200 Golf Trivia Questions and Answers

Do you enjoy playing golf? Are you so much into the game that you joined a golfers club and even purchased a golf simulator? You’re not the only one! Golf is played worldwide, in fact, it is Ireland’s most popular game.

Golf sport offers a chance to connect with other players. While many golfers may have vast knowledge in golfing techniques and strategies, they may not know its incredible history. This trivia exercise will unveil interesting facts you didn’t know about Golf.

Golf Trivia Questions and Answers

Did you know that some famous Golfers transcended the sport, thus becoming a major part of pop culture? These are Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Michelson e.t.c.

You may have wondered how the game’s rules have developed over time. Go through each question below to find out the origin of Golf customs.

Check out the following Golf trivia questions and answers to help any curious golfer become knowledgeable.


1. Colin Montgomerie played amateur golf in which country?



2. What is the longest club in a golf set?

The driver


3. Who was chosen as the captain for Team USA for the 2012 Ryder Cup?

Davis Love III


4. Who won his only Open Championship at Royal St Georges, Sandwich in 1985?

Sandy Lyle


5. The word ‘golf’ is an acronym that stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. True or false?



6. At 61, which golfer became the oldest winner of a senior major since 1980?

Tom Watson


7. In which country will the 2022 Ryder Cup be held?



8. According to the USGA rules, how many golf clubs are you allowed to have in your bag?



9. Who was Jack Nicklaus’ teacher?

Jack Grout


10. Which major is Rory McIlroy yet to win?

The Masters


11. Which of the following is not a golf club: putter, copper, driver, iron, wood?



12. Who wrote “Golf for Dummies”?

Gary McCord


13. Who became the first European player to score what is now the maximum of five points in a single Ryder Cup in 2018?

Francesco Molinari


14. What is the difference between a birdie and a bogey?

A birdie is one under par on a hole, whereas a bogey is one over par on a hole.


15. Who invented the sand wedge?

Gene Sarazen


16. What is the maximum amount of time allowed to look for a lost ball?

Three minutes


17. What are the four major golf championships?

Masters Tournament, US Open, The Open Championship (UK), and the PGA Championship


18. What did the Gutta golf ball replace?

The Featherie


19. What is Tiger Woods’ real first name?



20. What is the maximum mass and diameter of a golf ball?

1.62oz and 1.68 inches


21. Which Korean golfer won the 2011 Players Championship after defeating David Toms in a playoff?

K.J. Choi


22. Who was the first Englishman to win the US Open after World War II?

Tony Jacklin


23. What is an albatross?

3 under par on a hole


24. Which American tour rookie was a surprise winner of the 2011 PGA Championship?

Keegan Bradley


25. By what name is the trophy presented to the winner of The Open Championship most commonly known?

Claret Jug


26. Only four people in history have made an albatross in the Masters. Name one of them?

Gene Sarazen (1935), Bruce Devlin (1967), Jeff Maggert, (1994), Louis Oosthuizen (2012)


27. Golf is an Olympic sport. True or false?



28. What year did the United States Open expand to 72 holes from 36?



29. Which two golfers have been world No 1 without winning a major?

Luke Donald and Lee Westwood


30. Which club hosts the Masters’ Tournament?

Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, United States


31. Who was the first golfer to successfully defend his Masters title?

Jack Nicklaus


32. Which US golfer had 11 successive tournament wins in 1945?

Byron Nelson


33. How many times has Tiger Woods won the Masters?



34. What Hawaii-born golfer won the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open, her first career major win?

Michelle Wie


35. Who competes in the Ryder Cup?

The Ryder Cup is contested every two years, by teams from Europe versus the United States


36. Which golfer captured the Masters in 2011?

Charl Schwartzel


37. True or false – a ball that rests between the flagstick and the cup is considered to be holed?



38. Which is the oldest golf course in the world?

St Andrews Old Course, which dates back to 1552


39. Which golfer won two LPGA majors in 2011?

Yani Tseng


40. What are the five defined areas of the golf course?

The general area, teeing areas, penalty areas, bunkers and putting greens.


41. Who was the first golfer to make a hole-in-one on television?

Tony Jacklin


42. Which golf term is defined as a “score of one over the designated par for a hole”?



43. Which Swedish golfer, who retired in 2008 with 90 international titles, is widely regarded as the best ever female player?

Annika Sorenstam


44. At the Masters in Augusta, Sam Snead finished how many times in the top 25?



45. How many holes are there in a round of professional golf?



46. Which Scottish king banned golf in 1457?

James II


47. Which Filipino golfer was the cash leader for the 2011 Asian Tour?

Juvic Pagunsun


48. Which country has the largest number of golf courses?



49. Who won golf’s 2017 CIMB Classic?

Pat Perez

50. What was the name of the golf course where the European Ryder Cup team infamously came back to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat?



