220+ Missouri Trivia Questions and Answers

Missouri is indeed one of the epic places to explore, starting from the beautiful river-cut natural landscape to the jaw-dropping architectural designs of history.

In certain pockets of the states, the imprints of the ancient European cultures are well preserved, enriching the cultural enchantress and diversity of its geographic area.

The capital city, Jefferson City, and Kansas are the dominant towns offering majestic views of natural wonder. The Gateway Arch, the tallest monument made of pure stainless steel, stands as the tallest artificial arch in Missouri.

Missouri Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

The land is also fertile and graced with the two major North American rivers (Mississippi River and Missouri River) draining the state.

Did you know the world’s largest spring found in the USA is at the famous Big Spring, Missouri,? The average daily discharge is 276 million gallons of cool spring water (58 degrees Fahrenheit) flowing from it each day.

Read on to discover the top Missouri facts that will bewilder you.

1. Missouri was admitted to the Union in what year?



2. What is Missouri’s state capital?

Jefferson City


3. This sparkling, bubbly beverage was invented in St. Louis and is still manufactured here.



4. What is the state animal?

Missouri Mule


5. The town I grew up in, which straddles two counties in southwest Missouri, was built on strawberries and the railroad. Its name is SIMILAR to that of a famous painter, but not quite the same. Where am I from?Your options: [ Joplin ] [ Monett ] [ Neosho ] [ Marionville ]



6. Forest Park is the largest park in St. Louis; which park is the largest on the Southside? Your options: [ Tower Grove ] [ Jefferson Barracks ] [ Carondelet ] [ Lafayette ]

Tower Grove


7. In Springfield, Bass Pro Shops is a popular attraction. Besides a huge store for clothes and outdoor equipment, it also contains aquariums, a waterfall, a fish & wildlife museum, and a restaurant. This place is so popular that a second one was opened up in Missouri in 2002. In what town was it opened?

St. Charles


8. Another small town in southwest Missouri was originally named “Center”, but was renamed, perhaps due to its mining industry, once it received a post office. But it’s much better known as the birthplace of a famous botanist. What town is this?



9. What town south of St. Louis is a French heritage town consisting of lots of antique shops and bed & breakfasts?

Ste. Genevieve


10. Which museum is not located in Kansas City? Your options: [ Negro Leagues Baseball Museum ] [ Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art ] [ American Jazz Museum ] [ American Civil War Museum ]

American Civil War Museum


11. What former train station now houses a large shopping mall, a hotel, a movie theater and numerous restaurants and bars?

Union Station


12. What is the length of the Mississippi River?



13. When two streams flow in the same vicinity, the one with more gradient can erode away the intervening divide and can divert most or all of the water that flowed in the other stream. What is the swashbuckling name of this process?

Stream piracy


14. Where is Missouri’s highest point?

Taum Sauk Mountain


15. What is the source of the Mississippi river?

Lake Itasca


16. What outdoor theater has been treating St. Louis citizens to musical theater since 1919?

The Muny


17. What is Missouri’s state bird?

Eastern bluebird


18. What is the average temperature in January?

30 degrees F


19. A group of large boulders near Graniteville, in Iron County, weren’t deposited by glaciers, as many believe, since glaciers didn’t reach this far south in Missouri. Rather, these rocks were likely formed by freeze-thaw action in cracks formed in the cooling granite. What is the pachyderm name for this area?

Elephant Rocks


20. When snow falls for the first time in St. Louis, what City of St. Louis location serves as a prime spot for sledding?

Art Hill


21. One of the most famous World’s Fairs was held in St. Louis in what year? “Meet Me in St Louis” starring Judy Garland was set during this time.



22. What St. Louis ice cream institution is home to such delicious desserts as the “Terramizzou” and the “Crater Copernicus?”

