270+ Full House Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Full House is an American sitcom that telecasted its 192 episodes from 1985 to the early ’90s. Due to this enormous success, Netflix paved its path in creating the sequel, ‘Fuller House,’. It starred John Stamos as Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, Dave Coulier as Uncle Joey Gladstone, and many more famous personalities in Hollywood.

Mark Cendrowsk, a television director for The Big Bang Theory inspired the inclusion of the phrase; “cut it out”. He is known to have used the phrase very often and so when Full House started, Coulier just brought it over and it stuck.

Full House Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Apparently, only one show was shot in San Francisco. The last season’s premier “Comet’s Excellent Adventure.” Apart from the three episodes shot in Hawaii and Walt Disney World, every other installment was taped on the Warner Bros in Los Angeles.

The series finale of Full House had 39.6 million viewers. The cast has made multiple television appearances, notably on ‘Larry King Live’, ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, and the ‘Jimmy Fallon Show’ among others.

Try to answer these chunks of questions to test how well you have mastered the Full House series.

1. In “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do In 22 Minutes”, how much money did the “tooth fairy” give Stephanie?



2. What character had a mullet in the first season of “Full House?”



3. D.J. forgets Kimmy’s 16th birthday because it’s her and Steve’s 6 month anniversary. She throws a party together in 15 minutes as a cover up. What kind of cake do they make for Kimmy?

A hash brown potato cake


4. Who played Joey?

Dave Coulier


5. In “Silence Isn’t Golden,” Stephanie was reaching out to a boy who was being abused at home. What was his name?



6. I was dating someone’s daughter. I am captain of the wrestling team and I love to eat. Who am I?

Steve Hale


7. What is the name of DJ’s cousin who visits the Tanners, and who Kimmy develops a crush on?



8. Which girl took hip-hop dance classes?



9. In episode 25, who is the only one not graduating?



10. Which was NOT part of the presentation DJ gave to the guys when trying to get her own room?



11. What is Stephanie’s middle name?



12. Which is not one girl that Joey dated?



13. In season four, which Tanner complains because he/she doesn’t get a graduation?



14. Which of D.J. Tanner’s high school boyfriends returned in season 1?



15. In what grade does Stephanie have a crush on her teacher?

Fourth grade


16. What was the name of Stephanie’s beloved stuffed animal bear?

Mr. Bear


17. Where did “Full House” take place?


18. Joey once tried out for a game show, “The Perfect Couple” in season 7. What was his name on the show?

Joe Stone


19. What was the name of Jesse’s friend who came in the episode “Dr. Dare Rides Again”?



20. What was Danny’s high school wrestling nickname?

The Stringbean of Steel


21. Mitchell’s birthday is in which month?



22. Which character in the show was played by twins?



23. Who beats Joey in the pie-eating contest?



24. In “DJ’s Very First Horse,” what was the name of the horse DJ became attached to?



25. For DJ’s senior year in high school, she wanted to pull off the best senior prank ever so that everyone would remember her. Whose prank did she have to beat?



26. Who re-decorates and gives Stephanie and Michelle’s room a makeover?

Mrs. Larson (Vicky’s mother)


27. Why does D.J. not want to go on stage as Mrs. Claus in her school play?

She has a zit on her nose


28. In episode 20, what does Michelle give to Jesse as a ‘remember me’ present?

Her pig


29. The twins (Nicky and Alex) were born on somebody’s birthday. Whose birthday was it?



30. How many people lived in the house in season one?



31. How many seasons aired?



32. By the end of the series, how many girls lived in the Tanner house?



33. What was Becky doing when Stephanie made the video about her family for school?



34. When Danny and Joey became soulmate best friends, what did they each put into the time capsule to show their friendship (besides the vows)?

A baseball hat and an insult book


35. Who is the oldest daughter’s best friend?



36. What is the “Full House” family’s address?

1882 Gerrard Street


37. ______ play(s) Michelle.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen


38. What is the name of Jesse’s favorite comb?

Mr. Goodpart


39. Who didn’t date DJ?



40. I am a talk show host. I have three daughters and my wife died in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Who am I?

