210+ Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Questions and Answers

Grey’s Anatomy is a TV show that has withstood the test of time. It has become the longest-running medical drama on set. Grey’s Anatomy is the kind of show that will inspire young viewers to venture into the field of Medicine. The cast makes surgeries and operational procedures appear so doable.

The script shows that it takes place in Seattle, Washington D.C. Apparently, it’s all done in Los Angeles. The Veterans Administration Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center in North Hills, CA serves as the entrance to Grey-Sloan Memorial. The interior shots are filmed on soundstage at Prospect Studios in Los Feliz, CA.

Grey’s Anatomy Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

According to TV Guide, Justin Chambers’ character was an afterthought. Alex Karev came in after the Pilot was shot and became a long-lasting character on the show. His last role broke the hearts of fans as expressed on the internet.

With 18 Seasons already, Grey’s Anatomy is packed with so many interesting scenes that only astute viewers will be able to crack. Explore the trivia below!

1. How many seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” are there?

18 and counting


2. What was the name of the hospital in the beginning?

Seattle Grace Hospital


3. When did “Grey’s Anatomy” start?



4. What season is the musical episode in?

Season seven.


5. George O Malley gets which STD from Nurse Olivia?



6. What color scrubs do interns wear? What about attendings?

Light blue for interns, dark blue for attendings.


7. What kind of pregnancy did Cristina Yang have?

Ectopic pregnancy


8. Who usually says the voiceover narration in each episode?



9. Matthew proposed April with?

A flashmob


10. What is Derek’s signature saying?

“It’s a beautiful day to save lives.”


11. In what season did “Grey’s Anatomy” become the longest-running primetime medical drama?

Season 15.


12. What disease did Meredith Grey’s mother have?



13. As of season 18, how many original cast members are still on the show?



14. What does George refuse to buy for Izzie and Meredith?



15. Who are Meredith’s roommates?

Izzie and George.


16. In the first season, Derek tells Meredith his favorite color. What is it?



17. Which intern has completely paid off their med school debt?



18. How many seconds before did Erica Hanh’s patient gets admitted to the transplant list before Denny in the show?

17 seconds


19. What song is the pilot episode named after?

“A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles.


20. If you aren’t willing to keep looking for light in the darkest of places without stopping, even when it seems impossible, you will never succeed. Who said these lines on the show?



21. Which two doctors are competing for chief of surgery?

Derek and Burke


22. What was the theme song in the first season?

“Cosy in the Rocket” by Psapp.


23. In season 5, the medical doctor visited which department for the first time?



24. Which major character is introduced at the very end of the season?

Addison Montgomery.


25. How many episodes does the first season have?



26. Which intern does Addison recruit to her specialty?



27. Which type of cancer was Izzie diagnosed with?

Metastatic Melanoma


28. Which intern successfully performs a “solo” surgery?



29. Who has to retake his exams?



30. Why does Meredith give her dog, Doc, to Derek and Addison?

George threatens to move out if Doc doesn’t.


31. What do you call a patient whose name is not known?

John Doe


32. Why does Derek punch Mark?

He sees Mark talking to Meredith when he first arrives.


33. What was the name of Mark Sloan’s first daughter?

Sloan Riley


34. Who gives Mark the “McSteamy” nickname?



35. Which doctor secretly lives in the hospital?



36. Where was Denny’s body being sent to in Grey s Anatomy?



37. Why does the hospital have a “prom”?

Because Webber’s niece is dying and will miss hers


38. What was the name of the man with who Dr. Bailey stayed when he was quarantined?



39. How does Addison find out that Meredith and Derek hooked up?

She finds Meredith’s underwear in Derek’s pocket.


40. How much money does Denny leave to Izzie?

$8.7 million


41. She was a consultant at Grey Sloan and wasn’t liked much?

Eliza Minnick


42. How many sisters does Derek have?



43. Which character’s spinoff was “planted” during this season, and what is the show called?

Addison, “Private Practice.”


44. Who did Bailey hide with during the shooting at Seatle Grace?

Mary Portman


45. Which cast member earned an Emmy for their work on season three?

Katherine Heigl


46. Why does Izzie’s daughter come to Seattle Grace?

She needs leukemia treatment and a bone marrow transplant.