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard


23. What movie star and St. Louis native owns a local restaurant called O’Leary’s?

John Goodman


24. What is the state motto?

Salus populi suprema lex esto


25. Which suburb is home to one of St. Louis’s finest malls? Your options: [ Rock Hill ] [ Maplewood ] [ Clayton ] [ Frontenac ]’



26. What is height of Black Mountain?

540 m


27. The Hill is a St. Louis neighborhood famous for what type of culture and ethnicity?



28. What is the state song?

Missouri secretary of state


29. From 1926 to 1979, you could “Get Your Kicks” on this famous highway that ran right through the middle of Rolla.



30. What is the state nickname?

The show-me-state


31. What St. Louis Cardinals baseball player was named Rookie of the Year in 2001?

Albert Pujols


32. Local News Anchor Makes It Big! This headline could refer to which St. Louis news anchor who made it to the big times by hosting a national morning news show?  Your options: [ Russ Mitchell ] [ Al Roker ] [ Joan Lunden ] [ Matt Lauer ]

Russ Mitchell


33. What is the state reptile?

Three-toed box turtle


34. What Missouri county is Lesterville located in?



35. What is the state bird?



36. What is the state mineral?



37. Which university is the oldest west of the Mississippi? Your options: [ Washington ] [ Hannibal-LaGrange ] [ Saint Louis ] [ Missouri-Columbia ]

Saint Louis


38. What shopping mall, one of the largest in the St. Louis area, is home to such children’s specialty stores as Build-a-Bear Workshop and Club Libby Lu?

Saint Louis Galleria


39. One of the most popular restaurants in Missouri is Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston. Its slogan is “Home of the Throwed _____ “.



40. You may not know it but you can thank St. Louis for one of these hotel amenities. Your options: [ A chocolate on your pillow ] [ Bellhops ] [ Room Service ] [ The wakeup call ]

A chocolate on your pillow


41. An elongated earthen structure built parallel to a river is called a _________?



42. Lake of the Ozarks was created by the damming of what river?



43. What would you call a person from Missouri?



44. Which of these is a children’s museum in St. Louis? Your options: [ The Kidzeum ] [ Linda’s Playhouse ] [ The Children’s Discovery Museum ] [ The Magic House ]

The Magic House


45. A vigilante group arose in Southwestern Missouri in the 1880s to combat the lawlessness that followed the Civil War. This group took its name from a prevalent local geologic feature–a mountain or hill with a glade-like area of open grass surrounded by timber. What was the name of the vigilante group that was based on local geography?



46. What St. Louis area restaurant consistently receives a five-star rating and is widely considered the best restaurant in St. Louis?



47. When was the last year that Lesterville’s high school basketball team won the state championships?



48. There aren’t a lot of movies based in or about St. Louis but this very popular Sci-Fi/Action flick was mostly filmed in St. Louis and was released in 1981.

Escape From New York


49. Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the “Little House” books, lived in Missouri for the last several years of her life. What is the name of the town in which she, Almanzo and Rose, lived? Your options: [ Marshfield ] [ Springfield ] [ Mansfield ] [ De Soto ]


50. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is ______ feet tall.



51. Missouri has how many countries?



52. In what museum in Missouri will you find the world’s largest pair of underwear?

St. Louis City Museum


53. The quaint rural town of Knob Lick got its name from what natural formation?

Knob Lick Mountain


54. Ahhh! Neosho (2010 pop. 11835) just kept being a wrong answer in this quiz! So, as our last question- which of these statements about Neosho is true?

It partially inspired the tv show Dick Van Dyke and the comic strip Beetle Bailey


55. You’re in St. Louis, Missouri and you drive over the Mississippi River via the Martin Luther King Bridge to East St. Louis. In which state is East St. Louis? Your options: [ Illinois ] [ Kentucky ] [ Missouri ] [ Tennessee ]



56. Two cities in Missouri have Lambert’s restaurants, known for their throwed rolls. Name them.

Ozark and Sikeston


57. The highest point in Jefferson City is the top of the neoclassical dome of the capitol. Which mythological deity adorns the summit and watches over the capital city? Your options: [ Demeter ] [ Ceres ] [ Jupiter ] [ Mercury ]



