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240+ Argentina Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Argentina Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Argentina is the second largest country in South America, Brazil being first. The country is the fifth largest wine producer in the world and has won awards at international wine competitions. Argentina land is renowned for its quality and mouth-watering wine (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), with Malbec red wine being the top-leading flavor in the region. The white wine varieties include Chardonnay and Torrontes. 

Argentina Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

From stunning natural landscapes in Patagonia to vibrant city life in Buenos Aires, the country offers a unique experience for tourists. At the border of Argentina province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Parana is the Iguazu falls – world’s most extensive waterfall system and a significant tourist destination in Argentina.

Argentina is famous as the motherland of Tango. With rural origins in Argentina, the music is today enjoyed by most countries across the globe, including non-Latin countries, with Japan having a large number of Tango clubs and even their own performers.

This series of questions will enlighten you about the country with Tango in its soul and Tierra under its fingernails.

1. Which is the largest city and capital of Argentina?

Buenos Aires


2. The capital of Catamarca is_______ commonly just Catamarca.

San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca


3. What is the land area of Buenos Aires?



4. This dry and mountainous province shares a border with Chile. It is located in northwestern Argentina. The most famous of this state’s mountains is probably the volcano named Antofagasta de la Sierra. A city that shares the same name of the province is home to an archaeological park called Las Huellas del Inca that is home to many rock paintings and carvings. What province is this?



5. What is the meaning of La Plata in Spanish?

Silver city


6. How many provinces does Argentina have?



7. Rosario is a beautiful city that lies along which river?

Parana River


8. Name the provinces of Argentina.

Argentina’s provinces include: Misiones, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Formosa, Chaco, Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, La Rioja, Santiago del Estero, Tucuman, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza, San Luis, San Juan, La Pampa, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego , Buenos Aires, Neuquen, Chubut.


9. In what Argentinean province is Rosario located?

Santa Fe


10. What is the capital city of Buenos Aires province?

La Plata


11. Which year was Buenos Aires founded by the gold seeking Pedro de Mendoza but failed after 5 years due to attacks by indigenous people?



12. Which is the national drink of Argentina?



13. Buenos Aires was re-founded in 1580 by?

Juan de Garay


14. Which is Argentina’s highest point?

Mount Aconcagua


15. ________moved to Buenos Aires and formed a permanent settlement there in 1580 at the age of 55 after having been the governor of Rio de la Plata for 6 years.

Juan de Garay


16. This province has a diverse geography. It is home to Argentina’s highest point, Mount Aconcagua, but there are also smaller hills and lowlands as well. It also has varying temperatures. The summers are very hot and dry but the winters can be cold and snowy, especially in the mountains. What province is this?



17. Among the countries of the world, where does Argentina rank by land area?



18. Buenos Aires, the capital city, translates to what in English?

Good air


19. What is the approximate area of Argentina?

2,737,000 km2


20. Name an ex-president of Argentina?


21. Which are the Seven countries are larger by land area than Argentina?

Russia, Canada, the United States, China, Brazil, Australia, and India.


22. San Carlos de Bariloche, a place known for its architecture, is located at what mountain range in Argentina?



23. Argentina can be divided into four physical regions. What is the virtually treeless grassland area known as?



24. San Carlos de Bariloche is famous for its German architecture, and is often called?

“Switzerland of the Andes”.


25. Argentinian by birth, he played a crucial part in the Cuban revolution, as well as in communist activities in other Latin American countries. Who is he?

Che Guevara


26. What countries share borders with Argentina?

Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil & Uruguay


27. This province is located along the Chilean border and is one of the least populous in Argentina. It is extremely arid and has few water systems. In fact, the province is home to the now-dried Talampaya River which is famous for the canyon it left behind. What province is this?

