190+ House of Cards Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About TV Show House Of Cards

House Of Cards is the renowned show taking the world by storm. The TV show has swept the globe and turned politics amazing — Netflix’s Card House is surprisingly nasty.

Frank and Claire Underwood are the power couples in the story. Frank firmly supported policies that eliminated rights, such as social security and education. If anything is to be said about Frank, he knows what he wants, including his favorite dish-ribs. His favorite cook left him in the first season, but his favorite dish remains the same.

House of Cards Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers About TV Show House Of Cards

Claire, on the other hand, is not a woman who gives her husband a back seat; she wishes to be stormy with the world and starts by becoming the CEO of a major non-profit company- Clean Water Initiative.

With plenty of characters and different scenes, even experienced fans find it hard to keep all the finer information in order. The following are the most engaging quizzes to test your House Of Cards Knowledge.


1. What type of organization does Claire Underwood run?



2. House of Cards’ premiered in what year?



3. Who starts a relationship with Jackie in Season 2?



4. What gets thrown through the window of Frank and Claire’s home in Season 1?



5. Who is Peter Russo’s daughter?



6. What hacker makes contact with Lucas in Season 2?



7. Frank Underwood starts an affair with whom in Season 1?



8. Who did Frank Underwood say to, ‘Remember this moment when you resisted me, that there is no story’?



9. At the start of the first season, Frank Underwood said there are two kinds of what?



10. What is Frank’s favorite barbecue dish?



11. How many episodes are in the first season of ‘House of Cards’?



12. Who refuses to give up on investigating Zoe’s death in Season 2?



13. Who gets killed when she’s hit by a subway train in Season 2?



14. How many times did Jim Matthews run for Governor of Pennsylvania?



15. Who does the President offer a pardon to in exchange for information on Frank at the end of Season 2?



16. Who sees Rachel and Lisa having sex?



17. Who tries to hire a hacker to help him investigate Zoe’s death in Season 2?



18. Who fires Zoe from her newspaper job?



19. Who does Tom offer a White House correspondent job to at the newspaper?



20. Remy Danton forms an alliance with whom in season 1?



21. Who picks up Peter Russo when he’s released from jail?



22. How many years had Frank Underwood been in Congress before the start of the series?



23. The third season of ‘House of Cards’ premiered in what year?



24. Who gets arrested for trying to install illegal software at a communications center in Season 2?



25. Who is spotting in the Indian casino linking Frank to a funding scandal in Season 2?



26. Who does Frank Underwood kill at the start of Season 2?



27. Who said in Season 1, ‘I just hate this small ball crap’?



28. A giant water tower shaped like a what in Frank Underwood’s district causes problems in Season 1?



29. Who tells Zoe who will be the President’s pick for Secretary of State in Season 1?



30. Who does Frank Underwood give a copy of the educational bill to at the start of Season 1?



31. House of Cards’ is the first web-based show to receive a nomination for what?



32. Zoe, Janine and Lucas discover who’s identity at the end of Season 1?



33. Who joins Claire’s efforts to oust Gen. McGinnis as a rapist in Season 2?



34. President Walker served as Governor of what state?



35. How many children do Frank and Claire have?



36. Who is the only person who doesn’t change, according to Frank Underwood in Season 1?



37. The hacker who reaches out to Lucas is actually working for whom?



38. Who hits Doug Stamper in the head with a rock at the end of Season 2?



39. Who tells Doug that he knows about Rachel at the end of Season 2?



40. Who runs Frank’s favorite barbecue joint?



41. What does Frank Underwood kill after its been hit by a car in the first episode?



42. Who starts working for Claire in Season 1?



43. Who has their immunity revoked and is sent back to China to face corruption charges in Season 2?



44. What does Frank Underwood knock on the desk in the Oval Office after being sworn in as president?

His Fist


45. Who offers to accept responsibility for the President’s scandal at the end of Season 2?



46. What is the name of Frank Underwood’s favorite barbecue joint?