58. Which of these institutions, located in St. Louis, is the oldest one west of the Mississippi? Your options: [ University ] [ Hospital ] [ Bank ] [ Orphanage ]



59. In Jefferson County, near the villages of Kimmswick-Imperial, there is a state park named for the fossilized remains of a huge animal that was found in the area. Which animal was this? Your options: [ Mastodon ] [ Saber-toothed Tiger ] [ Mammoth ] [ Giant Anteater ]



60. Table Rock Dam, completed by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1958, is on what river?



61. What type of attractions can be found in and around Hermann, Missouri?



62. Phelps County has more ___ streams than any other in the state.



63. What Missouri city is known as the “Barbecue Capital of the World”?

Kansas City


64. At which Missouri state park can you play in cool, clear water that flows through unique rock formations? Your options: [ Johnson’s Shut-Ins ] [ St. Joe ] [ Montauk ] [ Cuivre River ]

Johnson’s Shut-Ins


65. Which one of these is not a county in Missouri?Your options: [ Oregon ] [ Cole ] [ Stewart ] [ Dallas ]



66. Where did the St. Louis Rams play their home games in 2002?

Edward Jones Dome


67. Which one of these is not in the University of Missouri system?Your options: [ Kansas City ] [ Rolla ] [ Springfield ] [ St. Louis ]



68. Which landmark cathedral is located in St. Louis? Your options: [ St. John the Divine ] [ Washington National ] [ St. Patrick’s of St. Louis ] [ Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis ]

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis


69. And, finally, which Beatle sang a song called “Missouri Loves Company” with references to St. Louis?Your options: [ Ringo Starr ] [ George Harrison ] [ Paul McCartney ] [ John Lennon ]

Ringo Starr


70. In the afternoon, you want to take the kids to a theme park. You decide to go to Silver Dollar City, a well-known 1880s-themed park, but which other Branson parks could you have chosen from? Your options: [ Branson USA ] [ White Water ] [ BigSurf ] [ Celebration City ]

White Water


71. Where is Missouri’s geographic center?

Miller County


72. A statue of the dog Old Drum sits in front of the courthouse of what Missouri city?



73. The Mark Twain Boyhood Home can be found in what Missouri town?



74. What is the largest nationality/religion in Jefferson City and central Missouri?



75. The town of Knob Lick, Missouri is located in which mountain range? Your options: [ Ozark ] [ Andes ] [ Rocky ] [ Ural ]



76. What St. Louis suburb is the legal and political center of St. Louis County?



77. What is Missouri’s state song?

Missouri Waltz


78. On Monday afternoon, you pack your bags and head back to the airport. As you wait for your flight, you browse the Branson maps on display, and discover that you could have avoided all that Strip traffic by taking some alternate routes! What are the other roads that you could have used?

Red Route, Blue Route, Yellow Route


79. What was the Missouri University of Science and Technology originally named?

Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy


80. Six Flags Over Mid-America, one of St. Louis’ most popular tourist attractions, recently doubled its size by adding a water park. What is the name of this water park?

Hurricane Harbor


81. Rolla is located almost exactly halfway between two larger cities? Your options: [ Kansas City and St. Louis ] [ St. Louis and Springfield ] [ Jefferson City and Columbia ] [ Jefferson City and Springfield ]

St. Louis and Springfield


82. Kansas City exists at the confluence of what two rivers?

Missouri and Kansas


83. Lastly, which one of these saints DOES NOT have a suburb named after him/her in the St. Louis area? Your options: [ St. John ] [ St. George ] [ St. Ann ] [ St. Thomas ]

St. Thomas


84. What former U.S. president has a park, animal farm and historical site in the St. Louis area named for him?

Ulysses S. Grant


85. What does Kansas City have more per capita than any other city with at least a million residents?



86. What is the name of the river that runs through Lesterville?

Black River


87. The Hill neighborhood in the Southside has cultural flavor imparted by immigrants from which European nation? Your options: [ Italy ] [ Greece ] [ Germany ] [ Switzerland ]



88. What St. Louis area is home to such restaurants and bars as The Old Spaghetti Factory, Mississippi Nights, and the Trainwreck Saloon?

