26 Parents Day Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The fourth Sunday of July is a special day to celebrate the one-in-a-million bond we share with nature-given treasures – our dear parents. The role of a parent is integral in the development of a child’s life, and there is nothing that comes close to replacing parents in a kid’s life.

Parents Day Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Although not famous, parent’s day shines a spotlight on the challenging yet rewarding job of being a parent. As you appreciate your parents and acknowledge their pursuit of raising children, remember parent’s day also involves celebrating grandparents for their tremendous sacrifices in parenting.

Let’s dive into a series of trivia questions and answers to learn more about parent’s day.

1. In which year was Parent’s Day established in the U.S.A.?



2. Who was the president of the USA, when the celebration of Parents’ Day was actually started?


3. Under whose presidential term was Parent’s Day established in the U.S.A?

Bill Clinton


4. The aim of National Parents’ Day?

To promote responsible parenting and encourage positive reinforcement by parents for children.


5. Who directed the 2000 comedy hit “Meet the Parents”?

Jay Roach


6. Who started global parents day?

UN General Assembly


7. In which of these nations a custom of gifting carnations to parents is followed on Parent’s Day?

Republic of Korea


8. Which year did the UN General Assembly declare the first global day of parents?



9.  In the U.S.A, Parent’s Day is celebrated in this month.



10. Republican Senator Trent Lott introduced the law, what was his aim?

“…uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.”


11. In which month did the resolution pass where the House and the Senate both signed the Parent’s Day resolution?

October 4th, 1994


12. What is the percentage of children who are born to single women or unmarried women?



13. What is the percentage of children living in households with two parents who are married?



14. What is the percentage of children who are more physically healthy if they live with both biological parents?



15. What is the percentage of children who are more likely to have health problems following their parents’ divorce?



16. What is the percentage of the increase in single-father households since 1960?



17. What is the percentage of single mothers who have never married?



18. Which date was parent’s day celebrated in 2022?

July 24th, Sunday


19. The first parent’s day was celebrated in?



20. Name the reasons that make you sad? (open-ended)

Your child is not obedient. Your child is not happy. Your child feels scared. Any other (Please specify)


21. Name some of the reasons that make you most happy?

If your child is obedient, safe and healthy, kind and honest, and helpful


22. Which of the following is not a rule from the U.N.I.C.E.F children’s rights wheel? Choices: Minimize child labor, Responsible marketing, and advertisement, Protection and safety of children, Minimize school terrorism

Minimize school terrorism


23. The 12 children’s rights and business principles are divided into three groups: which ones?

Community & environment, working place, marketplace


24. About how many times per day does your child call you? (write the option number)

1. 1.10 times, 2. 2.25 times, 3. 3.30 times, or 4. billion times


25. What kind of family are you? (write the option number)-open-ended

1. Cool family, 2. Olden-style family, 3. Modern Family or 4. Just an ordinary family


26. What is the most common thing you do when your child is not around? (Think twice before answering) (write the option number)- open-ended

1. Take a nap, 2. Watch Facebook or Instagram, 3. Cook or 4. Clean the house



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