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210+ Washington Trivia Questions and Answers

Washington Trivia Questions and Answers

Washington state is the only US state named after the late President George Washington. The ethnically and geographically diverse state is popular for its snow-capped volcanic mountains and agricultural prowess.

For outdoor freaks, the rivers, bays, inlets, and museums are prime destinations to explore. More precisely, the Space Needle Tower, built for the 1962 World’s Fair, is an iconic landmark in Washington state.

Washington Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Adjacent to the Space Needle is the legendary museum, Washington Chihuly Gardens and Glass in Seattle. The Tacoma native unmatched craft has journeyed across continents, taking the art of blown glass to astounding heights.

Washington takes pride in being the 2nd largest premium wine producer in the US. The state produces mouth-watering wine from the 900-plus wineries in the area.

Learn more from ‘the Evergreen state’ popular for being the birthplace of Father’s Day.

1. What state borders Washington in the south?



2. Washington was a Union territory during the American Civil War, Washington State did not physically take part in the Civil War, it was a what?

Union Territory


3. Washington is west of what US state?



4. Washington is part of a region known as the what?

Pacific Northwest.


5. Washington is south of what Canadian province?

The Canadian province of British Columbia.


6. Mount St. Helens is the only volcano that is actively erupting in the state, however, all of the volcanoes in the state are considered what?

Active volcanoes.


7. To the west of Washington State is what body of water?


8. Which mountain is the tallest mountain in the state of Washington?


9. Named after George Washington, the State of Washington was admitted to the Union as the 42nd state in what year?



10. How tall is Mt. Rainier?

14,411 feet.


11. Where does the state of Washington rank among the states in population?

13th most populous


12. What mountain is considered the most dangerous volcano in the Cascade Range?

Mount Rainier


13. What percentage of Washington state’s residents live in the Seattle metropolitan area?

About 60%.


14. Western Washington is the location of what mountains?

The Olympic Mountains


15. The state of Washington has the second largest population of any state in the what?

The Western United States.


16. What is Seattle’s lowest officially recorded temperature?

0 °F set on January 31, 1950.


17. Rich in stands of Douglas fir, hemlock, ponderosa and white pine, spruce, larch, and cedar, Washington is a leading producer of what?



18. Mount Baker gets a whole lot of snow, and in 1999, it set the world record for snowfall in a single season with how much snow?

1,140 inches (95 ft.)


19. How many dams does the state of Washington have?

Over 1,000


20. Washington state’s lowest temperature ever recorded was what?

−48 °F in Winthrop and Mazama


21. What is another nickname sometimes used in reference to the state of Washington?

The Evergreen State


22. What was the highest recorded temperature in the state of Washington?

118 °F at Ice Harbor Dam.


23. What is the state of Washington’s largest city?



24. What percentage of Washington’s land area is covered by forests?



25. What is the capital of the state of Washington?



26. In 1775, was The first recorded European landing on the Washington coast in 1775 by what Spanish Explorer?

Spanish Captain Don Bruno de Heceta.


27. The U.S. State of Washington is the only U.S. state named after a what?



28. American captain Robert Gray discovered the mouth of the Columbia River and named the river after his what?

His ship, the Columbia.


29. During the Great Depression, a number of hydroelectric dams were built along what river primarily to produce electricity?

The Columbia River.


30. Which Washington volcano erupted on May 18, 1980?

Mount St. Helens.


31. Washington state’s  Yakima River Valley became known for what kind of fruit?



32. In  1941 the largest concrete structure in the United States was completed. What structure was it?

The Grand Coulee Dam


33. The Mount St. Helens eruption flattened the forests, flooded the Columbia River and its tributaries with ash and mud, and killed how many people?



