190+ Los Angeles Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

When you think of Los Angeles, what first crosses your mind is a smog-filled city full of legendary actors and actresses (you can actually use some tips to help you spot celebrities in L.A.). From Hollywood to Disneyland, West coast hip hop to skateboarding and punk rock, this city of Flowers and Sunshine never ceases to amuse us!

Los Angeles Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Did you know Los Angeles has countless hotels with rooftop pools than any other city in the United States? Los Angeles has much more to offer: the long splendid beaches, museums, street art galleries, notable star restaurants, and we just can’t get enough of this iconic city!

By answering these Los Angeles trivia questions, evaluate your knowledge of the city where the Stars live. This collection will even challenge the most knowledgeable Angelenos. 

1. How many public parks are there in the Santa Monica Mountains?

300 There are over 300 public parks in the Santa Monica Mountains, spanning 65,000 acres, including the refreshing Malibu Temescal Canyon hike.


 2. What are the physical features to the north and east of Los Angeles?

hilly plain with mountain ranges


3. How long is LA’s western border?

60 miles. LA’s western border is made up of 60 miles worth of connected beaches and beach towns. In fact, it’s been said that LA is really a bunch of beach towns connected by a freeway than a real city!


4. What are the physical features to the south and west of Los Angeles?


5. Which of these beaches is a haven for movie stars? Your options Malibu, Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach

Malibu Beach. Malibu Beach is a haven for celebrities, Santa Monica has great shopping and Venice Beach is where you go for some fun and liveliness.


6. About one-third of the population live in?

the San Fernando Valley


7. Which neighborhood is worth visiting to gawk at the mansions?

Beverly Hills. It may be clichéd, but you can’t visit LA without gawking at the mansions in Beverly Hills and taking a stroll along Rodeo Drive.


8. The San Fernando Valley is separated from the rest of L.A. by what?

Santa Monica Mountains


9. In which neighborhood would you find art galleries?

Silver Lake. Silver Lake is the place to find art galleries, hip bars and music venues.


10. San Fernando Valley, separated by the city’s major outdoor recreational park, which is called ___?

Griffith Park


11. How many square miles is LA?

469. LA is 469 square miles, which includes beaches, hills, wetlands, mountains and rivers.


12. In what year was Los Angeles settled?



13. Name exotic flowers native to LA?

LA is home to a number of exotic flowers, including the Bird of Paradise, Jacaranda, Hibiscus and Bougainvillea.


14. What was LA called in 1781?

El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula


15. Which neighborhoods should you avoid at night?

East LA and South Central are neighborhoods to avoid at night, as is the area around the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).


16. A nearby Native American village,Yang-Na, has been assimilated over the years. Its location is now known as?

Elysian Park


17. What is LA’s population?

LA is the second largest city in the United States, according to a 2005 census, with a population of about 3.8 million.


18. L.A.’s main growth began after 1876 with the arrival of ___what?

Southern Pacific Railroad


19. What is the average summer temperature in LA?

The average temperature for April is between 54 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit (12-22 C); in July, it’s between 63 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.


20. What are the residents of L.A. known as colloquially?



21. What is the average winter temperature in LA?

The average temperature in October is between 59 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit; January is between 49 and 67 degrees.


22. What is the main center of performing arts called?

The Music Center


23. Which airport is LA’s primary airport?

LAX is LA’s primary airport. There, rental car centers are all off-site, but each company has its own shuttle which will take you to the center.


24. In which auditorium does the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra perform during the winter months?

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion


25. If you’re renting a car, which roads should you avoid due to notorious traffic back ups?

Try to avoid 405 Freeway and Santa Monica Boulevard. Also, try to avoid driving during rush hour, from seven to nine in the morning and four to seven in the late afternoon.


26. Plays, musicals and light opera are performed in ___?

The Ahmanson Theater


27. What is the best way to get around LA?

by car


28. In good weather concerts and plays are performed in a natural amphitheater in Hollywood. Its name is___?

The Hollywood Bowl


29. What is Hollywood Studios?

an amusement park


30. A unique collection of fossils, formerly housed in the Museum of Natural History has been transferred to the George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries Where?