Danny Tanner


41. In “Nerd For a Day” Stephanie teases one of her classmates and calls them Duckface. Who is Duckface?

Walter, a boy at Stephanie’s school


42. What are the little girls in the show named?

Michelle, DJ, Stephanie


43. Which of these stars/bands made only a TV appearance on the show? They were seen on the Tanners’ TV.



44. In the theme song, you see the family in a car, in what order do they sit (left to right, left being the driver’s seat)?

Front: Danny, Stephanie, DJ; back: Joey, Michelle, Jesse


45. What is the name of Jessie’s car?

Mustang Sally


46. What was Jesse’s last name in season 1?



47. What was the name of Michelle’s Greek cousin who looked exactly like her?



48. What was the name of Stephanie’s favorite teddy bear?

Mr. Bear


49. In the season seven episode, “Be Your Own Best Friend,” who does Michelle outline for her project?


50. When Jesse and Becky were dating, they argued over what they would name their future kids. Becky said their daughter would be named Emily. What did she say their son would be named?



51. In “Misadventures in Babysitting” D.J. got her own phone line with babysitting money. What was her personal phone number?



52. In the episode “________”, what did Lisa call Joey when she walked in the class?

Mr. Madstone


53. Steve is on what high school sports team?



54. What was the name of Jesse’s hero turtle?



55. In a segment on the “Rush Hour Renegades” that talks about everyday teen issues, Stephanie called the radio station impersonating an exchange student from what country?



56. In the season one episode entitled, “Jesse’s Girl,” Stephanie and D.J. eagerly await the airing of a specific movie. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm knocks out the cable, and they miss the movie. Joey acts out the scenes to try to appease Stephanie who is devastated. Which movie were they hoping to see?

The Wizard of Oz


57. Who is Jesse and Becky’s son, Alex, named after?

Becky’s teacher, who she loved and admired


58. In “Divorce Court”, D.J. and Stephanie went to a costume party dressed as who?

Batman and The Joker


59. In the episode ‘Rock the Cradle’, what is the theme for Jesse and Becky’s dinner?



60. What is Becky’s maiden name?



61. What is the name of Danny’s first car, the car that “is in his 20’s”?



62. In what season did Jesse and Becky get married?

Season 4


63. What is the name of Tanner’s Golden Retriever?



64. In season 2 episode 17, “El Problema Grande de DJ”, DJ gets a good grade in every one of her classes but Spanish. What was her grade in that class?



65. What year did Danny loan Joey $800, in Palm Springs, to fix his car?



66. Why was Jesses and Becky’s wedding delayed after jumping out of the plane?

Got caught in a tree


67. When Michelle stuck her head in the fence, what was Kimmy cooking on the other side of the fence?



68. Up to how many people (humans only) lived in the Tanner house altogether at one time?



69. What actress played ‘D.J. Tanner’?

Candace Cameron


70. When Stephanie plays Juliet in her school play, her Romeo always stops before the kissing part. What does Michelle say is the reason he doesn’t want to kiss her?

Dry lips


71. Who came up with the idea for Jesse and Becky to get married in San Francisco?



72. What is the name of the sorority that Danny and Joey’s fraternity have a rivalry?

Lambda Tau Delta


73. What did the girls always use on Jesse, in order to make him give their wants?

Puppy dog lips


74. How much did Joey and Jesse pay for Danny’s new car?



75. Which of the Tanner girls was known for saying “Pin a rose on your nose”?



76. By the end of the series, how many boys lived in the Tanner house?



77. How much money did Michelle make selling lemonade?



78. When Stephanie is tired of not getting any attention, what does her husband (not really) give her instead of a ring?

A Scooby-Doo tattoo


79. Where was Comet’s mom, Minnie, from?



80. What was the band called that Jesse was in during seasons 1 through 7?

Jesse and the Rippers


81. What is Joey’s name for the car that Stephanie drives into the kitchen?



82. Which one of these places did Joey usually do comedy at?

The Laugh Machine


83. What was the name of the stray dog the Tanners encountered in “And They Call It Puppy Love”?



84. I got married during the show. I am from Nebraska and my little brother’s name is Corky. Who am I?

Becky Donaldson


85. For a very short period of time, Jesse joined an airport lounge band. They are seen singing “Glow Worm”. What is the name of this band?

The Diplomats


86. What is the oldest Tanner girl’s best friend’s name?



87. Who gave Stephanie Mr. Bear in the first place?



88. DJ and Kimmy got into a fight and returned one another’s belongings. Which of these WASN’T something Kimmy ORIGINALLY gave to DJ?