47. How many episodes are in the second season of ‘House of Cards’?



48. A photo taken by Adam Galloway of whom is leaked to the press in Season 2?



49. Who does Rachel develop a relationship with that earns the ire of Doug in Season 2?



50. What reporter joins forces with Zoe in Season 2?



51. Who receives nude photos of Zoe in the mail in Season 2?



52. Zoe steals a newspaper job from what reporter?



53. Remy Danton represents what kind of private company?

Natural gas


54. Who tells Zoe that she knows about her affair with Frank in Season 1?



55. Peter Russo represents what state?



56. Who follows Zoe to the blogging job in Season 1?



57. Actor Terry Chen plays what role?

Xander Feng


58. Who does Claire fire in the final episode of Season 1?



59. Where does Frank choose to live when he becomes Vice President in Season 2?

His home


60. Who said they were raped by Gen. Dalton McGinnis?



61. What branch of government does Frank Underwood serve in at the start of season 1?



62. Who gets an offer to have their restaurant turned into a franchise in Season 2?



63. Who gets caught drunk driving with a prostitute at the start of Season 1?

Peter Russo


64. House of Cards’ is based on a mini-series from what country?



65. What does Frank Underwood do with Rep. Blythe’s education bill?



66. Who has a threesome with Frank and Claire in Season 2?



67. What does Adam Galloway do for a living?



68. What editor becomes Zoe’s boyfriend for a while?



69. Who sued Claire’s environmental initiative after being fired in Season 1?

Gillian Cole


70. House of Cards’ airs on what digital network?



71. What role does Kate Mara play on ‘House of Cards’?

Zoe Barnes


72. What character’s mother told them as a child to ‘frown less and smile more’?



73. Who was the Speaker of the House when Frank Underwood served in the House at the start of Season 1?

Bob Birch


74. What character has had three abortions in their lifetime?



75. Frank Underwood forces Peter Russo to have what is close in his district in Season 1?



76. Finish this Frank Underwood quote: ‘There’s no better way to power a trickle of doubt than with a _____ of naked truth.’



77. Which ‘House of Cards’ character works for a newspaper?

Zoe Barnes


78. Who is Freddy’s son?



79. What is Tom’s nickname, according to Zoe, in the newspaper?

The Hammer


80. Adam Galloway said he fell in love with what character at a free love party?



81. Who turns himself over to the police for drunk driving in Season 1?

Peter Russo


82. Who accuses Zoe of sleeping with someone to get her stories in Season 1?



83. Who did Corey Stoll play in Season 1 of ‘House of Cards’?

Peter Russo


84. Who kills Zoe Barnes at the start of Season 2?



85. How does Frank Underwood usually unwind?


86. What Secret Service agent becomes Frank and Claire’s bodyguard in the first season?



87. Remy Danton attends what state university?



88. What is the name of the President’s First Lady?



89. Frank starts feeding stories to what reporter at the start of Season 1?

Zoe Barnes


90. Adam Galloway is a native of what country?



91. What Reverend gets caught up in a scandal with the President in Season 2?

Rev. Larkin


92. Zoe goes to work for what blog after she’s fired from her newspaper job?



93. Who is Peter Russo’s secretary?



94. Who is behind the casino money?



95. Cathy Durant is a Senator from what state?



96. Gillian Cole had an opportunity to work with what company but turned them down to go into politics?



97. Who served as President’s Walker’s vice president before Frank Underwood got the job?

Jim Matthews


98. What is Frank’s hometown?



99. Frank Underwood belongs to what political party?



100. Jackie Sharp is a representative of what state?



101. Zoe Barnes dies …?

Under the wheels of a subway train


102. Frank stopped by Freddy’s BBQ to eat …?

Pork ribs


103. What helped Jackie Sharp cope with the effects of morally demanding work?

Getting tattoos


104. What addiction did Doug Stamper struggle with?



105. In resigning, the Chief Justice offers Heather Dunbar to take his place. What does she do?

Picks a political race for president of the United States


106. William Conway manipulates voters and collects data about them with a search engine …?



107. What does Claire Underwood give to her assistant to ward off suspicion of Thomas Yates’s murder?

A bag


108. What book does Doug leave on the table as he leaves for his last meeting with Claire in the season finale?

“A Tale of Two Cities”