34. A popular but false urban legend saddest that Washington DC’s landscape was original?



35. The Census Bureau estimates the population of the state of Washington was how many people on July 1, 2013?



36. By law, Washington is illegal to do what?

Ride an ugly horse


37. Because of the favorable climate Washington state has led the U.S. in apple production since when?

The 1920s


38. Denzel Washington’s first film as a director was what?

Finding Fish


39. Where does the state of Washington rank compared with the other states in the production of wine?

Second behind only California.


40. Founded in 1885, Washington, DC’s Gridiron Club is a prestigious organization for what?



41. For transportation purposes, the state of Washington has the largest system of “what” in the United States?



42. Four of the states have active volcanoes; Washington, ——–Alaska, and Hawaii, whose Mauna Loa is the world’s largest volcano.



43. How many ferries navigate the Puget Sound and associated waterways in Washington’s marine highway?

Twenty-eight ferries


44. George Washington Carver advocated planting peanuts and sweet potatoes to replace what?

Cotton and Tobacco


45. Washington is home to Four of the five longest floating bridges in the world are located in Washington state, and their names are what?

The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge, Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge, and the Hood Canal Bridge.


46. George Washington had numerous pets and dogs, including two not-presidential names?

Drunkard and Tipsy


47. The state of Washington legalized assisted suicide in 2008 when they voted on and passed the what?

Washington Death with Dignity Act.


48. If it’s 4:00 pm in Seattle Washington, what time is it in Portland Oregon?



49. In November of 2012, Washington state became one of two US states to legalize the sale and possession of marijuana for what?

Recreational use

50. In 1944, frustrated Congressman Maury Maverick coined what word for Washington Jargon?



51. Joachim Prinz, who spoke just before Martin Luther King at the 1963 March on Washington, is a what?



52. In what city is the Smithsonian Institute?



53. Later popularized in the Batman comics, ‘Gotham’ was first an NYC term coined by what author?

Washington Irving


54. In what city do they watch the most TV evangelists per cap?

Washington DC


55. Marion Barry –Mayor of Washington was arrested for what?

Possession of Crack


56. In which state is Mount Helens?



57. On which river does the Us capitol Washington DC stand?



58. In what state is Walla Walla?



59. Only two men are said to have run unopposed for US president, George Washington, and whom?

James Monroe


60. Introduced in 1847, the first two stamps issued by the USPS featured George Washington and what other American?

Benjamin Franklin


61. Other than Martha  Washington, which two women have been represented on US currency?

Pocahontas and Susan B Anthony


62. What did British Troops destroy in Washington DC in 1814?

The president’s house.


63. Which city of Mt. Vernon, Washington grows more—–than the entire country of Holland?



64. The westernmost point in the contiguous Us is where?

Cape Alava, Washington


65. What did George Washington soak his wooden teeth in for taste?



66. There are more telephones than people in?

Washington, USA


67. What hath God wrought the first message sent by who?

S Morse Washington to Baltimore


68. Washington police officers get a half-hour class on how to?

Sit down


69. What is a 100-year-old safe Washington DC?

Centennial Safe


70. What award did Washington create in 1782 as a decoration to recognize merit in enlisted men and non-commissioned officers?



71. What is the capital state of the USA?

Washington DC


72. Which bridge spans the Hudson River?

George Washington Bridge


73. Which river is spanned by the George Washington Bridge?



74. Which group was banned from the official Washington 4th July celebrations in 1983 because the secretary of the interior said they would attract an undesirable element?