In Hancock Park


31. Which hotels are famous for hosting celebrities?

Chateau Marmont


32. If you wanted to see a remarkable collection of Native American Art and Artifacts you would go to the Southwest Museum Where is that?

In Highland Park


33. If you want a glimpse of a fossilized dinosaur, where should you head?

the La Brea Tar Pits


34. If you wanted to get a look at L.A. over the years, you would take a walk around ___what?

El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park


35. How many locations does the Museum of Contemporary Art have?



36. Which of the 21 California Missions is located within the city limits of present-day Los Angeles?

San Fernando


37. Which are the three locations the Museum of Contemporary Art have?

South Grand Avenue, North Central Avenue downtown and Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. Entrance is free from 5 to 8 p.m.


38. How many countries have ruled over Los Angeles?



39. If you are looking for a reasonably priced spa experience, where should you head?


40. Which are the countries that ruled Los Angeles?

Spain, Mexico, and the United States.


41. Where are the best places to stay in LA?

Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills


42. This man oversaw the construction of the California Aqueduct that brought water from the Owens Valley in Central California to the Los Angeles Basin.

William Mulholland


43. What was the first major professional sports team in Los Angeles?

The Rams


44. Who was the first publisher of the “Los Angeles Times” newspaper?

Harrison Chandler


45. Where did the Rams come from?



46. In which U.S. Census did the population of Los Angeles first exceed one million?



47. Which year did the Rams come to LA?



48. In the early 20th century, Los Angeles had one of the most advanced rapid transit systems in the nation, primarily utilizing an extensive system of streetcars of what color?



49. Prior to the Rams’ arrival, the L.A. sports scene centered on UCLA, USC, and two minor league baseball teams?

the Los Angeles Angels and Hollywood Stars.

50. What is a natural calamity common in LA?



51. This man became the first African American mayor of Los Angeles?

Tom Bradley


52. Name some of the earthquakes that caused damage in LA?

Sylmar, Long Beach, and Northridge


53. Which year was Tom Bradley elected as the mayor of Los Angeles?



54. Which year did the Long Beach earthquake strike LA?



55. Bradley was an L.A. City police officer and City Councilman who served a record of how many years?



56. Which year did the Sylmar earthquake strike LA?



57. Which year did Loma Prieta strike LA?



58. The Sylmar earthquake is also known as?

the San Fernando


59. In what U.S. Census did Los Angeles first become the second most populous city in the U.S.?



60. Which year did the Northridge quake strike LA?



61. In 1940, Bing Crosby had a #1 hit song about this geographic area of Los Angeles.

San Fernando Valley


62. Name one famous sign in LA?



63. When Hollywood was originally erected, what did it say?



64. Los Angeles was the only city on the U.S. mainland to be attacked during World War II.



65. When California passed a law that sharply reduced penalties for marijuana possession, pranksters hung sheets that altered the sign to read?



66. Through 2005, Los Angeles has hosted the Summer Olympics twice. Which years?

1932 and 1984


67. Throughout its history, Los Angeles has annexed many neighboring cities, thereby contributing to its rapid growth. Name a city that was one of those annexed by Los Angeles?

San Pedro


68. Which was the only city by 2005 to have hosted the summer Olympics?

Los Angeles


69. Name other cities that were annexed by LA?

Van Nuys and Wilmington


70. What does Los Angeles mean?

The Angeles in Spanish


71. L.A is the biggest city in…?



72. The Hollywood sign originally read “Hollywoodland.” True or false?

Weird but true


73. Which of these things is LA famous for? Your options are baseball, their huge meatloaf industry, Movies, and TV

Movies and TV


74. Are there hidden tunnels under Los Angeles?



75. The Walk of Fame is in LA. True or false?



76. Where is the steepest street in California?

Los Angeles


77. In LA, it’s illegal to lick toads. True or false?



78. Which was the first city to measure the speed of light?

Los Angeles


79. Which of these is NOT a real NFL team from LA? Your options: Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Express, Los Angeles Broncos