Pink hat


89. What is Jesse’s Greek cousin’s name, who likes Becky?



90. Who was Pam’s brother?



91. In the episode ‘Danny in Charge’, where are Jesse and Joey and what are they doing?

Forest, filming an ad


92. Which actress portrayed middle sister Stephanie Tanner?

Jodie Sweetin


93. What is Michelle’s catchphrase?

“You got it dude”


94. What model car did Joey get DJ for her 16th birthday in season 6 episode 20, “Grand Gift Auto”?

A red ’77 Firebird


95. When can the family go into Jesse’s recording room?

When the red light is off


96. In what year was Jodie Sweetin (who plays Stephanie) born?



97. Why was the high school principal jealous of Jesse?

Jesse had nice hair


98. What circus character helped deliver a woman’s baby, and was the top story on Danny and Becky’s, “Wake Up San Francisco”“?

A mime


99. At Jesse’s 10-year high school reunion, he sees his high school love again. What is their song?

Muskrat Love

100. In season eight, The Rippers eventually vote Jesse out of the band. Which “blast from the past” child star replaces Jesse as lead singer?

Barry Williams


101. How old did Danny turn in the first season of “Full House”?



102. What time did D.J. say she was born in “13 Candles”?

3:48 AM


103. I am annoying. I live next door to the Tanner family and am friends with DJ. Who am I?

Kimmy Gibbler


104. Jesse and Becky’s twins are named Nicky and Alex, but what are Nicky and Alex short for?

Nicholas and Alexander


105. Why was DJ so adamant about going on a diet to the point of not eating?

She wanted to fit in a bathing suit for Kimmy’s pool party


106. DJ first took Spanish in junior high. What was the full name of her Spanish teacher?

Linda Mosely


107. Which famous band guest stars repeatedly in “Full House”?


108. What voice did Joey not perform?

Mr. Bullwinkle


109. In the episode ‘Stephanie plays the Field’, what is the name of her boyfriend?



110. What is the last name of the child actors who play D.J. Tanner’s youngest son?



111. What was the name of Danny’s wife?



112. In season 4 episode 15, “Ol’ Brown Eyes”, what song does Danny want to sing for DJ’s classmates?

My Generation


113. What is Michelle trying to jump when she falls off her horse and hits her head?

A log


114. What movie does DJ sneak Stephanie and Michelle into in season 5 episode 14, “Sisters In Crime”?

The Littlest Sea Lion


115. What was Kimmy’s dog’s name?



116. What was the name of Michelle’s goldfish, who dies in a bubble bath in season 4 episode 17?



117. Who stood up Stephanie?



118. What is Stephanie’s killer pitch called?

Tanner Twister


119. What was Joey Gladstone known to do in the show?

All of these


120. What was the name of Stephanie’s band?

Girl Talk


121. What was Michelle’s FULL name?

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner


122. How did Danny’s wife die?

Car accident


123. What are the full names of the three Tanner girls?

Donna Jo Margaret, Stephanie Judith, Michelle Elizabeth


124. What was Danny’s red car originally named?



125. What street did the Tanners live on?



126. What episode had the last appearance of Gail Edwards as Vicky?

The Perfect Couple


127. What color was D.J.’s sweater that the lawnmower shredded?

Bluish purple/royal blue


128. Who was Jesse and Becky’s son Alex named after?

Bluish purple/royal blue


129. Becky’s favorite school teacher?

Bluish purple/royal blue


130. What is Danny’s middle name?



131. What is the girl’s uncle named?



132. What famous comedian stole Joey’s gig at the Smash Club?

Phyllis Diller


133. The character Jesse is played by whom?

John Stamos


134. I have blond hair. I shared my room with all of my sisters and I had a stuffed bear named Mr. Bear. Who am I?

Stephanie Tanner


135. What was the club that Michelle, D.J., and Stephanie all belonged to?


136. What does DJ stand for?

Donna Jo


137. A couple of the Tanner girls accidentally snuck onto a plane in the episode “Come Fly With Me”. Which ones did?

Stephanie and Michelle


138. DJ’s cousin Steve came to visit. Who didn’t play football when they all went to the park?



139. Which of the following actors was not a guest star on “Full House”?

Alan Thicke


140. What are Jesse’s top three priorities?

Hair, Elvis, family


141. What did Jessie sing to “Shortie” (Michelles Donkey) to make him quiet?

The “Three’s Company” theme Song


142. When does Stephanie learn she must wear reading glasses, who pops by with some helpful advice?

Steve Urkel


143. What was the name of Stephanie’s friend who got into a car accident?



144. In season 1 episode 7, “Knock Yourself Out”, Danny tries out as a boxing announcer. He breaks some unfortunate news to one of the boxers, The Sandman, and he starts crying. What did Danny tell him?