Laclede’s Landing


89. This river is increased by the outflow of Bennett Springs.



90. St. Louis was the first American city to host which of these major events? Your options: [ The Olympics ] [ The Super Bowl ] [ The World’s Fair ] [ The baseball World Series ]

The Olympics


91. The headquarters of the only United States National Forest in Missouri is located in Rolla. Which famous Missourian is the forest named after? Your options: [ Harry S Truman ] [ Mark Twain ] [ Thomas Hart Benton ] [ Joseph Pulitzer ]

Mark Twain


92. Believe it or not, which of the following attractions was actually located in St. Louis, before it moved to Arlington, Texas?

International Bowling Hall of Fame


93. Missouri has only one river designated by the National Park Service as a Wild and Scenic River. What river is this?

Eleven Point


94. Which well-known Army General was born near Moberly, Missouri? Your options: [ Dwight D. Eisenhower ] [ George S. Patton ] [ Omar N. Bradley ] [ Douglas MacArthur ]

Omar N. Bradley


95. Which of the following is the name of a large Irish neighborhood located in St. Louis? Your options: [ Dogtown ] [ Clovertown ] [ Frogtown ] [ Kilkenny Town ]



96. Which university is located next to (some argue within) the suburb of University City? Your options: [ St. Louis University ] [ University of Missouri- St. Louis ] [ Webster University ] [ Washington University ]

Washington University


97. What is the nickname of Lesterville High School’s sports teams?



98. Cote Sans Dessin (Hill Without Design) is in the Missouri River, east of Jefferson City. This is a good example of a type of land monolithic form that is caused by stream erosion. What are these solitary landforms known as?

Lost Hill


99. Which St. Louis Blues hockey player served as team captain during the 2001-2002 season? Your options: [ Chris Pronger ] [ Keith Tkachuk ] [ Al MacInnis ] [ Doug Weight ]

Chris Pronger

100. The city of St. Louis is located in which county? Your options: [ None of these ] [ Merrimack County ] [ St. Louis County ] [ St. Charles County ]

None of these


101. Until recently, the Elvis is Alive Museum could be found in what city?

Wright City


102. In what year did the river flood the highest?

Wright City


103. This scary actor was born in St. Louis in 1911 and has starred in many horror movies, most of which can be seen on late, late television these days. Your options: [ Vincent Price ] [ Boris Karloff ] [ Christopher Lee ] [ Lon Chaney ]

Vincent Price


104. What company has its headquarters in Kansas City, where visitors can see its products being made right in front of them?



105. Speaking of disasters- March 18, 1925 saw another legendary one-the most destructive tornado in American history. Although it affected parts of three states, what small Missouri town was almost entirely demolished in this tragic event?



106. Cape Girardeau has a wall of famous Missourians and people who became famous in Missouri. Who is not on the wall?

Whitey Herzog


107. A small town in southwest Missouri hosts the state’s largest free fair (admission doesn’t cost a dime!) every year in August, but perhaps it’s better known as the birthplace of Harry S. Truman! What town is it?



108. What is the average temperature in July?

88 – 91 degrees F


109. Missouri is known as “The ___ Me State”.



110. This ancient megalith is located on the Salisbury Plain in England. For those of you who don’t want to travel that far, you can see a partial reconstruction of it in Rolla. What is this famous structure?



111. What Missouri town was the eastern terminal of the Pony Express?

St. Joseph


112. What is notable about the historic Old Courthouse in St. Louis?

It was the site of the first two trials of the Dred Scott cases


113. A secretive society holds an annual ball in December in St. Louis, and in years past also held annual fairs and parades. What is the name of this St. Louis society?