109. Where does Claire work at the beginning of the series?

At a non-profit organization called the Clean Water Initiative


110. In the first season, there is an accident in Frank’s hometown. A girl crashes after crashing her car into a …?



111. Which year did Frank marry Claire?



112. In season 1, how does Peter Russo die?

Carbon monoxide poisoning


113. Which state is Frank Underwood from?


114. Who is the woman whom Frank is constantly scheming against in the President’s chief of staff?

Linda Vasquez


115. What governmental position does Frank hold at the beginning of the series?

Majority Whip


116. Who is chosen to be the Vice President at the end of season 1 by the President?

Frank Underwood


117. Who leaves Doug Stamper for dead in the woods after bashing his head in?

Jackie Sharp


118. In season 1, what is the name of the President?

Garrett Walker


119. What’s Frank’s favorite meal?

Double bacon burger


120. Doug often injects himself with a syringe full of what as he is recovering from his injuries?



121. How did the series open?

The TV series opens with Congressman Francis Underwood displaying his ruthless practicality by killing a suffering pet dog with his bare hands.


122. Claire drops what bombshell at the end of season 3?

That she is leaving Frank


123. What is Claire and Frank’s vice?



124. Who did Frank and Claire hire to write a book upon them?

Tom Yates


125. Who is Francis “Frank” Underwood?

He is a power-hungry Democratic congressman from South Carolina and House majority whip.


126. Why does Frank tap his knuckles twice before leaving a room?

Good luck


127. Linda tells Underwood that the president wants him to promote his agenda in Congress and will not do what?

Honor their agreement.


128. Underwood begins an elaborate plan behind the president’s back, with the ultimate goal of what?

Gaining power for himself.


129. Underwood is devastated to learn that he is being what?

Passed over.


130. Who is Linda Vasquez?

The President’s Chief of Staff.


131. Frank secured the election of President Garrett Walker to gain himself what?

An appointment as Secretary of State.


132. Underwood’s wife Claire runs a what?



133. What does the Department of Justice discover?

Doug Stamper was videotaped at the casino.


134. Claire is cold-hearted, ruthlessly pragmatic and has a deep desire for what?



135. The Department of Justice begins to investigate the relationship between Feng, Tusk, and the what?


136. Underwood begins a highly intricate plan to obtain a what?

Cabinet position


137. What did Netflix announce on February 4, 2014?

That House of Cards had been renewed for a third season.


138. What actor plays the part of US Representative Peter Russo?

Corey Stoll


139. The new vice president is the former governor of what state?



140. Kevin Spacey plays the part of whom?

Francis J. “Frank” Underwood.


141. Michel Gill plays the part of whom?

Garrett Walker, 45th President of the United States, and former Governor of Colorado.


142. With Frank on the verge of being sworn in as Vice President, what do Zoe and her colleagues Lucas Goodwin and Janine Skorsky do?

They continue to dig for information, ultimately locating Rachel Posner.


143. Claire Underwood is played by what actress?

Robin Wright


144. Who plays the part of Edward Meechum?

Actor Nathan Darrow


145. Frank lures Zoe to a DC Metro station and, unseen by security cameras, does what?

Pushes her in front of a train


146. Douglas “Doug” Stamper, Underwood’s chief of staff and confidant is played by what actor?

Michael Kelly as


147. Who plays the part of Zoe Barnes?

Kate Mara


148. Claire becomes close with whom?

The First Lady


149. The end of the second season finds Stamper presumably “what” in the woods?

Dead from Rachel having bashed him repeatedly in the head with a brick.


150. Zoe is killed by whom after she tries to uncover the reason behind Peter Russo’s death?



151. Mahershala Ali plays the part of Remy Danton, a lawyer for Glendon Hill and lobbyist who works with whom?

For natural gas company SanCorp.


152. Gerald McRaney has the role of whom?

Raymond Tusk, a billionaire businessman with a wide network of influence.


153. Raymond is a close friend of whom?

Walker for over twenty years.


154. Season 2- Reporter Lucas Goodwin accepted a plea deal for his crime of cyber terrorism.



155. Season 3- What was the name of the program Frank wanted to start to help people find jobs?

America Works


156. Frank uses ___ money to get the program started in Washington D.C. because he had the mayor declare it (joblessness) a national disaster.



157. Which natural calamity posed a threat to Frank and he was forced to recall the money from America Works?



158. Season 3- Who was running against Frank to be the 2016 Democratic nominee?

Heather Dunbar


159. Season 3- Which region of the world was a major topic in season three?

Jordan Valley


160. Season 4- Whose mother died after a battle against cancer?



161. Season 3- Did Doug kill Rachel Posner?



162. Season 4- Who was *not* shot the day Lucas Goodwin aimed a gun at President Underwood?

Doug Stamper


163. Season 4- What was the name of the charismatic New York governor running on the 2016 Republican presidential ticket?