Los Angeles Broncos


80. Which year was the first modern and truly accurate measurement of the speed of light?

1924 and 1926


81. Complete the sentence: LA has more ___ per person than any other city in the world.



82. Where was the first modern and truly accurate measurement of the speed of light conducted?

Mount Wilson


83. Which award did Albert A. Michelson win?


84. Who conducted the first modern and truly accurate measurement of the speed of light?

Albert A. Michelson


85. Before the late  1950s, Los Angeles didn’t permit any part of buildings other than decorative towers to be more than how many feet?



86. Which year did the ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ happen?

February 1942


87. Little Tokyo became Bronzeville before it became Little Tokyo again. True or false?



88. L.A. used to have a Little Italy. True or false?



89. Where are the hidden remnants of Little Italy strewn?

Puebla area


90. Which year did the ‘four level’ world’s largest stacked interchange open?



91. The Harbor, Hollywood, Pasadena, and Santa Ana Freeways became 32 lanes moving in how many directions?



92. Which year did LA have a tornado touch down in DTLA?

in the 1980’s.


93. Which year did the ‘four level’ world’s largest stacked interchange complete?



94. “Tanya” was?

the nom de guerre of Patty Hearst in the Symbionese Liberation Army


95. Which songs are about Angela Davis?

John and Yoko’s “Angela”,  Bob Dylan’s “George Jackson”,  The Rolling Stones’ “Sweet Black Angel”


96. The FBI believed that Weather Underground members were hiding out?

on Ocean Front Walk in Venice


97. Eldridge Cleaver, the Peace and Freedom candidate for president in California in 1968, was ruled ineligible to run because?

he was too young to be president.


98. The L.A. Free Press published?

Jean Paul Sartre, Susan Sontag, Charles Manson


99. In its early days, KPFK broadcast?

Alan Watts teaching “Beat Zen”, William Faulkner reading “As I Lay Dying”, Dorothy Healey’s “Communist Commentary”

100. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire started out as?

a KPFK fund-raiser


101. “Burn Baby Burn” was?

the tagline of the Magnificent Montague on KGFJ soul radio


102. “Death to the Fascist Insect” was?

the motto of the Symbionese Liberation Army


103. Wattstax was?

A 1973 concert at the Coliseum that was the largest black gathering in American history


104. Which were targets of terrorist attacks by anti-Castro Cubans in L.A.?

The Socialist Workers Party headquarters in Boyle Heights, The L.A. Free Press office in Hollywood, The Ash Grove music club on Melrose


105. The most famous L.A. artist in the ‘60s was?

Sister Corita


106. The biggest mass felony prosecution of black student activists in U.S. history was the 1,730 felony charges against 24 students at?

Valley State


107. Which of the following headlines about the Watts Uprising did NOT appear on the L.A. Times front page?

“The Negroes Have Voted”


108. In March of 1968, a mass walkout of Chicano students was scheduled to take place at local high schools. Students at which Los Angeles high school jumped the gun, with 2,700 walking out en masse the day before?

Garfield High School


109. The Treaty of Cahuenga signed on July 13, 1847, gave the United States what territory?



110. Los Angeles was founded on September 4, 1781, and was called what by the Spanish governor of Alta California?

El Pueblo de la Reyna de Los Angeles


111. Los Angeles was once the West’s wealthiest county due to what?



112. Which year were the first oranges exported from LA?



113. What produce was exported from Los Angeles for the first time on February 14, 1886?



114. In the early twentieth century, LA experienced what?

drought and an incredible influx in population


115. William Mulholland constructed what to bring more water to the city of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Aqueduct


116. Which year was the 200-mile-long aqueduct completed?



117. The completion of what transportation route opened up Los Angeles to shipping?

Panama Canal


118. What allowed for the quadrupling of the Los Angeles population in the mid-nineteenth century?



119. In the early twentieth century, what led filmmakers to Los Angeles?



120. Los Angeles has a knack for keeping itself relevant. For example, was known by what moniker during the California Gold Rush?

