210+ Australian Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Australia is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent and home to fascinating landmarks, stunning beaches, Islands and many other beautiful sceneries. Australians are generally laid back, open and direct. The dressing styles have been influenced by the experience of living in a rugged country as well as modern leisure activities such as swimming, surfing and beach culture.

Australian Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 and 2023

It’s hard to picture Australian life without thinking about the good old Aussie “barbie”, holding a nice cold beer in your hand! How well do you know about Australian customs? Did you know that it is considered polite to bring your own alcohol to an invitation? Well, there are amazing things you’ll need to learn about Australia thanks to our fun trivia quizzes.

Australians are a hilarious bunch, thus we have included some funny Australian trivia questions for you to enjoy during summer barbecues, family picnics and longer road trips e.t.c. If you’re an outsider looking forward to learning everything Aussie, or maybe you intend to travel there, this set of Australian trivia questions and answers will keep you informed!

1. Which constellation is depicted on the Australian flag?

The Southern Cross


2.  How many states are there in Australia?

6 states (Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia)


3. What is a bushman’s clock?

A kookaburra laughing


4. What two animals are featured on the Australian coat of arms?

Kangaroo & Emu


5. What type of mines do you find in Coober Pedy, South Australia?

Opal mines


6. Which former Australian Prime Minister set a beer-drinking world record?

Bob Hawke—drinking 2.5 pints in 11 seconds


7. What is the name of Australia’s largest cattle station?

Anna Creek Station


8. Which iconic Australian landmark is the world’s largest war memorial?

The Great Ocean Road


9. What was the name of the architect of the Sydney Opera House?

Jørn Utzon. He was Danish


10. What is the more common slang term for Fish frighteners?

Budgie smugglers


11. What percentage of Australia is classified as a desert?



12. Who is Australia’s head of State?

The Queen


13. Before being named Melbourne, what was the city known as?

Batmania—named after John Batman who built a settlement on the Yarra River.


14. What is the traditional name of the natural landmark known as The Olgas?

Kata Tjuta


15. When is Australia Day?

26th January


16. Which Aussie promised to “Go all the way with LBJ”?

Prime Minister Harold Holt


17. Where was the first Australian Lifesaving Club founded?

Bondi Beach (in 1906)


18. What is Aussie slang for a 4WD that has never been driven off-road and is typically driven in the inner-city?

Toorak tractor


19. Which Australian Island is the largest sand island in the world?

Fraser Island (and stretches over 120km!)


20. Which national park is jointly managed by the Australian government and the traditional owners?

Kakadu National Park


21. There are 5 Countries larger than Australia – name one of them?

Brazil, Canada, China, Russia and the USA


22. In which country did the Battle of Gallipoli happen?



23. When an Aussie tried selling New Zealand on eBay, what was the starting price?

1 Cent


24. If you visited a different Australian beach every day, how long would it take to visit them all?

29 Years – there are 10,685 registered beaches


25. How many time zones are there in Australia?



26. With the 5,000 km long Dingo Fence, Australia has the longest fence in the world. What else does it have the longest of?

The longest golf course in the world


27. Which line of latitude runs through Australia?

Tropic of Capricorn


28. What is the name of the highway that runs from Darwin to Adelaide?

Stuart Highway


29. Which iconic Aussie song starts with “Baby! You were always gonna be the one”?

Run to Paradise (by the Choirboys)


30. What is the highest mountain in Australia?

Mount Kosciuszko


31. Australia was the second country in the world to give women the vote. Who was the first?

New Zealand


32. Which Australian band won 10 ARIAs in 1997?

Savage Garden


33. How many UNESCO World Heritage sites are there in Australia?

19 sites


34. Which Australian instrument is thought to be the worlds oldest musical instrument?



35. What is the name of the train that runs between Sydney and Perth?

The Indian Pacific


36. What is a triantiwontigongolope?

A mythical insect


37. How long would it take to visit every beach in Australia if you could only visit one per day?

29 years. Australia has 10, 685 beaches.


