250 Superhero Trivia Questions and Answers

Have you ever been hanging out with a group of kids for some fun games like trivia questions and while you’re having a good time, you randomly ask them who their superhero is, either in the real world or the fictional world?

We can only imagine how chaotic things became when they started shouting out the names of different superheroes, huh? They must have had reasons as to why they think those particular people are their superheroes.

We sure hope there were no little fights as they argued whose superhero is the real deal.

Comic books, comic strips, video games, films, and cartoons, have superheroes who have different characteristics and unique costumes for easy identification.

Superhero Trivia Questions and Answers

The “job description” of the superheroes is to fight crime using their extraordinary powers, in order to make the world a better place.

How much do you know about superheroes? How many can you actually name, from Iron man to Superman, Spider-Man, and the likes? Do you know the color of their costumes? Which celebrities play the role of these superheroes? What are their different powers? Which movies have they played in?

Well, you can only find out how good you are by trying out our superhero trivia questions and answers.

Let’s get to it, batman, shall we?

1. The Man of Steel is another name for which superhero?



2. Who was the first widely hailed superhero, appearing in Action Comics #1 in June 1938?



3. Which planet is Superman from?



4. What is the real name of Batman?

Bruce Wayne


5.  In which century, were there notable and popular fictional characters that foreshadowed and inspired the superheroes to come?

In the first four decades of the 20th century


6. Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, is a superhero with what physical challenge?

He is blind


7. Batman protects which city?

Gotham City


8. How did Spider-Man have his superpowers?

He was bitten by a spider


9. Who was the first masked crime fighter in comic books, whom Centaur Publications introduced in 1936?



10. Who is NOT the Fantastic Four superheroes in the 2005 film ”The Fantastic Four”?

The Punisher


11. Which superhero said that “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”

The Shadow


12. Which superhero has complete control over his heart, allowing him to stop it from beating, or make it beat louder and can also hear all the heartbeats on the plane?



13. Which Batman villain did Arnold Schwarzenegger play in 1997 film ”Batman & Robin”?

Mr. Freeze


14. The “Scarlett Speedster” is the nickname of which superhero?

The Flash


15. There was a superhero, who was a practicing Buddhist. He practices Buddhism and fights crime, what is his name?

Green Lama


16. Which villain was elected as the president of the United States?

Lex Luthor


17. Which  superhero says “Don’t make me angry; you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”?



18. Which superhero has an advanced ability to live forever? He attempts to kill himself many times, only to come back to life.

Mr. Immortal


19. Which Green Lantern Corps member came from the planet Bolovax Vik?



20. Which superhero has super tools such as the magic lasso and bullet-proof bracelets?


21. Which superhero can hear people talking through a soundproof wall, and can recognize a heartbeat from 20 feet away?



22. Green Lantern first appeared in?

All-American’s Comics


23. At the beginning of the movie “X-Men”, how is Logan making a living?

Cage fighting


24. How many suits does Iron man have, some designed to go to the depths of the oceans, others to take on the Avengers?



25. What organization is Batman Incorporated?

Global Crime Fighting Organization


26. Which superhero has an indestructible shield?

Captain America


27. Which character is usually romantically paired with Batman?



28. Hulk, is a green superhero powerhouse. When he was originally drawn for the comics, what was his actual color?



29. Who is Clark Kent?



30. Which superhero cannot transform back into the human form anymore?

The Thing


31. Who is the pioneer of comic books, whose company Detective Comics founded the Action Comics in 1937?

Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson


32. Who is Peter Parker?



33. Who was the first female superhero of the Justice Society of America?

Wonder Woman


34. What was Thanos’ IQ level?

Over 9000


35. Who is Bruce Banner?

The Hulk


36. What villain got his distinctive appearance from toxic chemicals at a plant?



37. Where does Batman mostly keep his super equipment?

Around his belt


38. Who is Selena Kyle?

Cat Woman


39. Raymond Palmer is the alter ego of which superhero?

The Atom


40. The Green Lantern is the normal human being without any power, from which thing he drives the power that he wears?

From the ring


41. Which character is not a member of the Fantastic Four?

The Hulk


42. Which superhero says: “With great power, there must also come great responsibility”?



43. What is the real name of superhero Flash?

Barry Allen


44. Which superhero is the twin brother of the Scarlet Witch?



45. Which superhero is blinded by radioactive components and nicknamed the “Man without fear”?



46. After which accident did superhero Flash get the superpowers?

A mixture of chemicals thrown on him gave him the super strengths


47. What is Superman’s only weakness?



48. The Beast, a genius superhero, is the medical doctor for?



49. Who proves to be a great crime fighter due to his super acrobatic skills?

Robin (boy wonder)