Queen of the Cow Counties


121. Which year did D.W. Griffith shot the first movie in LA?



122. Who was the first person to film a movie in Los Angeles?

D.W. Griffith


123. How long was the aqueduct that William Mulholland proposed?

a 200 mile-long aqueduct system


124. The first-ever film shot of the city was on ___________when an employee of Thomas Edison used a motion picture camera to capture Los Angeles street life.

February 24, 1898


125. Los Angeles County, in which Los Angeles is located, is the largest county in?

United States


126. Around 47.7% of all Californians live where?

Greater Los Angeles Area.


127. Los Angeles is similar in size to?

Salvador, Brazil.


128. Los Angeles is located in Southern California, often called?



129. What is the official abbreviation of Los Angeles?



130. LA city sits at the same latitude as which other city?

Tokyo, Japan.


131. The highest temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles was?

120°F (48.9°C) in 2020


132. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles was?

2°F (−18.9°C) in 1984.


133. What is the official abbreviation of the Los Angeles International Airport code?



134. Slogans for Los Angeles included?

“L.A.’s the Place”, “Together, We’re the Best”, “See My L.A” and “That’s So L.A”.


135. Some common nicknames for Los Angeles are?

L.A., City of Angels, City of Flowers and Sunshine, La-La Land, and Where the Stars Live.


136. The Los Angeles flag shows the official City Seal in the center. The background zigzag stripes represent three major California crops: which are they?

Green for olive trees, gold for oranges, and red for vineyards vertical zigzag stripes.


137. People from Los Angeles are called?

Angelenos or Los Angelans.


138. How tall is Wilshire Grand Center?

73 floors


139. The tallest building in Los Angeles is?

Wilshire Grand Center.


140. Wilshire Grand Center stands at a height of?

1100 ft (335.3 m) tall


141. Name other iconic buildings in LA?

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Bradbury Building, the Getty Center, the Capitol Records Building, the Playboy Mansion, the Theme Building.


142. LA’s most famous beaches include?

Santa Monica, Malibu, Huntington, Redondo, Manhattan, and Venice Beach.


143. The Capitol Records Building is considered iconic because it was built in such a way to resemble a?

Stack of vinyl 45 records.


144. In 2021, vandals were caught trying to change the Hollywood word to?



145. The 45 ft (13.7 m)-tall, 350 feet (106.7 m)-long white letters of the Hollywood Sign has been gracing Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills since?



146. Its huge globe statue is yet another iconic Los Angeles sight. It is also one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood studios, plus an amusement park. Name it?

Universal Studio Hollywood


147. The_______, which has been seen in many movies from both inside the train station and the outside, is considered “The Last Great American Train Station”.

LA Union Station


148. It is considered the world’s best wax museum? Which is it?

Madame Tussauds Hollywood


149. There are three national parks within day-tripping distance from Los Angeles: name them

Channel Islands National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park.


150. Los Angeles is home to two Fortune 500 countries:

AECOM and Reliance Steel & Aluminum.


151. The ____northeast of Los Angeles are a National Monument. They have peaks higher than 10,000 ft (3000 m) and protect wildlife such as the endangered California condor.

San Gabriel Mountains


152. How many colleges are there in LA?



153. How many universities are there in LA?



154. Which are the 2 largest universities in LA?

University of Southern California and University of California Los Angeles


155. ______in Costa Mesa is the largest shopping mall in Greater Los Angeles and on the west coast of the United States.

South Coast Plaza


156. Which is the second busiest airport in the US?

Los Angeles International Airport


157. The richest person in Los Angeles is ____with a net worth of 21.6 billion USD.

Patrick Soon-Shiong


158. 71% of Los Angeles County residents voted for Joe Biden in the?

2020 presidential election


159. Name some major newspapers in LA?

The Los Angeles Times, La Opinión (Spanish), and The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.