38. Who sang about traveling in a ‘fried-out Combie’?

Men at Work (in the song Down Under)


39. In which archipelago can you find Whitehaven Beach?

The Whitsunday Islands


40. Why was Australian Football invented?

To keep cricketers fit in the off season


41. What is country singer Keith Urban’s hometown?



42. What is the smallest state capital in Australia?



43. What is the highest grossing Australian movie?

Crocodile Dundee


44. What was the first public performance at the Sydney Opera House?

War and Peace


45. What is the longest river in Australia?

Murray River


46. Which city are the band Crowded House from?



47. What is the most populated state in Australia?

New South Wales


48. Which Australian singer sang “The Loco-Motion”?

Kylie Minogue


49. Frogstomp was the first album of which Australian band?


50. Who is the longest serving presenter of Playschool?



51. Who sang the 2013 Indie hit, ‘Riptide’?

Vance Joy


52. With which French DJ did Australian singer, Sia, made the song “Titanium” in 2011?

David Guetta


53. What was the design of the Sydney Opera House inspired by?

An Orange


54. What was the name of AC/DC’s highest-selling album?

Back in Black


55. Which Australian band sang “Stayin’ Alive”?

The Bee Gees


56. What unexpected animal does Australia export to Saudi Arabia?



57. “That’s the way it’s gonna be, little darlin” – Name the Singer and the Song?

Darryl Braithwaite – The Horses


58. Which international rock star is thought to have given the WORST Grand Final pre-game show ever in 2011?



59. What is Rick Springfield most popular song?

Jessie’s Girl


60. What natural Australian landmark has its own mailbox?

The Great Barrier Reef. You can send it a postcard.


61. Who was a ‘Working Class Man’?

Jimmy Barnes


62. Who is the only Australian who won the Nobel Prize for literature?

Patrick While (1973)


63. What is the name of the true-crime drama series that looks at Australia’s gangland past?



64. Which American author wrote a book about Australia called “Down Under”?

Bill Bryson


65. Where is Home & Away Set?

Summer Bay


66. Which Australian author wrote “The Secret River”?

Kate Grenville


67. ‘Not Happy Jan‘ has become a mainstay in Aussie lexicon, but what product was being advertised when this now-iconic line was delivered?

The Yellow Pages


68. Which Australian author wrote “Possum Magic”?

Mem Fox


69. Are there more kangaroos or humans in Australia?

Kangaroos. There are over 40 million of them.


70. Which TV show is known for the phrase “It’s nice. It’s different. It’s unusual?”

Kath & Kim


71. What is the name of Australia’s most prestigious literary prize?

The Miles Franklin


72. Of the 25 deadliest snakes in the world, how many are found in Australia?



73. What animal is the famous 90s cartoon character Blinky Bill?



74. When was the first Crocodile Dundee released?



75. Has Australia ever been the world’s richest city?

Yes, in 1980.


76. Rebel Wilson starred in which TV sketch show?

The Wedge


77. Who presents the game show, Family Feud?

Grant Denyer


78. What is the name of the killer in Wolf Creek?

Mick Taylor


79. Which character has appeared in the most episodes of Neighbours?

Paul Robinson


80. In which state is “Red Dog” set?

Western Australia


81. What’s the ratio of sheep per person in Australia?

6 to 1. There are over 150 million sheep in Australia.


82. Where was Blue Heelers set?

Mt Thomas


83. In which fictional town is “Home and Away” set?

Summer Bay


84. Where do the ‘Yummy Mummies’ live?



85. What is the name of the French chef in “My Kitchen Rules”?

Emmanuel Feildel


86. What Australian animal did England scientists think was a prank?

The platypus. They believed us Aussies had stitched a duck’s bill onto a rat.