51. Which Northern Irish golfer won the 2011 Open Championship?

Darren Clark


52. How old was Hale Irwin when he won the 1990 U.S Open Golf Championship?



53. Many people will credit the Scottish with inventing the game of golf that we are familiar with today. However, which European nation developed a similar game all the way back in the 13th century?


54. Stuart Appleby was born in which country?



55. What term is used in describing a situation where a golfer scores 8 on a hole?



56. Nicknamed “The Big Easy”, this multi-sport-playing golfer turned pro in 1989. He won the U.S. Open in 1994 and 1997. Who was this South African golfer?

Ernie Els


57. Which golf term is defined as the “area of grass surrounding the putting surface”?



58. Which American golfer was nicknamed “The Joplin Ghost”?

Horton Smith


59. My driver is from the most popular Driver Manufacturer on the planet. It has 4 different weight ports for trajectory modification on the back of the head. The face is titanium and the head is all black. The standard graphite shaft is black, gold, and red. Which one is it?

TaylorMade R7 SuperQuad


60. Who won the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions in 2017?

Justin Rose


61. When did Nick Faldo first win the Masters Tournament?



62. After graduating from the University of Arizona, American golfer Jim Furyk carded his first professional win at which event on the U.S. PGA Tour?

Las Vegas Invitational


63. Which golfer is nicknamed “Cinderella”“?

Shi Hyun Ahn


64. After graduating from Stanford University, American golfer Tom Watson carded his first professional win at which event on the U.S. PGA Tour?

Western Open


65. In which year did Fred Couples win his first major championship in golf?



66. Irish golfer Padraig Harrington won 9 events on the European Tour before carding his first win at which event on the U.S. PGA Tour?


67. Where is the Torrey Pines Golf Club?


68. Which female golfer won the 2018 LPGA Rookie of the Year Award?


69. In the 1940s, the British Open was only played from 1946-49 due to World War II. Who below did not win a British Open during that period?

Ben Hogan


70. Who was the first golfer to win over $1 million in a single year?

Arnold Palmer


71. Which year did American legendary golfer, Tiger Woods win his first Masters Tournament?



72. The American boom in golf began shortly after a 20-year-old American amateur won the U.S. Open in 1913. Name the person?

Francis Ouimet


73. Which golfer is nicknamed “El Nino”?

Sergio Garcia


74. Tiger Woods is one of the world’s most decorated golfers. Which year did he win the PGA Championship?



75. 2003 has been christened the “Year of the 40-Somethings” in golf. Which of these “oldie” golfers won the fewest tournaments in 2003?

Jay Haas


76. What is golfer Jack Nicklaus’ nickname?

The Golden Bear


77. Ariya Jutanugarn is one of the most successful female golfers. Which country does she come from?



78. At what event did Phil Mickelson’s first PGA Tour victory occur and what year?

Northern Telecom Open, 1991


79. How many attempts did it take Mi Hyun Kim to qualify for the LPGA?



80. How many PGA Championships did Gene Sarazen win?



81. Forty some years ago, Bob Charles became the first left-hander to win a Golfing Major, when he won the 1963 British Open. On which course did he accomplish this feat?

Royal Lytham and St Anne’s


82. Who won golf’s 2017 CIMB Classic?

Pat Perez


83. What is the international governing body for golf?



84. Who won golf’s 2017 Sanderson Farms Championship?

Ryan Armour


85. Which was the first Irish course at which the British Open was held?

Royal Portrush


86. Which golfer was the runner-up to Patrick Reed in the 2018 Masters Tournament?

Rickie Fowler


87. Who did Ryder Cup captain Lanny Wadkins overlook as a captain’s pick for the 1995 U.S. Ryder Cup team, despite the fact this player had won twice earlier in the year?

Lee Janzen


88. Which famous golf player is nicknamed “Lefty”?

Phil Mickelson


89. Who did Craig Stadler defeat in a playoff to capture the 1982 Masters?

Dan Pohl


90. In Canada, what is the national governing body for golf?

Golf Canada


91. In what tournament did Tiger Woods miss his first cut as a professional?

Bell Canadian Open


92. Bernhard Langer is a distinguished golfer. Which country was he born in?



93. In stroke play, what is the penalty when a player hits a putt from the green and the ball strikes another player’s ball on the putting surface?