50. Besides Alan Scott and Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern has also used a secret identity?

kyle Rayner


51. Barbara Gordon, the father of Batgirl, is the … of Gotham City.

The police chief


52. When was Batman created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger?

At the end of the decade, in 1939


53. In the movie Anchorman, Ron Burgundy says that which superhero was denied a bank loan?

The Human Torch


54. Which superhero can manipulate and resist the weather?



55. In 1940, which series debut in the Big Little Book series, by Russell R. Winter Botham, Henry E. Vallely, and Erwin L. Hess?

Maximo the Amazing Superman


56. In superhero Wolverine’s history, the indestructible element ma–ium was bonded to whose skeleton?



57. Wonder Woman comes from which island?

The Paradise Island


58. Which superhero appeared for the first time in print in December 1940?

Captain America


59. Besides Jerry Siegel, who created the Superman character in the 1930s?



60. Where does the Green Arrow mainly operate?

Star City


61. One superpowered character was portrayed as an antiheroine, a costumed emissary of Satan who killed evildoers to send them to Hell. Who was she?

Black Widow


62.  When Billy Batson says which word, he turns into superhero Captain Marvel?



63. During World War II, Steve Rogers was given a special serum that made him become … to help the US win the war.

Captain America


64. Wonder Woman’s first appearance was in which Comics published by All-American Publications?

All-Star Comics #8


65. Who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne?

Joe Chill


66. Which member of the Fantastic Four has the tagline “It’s clobbering time”?

The Thing


67. In 2017, who introduced Sign Gene, a film featuring a group of deaf superheroes whose powers were derived from their use of sign language?



