210+ Adult Trivia Questions

When hosting a game night, you may feel blank of questions to ask your peers. All you need is a comprehensive list of fun trivia questions from entertaining topics to enable an engaging experience.

As adults, it is easy to get carried away with the busy schedules to a point where simple pleasures like playing trivia seem harder to come by.

Adult Trivia Questions

You may have gone through some general knowledge trivia when helping young ones to study, but nothing beats only adults’ trivia night.

For that matter, we have compiled an incredible list of adult trivia questions from various categories like movies, pop music, literature, and NBA e.t.c.

Let’s rock!

1. Name The Biggest Island In The World?



2. Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, and Taming of Shrew are famous novels of whom?



3. What does CNN stand for?

Cable News Network


4. How Many Grammys Does John Legend Have?



5. In Shakespeare’s famous comedy twelfth night, what was the relationship between Sebastian and Viola?

Viola was Sebastian sister, and Sebastian was her brother


6. What does the symbol ‘H’ stand for on the periodic table?



7. What Is The Brightest Star In The Sky?



8. What Nut Is Used To Make Marzipan?



9. Michelle Obama is the wife of whom?

Barack Obama


10. What’s the tallest building in the world?

Burj Khalifa


11. How Many Wives Did Henry VIII Have?



12. Microsoft was founded on which date?

4th April 1975


13. How long is an Olympic swimming pool (in meters)?

50 meters


14. What Is It Called When A Bottle Of Champagne Is Open With A Sword?



15. First dollar coin made on which date?



16. In the 1997 film Titanic, what actor played the main protagonist?

Leonardo di Caprio


17. What Color Is Giraffe’s Tongue?



18. First gay marriage was allowed by which country?



19. What countries made up the original Axis powers in World War II?

Germany, Italy, and Japan


20. What Country Has The Most Vending Machines Per Capita?



21. Ph.D. stands for what?

Doctor of Philosophy


22. What Was The First Toy To Be Advertised On Television?

Mr. Potato Head


23. How many times has the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo won the best player award?

5 times


24. What is the capital of Japan?



25. In which year was the first calendar made?



26. How many items are in a baker’s dozen?



27. The author J.K Rowling, famous for which movie series?


28. What does the ‘YSL’ in the fashion brand’s name stand for?

Yves St Laurent


29. What Is The Most Frequently Sold Item At Walmart?



30. Which American president appeared on the show “Laugh-in”?


31. Who sang the 2016 hit ‘Needed Me’?



32. What Are The Folds Of Skin On A Cat’s Ears Called?

Henry’s pockets


33. The world’s longest-running TV show is what?

Sabado GiGante


34. What did the first vending machine dispense?


35. What Are Baby Owls Called?

Owlets or nestlings


36. The 3 prime colors are what?

Yellow, green, and red


37. How many watts of electricity are in a Kilowatt(KW)?



38. On Average, How Long Does It Take Food To Pass Through The Human Body?

53 hours


39. “Keep calm and carry on” is the slogan of which nation?

The British


40. Where in the body is blood produced?

The bones


41. Which Country Owns Every Panda In The World?



42.  Panther is another name of what?

Black Leopard


43. Who Invented The Word Vomit?


44. In 2001 who won the Nobel Prize for the peace?

Kofi Annan


45. What was the Greek city originally built around the acropolis?



46. Coprastastaphobia Is The Fear Of What?



47. “I’ll be back” is the famous saying of which famous actor?


48. Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Sony all started in which country?



49. “When you got nothing, you have nothing to lose” is the famous dialogue of which movie?

The Titanic

50. 3.785 liters is equal to how many gallons?



51. What Is The Most Common Color Of Toilet Paper In France?



52. The famous song “This is what you come for” was released in which year?

In 2016


53. What is the largest French-speaking city outside of France?



54. Which Country Has Not Fought A War Since 1814?



55. Approximately how many movies has Angelina Jolie directed?

47 movies


56. What is the name for a small current of air with a vertical motion?



57. Spinach Is High In Which Mineral?



58. The famous movie “The Hustler” was released in which year?



59. What current day country is the Temple of Artemis located in?



60. In The Film Babe, What Type Of Animal Was Babe?

A Pig


61. What’s The Total Number Of Dots On A Pair Of Dice?



62. “Playing for keeps” movie was directed by who?