47. This patient believed she was a superhero because she never felt pain.

Megan Clover


48. What animal does Izzie “operate” on?

A deer


49. Whose sister becomes the main character in season 4?

Meredith’s sister Lexie.

50. How did a patient infamously end up with a bomb in their chest?

He accidentally shot himself with a World War II bazooka.


51. What is the name of the nurse who starts dating Derek?



52. What was Grey s Anatomy originally going to be named?



53. Which doctor is the target of the nurses’ strike?



54. What is the name of the medical clinic that Bailey starts?

The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic


55. Where did Cristina move to?



56. What was the name of the “surgery” doll that Ellis gave to Meredith?

Anatomy Jane


57. What bizarre implement injures Cristina?

A falling icicle.


58. What department do the characters hang out in to de-stress?



59. The show’s name is actually the name of a book? True or False?



60. Why is Lexie called Lexipedia?

Because she has a photographic memory


61. What disappointing ranking does Seattle Grace land at?

No. 12.


62. Who does Izzie begin seeing visions of?



63. Where does Derek propose to Meredith?

In the elevator


64. Who gets married in the 100th episode?

Alex and Izzie


65. What is Meredith’s address in the series?

613 Harper Lane


66. How does George reveal himself to Meredith when he’s injured?

He writes “007” in her palm.


67. What hospital does Seattle Grace merge with?

Mercy West


68. Which college did the show’s lead attend?



69. Who does Jackson first develop feelings for?



70. What is the name of Mark’s daughter?



71. Why does Izzie leave “Grey’s Anatomy”?

She and Alex break up after she comes back from briefly running away.


72. What is the actual name of Jo’s Bar?

Emerald City Bar


73. What job does Ben have when he and Bailey first meet?

He’s an anesthesiologist


74. How does Jackson trick the hospital shooter into thinking Derek is dead?

He disconnects the heart monitor.


75. Who dies in the hospital shooting?

Percy and Reed, along with the gunman.


76. What unusual color is Cristina’s wedding dress?



77. What nickname does Derek have for Amelia?



78. Which doctor temporarily quits surgery, and what new job do they take?

Cristina, a waitress at Joe’s


79. What type of alcohol was Yang’s and Mer’s favorite?



80. Why does Teddy marry Henry?

To get him on her medical insurance.


81. What event sparks the musical episode?

Callie and Arizona get in a car crash.


82. Why did Meredith tamper with the Alzheimer’s trial?

To make sure that Adele got treatment and not a placebo.


83. Which actor has won a Tony award for her Broadway?

Sara Ramirez


84. What sport does the hospital field a team for?



85. When do Derek and Meredith officially get married?

Season 8


86. What medical condition does Zola have?

Spina bifida


87. Henry used to be what kind of professional athlete?


88. “Never diss anyone’s Juju”, who said these words?

Meredith Grey


89. In the alternate universe, who is Meredith engaged to?



90. Death always comes in what numbers?

Threes or Sevens


91. Andrew Deluca is diagnosed with what?

Bipolar Disorder


92. Who does April hook up with just before the board exams?



93. Who became the face of the hospital?

Derek Shepherd


94. Which doctors are in the plane crash?

Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Mark, Lexie, and Arizona.


95. After the success of The Shepherd Method, what gift did McDreamy give Meredith?

A glow in the dark Kidney


96. Who was supposed to be on the plane, and who replaced them?

Alex was replaced by Arizona.


97. What state does Cristina move to?



98. Who is the O.B. that performs a C-section on Meredith?



99. What nickname do Meredith’s residents give to her?


100. Who dies on the same day as Bailey’s wedding?



101. What was Lexi’s full name?

Alexandra Grey


102. What activity does Derek use to retrain his hand after surgery?



103. What names do Webber and Callie use when “undercover” at a rival hospital?

Julio and Calliope Plantain


104. Who gets electrocuted in the basement?

Webber and Heather


105. What condition does Bailey develop?



106. What important person calls Derek to ask for his expertise?

The President of the United States.


107. Who gave Derek the name McDreamy?



108. Why does Cristina lose the Harper Avery award?

Because she works at an Avery Foundation hospital.