La Rioja


28. Argentina is the southernmost country of South America that shares a border with which water body?


29. Which river separates Buenos Aires from Montevideo?

De La Plata River


30. What is the capital of La Rioja?

La Rioja


31. Which mountain range forms the border between Argentina and Chile?

The Andes


32. Argentina’s population is resoundingly over 90%. Which religion?


33. Argentina borders the two landlocked countries in South America. What are they?

Paraguay and Bolivia


34. Which are the native people of Argentina?



35. The lyrics used in tango music usually included a form of slang called?



36. What is the widely known cultural dance, honored by UNESCO, that originated in Argentina?



37. The citizens of Buenos Aires have their own particular slant on the Spanish language. Due to mass immigration over the years pure Castilian Spanish has been infiltrated with words from other countries, mainly Italy, producing a type of slang known as?



38. Which province is Iguazu National Park located in?



39. Patagonia stretches from southern Buenos Aires province to the southern tip of Argentina. Approximately what percentage of Argentina’s total land area does Patagonia cover?



40. Iguazu National Park in Argentina borders which other countries?

Brazil and Paraguay


41. What is the name of the archipelago at the tip of South America which belongs to Argentina and Chile?


42. What is the name of Buenos Aires’ main airport?

Ministro Pistarini


43. Tierra del Fuego is separated from the mainland by?

Straits of Magellan


44. The name Ministro Pistarini, is it named after?

Juan Pistarini


45. What is “milonga”?

A tango dance party


46. Gualeguaychú is home to the Gualeguaychu Carnival (called the “country’s carnival”). Which province is Gualeguaychu in?

Entre Rios


47. Which is a typical Argentine dish?



48. The office of the President of the Republic is situated in the Plaza de Mayo. What is it called?


49. The capital of this province, which shares the same name, is nicknamed La Madre de Ciudades, or the Mother of Cities, because it is the oldest Spanish-founded city in Argentina. Which province is this?

Santiago del Estero

50. Which is the highest mountain in the Americas?

Cerro Aconcagua


51. Which large Argentine city is only 110 kilometers (68 miles) southeast of Cerro Aconcagua?



52. What is the height of Cerro Aconcagua?

6,962 meters


53. Santiago del Estero and its capital of the same name have a large population of Quechua and Inca descendants. The city of Santiago del Estero, also popularly called Santiago, is called the Mother of Cities because it is the oldest Spanish-founded city in Argentina. In which year was it founded?



54. Cerro Aconcagua is to the southeast of which city?



55. Which border is to the west of Cerro Aconcagua?

Chilean border


56. Name a popular place in Santiago del Estero that is an area where several large iron meteorites crashed thousands of years ago.

The Heavenly Fields


57. Which city is a major center for agriculture and Argentina’s fourth-largest city?



58. The Argentine economy began a slow recovery in 2002, which has been led by which factors?

Exports and tourism


59. What is the highest mountain in Argentina called?



60. What is the name of the famous neighborhood in Buenos Aires where the famous Argentine dance known as the tango originated?

La Boca


61. Argentina the world’s ___ largest country?



62. What city in Argentina is widely regarded as the southernmost CITY in the world?



63. Name the least populated province in Argentina.

Tierra del Fuego


64. Sitting on the coast of the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia is the capital of which Province?

Tierra del Fuego


65. Which year was Tierra del Fuego discovered?



66. Which is the highest mountain in the Americas, the Southern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere?

Mt. Aconcagua


67. Who discovered Tierra del Fuego province?


68. As it is situated on the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires has been a center of trade for Argentina and for some surrounding countries with ships docking and departing on a daily basis. Bearing this in mind what do you think the natives of Buenos Aires are known as?



69. Which is the coldest and the most southern province in Ergentina?

Tierra del Fuego


70. Which is the official residence of Argentina’s president?

The Casa Rosada


71. What is the name by which Argentines call the Falkland Islands?

Las Islas Malvinas


72. What is the name of the square that became famous in the late 1970s as the gathering place for women protesting the Argentine dictatorship’s so-called Dirty War?

Plaza de Mayo


73. What term is traditionally used to name the Argentine people of the pampas or chacos? Think Argentine cowboys!



74. The Dirty War is the name given to the extra-judicial kidnappings and murders of political dissidents by the Argentine military during which era?

The 1976-1983 dictatorship.