Harvey Weinstein


63. The unicorn is the national animal of which country?



64. Where Would You Find An ISBN Number?

On a Book


65. First Jurassic park movie released in which year?

In 1993


66. What language has 4x more people who speak it as a second language than native speakers?



67. Chernobyl disaster happened on which date?

April 26, 1986


68. What was the first soft drink in space?


69. What NFL team has a plant for it’s logo?

The New Orleans Saints


70. The Hard White Material Of Elephant Tusks Is Called What?



71. First President of Canada was?

Sir John A. Macdonald


72. What US state has the longest border with Canada?



73. What Did The Winning Teams Get As A Trophy On “Floor Is Lava” In The First Season?

Lava lamp


74. The “Simpson desert” is found in which continent?



75. Before changing in 1894, what kind of ball was used to play basketball?

A soccer ball


76. What Color Are Aircraft Black Boxes?

Bright orange


77. In 1896 the war between Zanzibar and England last for how many minutes?

Only 38 minutes


78. What was Michael Jordan’s nickname in high school?

Magic Johnson


79. How Long Is New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach?

55 miles


80. Which is the only food that has no expiry date?



81. What is the real name of Dr. J?


82. What Kind Of Animal Is A Prairie Dog?

A rodent


83. The world’s oldest still used currency is?

The British Pound (£) 1200 years old


84. Who was the first NBA player to score 2,000 points in a single season?

George Yardly


85. What Has A Head, A Tail, But Does Not Have A Body?



86. Who got the title of king of comedy?

Charlie Chaplin


87. Who was the first NFL player to rush 1,000 yards in a single season?

Beattie Feathers


88. With What Did The Ancient Romans Dye Their Hair?

Bird poop


89. David Lloyd George got what nickname?

Welsh Wizard


90. What is the only team to have their logo on one side of their helmets?

Pittsburgh Steelers


91. Which Cartoon Character Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?


92. What is the task of insulin in the human body?

It controls the supply of sugar between muscles and blood


93. What team has fans known as ‘cheese heads’?


94. What Is The National Flower Of Wales?



95. The Japanese word “Sayonara” means what?



96. How large is the circumference of a baseball?

It ranges from 9 to 9 ¼ inches


97. The kodek camera was invented by who?

George Eastman


98. What year did baseball players go on strike?



99. Which Planet Shares Its Name With A Dog?


100. Colin Dexter the crime writer famous for writing the Inspector Morse series, died on which date?

March 21, 2017


101. How Many Bones Are There In The Human Body?



102. Which famous musician died in October 2017, who played for Heartbreakers and Travelling Wilburys?

Tom Petty


103. What three countries have won the world cup twice?

France, Argentian, and Uruguay


104. What Kind Of Weapon Is A Falchion?

A Sword


105. Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe resigned on which date, after 37 years of rule?


106. What capital city is situated at the mouth of the Liffey River?



107. Which Chess Piece Can Only Move Diagonally?



108. On which date did America officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?


109. What is the name of the cave with the world’s longest cave system?

Mammoth Cave


110. Among Land Animals, What Species Has The Largest Eyes?



111. The British economist Sir Tony Atkinson died on which date?

January 1, 2017


112. The Diet is the legislative body of which country?



113. What Is The World’s Most Venomous Fish?



114. In the 2000 summer Olympics which Australian women won the Olympic champion in 400 meters?

Cathy Freeman


115. Which ocean is home to Christmas Island?

Indian Ocean


116. Which Actor Top-Billed The 1960’S Television Series Batman?

Adam West


117. Which famous singer of the band AC/DC died in 1980?

Bon Scott


118. Where are the Blue Mountains located?



119. In Which Country Was The Largest Known T-Rex Skeleton Found?



120. The famous Australian actor Hugh Jackman was born in which city?



121. Grozny is the capital of which country?



122. Which Part Of Berlin Was Enclosed By The Wall?

The West


123. Since 1988 which sports venue hosted the Australian open?

Melbourne Park


124. In England, what city has more miles of canals than Venice?



125. Where Is The Bermuda Triangle Situated?

North Atlantic Ocean


126. From which movie did Daniel Craig make his debut as James Bond in 2006?

Casino Royale


127. The Aurora Borealis is also known as what?

The Northern Lights


128. Under Which President Did Thanksgiving Become An Annual Holiday?


129. Jar Jar Binks character first appeared in which star Wars movie?

Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace


130. What does Vodka mean in English?

Little water


131. What’s The Other Name For Thanksgiving Day?

Turkey Day


132. Union Jack is a national flag of which country?


133. What is the scale used to measure the spiciness of pepper called?

Scoville Scale


134. Where Does The Oldest Thanksgiving Parade In The U.S.A. take Place?



135. In which year did England win the football world cup?



136. What is the hottest pepper in the world?



137. Is It The Female Turkeys Or The Male Turkeys That Gobble?

The male ones


138. The first women Prime Minister of the UK was?

Margaret Thatcher


139. In the case of a medical emergency, coconut water can be used as what?

Blood plasma


140. What Type Of Meat Was Served At The First Thanksgiving?



141. Magna Carta was signed in which year?



142. Why do food processing companies apply carbon monoxide to food?

To improve redness


143. Which Character On The TV Show Friends Once Got His/Her Head Stuck In A Turkey?



144. What is the official nickname of Texas?

The Lone Star State


145. Where does Kiwifruit originate from?



146. What Christmas Decoration Was Originally Made From Strands Of Silver?



147. What is the diameter of our Earth?

12, 742 Kilometers


148. What kind of food is Monterey Jack?



149. What Christmas Beverage Is Also Known As “Milk Punch?”


150. Name the kids of Prince William?

Price George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.