109. Who was first nominated for a Harper Avery?

Cristina Yang


110. Which doctor goes with Cristina to her new hospital?



111. Who shot Derek in the show?

Gary Clark


112. Who does Cristina leave her shares of the hospital and her board position to?



113. Who did Jackson kick out of his OR when he wasn’t able to concentrate?

Miranda Bailey


114. What happened between Richard and Ellis at the carousel?

He broke up with her for good.


115. Who won the sparkle pager?



116. What did April and Jackson name their son?

Samuel Norbert Avery


117. What complication happens after Dr. Herman’s tumor removal?

She’s left blind


118. How many sisters did Derek Shepherd have?



119. At what age did Maggie graduate from Medical School?



120. What kind of doctor is Owen Hunt?

A medical army doctor and now a trauma surgeon


121. Who becomes Arizona’s roommate?

Andrew DeLuca


122. How is Callie’s new girlfriend connected to Meredith?

Penny was one of the doctors who failed to save Derek.


123. How many original characters are left as of season 17?

Four (always remember Bokhee)


124. What operation gets Ben in trouble?

Performing an emergency C-section in a hallway during a lockdown.


125. Who is awarded custody of Sofia?



126. In season 1, which senior doctor’s significant other is never seen or referred to?

Adele, wife of Richard


127. Who does Owen ask to be his best man at his wedding to Amelia?



128. The episode where Derek dies is named after which song?

“How to Save a Life” by The Fray


129. Who accompanies Owen overseas on a military medical training program?



130. After the airplane crash, the name of the hospital is changed to what and after whom?

Grey Sloan Memorial for remembering crash victims Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan


131.Why doesn’t Alex have to take a plea deal?

DeLuca made the DA drop charges by threatening to give false testimony.


132. How many people died during the Clark shooting?



133. What brings Maggie’s mother to the hospital?



134. How many times did April get fired?



135. What does Alex do when he tracks down Jo’s abusive ex?

Nothing — he doesn’t even confront him.


136. When does Stephanie quit Grey Sloan?

After being burned in the fire.


137. What nickname did Meredith Grey earn from her interns?



138. Whose sister is found alive?

Owen’s sister Megan


139. What career change does Ben decide to make?

He becomes a firefighter


140. Which patient and doctor got married for insurance reasons?

Henry and Teddy


141. What does Amelia discover about her own health?

She has a brain tumor


142. How many sisters does Meredith Grey have?



143. How does Amelia know Koracick?

He was one of her professors.


144. Which three former characters have their “doppelgangers” show up in the 300th episode?

Cristina, George, and Izzie.


145. What award does Meredith win?

The Harper Avery.


146. Why does Sam Bello have to leave Seattle?

She’s a DACA recipient and ICE is trying to deport her.


147. Who officiates Alex and Jo’s wedding?



148. In Grey s Anatomy, Mer’s med school professor dies during which surgery?

Gallbladder Removal


149. Which show’s record did “Grey’s” surpass to become the longest-running primetime medical drama?


150. Who is the creator of the show?

Shonda Rhimes and Kristina Vernoff


151. What disease did Link have as a child?

Bone cancer.


152. Who plays the theme song of the show?

The Psapp


153. What second language does Meredith speak?



154. What was the name of the first episode of Grey s Anatomy?

Hard Day’s Night


155. What is the name of Alex’s mother?



156. What was the name of the doll with plastic organs?

Anatomy Jane


157. Who gets fired over Meredith’s insurance fraud?

Richard, Alex, and Meredith.


158. The stars of which old WB show reunite in a season 16 episode?



159. How many nieces and nephews does Derek have?

5 nephews and 9 nieces


160. Why does Koracick hate Halloween?

His son died just weeks before Halloween.


161. What doctor from Meredith’s past is on her license hearing panel?

The doctor who didn’t order a CT scan for Derek.


162. Meredith once dropped a heart. True or False?



163. When is the last time we see Alex?

At Meredith’s license hearing.


164. Why does Alex leave?

To be with Izzie, who used the frozen embryos from when they were married to have their children.


165. What party did Owen Hunt through to raise money for the hospital?



166. Who is Teddy and Owen’s daughter named after?

Allison, Teddy’s best friend and former lover who died on 9/11.