Two strokes


94. In which year was Tiger Woods named the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year?



95. Payne Stewart won his 1st U.S. Open in 1991. At what Course was the event held?



96. How old was Hale Irwin when he won the 1990 U.S Open Golf Championship?

45 years


97. If I made a triple bogey on the 1st hole at Royal Lytham and St Annes, what score would I write on my card?



98. In golf, which other word refers to the terminology “a hole-in-one”?



99. Who drained a seven iron from 167 yards on the final hole of the 1990 Bay Hill Invitational to beat Greg Norman?

Robert Gamez

100. Which male golfer was the winner of 2018 U.S. Open Champion?

Brooks Koepka


101. Who won the 1999 British Open?

Paul Lawrie


102. Bobby Jones won four tournaments in 1930. This accomplishment can be referred to as?

Grand Slam


103. Who was the first golfer to shoot a competitive 59?

Al Geiberger


104. In which year did Chinese golfer Tianlang Guan compete in the Masters Tournament?



105. How many PGA stops were there in Canada in 2000?



106. Ben Hogan has been triumphant in the U.S. Open Championship on how many occasions?



107. Carnoustie, Turnberry, and Royal Troon are frequently-used courses in what major tournament?

The Open Championship


108. Before the use of tees, it was common for golfers to use a small pile of sand. True or false?



109. Which year was golf’s last appearance at the Olympic Games before returning to the line-up of sports in 2016?



110. Peter Thomson was a great golfer in his career. He was a three-time Australian Open Champion, and nine-time New Zealand Open Champion. Which major tournament did he win five times between 1954-1965?

British Open


111. Golf balls travel significantly further on hot days than on cold days. True or false?



112. Who was top of the golf world rankings prior to lockdown?

Rory McIlroy


113. At the age of 16, Spaniard Sergio Garcia won the European Amateur Championship before turning professional, and carding his first win at which event on the U.S. PGA Tour?

Mastercard Colonial


114. The word caddie originated from the French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. True or false?

False, it came from the french word for student, “cadet.”


115. In dollars, what is the total prize money purse available in The Players Championship – the most lucrative event on the tour?



116. After graduating from the University of Southern California, American golfer Craig Stadler carded his first professional win at which event on the U.S. PGA Tour?

Bob Hope Desert Classic


117. 80% of golfers will never play to a handicap of less than 18. True or false?



118. Tiger Woods was ranked No. __ in the world when he won The Masters in 2019?

No. 12


119. Who won back-to-back U.S. Women’s Open titles in 1972-73?

Susie Maxwell Berning


120. Golf is the only sport to have ever been played on the moon. True or False?

False, on Apollo 14 astronaut tossed a javelin


121. Royal St George’s Golf Club is based in which English town that shares its name with a popular lunchtime food?



122. Prior to the invention of rubber, what were golf balls made of?

Wood or leather bound feathers


123. In a set of wedges, which is also known as a lob wedge?

Sixty Degree Wedge


124. Who is the only U.S. President to have been a club member at Augusta National?

Dwight Eisenhower


125. Who played with Tiger Woods in the final pairing of the 1997 US Masters?

Constantino Rocca


126. Who was the “Jackie Robinson of golf,” becoming the first African-American on the PGA Tour?

Charlie Sifford in 1960


127. Who did Bob Charles defeat in the 1963 British Open?

Phil Rodgers


128. Which country has the most golf courses per capita in the World?



129. What city was the 1999 Ryder Cup held at?



130. How old was Tiger Woods when he got his first hole-in-one?

8 years old


131. Who has the most PGA Tour wins without ever winning a major?

Harry Cooper, 31 wins on Tour


132. Between 1991 and 2001: what is the only PGA Tour event that both Stuart Appleby and Robert Allenby have each won?

Shell Houston Open


133. What year was the Nextgengolf City Tour founded?



134. What slogan does Vijay Singh have written on his bag?

Trust your swing papa


135. The golf masters championship begun in which year?



136. Who choked on the 72nd hole, with a stupid triple bogey in the 1999 British Open?

Jean Van de Velde


137. How many total rules exist in golf?



138. What’s a scratch golfer’s handicap?



139. Who was the first golfer to shoot a 58 in competitive play?

Shigeki Maruyama


140. The definition of Par in golf?

The targeted score for each hole


141. Who was the highest-ranked Canadian on the PGA tour in mid-2000?

Mike Weir


142. If your short dropped into a water hazard, what penalty stroke do you receive?



143. What comic actor scored huge sales with his Bad Golf Made Easy instructional videos?

Leslie Nielsen


144. What is the standard average for par on an 18 hole course?



145. What do golfers shout to warn other golfers when they hit an errant shot?



146. Who summed up a playoff loss to Jack Nicklaus at the 1991 U. S. Senior Open with “the Bear crushed the Mouse”?

Chi Chi Rodriguez.


147. Where was the 2009 US Open played?

Bethpage Black


148. What do you hit a golf ball with?



149. Who’s the most successful Zimbabwean golfer of all time?

Nick Price

150. “The three things I fear most in golf are lightning, Ben Hogan, and a downhill putt”, is a famous quote from which PGA Hall of Fame great?