151. What Traditional Christmas Decoration Is Actually A Parasitic Plant?



152. Which state is known as the Empire State?

New York State


153. The Blue Ribbon Burger changed its name and is now referred to as what?

Big Mac


154. What Holiday Movie Sequel includes a Cameo By Donald Trump?

Home Alone 2


155. When did Princess Diana die?

31st August 1997


156. Bammy is a bread made in Jamaica from what plant?



157. When was America affected by Hurricane Katarina?

In 2005


158. What group starred in the first-ever music video aired on MTV?

The Buggles


159. What Is The Most Popular Meal For Christmas In Japan?

KFC Fried Chicken


160. Name the Largest Dam of the World?

Three Gorges Dam


161. Who started their professional musical career by being featured on Ja Rule’s album titled Rule 3:36?

Christina Milian


162. In The Bible, Who, Alone, Killed A Quarter Of The World’s Population?



163. When was the Wheel invented?

It was invented 3,500 B.C.


164. Which invention is associated with Wright Brothers?

The Aeroplane


165. What song did Lady Gaga derive her name from?

Radio Ga Ga


166. How Many People Boarded Noah’s Ark?



167. Who discovered the Cell?

Robert Hooke


168. What famous band was involved in an incident known as the Redlands drug bust?

The Rolling Stones


169. Who Wrote The Novel, Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley


170. What is the other name of Protractor?



171. What artist was called the biggest threat to American children since Polio’ by President George W. Bush?



172. What Is A Group Of Witches Called?

A Coven


173. When was the first Dollar Coin made?

In 1794


174. Where does the rock band AC/DC originally come from?



175. Where Do Real Vampire Bats Live?

North and South America


176. How many counties are there in England?



177. What was the number 1 US ringtone in 2005?



178. By What Name Is Midnight Also Known?

The witching hour


179. How many countries are the members of the United Nations?

193 countries


180. In 2016, what famous musician won the Nobel Prize for literature?

193 countries


181. When was the computer invented?

Between 1936 to 1938


182. What artist, apart from Frank Sinatra, has won three Grammys for album of the year?

Stevie Wonder


183. What Is The Other, Traditional Name For A Broomstick?

A besom


184. Who developed the cartoon series, Tom and Jerry?

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera


185. A poor showing at the box office for the film Heaven’s Gate in the 80s killed the career of which director?


186. Name The Magician Who Died On Halloween?

Harry Houdini


187. How many years are there in a century?

100 years


188. What actor got an Oscars nomination for their role in The Lord of the Rings movies?

Ian McKellen


189. The Best-Selling Book Of 1981 Was A Book Explaining How To Solve What Puzzle?

The Rubik’s Cube


190. Who is the present Pope?

Jorge Mario Bergoglio


191. Julie Andrews won the Academy Award for best actress due to her 1964 performance in what movie?

Mary Poppins


192. In This Popular ’80s Song, What Was Jenny’s Phone Number?



193. What is the name of the last boy who visited the chocolate factory owned by Mr. Willy Wonka?

Charlie Bucket


194. In the movie, Who Framed of Roger Rabbit, who voiced Jessica Rabbit?

Kathleen Turner


195. What Date Do They Travel To In Back To The Future: Part II?



196. Name three wonders of the world?

Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Lighthouse of Alexandria


197. In the 1979 film, James Bond goes to space – what’s the name of the film?



198. What 1988 Movie Gave Julia Roberts Her Big Break?

Mystic Pizza


199. Which Friday brings a lot of happiness?

200. Who first played Jack Ryan in a movie?


201. What Commercial Was Michael Jackson Singing For When His Hair Caught On Fire?



202. Mount Everest is a part of which mountainous range?

The Himalayas


203. Who Was The Lead Actress In The Famous Bomb “Grease 2”“?

Michele Pfeiffer


204. Who is the patron saint of Ireland?

Saint Patrick


205. When there is trauma to the body, what does the trauma code give first priority?

The airway


206. A Snail Can Sleep For How Many Years?

3 years


207. Where is the Sahara Desert situated?


208. What’s the medical condition resulting from a lack of iodine called?



209. When was Superman created as a fictional character?



210. To treat Type 1 Diabetes, people are injected with what?



211. Which Animal Has The Highest Blood Pressure?


212. Who wrote Cinderella?

Charles Perrault


213. On average, adult heartbeats how many times a minute?



214. Which Animal Never Sleeps?



215. Who is the owner of Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg



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