167. What are the names of Alex’s siblings?

Amber and Aaron


168. What “present” does Cristina send Meredith?

Dr. Cormac Hayes.


169. Which dead characters did Meredith meet on her COVID “beach”?

Derek, George, Lexie, Mark, and DeLuca.


170. According to Dr. Thomas, what time is it in Moscow when it’s five in Seattle?



171. How does Andrew DeLuca die?

He’s stabbed after confronting a child trafficker.


172. When does Meredith wake up from her COVID coma?

When Zola comes to visit her.


173. Who does Cristina stab with an epi?



174. Who does Jackson visit when he’s trying to decide the next steps in his life?

His father and April.


175. In season 6 in the episode “Sanctuary”, who was the second doctor that got shot?

Dr. Karev


176. What specialty does Jo switch to?



177. This actress has portrayed Alexandra Grey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, starting in season 3. Who is she?

Chyler Leigh


178. When did we last see Nick Marsh before his return in season 18?

Season 14.


179. Which former main character returns?



180. Which intern paid off her debts with money she earned by modeling?



181. Who officiates Owen and Teddy’s wedding?



182. Where does Meredith split her time between?

Seattle and Minnesota


183. What tragic event happens to Cristina on her wedding day in season three?

Seattle and Minnesota


184. What disease is Meredith’s new research focused on?



185. Viewers were left in suspense at the end of the fifth season when George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens, both patients at the time, both flatlined as their friends frantically tried to save them. What was the outcome, as shown in the sixth season premiere, “Good Mourning”?

George died and Izzie lived


186. What hospital did they end up merging with?

Mercy West


187. Who does Meredith Grey date throughout the first five seasons (on/off relationship)?

Derek Shepherd


188. What design does Derek’s favorite scrub cap have on it?

Ferry boats


189. What is Derek Shepherd’s specialty?



190. In season 8 in the episode “Flight”, what did Cristina keep telling Meredith?

“I can’t find my shoe!”


191. What is Addison Montgomery’s specialty?

Neonatal surgery


192. Who was Meredith’s mother?



193. What secret was Meredith keeping about her mother in Season 1?

That she had Alzheimer’s


194. Meredith’s father returned this season in “Tainted Obligation”, and he needed something from Meredith. A big something – what kind of organ transplant did Meredith and her father, Thatcher, undergo?

Liver transplant


195. What is Derek’s middle name?



196. What injury did Mark Sloan sustain while having sex with Lexie?

A penile fracture


197. Later on, in the first season, Derek finally gives in to Meredith’s ultimatum “I want facts, and until I get them my pants are staying on!” One piece of information he gives her about himself is his favorite flavor of ice cream. What is it?



198. In what other production did Patrick Dempsey and Kevin McKidd costar?

Made of Honor (2008)


199. Which intern died during the season premiere?

Heather Brooks

200. What is the name of Meredith’s dad?



201. What was the nickname George received from the other interns in the first season?



202. Why does Jo initially turn down Alex’s proposal?

Because she’s already married


203. How does Matthew propose to April?

With a flashmob


204. Which music superstar has a cat named after Meredith Grey?


205. Who did Richard turn over his job to when he stepped down as chief in season 8?



206. What season did the series stop using its opening theme sequence?

Season 2


207. What happened to Meredith during the episode in which a shooter entered the hospital to take revenge on the doctors?

She suffered a miscarriage


208. Which OG character does not visit Meredith on the beach in Season 17?

Christina Yang


209. Where did Meredith eventually dispose of her mother’s ashes?

Scrub room


210. Why did Izzie leave?

She got fired


211. Who was commonly referred to as “chief”?



212. In one episode of the sixth season, Dr. Shepherd deliberately disobeyed Chief Webber’s wishes by proceeding with an extremely risky surgery on a hospital employee. What was this employee/patient’s name?



213. In “Kung Fu Fighting”, two women came into the ER. They were engaged in a contest that involved holding onto something; what was it?

A wedding dress


214. What is the name of the dog that Derek and Meredith shared in season two?



215. Derek Shepherd moved to Seattle from ____________.

New York

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