Veiled Prophet


114. Which of the following Fortune 500 companies has its North American headquarters in St. Louis?Your options: [ Anheuser-Busch ] [ Seagram’s ] [ Coca-Cola ] [ United Airlines ]



115. A popular attraction in the Kansas City area is the home of what former U.S. president?

Harry Truman


116. Precious Moments is a well-known maker of inspirational gifts, especially figurines. Which southwest Missouri town hosts the official Precious Moments theme park? Your options: [ Neosho ] [ Carthage ] [ Exeter ] [ Springfield ]



117. The northern part of Missouri was once covered by glaciers. This made the area north of the Missouri River relatively flat, covered in good soil and also sprinkled with isolated boulders carried long distances. What are these boulders known as?



118. Which crop brings in the most money annually for the state?Your options: [ cotton ] [ corn ] [ soybeans ] [ wheat ]



119. The St. Louis Zoological Park is located in what park?

Forest Park


120. This mountainous area of the Ozarks in southeast Missouri contains the state’s highest peak, Tom Sauk Mountain. What are these mountains collectively known as?

St. Francois Mountains


121. Closer to Knob Lick, Missouri I came to a town named Bonne Terre. I took an underground tour there of a ___ mine, whose product was used in batteries.



122. Located less than two hours west of Rolla, this lake is the largest man-made, non-flood control lake in the United States.

lLake of the Ozarks


123. The town of Washington, Mo. lies at the southernmost point of the Missouri River. Its claim to fame, for a time, was being home to the only manufacturer of what product?

corn cob pipes


124. The renowned Lewis and Clark Expedition started in St. Louis. Where is the Museum of Westward Expansion that commemorates this journey?

Under the Gateway Arch


125. The capitol in Jefferson City is home to the original artwork by whom?

Thomas Hart Benton


126. A memorial to what world leader can be found at the Plaza in Kansas City?


127. There is a relatively famous resort on the river. What is its name?

Black River Lodge


128. What is a characteristic about many St. Louis area attractions?

They are often free


129. Which term is NOT used by natives of Jefferson City when they refer to their hometown? Your options: [ JC ] [ TJ City ] [ Jeff City ] [ City of Jefferson ]

TJ City


130. When I drove into Missouri from Illinois, I found something unique about its highway supplemental route names. What was it?

They are all letters of the alphabet.


131. Which of these theme parks cannot be found in Missouri? Your options: [ Sea World ] [ Six Flags ] [ Worlds of Fun ] [ Silver Dollar City ]

Sea World


132. St. Louis is home to which of these famous horses? Your options: [ The Anheuser Busch Clydesdales ] [ The Lone Ranger’s Silver ] [ The world famous Lipizzaner Stallions ] [ Mr. Ed ]

The Anheuser Busch Clydesdales


133. What major catastrophe befell Jefferson City in the summer of 1993?



134. It’s Sunday morning. Which of these places could you experience a Branson church service? Your options: [ The Celebration Theater at Celebration City ] [ The Wilderness Church at Silver Dollar City ] [ The Promise ] [ Showboat Branson Belle ]

The Wilderness Church at Silver Dollar City


135. What is the name of the heavily traveled trail that runs along the Missouri River almost all the way across the state?



136. On Monday morning, you visit the popular lakefront shopping destination downtown… What’s it called?

Branson Landing


137. What frozen custard stand has only two locations in St. Louis?

Ted Drewes


138. What Italian restaurant in St. Louis is home to the “frozen fishbowl?”



139. In what sports complex would you find MLB and NFL stadiums?

Truman Sports Complex


140. A unique building in Forest Park, which looks like a large white flying saucer or a pot lid, houses what? Your options: [ McDonnell Planetarium ] [ St. Louis Law Library ] [ Bird Cage ] [ Anheuser Busch Brewery ]

McDonnell Planetarium


141. The flowering ______ is the official state tree?



142. Which Illinois suburb of St. Louis is home to many ancient Native American burial mounds that date back several thousand years? Your options: [ Belleville ] [ Granite City ] [ Cahokia ] [ Collinsville ]



143. It’s Saturday morning. You decide to start your Branson vacation with a Ride the Ducks sightseeing tour. What’s unique about the “ducks,” the vehicles you ride in?