75. For more than a hundred years, Argentina has sought sovereignty over a British overseas territory. Which one?

Falkland Islands


76. Many an abode in smaller Argentinian communities is built from sun-dried bricks. What is the name of this type of building?



77. Argentina fought with which country in 1982 over these islands, which was called the Falklands War?



78. What are adobe bricks made of?

A mixture of clay and straw that are dried in the sun.


79. Where did the very first non-native settlers of Buenos Aires come from?



80. The Rio de la Plata marks part of the border between Argentina and one of its neighbors. Which neighbor?



81. Name the city in Rio Negro, Argentina, that is famous for its mountains and forests.



82. In the north of Argentina is a forested lowland. What is it called?

Gran Chaco


83. Who was the wife of president Juan Peron nicknamed ‘Evita’?

Eva Peron


84. _____is the capital of Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire)?



85. In 1933, she wanted to become an actress. In 1951, she wanted to become the vice-president of Argentina. Her tomb can be found at Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires.

Eva Peron


86. What does Mesopotamia mean?

The land between two rivers.


87. The tango is both a dance and a type of music which has spread from the port area of Buenos Aires to many countries in the rest of the world. Who, purportedly, originally did this dance?

Men dancing together in bordellos


88. Name the wife of Argentina’s president Eduardo Duhualde?

Chiche Duhualde


89. What does “Entre Rios means?

Between rivers


90. This province is one of three that borders Uruguay. The province is famous for its many hot springs as well as El Palmar National Park, a large grassland area, and Predelta National Park, wetlands at the end of the Parana River. Which province, part of Argentina’s Mesopotamia region, is this?

Entre Rios


91. Argentina’s Mesopotamia refers to the region between which two rivers are known for its fertile wetlands and rainforests.

Parana and Uruguay Rivers


92. Who became the Minister of Labor at first and worked his way up to president in 1946.

Juan Peron


93. What is the capital of Entre Rios?



94. Which famous Andrew Lloyd Webber play was based on the life of a First Lady of Argentina?



95. Entre Rios is one of the wettest provinces in Argentina and its climate is largely affected by?

El Nino and La Nina


96. Which year did Maria Eva Duarte Perón, better known as Eva Perón die?



97. The political arena was dominated by two rival powers in the early 20th century. They were whom?

Conservatives and radicals


98. Since 1991, which international union has Argentina been a member of?



99. Which are the 5 members that make up Mercosur?

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

100. Where was Carlos Gardel buried?

Chacarita cemetery


101. Which singer’s house in the street Jean Jaures, was opened as a museum in 2003?

Carlos Gardel


102. In which state did Carlos Gardel die?

In Medellin, Colombia


103. La Rioja is mainly famous because of its President’s Office called?

“The Pink House”


104. How did Carlos Gardel die?

In a plane crash


105. Rio Hondo belongs to which province?

Santiago del Estero


106. This man born in Toulouse, France in 1890 became the greatest tango singer to date. He recorded over 500 tangos and traveled throughout Latin America and Europe, drawing big crowds in Paris. His 1917 Tango, “Mi Noche Triste” sold more than 100,000 copies. What was his name?

Carlos Gardel


107. The oldest city in Argentina is?

Rio Hondo


108. A life-size statue of Carlos Gardel stands at his tomb and each morning ______ is placed in its hand?

A lit Cigarette


109. Which sea borders Buenos Aires?

Argentinean sea


110. What is the distance shared by Argentina with Bolivia?

832 kilometer (517 mile)


111. Argentina shares a 5,150 kilometer (3,200 mile) border with?



112. What is the distance shared by Argentina with Brazil?

1,224 kilometer (761 mile)


113. What is the distance shared by Argentina with Paraguay?

1,880 kilometer (1,168 mile)


114. What is the distance shared by Argentina with Uruguay?

579 kilometer (360 mile)


115. Where does the Paraguay river join Argentina?

Río de la Plata


116. How many countries does Argentina border?



117. The world famous ski resort town of San Carlos de Bariloche is found in which province?

Rio Negro


118. ________is the name given to the waterway around the tip of the continent, just to the south of Tierra del Fuego?