68. What is the name of Wonder Woman’s mother?



69. Debuting in 1965, which superhero is also known as Goliath and Ronin?



70. What was wonder woman’s most special fighting tool?

Lasso of truth


71. Who is the Dark Knight?



72. Which newspaper does Spiderman – Peter Parker – work for?

The Daily Bugle


73. Who was the first female superhero?

Fantomah/Woman in Red


74. Who grew up in Smallville?



75. Elektra made her debut in which Marvel comic?



76. Who is the strongest superhero?



77. What is the name of the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four?

Dr. Doom


78. Which superhero grew up on planet Tamaran?



79. Who is the one person who can calm The Hulk down?

His ex-girlfriend, Betty Ross


80. In an attempt to look more normal, Hellboy did what?

Flew down his horns


81. The character of robin first introduced in which year?

In 1940


82. Which villain did Jim Carrey play in Batman Forever?



83. Which superhero is a member of the JLA or Justice League of America?



84. What was Superman’s Kryptonian name?



85. Who played Superman in the original 1978 Superman movie?

Christopher Reeve


86. What are the claws of Wolverine made of?



87. Magneto was born in which city?



88. Which superhero flicks does not have a sequel planned?



89. On the cover of a comic book in 1942, who was punched by Spy Smasher?


90. For which newspaper does Peter Parker work?

Daily Planet


91. Which superhero is nicknamed the ”Scarlet Speedster”?

The Flash


92. Doom, the enemy of Fantastic Four, stole the Power Cosmic from which villain?



93. From where has Colossus come from?



94. Which superhero lost his father in a plane crash at an early age?

Green Lantern


95. Which Spiderman villain shows up two times, first as a secret crime boss and then as a vengeance-bent son?

Green Goblin


96. Which superhero is created by Jack Kirby and Joe Witch?

Captain America


97. State the count of basic colors of Kryptonite



98. Wonder Woman was formed by an expert in which field?



99. Who gave the green lantern the superpower ring?

An alien

100. How does The Fantastic Four get their superpowers?

Cosmic rays


101. What is Wonder Woman’s real name?

Princess Diana


102. Name the object that Superman is holding on the cover of Action Comics 01

A car


103. With the special memory fiber in his cape, Batman is able to?

Slowly fall


104. Flash is known as flash for which reason?

He is superfast


105. Name the spouse of Clark Kent

Lois Lane


106. In Wonder Woman 1984, what is the civil job of the main character, Diana Prince?

An archaeologist


107. Who is the ally, Batman and Robin?



108. Who is considered to be Superman’s first Super Villian?

Ultra Humanite


109. Who is the fictional man behind the superhero of Wolverine?

James Howlett


110. State the count of different featured varieties of Red Kryptonite



111. Which superheroes wear bulletproof bracelets?

Wonder Woman


112. Name the color of Kryptonite that is only harmful to Bizarro creatures



113. Which superhero became the most powerful X-men?



114. Name the newspaper in which Clark work

The Daily Star


115. What is the real name of Captain America?

Steven Rogers


116. Name the color of Kryptonite that can permanently rob Superman’s super powers.



117. Name the profession of Clark Kent



118. Which superheroine shoots a laser from her eyes?



119. Name the person who killed Jack Kennedy

Bea Carroll


120. After the missing of Berry Allen’s father and mother, who adopted and raised Berry(flash)?

Police officer


121. Name the isotope of Green Kryptonite

Kryptonite Plus


122. What color of Kryptonite is not harmful to Superman?



123. Wonder Woman was made from clay by her mother and was brought to life by which God?


124. Name Batman’s villain.

Ventriloquist and Scarface


125. What weapon does Thor Wield?



126. Name the person who portrays the ScareCrow.

Cillian Murphy


127. Which superhero is Carol Danvers?

Captain Marvel


128. Name the actress who played Batgirl in Batman and Robin

Alicia Silverstone


129. Wonder Woman’s home of Paradise Island was also called what?



130. Name the director of “The Batman Returns”.

Tim Burton


131. What relation did Sue and Johnny have in fantastic four?

Brother and Sister


132. Name the actor who portrayed Max Shreck

Christopher Walken


133. Which character is resurrected in “X-Men: the last stand”?

Jean Grey


134. Name the actress who played Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie


135. In Spider-Man 3, what does spider-man shoot from his hands?



136. Name Batman’s best friend

Alfred Pennyworth


137. Who played Magneto in X-Men?


138. Name the first Robin

Dick Grayson


139. What was the name of Iron Mans Tony Stark’s loyal assistant?

Pepper Potts


140. Name Batman’s closest business partner

Lucius Fox


141. Clark Kent would have had a much tougher time at the Daily Planet without whom for support?

Jimmy Olsen


142. Do you know the real name of Catwoman?

Selina Kyle


143. What was the title of the comic book that teamed “The Titans” and “Young Justice” together?

Graduation Day


144. Name the villain which Danny Devito played

Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin


145. Oliver Queen and Conner Hawke have both played the role of what superhero?

Green Arrow


146. Name the character who played The Joker in the movie

Cesar Romero


147. I was the first side-kick to get my own comic, which chronicled my adventures with my super-pal and as a cub reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper. Who am I?

Jimmy Olsen


148. Name Mr. Freeze’s wife

Nora Fries


149. What is the name of the miniature city from Krypton kept by Superman in the Fortress of Solitude?


150. Name the rare disease of Batman and Robin

MacGregor Syndrome


151. Which of the following is a foe of Super Chicken? The Zipper, The Frog, The Fly, The Talon

The Zipper


152. What is the name of Batman’s pet?



153. He’s known as ‘The man without fear’ Who is he?



154. What is the name of Barbara’s father?

Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon


155. Name the secret identity The Shadow is best known by.

Lamont Cranston


156. Spider-Man is known to be a lone vigilante, but at one point he felt responsible for a young man who was transformed by his ‘Parker Particles’ during a demonstration at Horizon Labs. What was the real name of Spidey’s sidekick, Alpha?