They’re amphibious


144. The name “pilot” is applied to many prominent features in Missouri. This indicates that pioneers used these features for what purpose?

Land navigation


145. Johnson Shut-Ins is a good example of a gorge that is cut by a stream, and the valley is trapped or “shut-in”. What type of rock shuts-in the stream?



146. Which type of school was first founded by Susan Elizabeth Blow in St. Louis in 1873? Your options: [ Kindergarten School ] [ Prep School ] [ Finishing School ] [ Military School ]

Kindergarten School


147. During the 1993 flood, the peak discharge rate of the Mississippi at St. Louis was approximately ______ cubic feet per second?



148. Which infamous gangster was involved in the Kansas City Massacre at Union Station? Your options: [ Baby Face Nelson ] [ Lucky Luciano ] [ Dutch Shultz ] [ Pretty Boy Floyd ]

Pretty Boy Floyd


149. Founded in 1870, this school was the first technological learning institution west of the Mississippi. Later called Missouri University of Science and Technology, what was the school’s original name?

Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

150. The Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804-1806 followed the course of what river for much of the way?



151. In what year was the Louisiana Purchase Exposition World’s Fair held in St. Louis?



152. Which is not true about Lesterville? Your options: [ Has a church that dates past 1920 ] [ The highest point in Missouri is within 10 miles ] [ Is the county seat of its county ] [ Is over 125 years old ]

Is the county seat of its county


153. Which suburb has the distinction of having a Hindu temple, an Islamic Mosque, a Mormon Temple, and two colleges within its boundaries? Your options: [ Ladue ] [ Richmond Heights ] [ Huntleigh ] [ Town & Country ]

Town & Country


154. Rolla is the capital seat of which county? Your options: [ Pulaski ] [ Phelps ] [ Maries ] [ Crawford ]



155. A stretch of Highway I-55 was declared “Rosa Parks Superhighway” in response to what group adopting that section of highway?

The Ku Klux Klan


156. During the American Civil War, Rolla was an important military post with as many as 20,000 Union troops stationed there. The original Phelps County Courthouse was transformed into what during the war?

A hospital


157. The most powerful series of earthquakes in United States history was actually in Missouri in 1811 and 1812. One quake was even strong enough to make the Mississippi River flow backwards! What town was the namesake for the fault line that caused those quakes?

New Madrid


158. St. Louis has turned out more than its share of famous musicians and singers but this one is special because we went to the same high school. He was a member of the Doobie Brothers back in the 1970’s. Who is he?

Michael McDonald


159. Every Thanksgiving this shopping district begins the holidays by illuminating more than 280,000 Christmas lights on the buildings.

Country Club Plaza


160. The St. Louis Science Center is located directly off what highway in St. Louis?



161. What material, used to make kitchen countertops, was once exported from Knob Lick at the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad train stop (1874-1917)?



162. There are two famous places where visitors can see plays in St. Louis. What are they?

The Muny and The Fox Theater


163. Missouri experienced a series of powerful earthquakes in late 1811 and early 1812. What is the name of the fault along which these earthquakes occurred? Your options: [ St. Louis ] [ San Andreas ] [ New Madrid ] [ Cairo]

New Madrid


164. Jefferson City lies along the Missouri River. How many other state capitals are on Mighty Mo?



165. What suburb of St. Louis, translated from French to English, means “broken heart”?

Creve Coeur


166. What was the name of the shiny steel, Art Deco-style river boat that spent many decades as a local attraction on the St. Louis riverfront?