87. How many seasons of Offspring are there?



88. Who were the winners of the second season of “Instant Hotel”?

Debbie and Justin


89. Which alcoholic beverage holder was invented in Australia?

Goon—the wine cask


90. What TV show are you watching if Harold Gribble is the villain?

Round The Twist


91. Which Australian TV show is set in the fictional farm of Drover’s Run, in the Australian Outback?

McLeod’s Daughters


92. Which is the largest Australian city by area?



93. What is Sara’s job in “A place to call home”?



94. What was Vegemite invented from?

Leftover yeast used to make beer


95. Which is the largest lake in Australia?

Lake Eyre


96. Which Australian series was inspired by the real-life story of Cornelia Rau?



97. Where would you find the Big Pineapple?



98. What time of the day is it at “sparrow’s fart”?

Very early in the morning


99. Who was Australia’s first female Prime Minister?

Julia Gillard

100. When an Aussie tells you he’s going to “Bend an elbow”, what is he about to do?

Drink a beer


101. What was the late Steve Irwin’s famous catchphrase?



102. What year did the Sydney Harbour Bridge open?



103. Why is Canberra the capital city of Australia?

Because Sydney and Melbourne couldn’t agree which city would be the capital, so they built a new city in between them.


104. What is the term given to a 4WD that has never been off-road, typically driven in an inner-city suburb?

Toorak Tractor


105. Which Prime Minister disappeared in 1967 while swimming?

Harold Holt


106. . If I am giving the Aussie Salute, what am I doing?

Swatting away the flies


107. What is the official name of Australia?

Commonwealth of Australia


108. What is a Banana Bender?

A person from Queensland


109. What was the first European country to step foot in Australia?


110. What is the largest country in Oceania?



111. What does Hard Yakka mean?

Hard Work


112. What was the name of Captain Cook’s ship?

HM Endeavour


113. What is the population density of Australia?

2.8 inhabitants per square kilometers


114. In 1856, Australia became the first country to introduce a modern voting method. Which one was it?

Secret Ballot


115. The major sources of income generation in Australia are?

Mining related exports, telecommunications, banking, and manufacturing.


116. What does it mean to chuck a U-ey?

Make a U-Turn


117. Which biscuit was sent to soldiers during the war?

Anzac biscuit


118. Who named Australia as “New Holland” in 1644?

Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman


119. Ocker is Australian slang for what?

An unsophisticated person


120. Which cake is often referred to as “the national cake of Australia”?



121. Who popularized the name Australia?

The explorer Mathew Flinders


122. If I am Pat Malone, what am I?



123. Which famous Australian biscuit is produced by Arnott’s?

Tim Tam


124. Who was the Governor of Australia in 1817?

Lachlan Macquarie


125. If I’ve done a Harold Holt, what did I do?

Disappeared quickly


126. What flower produced in Tasmania is used for ice-cream?



127. What is a Mollydooker?

A left-handed person


128. Which two seas separate Australia from Asia?

Arafura and Timor seas


129. In which year was ‘Advance Australia Fair’ declared the National Anthem?



130. Which animal is Rottnest Island famous for?



131. Australia has the lowest number of reptiles of any country, with 755 species. True or False?



132. Of the 25 most poisonous snakes in the world – how many live in Australia?



133. Which Australian animal is known as the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world?

The Tasmanian Devil


134. Who is the most valuable Australian player in the US WNBA?

Lauren Jackson


135. Which international cycling event is held annually in South Australia?

The Tour Down Under


136. How many medals did Australia win in the 2016 Olympics?

29 medals


137. Which is the largest Australian company who manufacture surf wear?



138. The Australian swimmer Jacqueline Freney won how many gold medals at the 2012 Summer Paralympics?



139. Where is the Australian Open tennis tournament held?



140. When did the Australian National Gallery open?



141. The Knights are a National Rugby League franchise based in which city?



142. What is the most popular sport in Australia?



143. “Cloudstreet” is written by?