Andy Maguire


157. Name Riddler’s real name

Edward E.Nigma


158. Captain America is an iconic superhero, with a very famous shield. What element does the shield contain?



159. Name the killer of first Robin’s family



160. Steve Rogers was a weedy weakling until the US Army made him a superhero. What did they give him that gave him superpowers?

Super-soldier serum


161. Name the creator of Batman

Bob Kane and Bill Finger


162. What does the Phantom call his throne of rock?

Skull Throne


163. What is the color of Batphone?



164. Name the villain Egghead

Vincent Prince


165. Name the writer who once made a cameo as Ballpoint Baxter

Stanley Ralph Ross


166. Most people know that Batman’s chief lieutenant is Robin. But Robin later adopts what alter ego of his own?



167. Superman has the ability to use his X-ray vision to see through most solid objects. What is the only substance in which Superman can NOT apply is X-ray vision to see through?



168. Name the person who portrayed the Penguin.

Burgess Meredith


169. Veronica Dultry was the alter ego of the only female member of the Ani-men, and was also later a Femizon and a member of the Masters of Evil. Which character is Veronica transformed into?



170. Name Mr.Freeze’s favorite dessert


171. In which comic book (and film) would you find Lara Croft?

Tomb Raider


172. Name someone who played the role of Commissioner Gordon

Neil Hamilton


173. Which superpower does Superman NOT possess?

Magic Hex


174. Name the creator of Spiderman

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko


175. Stephanie Brown and Jason Todd have both worn the mask of what hero?



176. Which member of the Legion of Super-Heroes is closest to matching Superboy in powers aside from Supergirl?

Mon El


177. What was the name of Mighty Mouse’s girlfriend?

Pearl Pureheart


178. Who is Peter Parker’s adoptive mother?

Aunt May


179. Name the comic book in which Spiderman first appeared

Amazing Fantasy # 15


180. Name the first super villain that Spider-man ever encountered

Supercharger, the living battery


181. Janet van Dyne and Henry ‘Hank’ Pym were a married couple who had a double life as Superheroes. Who were their insectile alter egos?

Ant Man and The Wasp


182. Name the supervillain who kidnapped and murdered Peter Parker’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy

Green Goblin


183. Name the character who bullied Peter Parker in high school

Flash Thompson


184. Name something which Spider-man brings home from Secret Wars.

New Black Costume


185. Name the guest speaker at Peter Parker’s high school graduation

J. Jonah Jameson


186. Name the first Spider-man spin-off series

The Spectacular Spider Man


187. What color is Mary Jane Watson’s hair?



188. Name Peter Parker’s first superhuman girlfriend


189. Name the actor who played Spider-Man in 1977 TV series

Nicholas Hammond


190. Name the Spider-Man villain who dresses and acts like a 1920 gangster



191. Name the Spider-Man villain who was the son of the Kingpin.

The Rose


192. Name original Hobgoblin

Roderick Kingsley


193. Name Peter Parker’s Teenage daughter.

May “Mayday” Parker


194. Name secret identity of Spider-Man 2099.

Miguel O’Hara


195. Name Peter Parker’s clone.

Benjamin Reilly


196. Name the Spiderman villain who is the CEO of Fireheart Enterprise.



197. Name Rhino’s secret identity.

Aleksei Sytsevich


198. Name the person who first discovered that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.



199. Who made the suit which Peter wore for most of the movie scenes?

Tony Stark

200. In what Batman movie did Zach Galifianakis play Joker?

The Lego Batman Movie


201. How many films were made with Hugh Jackman playing the Wolverine character?



202. Who played Wonder Woman in the 2017 remake?

Gal Gadot


203. What is the name of the futuristic technology that Iron Man uses to power his suit?

Arc reactor


204. Just as Superman has been known by other names, so has Batman. Which is the one name that has NOT been traditionally associated with Batman?

World’s Greatest Vigilante


205. Who has portrayed Batman on screen?

Michael Keaton


206. Who played television’s, Flash Gordon?

Steve Holland


207. I didn’t originally start with Blue Ribbon Comics. Who am I?



208. Superhero Vigilante was helped by a sidekick called Stuff. His real name was Jimmy Leong. What is the other part of his sidekick name, giving us a clue about his origins?