The Drake Passage


119. Which river flows in Rio Negro province?

Rio Negro


120. The Strait of Magellan is named after which famous explorer?

Ferdinand Magellan


121. Which province borders both Chile and the Atlantic Ocean?

Rio Negro


122. Southern right whales come very close to the shore of what Argentine city for their mating season?

Puerto Madryn


123. What is the capital of Rio Negro province?



124. Puerto Madryn is very close to the ____, where one can also find native elephant seals, penguins and sea lion colonies.

Valdez Peninsula


125. Viedma capital city is along which coast?

Atlantic coast


126. Into how many broad geographic regions is Argentina traditionally grouped?

4 The country is traditionally divided into four different regions. These include: the Andes, the North, the Pampas, and Patagonia.


127. San Carlos de Bariloche, a popular ski resort town in the Andes Mountains located in which national park?

Nahuel Huapi National Park.


128. Geographers think that Buenos Aires looks like a letter. Name it.



129. What is the name of the strait that separates mainland Argentina from the islands of Tierra del Fuego?

The Strait of Magellan


130. What is the capital of Buenos Aires?

La Plata


131. Dulce de Leche is a traditional dairy product which literally translates into?

“Sweet made from milk”.


132. To the south of Argentina lies a passage named for an early explorer. Which one?



133. The city of Buenos Aires is an autonomous region surrounded by the province of Buenos Aires. Despite being separate from the city of Buenos Aires, the province is still the most populous of Argentina’s 23 provinces. What is its population, roughly?

14 million


134. Name Argentina’s delicious deep-fried breaded beef?



135. This is the resting place of many famous Latin Americans including presidents, authors with possibly the most famous being Eva Duarte de Peron who was immortalized in the musical Evita. What is this cemetery called?

La Recoleta


136. This is the largest province in size and population in Argentina, though it should not be confused with the city of the same name, which is not even in this province. Some of the cities here are Mar del Plata (famous for its beaches) and Bahia Blanca (the economic hub of the province). It borders the Atlantic Ocean, the Río de la Plata and Uruguay for a very short distance. What province is this?

Buenos Aires


137. Bariloche is in the frontier between?

Rio Negro and Neuquen


138. What color is the house of the president in Argentina?



139. The Lanin National Park is located in which town?

San Martin de los Andes


140. What magnificent waterfalls are found partly in Argentina? They were shown in Robert De Niro’s movie “The Mission”.

Iguazu Falls


141. San Martin de los Andes is a quiet place with a beautiful landscape. It is located near which geographic region?

Patagonia region.


142. What is the national sport?



143. Which tourist hot spot in Neuquen Province is popular for canoeing, hiking, and fishing?

San Martin de los Andes


144. What is the capital city of Carlos Paz?



145. During which season does Santa Claus appear in Buenos Aires?



146. Cosquin is known for its ___during the summer.

folklore festival


147. Which Argentine city is popular for tourists during the summer and is located in Cordoba?

Carlos Paz


148. The Iguacu (Iguassu, Iguazu. ) Falls are a series of falls on the Iguacu River that stretch a distance of over two miles. Their name comes from an Indian word meaning?

Great water


149. During the early part of the 20th century there was wave after wave of immigration to Buenos Aires with a large percentage of the immigrants coming from Italy. With the immigrants came the food and culture. Nowadays, in Buenos Aires, you can find a “Fabrica de Pasta” or pasta shop in nearly every street selling all types of fresh pasta. Traditionally, one type of pasta is eaten on the 29th of each month. What type?


150. The Superclásico football match is between which two teams?

River & Boca


151. Which UNESCO World Heritage sites is in the southern Argentina?

Los Glaciares


152. From a total of 278 matches, the Boca team has won how many matches?



153. Which UNESCO World Heritage sites are in central Argentina?

Iguazu, Talampaya


154. From a total of 278 matches, the River team has won how many matches?



155. Argentina shares the magnificent Iguazu Falls with which northern neighbor?



156. Which province is landlocked in Argentina?



157. Argentina’s national parks are world-renowned. Which park is farthest north?

Iguazu National Park


158. The capital of this province was founded as a halfway point for the Spanish who were transporting gold and silver from the Andes to the Atlantic ports. Which province is this?



