the featured product in a succession of catchy TV jingles since 1972?


150. Which former world No. 1 Tennis player won three Wimbledons, two Australian Opens and one US Open?

Boris Becker


151. What is the Bundesliga?

Football League


152. What is the small country in between Switzerland and Austria?



153. Which German football player was nicknamed Der Kaiser?

Franz Beckenbauer


154. A former member of the Hanseatic League, home of Werder, Germany’s oldest port city and capital of Germany’s smallest state?



155. What is the name of the football club in Munich?

FC Bayern Munich


156. Which sport was Uwe Krupp known for?

Ice Hockey


157. What is the name of the most northerly German state (Land)?



158. Which German basketball player is the only one ever to play for a single NBA franchise for 21 seasons?

Dirk Nowitzki


159. What is “Heidelberg Man”?

The name given to fossil remains found near Heidelberg


160. The German unity day is observed on?

3rd of October


161. The year in which the FIFA World Cup held in Germany was?



162. What is Munich’s most highly frequented art gallery called?

Pinakothek der Moderne


163. What is the most popular sport played by Germans?



164. The European Space Operations Center was located in?



165. Can you tell us the only major encounter between German and British fleets in World War I?

Battle of Jutland


166. Do you know how many kilometers of Autobahn (freeway, motorway) does Germany have?



167. The Chief Naval Commander of German forces from 1943 and Hitler’s designated successor. Admiral Karl?



168. Do you know the year when Germany intend to switch off all of its remaining nuclear power plants?



169. When the Federal German football national team became world champions for the first time in Switzerland, this match was called the “Miracle of Bern”. In what year did it occur?



170. The castle at Walt Disneyland was modeled after which castle in Germany?

Neuschwanstein Castle


171. The remains of a monastic complex at Lorsch serve as a reminder of what was once a prominent religious centre. Containing buildings over 1,000 years old, with which Middle Ages dynasty is it most associated?



172. How often has Germany won the Football World Cup?

Four times


173. Can you tell us the idea with colored trash cans in Germany ?

Blue for paper, brown for organic, yellow for plastic waste


174. Do you know how do you say goodbye in Germany?

Auf Wiedersehen


175. How many times has Germany hosted the world cup?



176. Which national football team has ever won the World Cup without a single goal scored by an opposing team?

German Women’s National Team


177. Which German federal state used to have its own national team?



178. Which German national team member played 150 matches, making it the largest number of matches for one player?

Lothar Matthaus


179. How many German world champions from 2014 are members of the national team at the World Cup in Russia?



180. Franz Beckenbauer became football world champion as team captain in 1974 and as the manager of the German national team in 1990. What is his byname?

Kaiser (Emperor)

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