The beach boys


75. What team were the Yankees playing the night Lou Gehrig delivered his famous ‘luckiest Man’ speech?

Washington Senators


76. Which museum in Washington DC is said to be the largest in the world?\

The Smithsonian institute


77. What type of candy is banned in Washington?



78. Which city occupies roughly the same latitude?

Washington, DC& Athens


79. Where is George Washington buried?

Mt Vernon, Virginia


80. Who appeared on the first US postage stamps?

Washington- Franklin


81. Who originally designed the Washington Monument?

Robert Mills


82. Who was the first president of the US?

George Washington


83. Who penned the Novel ‘The Pelican Brief’ that was made into a film starring Julia Roberts and Denzil Washington?

John Grisham


84. Who was first in war first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen?

George Washington


85. Who was George Washington’s vice-president?

John Adams


86. Who won the 1988 Superbowl?

Washington Redskins


87. Who was shot as he left Washington Hilton in 1981?

Ronald Reagan


88. Whose likeness is displayed on the purple heart medal?

George Washington


89. Who was the first black mayor of Chicago?

Harold Washington


90. Whose tribute to soul singer Geno Washington reached No.1 in 1980?

Dexy’s Midnight Runners


91. What body of water lies to the north of the Olympic Peninsula?

The Strait of Juan de Fuca


92. Which of these four tribes were and still are known for their whaling ability? Your options: [ Cowlitz ] [ Makah ] [ Hoh ] [ Nez Perce ]



93. Which town in eastern Washington has been called the “town so nice they named it twice”? Your options: [ Walla Walla ] [ Hubba Hubba ] [ Gooba Gooba ] [ Boola Boola ]

Walla Walla


94. Which of these is not an actual city in the Evergreen State? Your options: [ Ralston ] [ Boeing ] [ Carnation ] [ Starbuck ]



95. Washington’s geology and climate is quite diverse. Which of the following is NOT one of the eight regions identified by the state’s Department of Natural Resources? Your options: [ Olympic Mountains ] [ Rocky Mountains ] [ Columbia Basin ] [ Portland Basin ]

Rocky Mountains


96. Name the body of water directly west of Seattle?

Puget Sound


97. The large park at the north end of the island is named after a famous botanist. What is that botanist’s name?

Luther Burbank


98. Most people know that the Columbia River forms much of the southern border of Washington, but what river marks a small section of the eastern border? (Step carefully on this one.)

Snake River


99. The largest city in Clark County shares a name with a Canadian city (and both are named after the same explorer,) and the two are often confused. However, this city is just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. It boasts miles of walking trails, and is the seat of county government.


100. Eastern Washington sports some magnificent couples. How were they formed?

Massive floods


101. What is widely believed to be the cause of the Great Seattle Fire of 1889?

The tipping over of a glue pot.


102. Why was “Lid Park” given that name?

The park was built on top of a freeway tunnel, so it’s the “lid”.


103. Who became the mayor of Seattle in 2002?

Greg Nickels.


104. This small town in northeastern Clark County lent its name to a huge forest fire that was one of the greatest disasters in early 20th-century Washington. Its name, fittingly, comes from the name of a Native American demon which was said to have spirited children away in the area. Your options: [ Washougal ] [ Amboy ] [ Yacolt ] [ La Center ]



105. This major Washington city was named after the chief of the Duwamish and Suquamish tribes.



106. Paul Allen and Bill Gates, who were both born in Seattle, were co-founders of what successful software company?



107. The Washington State capital is in what county?



108. What is the name of the airport you’d most likely fly into if you were to visit Seattle?

SeaTac International Airport


109. What is the highest mountain in the Olympic Peninsula?

Mt. Olympus


110. In which county do you find Wenatchee, Leavenworth, and Cashmere? Your options: [ Snohomish ] [ Kittitas ] [ Douglas ] [ Chelan ]



111. In what year did Mount St. Helens erupt?



112. What landmark on the coast in Washington did British Captain John Meares name?

Cape Disappointment


113. Name one of the Coastal Tribes.



114. What is Washington’s state flower?



115. Obviously Washington was named after our first President, but which of these towns is a lie? Your options: [ George ] [ President ] [ Martha ] [ Mount Vernon ]



116. What two lakes were drained when their dams on the Elwha River were removed?

Lake Aldwell and Lake Mills


117. Just south of the business district is a park that is often referred to by Island residents, particularly those with small children, as “The Train Park”. What is the Train Park’s formal name?