Tim Winton


144. Which famous Australian distance runner lit the Olympic flame at the 1956 Olympics?

Ron Clarke


145. What is the largest stadium in Australia?

Melbourne Cricket Ground


146. Which two Tasmanian men’s sporting teams have a tiger as their mascot?

Hockey & Cricket


147. Who painted the Nebuchadnezzar series?

Arthur Boyd


148. These ‘foxy’ ladies form the Victorian netball team competing in the trans-Tasman competition, the ANZ Championship. Who are they?



149. What does AFL stand for?

Australian Football League

150. Who won the Nobel Prize for immune defense research from Australia?

Professor Peter Doherty


151. Which 2 drivers won the controversial 1992 Tooheys 1000 race at Bathurst?

Mark Skaife/Jim Richards


152. Who’s Australia’s most successful Olympian?

Ian Thorpe (9 medals)


153. Which Australian sportsperson is known as the “Great White Shark”?

Greg Norman


154. How many times did Australia win the Rugby World Cup?

Twice (1991 and 1999)


155. How many Senators are there in Australian Parliament?



156. What is the name of the Adelaide women’s basketball team?



157. In what year were the colonies united into a federation of states?



158. What percent of the total population are immigrants in Australia?



159. What is the number that legendary race car driver Peter Brock displayed on his car?



160. What worldwide pandemic killed more than 12,000 Australians in 1919?

Spanish Flu


161. Which is the second most common language spoken in Australia?



162. What is the nickname of the Australian Rugby Union team?



163. What was the first album to sell more than one million copies in Australia?

Whispering Jack by John Farnham


164. When did Australia introduce Universal Health Care named “Medicare”?



165. Before Melbourne Park, where was the Australian (Tennis) Open held?



166. Who is “Matilda” in the Banjo Patterson song Waltzing Matilda?



167. What is the share of health expenditure in the total GDP of Australia?

9.8 percent


168. What number does Tarkyn Lockyer wear?



169. What is the national flower of Australia?

Golden Wattle


170. Who is responsible for education in Australia?

Individual states and territories


171. Who was Australia’s “Golden Girl of Athletics” during the 1950s?

Betty Cuthbert


172. I was born in Fitzroy and played in 99 games for my club including the 1933 Premiership Team. My father had captained Collingwood Football Club and I also played two Tests for Australia as a fast bowler. Who am I?

Laurie Nash


173. From 1997 to 2000 who won consecutive Gold Logie’s?

Lisa McCune


174. I won 12 major doubles and mixed doubles titles. I was the first man to win a Grand Slam of mixed doubles titles during a year. In all my 10 major mixed doubles titles I partnered the same lady. Who am I?

Ken Fletcher


175. The tallest waterfall in Australia is?

Wallaman Falls, QLD


176. Which Australian swimmer won the women’s 100 m freestyle at three consecutive Olympics?

Dawn Fraser


177. How many broadcasts are there in Australia?



178. Sarah “Fanny” Durack was an Australian Olympic swimmer and until 1932 she was the only Australian woman to do what?

Win a gold medal


179. How many commercial television networks are there in Australia?



180. Initially competing in the Australian domestic limited-overs competition, which Canberra-based team play in the lower-level Cricket Australia Cup?



181. What are the two Australian daily newspapers?

The Australian and The Australian Financial Review


182. South Australia has two clubs playing in the national AFL competition. First there were the Crows, but who are the much-maligned (in SA) younger South Australian team (according to official date of entry into the AFL competition)?



183. In which part of the country the Australian wine is produced?

Southern cooler part


184. The Western Australian MENS Cricket team is known as the Western?



185. When did Australia inaugurate the Pacific Games?

In 2015


186. In the 2002 Soccer World Cup qualifying matches, who did Australia beat by a mammoth 31 to zero?

American Samoa


187. How many times did Australia win the OFC National Cup?

Four times


188. In which Australian city is the cricket ground known world-wide as “The Gabba”?



189. How many times did Australia win the AFC Asian Cup?



190. Great Australian swimmer Susie O’Neill had the nickname “Madame Butterfly” bestowed on her by swimming commentators in 2000. From which great butterfly swimmer did she inherit this mantle?