160. Los Angeles has how many newspapers in total?



161.________ won 33 straight games during the 1971-1972 season. In fact, they hold the record for the NBA’s longest winning streak.

The Lakers


162. Los Angeles has how many major professional sports teams?



163. Name the major professional sports team in LA?

Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams (NFL), Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB), Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings (NHL), Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA), Angel City FC (NWSL), Los Angeles FC and LA Galaxy (MLS)


164. 23 National League pennants and six World Series championships were won by?

the Dodgers


165. The Kings won two Stanley Cups in?

2012 and 2014


166. Many famous players have played for the Dodgers, including the first African American in the modern Major Leagues:

Jackie Robinson


167. The 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympic Games were held in Los Angeles, and the city won the bid to host the?

2028 Summer Olympic Games.


168. Which year did the largest first-time marathon take place in the city–the City of Los Angeles Marathon–with nearly 11,000 participants?



169. Name famous actors born in LA?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Beau Bridges, and Shea LaBeouf


170. Which year did the FIFA World Cup final match take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Los Angeles?



171. Name a famous actress born in LA?

Marilyn Monroe, Christina Ricci, Kristen Stewart, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Tyra Banks, Christina Applegate, and Jodie Foster


172. Who was the 40th president of the US born in LA?


173. Name notable singers born in LA?

Christina Aguilera, Sarah Hudson, Natalie Cole, Billie Eilish, and Adam Levine


174. Name a famous brand hailing from LA?

The Monkees, The Eagles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Motley Crue, Bad Religion, Body Count, N.W.A., L7, Jane’s Addiction, Weezer, NOFX, Black Flag, Tool, and Jurassic 5.


175. How many Nobel Prize Winners come from LA?



176. Name some of the notable Nobel Prize Winners from LA?

Eric Betzig and Martin Karplus (Chemistry), Randy Schekman and Leland H. Hartwell (Physiology or Medicine), Lloyd Shapely and Elinor Ostrom (Economics), Arthur B. McDonald and H. David Politzer (Physics), and Ralph Bunche (Peace).


177. Los Angeles attained city status in 1835 and became officially incorporated in?



178. The first discovery of Gold at Placerita Canyon prompted the city’s first population boom. Which year was discovered?



179. The city’s first newspaper, the Los Angeles Star, began publication in?



180. Southern California’s first railroad, the Los Angeles & San Pedro line, began operating in?



181. The City Railroad Company was established in?



182. Which year was oil discovered within the city limits?



183. The Hollywood sign was installed in?



184. The Academy Awards began in __ and have been hosted in various venues in the city ever since.



185. Los Angeles International Airport first opened in?



186. Los Angeles hosted the Summer Olympic Games in which year?



187. The population of Los Angeles surpassed 1 million in?



188. Which year did  Disneyland open its doors to the public?

On July 17, 1955


189. Which year did Hollywood reach its “Golden Age”?



190. The first ever Grammy Awards ceremony was held in 1959 simultaneously in?

Beverly Hills, LA, and New York City.


191. The I-15 Highway from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada was opened to traffic in?



192. In the 1964 Watts Riots, ___members of the National Guard had to be called in.



193. The first City of Los Angeles Marathon took place in 1986, with nearly how many participants?

11,000 participants.


194. The 1994 Northridge earthquake was the most expensive in Los Angeles history, why?

it caused $20 billion in damage and killed 61.


195. The first Los Angeles Metro Line (blue) opened in?



196. The city’s first mayor of Hispanic descent since 1872, Antonio Villaraigosa, was elected in?



197. Kobe Bryant, one of the best basketball players of all time, and who played for the Los Angeles Lakers, died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, Greater Los Angeles. Which year did he die?



198. Which year did the SoFi Stadium open in Inglewood, on the former site of the Hollywood Park Racetrack?



199. Which are some of the city’s cultural landmarks celebrating their milestone anniversaries in 201?

Natural History Museum (100th year), Hollywood Sign (90th year), Fowler Museum (50th year), and Walt Disney Concert Hall (10th year).


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