Mercerdale Park


118. The Palouse is an interesting area in southeastern Washington. It does not have many trees, but it is covered with numerous random hills, humps, and hollows. A city in the Palouse region is the home of Washington State University. Can you name this city?



119. Which of these animals would you rarely find in Washington? Your options: [ Bald Eagle ] [ Prairie Dog ] [ Coyote ] [ Rattlesnake ]

Prairie Dog


120. The _______________ Mountains divide the more arid eastern Washington and more lush western Washington



121. What’s the name of the lake that was directly in the path of the destruction?

Spirit Lake


122. The second-largest and fastest-growing city in Clark County is named after an event that never took place. What was the event that never happened?

A battle


123. Which doesn’t describe a Shaman? Your options: [ Medicine Man ] [ Ghost Dancer ] [ Spiritual Leader ] [ Holder of tribal customs ]

Ghost Dancer


124. All of these musicians were born in Seattle. Except… Your options: [ Kurt Cobain ] [ Jimi Hendrix ] [ Sir Mix-A-Lot ] [ Kenny G. ]

Kurt Cobain


125. Which of these well known names is not in Washington State? Your options: [ Boston Harbor ] [ Pittsburgh ] [ Little Rock ] [ Des Moines ]



126. Which of these is NOT an exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo? Your options: [ Butterflies & Blooms ] [ Desert Dome ] [ Jaguar Cove ] [ Banyan Wilds ]

Desert Dome


127. This channel separates Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands.

Deception Pass


128. What is the body of water directly to the east of downtown Seattle?

Lake Washington


129. Bellingham and Mount Baker are in what county?



130. What mountain range changes the weather on the Olympic Peninsula?

The Olympic Mountains


131. Named after a wildflower, this city on the banks of the Columbia was once known primarily for its paper mill, belching sulfur fumes into the sky. Now it is gaining a better reputation as the hub of high-tech industry in Clark County.



132. My hometown, Ellensburg, hosts a professional sporting event every Labor Day weekend. It is the largest event of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. What kind of event is it? (Don’t let this one throw you.)



133. Which company was founded in Seattle? Your options: [ Starbucks ] [ Disney ] [ McDonalds ] [ Krispy Kreme Doughnuts ]



134. Tacoma is in which county? Your options: [ Thurston ] [ King ] [ Lewis ] [ Pierce ]



135. How many Plateau Tribes are there altogether?



136. What famous Indian chief was buried in the Colville Indian Reservation?

Chief Joseph


137. Which of these silly cities doesn’t exist? Your options: [ Humptulips ] [ Pissamone ] [ Duckabush ] [ Tillicum ]



138. What is the state tree?

Western hemlock


139. Why were the dams on the Elwha River removed?

To allow salmon to travel unimpeded to spawn


140. What town had the oldest and longest running lumber mill in the state until it shut down in the 1990s?

Port Gamble


141. The largest city in eastern Washington was also exactly the 100th largest city in the US in 2012. Can you remember the name of this city, whether written or spoken?



142. What is the state fish?

Steelhead trout


143. What region was formed by basaltic lava flows?

Columbia Plateau


144. In what month was the largest eruption of Mount St. Helens?



145. All of the following colleges are located in Washington EXCEPT _______________. Your options: [ Hillsdale College ] [ Clark College ] [ Gonzaga University ] [ Whitman College ]

Hillsdale College


146. What was the most important food for the Pacific NW Indians?



147. This city is best known as the gateway to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area on the Washington side of the river, and its name was derived from an Indian phrase meaning “rushing waters.” Only a small part of the city is actually in Clark County; the rest is in Skamania County.



148. Strange but true…which one is false? Your options: [ Concrete ] [ Avalanche ] [ Electron ] [ Staircase ]



149. Since 1981, what is Seattle’s official nickname?

The Emerald City

150. What is the river that makes up most of Washington’s southern border?

Columbia River


151. This town in Grays Harbor county was named after a city in Scotland.



152. Which of the following are not potential dangers for hikers in the mountains on the Olympic Peninsula? Your options: [ Mountain goats ] [ Avalanches and rockslides ] [ Olympic marmots ] [ Giardia ]

Olympic marmots


153. This city was once the hub of steamboat trade on the Lewis River, receiving freight and passengers from the Columbia River.