The Chinatown Kid


209. My alter ego would be someone most people do not expect, but all I have to do to change into a superhero is shout “SHAZAM!”.  Who am I?

Billy Batson


210. Perhaps one of the best-known comic book villains named for an invertebrate is Doctor Octopus. His alter ego is Otto Octavius, what was his middle name?



211. This group of superheroes has had movies made about them, with the second one about the Silver Surfer. Do you know who they are?

Fantastic Four


212. Batman protects what city?

Gotham City


213. Jim Corrigan and Hal Jordan are the mortal identities of who?

The Spectre


214. How did Wonder Woman meet and eventually adopt her younger alter ego, Wonder Girl (a.k.a. Donna Troy)?

Wonder Woman rescued her from a fire


215. Which lady gained her superpowers from a blood transfusion that was meant to save her life?



216. What do Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Katherine Pryde, and Charles Xavier all owe their superpowers to?

Mutant genes


217. Bart Allen and Wally West have both used what 2 heroic identities?

Kid Flash and Flash


218. In the comic book, who had recurring dreams about Wonder Woman?



219. This X-men member is one of the few superheroes depicted with having a learning disability. Who is she?



220. The superhero Human Torch had the sweet girl Mary Mitchell by his side. What positive superhero name does Mary have?

Sun Girl


221. Which hapless boxer became Tony Stark’s chauffeur and personal assistant?

Happy Hogan


222. Which superhero was created by Lee Falk, and has the animal companions Devil and Hero?



223. What did Jay Garrick inhale, gaining superhuman speed?

Heavy water vapours


224. What job has Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s secret alter ego, traditionally held?



225. What heroic identity have Mia Deardon and Roy Harper both used?



226. I evolved from being the boy-side-kick of the original Sandman into a silicon-based monster and finally became the chairman of the Justice Society of America. What was my original side-kick secret identity?



227. What is the real name of The Atom?

Ray Palmer


228. Which is a MUST have to join the Legion of Super-Heroes?

have unique powers and or abilities


229. What was Spider’s civilian identity?

Richard Wentworth


230. Barbara Gordon spent years as the Batman sidekick known as Batgirl. In 1988 she was shot by the Joker and became a paraplegic. Eventually from her wheelchair, she would become known by another hero name. What is it?



231. Although he would develop powers later, which confidant of the Hulk’s earned himself the title of honorary Avenger based on his loyalty and his ingenious use of tech?

Rick Jones


232. A hammer called Mjolnirhas has the power to destroy mountains, create force fields, track a person or mystical items, and absorb energy. To which superhero does this hammer belong?



233. Which of the following X-Men has the power to absorb the gifts of other mutants on direct physical contact?



234. Arthur Curry is said to have inherited his superhuman aquatic powers from his mother. Which mythical city did she come from?



235. Ben Affleck starred in this movie of a superhero in 2003.



236. Terry Sloane and Michael Holt have both used what heroic identity?

Mister Terrific


237. Black Canary was the girlfriend of which Justice League Hero?

Green Arrow


238. When he first appeared he was known to take shots at litterbugs and jaywalkers alike, thinking they were just as bad as supervillains since they both voluntarily break the law. Who is it?

The Punisher


239. Which mutant member of the X-Men had the ability to transfigure his body to “organic steel”?



240. Which hero got his powers from a science experiment in prison?

Luke Cage


241. In the 1960’s US TV show “Batman” who played the Caped Crusader?

Adam West


242. Kent Nelson and Hector Hall have both had a stint as what superhero?

Dr. Fate


243. What is Supergirl’s relationship to Superman?



244. The black and white costume SpiderMan had for a while came from what series?

Secret Wars


245. Name the Shadow’s Asian foe.

Shiwan Khan


246. Ted Kord and Dan Garrett were heroic adventurers using what name?

Blue Beetle


247. Hollis Mason and Daniel Dreiberg shared a heroic identity. What was it?

Nite Owl


248. Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch have both used what heroic identity?



249. Robert Crane and Cliff Steele have been the civilian names of different incarnations of what hero?



250. Clark Kent and Jose Delgado have both acted in what heroic persona?










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