159. It is part of the Center Region economic community with the provinces of Santa Fe and Entre Rios and is the dominant province in that agreement. The province is mostly flat but there are mountains running through it called the Sierras. Which province is this?



160. What does the typical Argentine “asado” include?

Various types of meat


161. With the vast Pampas close to the city, Buenos Aires is well provisioned with beef. There are many restaurants catering for the locals’ longing for their favorite meat. What are these called?



162. Malbec, a variety of red wine that famously represents Argentina around the world, is produced in which province?



163. Which province does Buenos Aires border to the north?

Entre Rios


164. What is Argentina’s main export?

Soybeans and their byproducts, petroleum and gas, grains, vehicles and a small portion of beef.


165. In which province does Cerro Aconcagua lie?



166. Instead of barbeque, Argentina uses?



167. At around 22,000 feet, Argentina’s tallest mountain is also the tallest in South America. What is the name of this mountain?

Cerro Aconcagua


168. In Argentina’s grasslands what plant, also known as lucerne, is widely grown both for use as pasture and for hay?



169. Argentina covers about 1.1 million square miles and what rank in South America in relation to size?



170. Carlos Gardel, born in France, is famous for what?

Singer of Tango Ballads


171. The cowboys of Argentina are called?



172. Which province is the easternmost in Argentina?



173. What is the name of the north-central province of Argentina named after Christian missionaries?



174. Which is the second smallest province in Argentina?



175. What precious metal is found in the name “Argentina”?



176. It borders both Paraguay and Brazil. It is home to Argentina’s part of Iguazu Falls, which the country shares with its neighbors. Which province is this?



177. Who was the director of the Argentinean film “The Official Story” (La Historia Oficial)?

Luis Puenzo


178. Most of the falls is on the Misiones side of the border and the falls provide a large source of power to the province. They were first discovered by Europeans in 1541 by?

Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca.


179. Who was the author of the Argentinean film “The Official Story” (La Historia Oficial)?

Puenzo and Aída Bortnik


180. Which date did it snow in Argentina?

July 9, 2007


181. Prior to 2007, it had last snowed in Buenos Aires in  which year?



182. In 2007, what unusual natural occurrence happened in Buenos Aires?

It snowed


183. Iguazu falls have been featured in which popular films?

“The Mission” and “Miami Vice”


184. The Argentinian film “The Official Story” (La Historia Oficial) starred which famous actors?

Norma Aleandro and Héctor Alterio


185. Which city, located in Misiones, is known for its waterfalls?



186. The Iguazu falls have been featured in which popular television shows?

“Smallville” and in Honda’s “The Impossible Dream” advertisement.


187. The Argentinian film “The Official Story” (La Historia Oficial) is about?

A married couple living in Buenos Aires, who later adopt a child. The mother soon realizes that her adopted daughter may be the kidnapped child of another family–a victim of the disappearances that occurred during Argentina’s Dirty War in the 1970s.


188. The Falkland Islands, or Las Malvinas, lie 1,080 kilometers (671 miles) west of South Georgia Island and 940 kilometers (584 miles) north of Antartica. How far (approximately) from the Falklands is the nearest point of the Argentine mainland?

500 kilometers (311 miles)


189. Under military rule from 1976 to 1983, Argentina lost approximately how many of its young people and intellectuals during the “Guerra Sucia” or “Dirty War” that the government waged to suppress left-wing feelings in the country.



190. He was elected “FIFA best football player of the century” in 2000. Who is he?


191. The first letters of the correct answers to the first nine questions spell the name of the dry region in southern Argentina?



192. He was nicknamed ‘El Cholo’, born 28th April 1970 in Buenos Aires. He has played over 100 matches for Argentina overtaking Maradona. Who is he?