La Center


154. Where did the Seattle Mariners play for their 2004 season?

Safeco Field


155. Which is the second largest city in Washington state? Your options: [ Spokane ] [ Bellevue ] [ Tacoma ] [ Everett ]



156. Which of Seattle’s skyscrapers was at one time the tallest building west of Chicago? Your options: [ The Smith Tower ] [ The Columbia Tower ] [ The Space Needle ] [ The Weston Hotel ]

The Smith Tower


157. After whom is Mercer Island named?

Thomas Mercer


158. What two counties are the Tri Cities in? (Pasco, Richland, and Kennewick)

Benton and Franklin


159. The area of Seattle is famous for its rainy days, but which of the following East Coast cities receives more rainfall each year on average? Your options: [ Boston ] [ All of them ] [ Miami ] [ Philadelphia ]

All of them


160. What famous mission was founded in eastern Washington in the 1830s?

Whitman Mission


161. In the extreme northeast of the state is a county named for an Indian tribe–not for the name they called themselves, but the name that French fur traders gave them. The French words mean, roughly, “hangs from ear”. What is the name of this county?

Pend Oreille


162. How many days did it take for the ash cloud to reach the east coast?



163. Yakima is the largest city in south-central Washington. The Yakima Valley, once known primarily for apples, later became a major wine region as well. But how in the world do you pronounce it?



164. What was the Indian name for Mt. St. Helens?



165. While the western side of Washington is quite wet, eastern Washington receives considerably little rainfall due to the mountains. What is the name of this effect?



166. Okay, sportsmen, which isn’t a town? Your options: [ Hunters ] [ Bullet ] [ Elk ] [ Deer Park ]



167. You have just moved into a home in “The Lakes” neighborhood at the south end of the Island. Which elementary school is closest to your home? Your options: [ South Mercer Elementary ] [ Lakeridge Elementary ] [ Island Park Elementary ] [ Tivnan Elementary ]

Lakeridge Elementary


168. Name the city on the Canadian side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.



169. On the northern border of Clark County, extending into Cowlitz County, this small community is known for its tulips and lilacs.



170. What are nurse logs?

Decaying logs from which new trees are growing


171. Seattle has many sister cities. Which is not one of its sister cities? Your options: [ Paris, France ] [ Beersheba, Israel ] [ Gdynia, Poland ] [ Reykjavík, Iceland ]

Paris, France


172. Which of these names is a little too fishy? Your options: [ White Salmon ] [ Bass ] [ Marlin ] [ Trout Lake ]



173. What was the elevation of Mount St. Helens before the eruption?

9,677 feet


174. What canal is also a fjord?

Hood Canal


175. What is Washington’s state grass?

Bluebunch wheatgrass


176. Does the evidence indicate that the first Native Americans arrived in the PNW between_____?

14,000-30,000 years


177. What major river runs near the town of Sequim?

Dungeness River


178. A small Catholic college in eastern Washington has a typical undergraduate enrollment of under 5000 students (2012 data), but one of the top college basketball programs in the US. What is this school, named for a relatively obscure Italian saint?

Gonzaga University


179. This Washington County’s southern border is entirely on the Columbia River. Its name is from a Native American word meaning “swift waters”.

Skamania County


180. Which of these trees is NOT native to Washington? Your options: [ Douglas fir ] [ Redwood ] [ Ponderosa pine ] [ Western larch ]



181. How many acres does the Pike Place Market cover?

9 acres


182. What major waterfall is located in the southeast of Washington?

Palouse Falls


183. Which museum is NOT located in Seattle? Your options: [ EMP-Experience Music Project ] [ Seattle Wax Museum ] [ The Science Fiction Museum ] [ Museum of Flight ]

Seattle Wax Museum


184. What triggered that eruption?



185. Which of the following professional sports teams does not belong to Seattle? Your options: [ Silvertips ] [ Mariners ] [ Seahawks ] [ Sounders ]



186. This town in Whatcom County was named in honor of an early settler who was the first storekeeper and postmaster, not the ill-fated general who died at the Little Bighorn.