167. Which of these famous monuments is located in St. Louis? Your options: [ The Washington Monument ] [ Mt. Rushmore ] [ Space Needle ] [ The Gateway Arch ]

The Gateway Arch


168. What St. Louis area park has a giant egg sculpture?



169. Jefferson City’s only public high school has a long history of football success under now-retired coach Pete Adkins. What is the mascot of Jefferson City High School?



170. Rolla High School has many notable alumni, including Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and heptathlete Chantae McMillan. What is the mascot of Rolla High School?



171. The St. Louis Cardinals play in what well-known ballpark?

Busch Stadium


172. Complete the name of this attraction: _____ Rocks State Park.



173. Missouri was the __th state to join the Union.



174. An ancient Native American monument is found in the St. Louis area. Name it.

Cahokia Mounds


175. The name of the major general store and floating supply store is named after the owner but is also a spoof of a major restaurant chain. What is its name?



176. In the evening, you attend Presleys Country Jubilee, one of Branson’s legendary country music shows. Of the following longtime Branson shows, which was the LAST to open? Your options: [ Presley’s Country Jubilee ] [ The Braschler Music Show ] [ Baldknobbers Jamboree ] [ Shepherd of the Hills ]

The Braschler Music Show


177. What is the state musical instrument?



178. Ever since 1836 the Missouri State Penitentiary has been located in Jefferson City. Which of these infamous criminals was NOT a guest in the pen? Your options: [ Heavyweight boxer Sonny Liston ] [ Mobster Al Capone ] [ Gangster “Pretty Boy” Floyd ] [ MLK, Jr. assassin James Earl Ray ]

Mobster Al Capone


179. On Sunday night, you take the kids to a dinner show that Dolly Parton calls “the most fun place to eat in Branson!” What show is it?

Dixie Stampede


180. By the time you get to Branson, it’s late and you’re ready for bed. To get to your hotel, you’ll have to use a very congested road that your guidebook calls “The Strip,” the main transportation artery in Branson. What is the real name of the Strip?

Highway 76


181. What exhibit was introduced at the St. Louis Zoo in 2002?

The River’s Edge


182. St. Louis boasts many famous writers but one of its most famous is this poet.

Maya Angelou


183. Several antebellum homes still stand in Jefferson City and were present to see the arrival of which Confederate general’s army during the Civil War? Your options: [ Stonewall Jackson ] [ Sterling Price ] [ Robert E. Lee ] [ George Pickett ]

Sterling Price


184. True or False? Missouri is the only state in the United States with 8 border states?



185. Sad history. In 1981 the interior walkways at this hotel collapsed, killing more than 100 people.



186. The town of Times Beach was evacuated, dismantled and incinerated by the EPA because of dioxin contamination. It was located on what river?



187. Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) was a river boat pilot on this river.



188. Which one of the following does NOT have a statue on the outside grounds of Missouri’s capital? Your options: [ Thomas Jefferson ] [ Harry S Truman ] [ Meriwether Lewis and William Clark ] [ Statue of Liberty ]

Harry S Truman


189. In which St. Louis suburb will you find the Spirit of St. Louis Airport? Your options: [ Manchester ] [ Town & Country ] [ Wildwood ] [ Chesterfield ]



190. Which Missouri state highway does not run through Lesterville? Your options: [ 49 ] [ 21 ] [ 32 ] [ 72 ]



191. In the afternoon, you decide to take in a comedy show. Which of the following Branson comedians is known for his catchphrase, “What a country!”?Your options: [ Jim Stafford ] [ Yakov Smirnoff ] [ Terry Sanders ] [ Jim Barber ]

Yakov Smirnoff


192. Perhaps the best-known small town in Missouri is the one known for being a tourist trap, based largely on the world of country music. Which town? Your options: [ Diamond ] [ Branson ] [ Springfield ] [ Neosho ]



193. Our next town, located in central-western Missouri, is largely known as the site of the first civil war battle where African-American soldiers fought on behalf of the Union. What town could I be talking about?



194. As children, we learn that the capital of Missouri is Jefferson City. However, Jefferson City was not the first site of the capital. Where was the capital first located?