Mary T. Meagher


191. What is the nickname of the South Sydney rugby league side, which was removed from the NRL for the two seasons 2000 and 2001?



192. I was born in Wellington (NSW) and swam my way to gold at 17 years of age and retired at 21. Who am I?

Ian O’Brien


193. What is the nickname of the Australian Rugby League team?



194. What is the nickname of the Australian Women’s Basketball team?



195. Of the ACT, NT and Tasmania, only one region has a representative in the NRL (rugby league competition). They joined the NSWRL in 1982. Where are the Raiders from?



196. Bobby Pearce was a two-time gold medalist for Australia in 1928 and 1932. In which sport did he excel?



197. Which father and son jockeys both rode the Melbourne Cup winners twice each?

Billy and Peter Cook


198. In 1910 the Melbourne Cup was won for the first time by a horse that was not from Australia or New Zealand. Which English horse was it?

Comedy King


199. I am a dual Olympic gold medallist (the same event at consecutive Olympics in 1956 and 1960) who studied medicine and have been made a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The swimming pool at the University of Queensland was renamed in my honour. Who am I?

David Theile

200. What is the nickname of Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe?



201. In 1983, an Australian yacht became the first-ever non-American winner of the America Cup. Skippered by John Bertrand, what was the name of this vessel?

Australia II


202. He is the first man to have won the British Open Championship in three consecutive years. Who is this icon of Australian golf?

Peter Thomson


203. Which Sydney-born legend of swimming took up swimming to help overcome asthma. This person was the first swimmer to win the same event at three successive Olympics. Who is it?

Dawn Fraser


204. The first Formula One Grand Prix held in Australia was in 1985. Who won it?

Keke Rosberg


205. I was injured and in the hospital, and got out of my sick bed at the age of 45 to win gold with my teammates. Who am I?

Bill Roycroft


206. 1956 saw Australia compete in speed skating, figure skating and downhill skiing. Other athletes from Australia were willing to pay their own way, but failed to gain formal permission. From which sport were these eager athletes?

Ice Hockey


207. What is the nickname of the Australian Men’s Soccer team?



208. Previously known as the Melbourne Redbacks, VIS Redbacks, and the Azuma Vikings, the Victorian Vikings play which sport?



208. By which fiery name are the Queensland women’s hockey team known as?



209. Being Australia’s oldest basketball club and entering the National Basketball League (NBL) in 1984, what is the name of this Melbourne team?



210. This person’s swimming career spanned only two years but in that short space of time he set world record times for 200, 300, 400, 500, 1,000 yards and the mile. Sadly, he passed away at age 19. Who was this champion swimmer?

Bernard Kieran


211. What is the name of the Western Australian WOMENS Hockey team?



212. Which long-serving basketball coach retired in 2005, after coaching the Melbourne Tigers for 35 years?

Lindsay Gaze


213. What nickname was given to Australia’s silver medal winning 4 x 100m freestyle men’s relay team at the Los Angeles Olympics?

The Mean Machine


214. I partnered with one of Australia’s greatest cyclists to my only gold medal. I also won silver in an individual event at the same Olympics. Who am I?

Lionel Cox


215. Which horse was trainer Lee Freedman’s first Melbourne Cup winner?



216. Which West Australian represented his state in cricket, and captained his country in field hockey?

Ric Charlesworth

217. Name the Aussie yacht that shamefully sank during the 1994 America’s Cup?

One Australia


218. Who was the top scorer in Australia’s disasterous second innings against India at Calcutta in 2001?

Matthew Hayden


219. What is the nickname of the Australian Women’s Rugby team?




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