Sam Snead


151. You cannot ask advice on club selection for example from anyone other than your team mate. True or false?



152. How many rounds must a golfer have played to be eligible for a handicap?



153. Bobby Locke was the first great South African player having won the British Open in 1949, 1950, and 1952. Essentially, he mentored Gary Player who took Ernie Els and Retief Goosen under his wing. Now a number of South African’s are making waves on the PGA tour. Of the listed players, who is NOT a native of South Africa?

Ian Poulter


154. You cannot spoon, scrape, or flick it in a style that cannot be described as a?



155. What female golfer’s high school nickname was “Taco”?

Nancy Lopez’s.


156. Justin Leonard sunk the clutch putt in the 1999 Ryder Cup, on the 17th green, that helped lead the Americans to victory. Who was he playing in that match?

Jose Maria Ozalabal


157. What is the season number of 2019 PGA tour?

104th season


158. What golfer hit Ben Crenshaw in the head with his putter in 1986, forcing Crenshaw to head for the hospital?

Ben Crenshaw


159. What college did Billy Andrade attend?

Wake Forest


160. What do you play if your ball is lost out of bounds?

A provisional ball


161. What is the name of the first golf course designed by Mark O’Meara?

Grandview Resort


162. Wanamaker trophy presented to the winner of which champion?

PGA championship


163. What Japanese golfer is the only player to have won events on the PGA tour, Senior Tour, Japanese, European, and Australian Tours?

Isao Aoki


164. What’s the range of irons?



165. What do you use to loft the golf ball?



166. At what course was the 1995 Ryder Cup played at?

Oak Hill


167. What is the highest hole at the Masters?

Par 5


168. What is the lowest hole at the Masters?

Par 3


169. This South African golfer was nicknamed “The Goose”, and has won two U.S. Open titles. Who is this from Pietersburg?

Retief Goosen


170. Bobby Jones’s home golf course was?

East Lake GC


171. In 2004, the first professional golfer from the country of India qualified to play on the U.S. PGA tour. Who was he?

Arjun Atwal


172. Tiger Wood studied from which college?



173. The most common par on a regulation pro course is______?



174. Where is the Grandview Resort course located which is opened in 2001?

Muskoka, Ontario Canada


175. Tiger Woods was widely accused of being in a “slump” in 2003, after having failed to win one of the four major championships, in spite of the fact that he won how many tournaments through the first week of October?



176. Hybrid Club is also known as what?

Utility club


177. What score did David Duval shoot in the 3rd Round of the 2001 British Open?



178. If you’re playing a shorter round, should you pass someone playing a longer round?



179. In golf, what is a ‘rough’?

Thick grass along a golf course


180. Should a golfer seek advice from their caddie?



181. Which is an imaginary golf course and practically does not exist?

Chonla Golf course


182. What is a caddy?

A person who carries a golfer’s kit and hands them their clubs


183. What is Mulligan in terms of golf?

Second chance to play the same short again


184. After winning the U.S. Girls Junior Amateur Championship, American golfer Amy Alcott carded her first professional win at which event on the U.S. LPGA Tour?

Orange Blossom Classic


185. Titleist is a company famous for what?

Manufacturer of golf equipment’s


186. Who is nicknamed ‘Boom-Boom’?

Freddy Couples


187. Who won the Walker Cup 2019?

The United States won by 15½ points to 10½


188. Major winner Vijay Singh hailed from which tropical island nation?



189. Which club has the highest trajectory?

Lob Wedge


190. Before turning 50 and becoming elgible for the Senior Tour, for what network did Lee Trevino serve as a golf commentator?



191. Which city has an airport with a golf course between runways?

Bangkok, Thailand


192. Which Irish golf course hosted the 2005 Ryder Cup matches?

The K Club


193. The first Ryder Cup to be held in America in the 2000s was held in which State?



194. Who won the 1999 Bell Canadian Open?

Hal Sutton


195. You are in the fairway, trying to get the ball on the green. You take a swing, but unfortunately the ball only goes off the ground a few feet and rolls until stopping well short of the green. What will help the most in correcting this mistake?

Keeping your knees bent


196. Zimbabwean Nick Price played on the Southern Africa and European Tours before carding his first win at which event on the U.S. PGA Tour?

World Series of Golf


197. Spaniard Severiano Ballesteros turned professional at the age of 16 and played on the European Tour, before carding his first win at which event on the U.S. PGA Tour?

Greater Greensboro Open


198. After completion of his collegiate career at Florida State University in 1981, American golfer Paul Azinger turned professional and carded his first win at which event on the U.S. PGA Tour?

Phoenix Open


199. What is a “sandy”?

A player hits out of a sand trap on to the green, then makes the putt


200. Who is known as ‘The Lion’?

John Daly

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