St. Charles


195. In which St. Louis suburb will you find the Spirit of St. Louis Airport? Your options: [ Manchester ] [ Town & Country ] [ Wildwood ] [ Chesterfield ]



196. What is a local attraction in the town of Knob Lick that was previously used by park rangers?

A fire lookout tower


197. Arthur Bryant’s serves heavenly ________________.



198. Lesterville is a small town. Which number is closest to its population? Your options: [ 850 ] [ 250 ] [ 150 ] [ 450 ]



199. St. Louis and Los Angeles don’t share too much in common. However, they do have several suburbs that share the same names. Which one of these St. Louis suburbs below DOES NOT have a counterpart in the Los Angeles area? Your options: [ Pasadena ] [ Brentwood ] [ Beverly Hills ] [ Berkeley ]


200. Standing at 630 feet, St. Louis boasts the tallest one of these in the U.S. Your options: [ Monument ] [ Flag Pole ] [ Building ] [ Statue ]



201. Three unique structures are known as Grand (Old White), Bissell (New Red) and Compton Hill Reservoir. What are these structures?

Water towers


202. Kansas City claims to have more fountains than what city?



203. You’re excited to be taking a weekend vacation to Branson, and plan to fly in on Friday night. Which Missouri city is closest to Branson?  Your options: [ St. Louis ] [ Springfield ] [ Kansas City ] [ Jefferson City ]



204. Missouri is known as the __________ State.



205. We may not be quite so famous for it, but St. Louisans consume more of this condiment than any other city in America.

Barbeque sauce


206. Which is not a town in Missouri?Your options: [ Fair Play ] [ Walnut Grove ] [ Tightwad ] [ Mud Lick ]

Mud Lick


207. When leaving Forest Park at Skinker Road, one may notice this in the middle of Clayton Road.

an enormous Amoco sign and station


208. On the way to Knob Lick, Missouri, I passed the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. If I wanted to use the observatory, how would I get up there?

A small elevator


209. Which one of the following U.S. Presidents was from Missouri? Your options: [ Richard M. Nixon ] [ Grover Cleveland ] [ Harry S Truman ] [ Herbert Hoover ]

Harry S Truman


210. The highest point in Missouri is 1,772 feet above sea level. Where is this point located?

Taum Sauk Mountain


211. A lot of famous people were born in small towns in Missouri. Samuel Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) grew up in which northeast town? Your options: [ Neosho ] [ Hannibal ] [ Saint James ] [ Lecter ]



212. Which of these suburbs was the first capital of Missouri? Your options: [ St. Peters ] [ Ballwin ] [ Kirkwood ] [ St. Charles ]

St. Charles


213. What popular downtown hotel was once known as Adam’s Mark, and housed the extra-fancy Faust’s Restaurant and the always-popular AJ’s Sports Bar and Dance Club?



214. The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame can be found in what city?



215. Kansas City claims to have more _____________ than Paris.



216. If one is driving on Highway I-55 south from St. Louis, you’ll notice what quasi landmark sign in Imperial, Missouri?

A large bowling pin


217. The Gateway Arch is often pictured with the domed Old Court House beneath it. Which famous 19th-century case, eventually heard by the Supreme Court, was first tried here? Your options: [ Dred Scott v. Sandford ] [ Scopes Monkey Trial ] [ Marbury v. Madison ] [ Missouri Compromise ]

Dred Scott v. Sandford


218. What is Missouri’s state rock?



219. What small river lends its name to a very popular series of caves in east central Missouri?



220. I stopped at Cahokia, Illinois on the way to Knob Lick and saw gigantic, man-made earth mounds. What was I looking at?

Native American burial mounds


221. What Saint Louis University basketball star was selected in the first round of the NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1998?

Larry Hughes


222. What is the state mineral?



223. Which suburb serves as the financial and governmental hub of St. Louis county? Your options: [ Ladue ] [ Chesterfield ] [ University City ] [ Clayton ]




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