187. This tiny community in northern Clark County was possibly named for the initials of three of its founders.



188. Which tribe was coastal? Your options: [ Yakama ] [ Lummi ] [ Spokane ] [ Puyallup ]



189. Among the following corporations, which does NOT have its headquarters in Washington state? Your options: [ Hasbro ] [ Microsoft ] [ Starbucks ] [ Costco ]



190. Which ‘Mo-Town’ isn’t real? Your options: [ Dodge ] [ Chevrolet ] [ Ford ] [ Plymouth ]



191. Drivers going to Seattle from Mercer Island or coming to Mercer Island from Seattle enjoy what unique benefit? (HOV = High occupancy vehicle, or carpool, lane)

HOV lane use by single occupant vehicles


192. This dam in Douglas County is named for the Nez Perce chief who led his tribe on a 1,100-mile battle trying to reach Canada.

Chief Joseph Dam


193. What is the mountain range running north-south through the middle of the state?

Cascade Mountains


194. In what county are the cities Raymond, South Bend, and Long Beach?



195. What large, Canadian island is across the waterway to the north of the Olympic Peninsula?

Vancouver Island


196. What body of water separates Kitsap Peninsula from Olympic Peninsula?

Hood Canal


197. In a remote area of eastern Washington, there is a huge structure. It is the largest electric power producing facility in the country. Woody Guthrie actually wrote a song about this facility. What is its name?

Grand Coulee Dam


198. What day of the week did this enormous mountain blow her top in May 1980?



199. What was the community of Felida named after?

The cat family

200. What year did the Pacific Northwest Indian wars end?



201. Seattle is the seat of what county?

King County


202. These three towns make up the ‘Tri-Cities’ area.

Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick


203. Where is the Catholic cemetery on Mercer Island?

There are no cemeteries on Mercer Island


204. What statement is true about waterfalls and the Olympic Peninsula?

There is a Waterfall Trail that guides people to easily accessible waterfalls all around the peninsula


205. Which of these towns with animal namesakes is the imposter? Your options: [ Cougar ] [ Eagle ] [ Beaver ] [ Dungeness ]



206. In the Quinault Rain Forest in western Washington, the annual rainfall has been measured as high as 180 inches (15 feet)! What is the average rainfall in Ellensburg, a mere 100 miles east of Seattle on I-90?

9 inches


207. The Eiffel Tower is to Paris as what is to Seattle?

Space Needle


208. What discovery helped put Seattle on the map?

The discovery of gold in Alaska


209. Which Washington county is the only one to have 100% coastal boundaries? Your options: [ Island ] [ Grays Harbor ] [ Kitsap ] [ San Juan ]

San Juan


210. And lastly, what is the body of water in Seattle that also happens to be where the famous billionaire Bill Gates resides next to?

Lake Washington


211. This community boasts some of the priciest houses in Clark County, as well as a wildlife refuge, but is best known as “The Birthplace of U-Haul.”



212. This town in Lewis County was named for a German settler — not Luke’s father.



213. What is the largest island in the San Juan islands?



214. Which of these towns is on an island? Your options: [ Bellingham ] [ Everett ] [ Port Townsend ] [ Oak Harbor ]

Oak Harbor


215. Where is Washington’s geographic center?

Chelan County


216. What is Washington’s state song?

“Washington My Home”


217. In what county are the cities Monroe, Everett, and Marysville?



218. The Grand Coulee Dam is a popular tourist attraction. The Grand Coulee Dam is located in how many Washington counties?




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