Diego Simeone


193. Nicknamed ‘Batigol’ was born in Reconquista, Santa Fe on 1st Feb. 1969. He scored 56 goals in 78 matches (15 June 2002)for the national team and announced that he would quit playing for Argentina. Who is he?

Gabriel Batistuta


194. Nicknamed “Pelusa”, he played 91 matches for the Argentine national team between 1977-1994. Who is he?

Diego Maradona


195. The Pampas are a plain in what part of Argentina?



196. What is the name of the important waterway which forms part of the border of Argentina between it and Uruguay?

Río de la Plata


197. What is the name of the most popular card game in Argentina?



198. They´ve been called the wanderers of the Pampas. Who are they?



199. The San Juan region is made up of three valleys, which ones are they?

Ullum, Tulum and Zonda.

200. Most of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field lies in Argentina. What is so remarkable about this ice field?

It was the victim of theft. In January 2012, a group of individuals cut several blocks of ice and trucked it away to be sold, but were apprehended very quickly


201. What distinguishes Argentine Spanish from vernacular Spanish?

There is a very strong accent.


202. Which Argentina’s ex-president has his  own winery which released several new wines in the year 2001?

Carlos Menem


203. Where was Jorge Luis Borges born on August 24, 1899?

Buenos Aires


204. Which currency is in use in Argentina?

Argentine Peso


205. He was born in 1911 in Rojas, province of Buenos Aires. His novels are mostly about the inability of human beings to free themselves from psychological complexities. Who is this writer?

Ernesto Sábato


206. When did Argentina win its first FIFA World Cup?



207. How many seats are in the Argentinian Senate?



208. What type of cooking technique is Asado?



209. When did the Spanish arrive in Argentina?



210. Which is a type of Argentinian cookie?



210. When did Argentina gain independence?



211. What is the most produced type of wine in Argentina?



212. What is the longest river in Argentina?

The Parana


213. How long was the Falklands War?

10 weeks


214. What Argentinian dance is used in the English expression ‘It takes two to _____”?



215. How many national parks are there in Argentina?



216. Argentina is the world’s 8th largest country.



217. Empanadas are usually savory.



218. Which symbol is in the middle of the Argentinian flag?

A Sun of May


219. 95% of the population in Argentina is of European descent.



220. Which Argentinian city is nicknamed ‘the Paris of the South’?

Buenos Aires


221. There are no cougars in Argentina.



222. Which European football club was Lionel Messi transferred to in 2021?

Paris Saint-Germain


223. The world’s first female president was Argentinian.



224. Which animal is associated with a gaucho?


225. Who was the first woman to become president of Argentina?

Isabel Perón


226. Which sport is Juan Martín del Potro known for?



227. Which 2009 Argentinian movie was remade in Hollywood in 2015 and stars Julia Roberts as Jess Cobb and Nicole Kidman as Claire Sloan?

The Secret in Their Eyes


228. Which chain of mountains can be found in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares?

The Andes


229. Who was the UK Prime Minister during the Falkland island war?

Margaret Thatcher


230. Which famous author from Argentina wrote ‘Fictions’, ‘The Library of Babel’ and ‘The Aleph’? Answer:

Jorge Luis Borges


231. What is the name of the traditional afternoon snack in Argentina?



232. What number was Diego Maradona when he was playing for Napoli?



233. What is the most spoken language in Argentina?



234. True or false the first people were from Spain and Italy?



235. Where is most of Argentina’s food influenced?



236. People from Argentina are called?



237. Which is the most eaten in Argentina?



238. What is the population of Argentina?



239. Who is the current president of Argentina?

Mauricio Macri


240. Who is known as “El Libertador of Argentina, Chile, and Peru”?

José de San Martín


241. Where was Lionel Messi born?



242. Who was Argentina at war with from April 2nd to June 14th, 1982?


243. How many FIFA World Cups did Maradona win for Argentina?



244. What is the gross domestic product (GDP) of Argentina?

$959 billion


245. What is the Argentina women’s national field hockey team known as?

Las Leonas


246. What was the population of Argentina in 2016?




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