William Conway


164. Season 4- Claire Underwood was ultimately chosen to be Frank’s Vice Presidential running mate for the 2016 election.



165. The series begins with a loud noise that wakes up the main character, Frank Underwood. What was this sound?

A dog being hit by a car.


166. The first episode of “House of Cards” had several memorable and poignant lines from Underwood. How does Underwood feel that power is a lot like real estate?

It’s about location, location, location.


167. The next scene shows a New Year’s celebration where we are informed that Frank has been in Congress for 22 years. Who has been holding the majority party whip position in real life?

Jim Clyburn, Steve Scalise, and Tom Delay


168. The opening credits show scenes of Washington D.C. and indicate that the “House of Cards” series is based on a novel. What author created a trilogy of political thrillers including “House of Cards,” “To Play the King,” and “The Final Cut?”

Michael Dobbs


169. Who did Frank have an affair with?

Zoe Barnes


170. It seems that behind most powerful men is an equally powerful woman providing support. What actress, famous for characters such as Buttercup and Jenny Curran, plays the part of Claire Underwood?

Robin Wright


171. Who killed Zoe in the show?



172. President-elect Walker had promised Frank Underwood a position due to his long service and party loyalty. What position was Frank expecting to be nominated for that would have made him the United States’ chief officer for foreign affairs?

Secretary of State


173. Who did Frank hire to write a biography to promote America Works?

Thomas Yates


174. As a means of getting back at his party for slighting him, Underwood partners with columnist Zoe Barnes to release certain information. On what political issue did Zoe first disseminate information with the help of Underwood?



175. Who tried to assassinate Frank?

Lucas Goodwin


176. Frank Underwood is a man with some interesting habits. Of the following, which do we not see him do in the first episode of “House of Cards?”

Care for his collection of bonsai trees.


177. Who leaked the truth about Zoe’s murder?



178. Underwood learns that a fellow party Congressman named Peter Russo had been arrested for drunk driving. After Underwood is able to cover up the incident he makes which requests from Russo?

His unquestioning loyalty


179. Who replaces Doug as White House Chief of Staff in season 3 in the show?

Remy Danton


180. Who killed Frank?



181. Season 2- Frank murdered the reporter he was having an affair with in the season two premier. How did she die?

She was run over by a subway train


182. What happened in the season two finale?

Xander Feng lost his asylum, Walker resigned his presidency, Frank became the American President


183. Who made a guest appearance during a dinner in honor of Petrov?

Pussy Riot


184. After the firestorm from the leaking of the education bill draft Don Blythe decides that it would be best for the party if he removed his name from the bill. Knowing that Don would step down, which of the following comments does Frank make about martyrs?

“What a martyr craves more than anything is a sword to fall on.”


185. After Frank visits his team of six interns that are writing the bill on education, he asks them if they need anything else other than what?



186. Who does Frank tell Zoe to report will be the new nominee for Secretary of State after Kern will be forced to step down?

Catherine Durant


187.  Of the 19 people that were laid off at Claire’s company, Clean Water Initiative, how many of them does Claire inform of the decision personally?



188. When Frank is leaving his office for the night, security stops him and tells him that a man tried to get into the building. What did the man do when security told him he couldn’t enter?

He started tearing his clothes off.


189. Paying homage to the Reagan years, what new political term does Kern use during his interview that is first mentioned by Frank?

Trickle-down Diplomacy


190. At the end of the episode, what do we see Frank using that brings a smile to Claire’s face, since she bought it for him and he hadn’t been using it?

Rowing exercise machine


191. Part of Frank’s power maneuvering involves ousting the Secretary of State nominee Michael Kern. What story does Frank leak to Zoe that contributes to Kern’s downward spiral?

Kern edited a story that called Israel’s presence in the Gaza Strip and West Bank occupation.


192. Frank urinates on what in the season opener?

His father’s headstone


193. Why does Claire resign as an ambassador?

He is forced to by Frank


194. Which president flirts with Claire during dinner and later kisses her forcefully?

Viktor Petrov


195. The president of which country plants a kiss on Claire after a state dinner?




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