His wife left him


145. What is the name of the camp that D.J., Stephanie, Michelle, Kimmy, and Steve go to?

Camp Lakota


146. Does Stephanie create her own room in what room when neither DJ nor Michelle wants to share a room with her?



147. In “Dr. Dare Rides Again”, it was revealed that Jesse had a girlfriend long before meeting Becky. What was her name?



148. What does “D.J.”  stand for?

Donna Jo


149. What is the character name of John Stamos?

Jesse Katsopolis

150. In what European country did DJ meet Steve?



151. When Stephanie inadvertently drove Joey’s car into the kitchen in “Honey, I Broke the House,” she was so frantic that she wanted to run away and move to what country?



152. For the dog show in one of the episodes, what was Comet’s trick?

He could jump over Michelle when she was curled up on the floor.


153. Stephanie has two major catchphrases throughout the series. What are they?

“How rude!” and “Well pin a rose on your nose.”


154. In what episode does Joey get a date?

‘Happy New Year’


155. In “Working Girl” DJ was unable to balance her new part time job at the mall and school when she failed a test in what subject?



156. Who is the clean freak?



157. In the episode “Half a Love Story” what is the name of the girl that Jesse likes?

Robin Winslow


158. Why does Stephanie have to move back into DJ’s room after moving out?

Because Jesse is moving back in


159. In the episode ‘Shape up’, why does D.J. Want to lose weight?

She wants to go to a pool party


160. Which one is the comedian?



161. When Michelle wants to play with Joey and Uncle Jesse, where does she hide Uncle Jesse’s ring?

In the cookie jar


162. In the first season, how many people lived in the house?



163. What Was DJ’s horse’s name?



164. I ride a motorbike. I am known for being obsessed with my hair and Elvis. I have two sons that are twins and The Beach Boys visit me often. Who am I?

Jesse Katsopolis


165. Which of these was never seen riding a horse on “Full House”?



166. What is Michelle’s middle name?



167. What was the uncle’s name in “Full House”?

Uncle Jesse


168. Stephanie, Jesse, and Joey have chicken pox. What kind of sandwiches does Danny prepare for them?



169. What was the name of the ship that Jesse, Joey, and Danny went on to have some “male bonding time”?

Neptune’s Bride


170. Who once moved out and then returned when they heard Michelle was sick in season 1?



171. How is Jesse related to Danny?

Danny’s brother-in-law


172. In “Full House” Danny Tanner was a widower. Which of his daughters took on the role of widow in “Fuller House”?



173. Who is the celebrity that appears at Stephanie’s 10th birthday party?

Tommy Page


174. In Disney World, who did D.J. NOT mistaken as Steve?


175. What is the name of the dog that the Tanner girls find in their backyard, and then has puppies on Jesse’s bed in season 3 episode 7, “And They Call It Puppy Love”?



176. What was the name of Michelle’s preschool class’s pet bird, who she accidentally lets escape in season 3 episode 16, “Bye, Bye, Birdie”?



177. Who was wearing the mint-colored booties?



178. Who is Becky’s butcher?

Lynard Schultz


179. When Becky first met Jesse who did he remind her of?

her brother


180. What did Kimmy’s brother name his car?

Wild Thang


181. What is the name of the actress who played Aunt Becky?

Lori Loughlin


182. Teddy is reluctant to tell Michelle that he is moving to Amarillo, Texas, but Michelle senses that something is going on. What makes Michelle suspicious of Teddy’s actions?

He tells her that he can’t go to Happy Mountain


183. What was Michelle’s favorite movie?


184. In “Back to School Blues”, what happened to D.J. ‘s makeup after Danny consoled her on the rough day she had at school the day before?

Becky fixed it up, toning it down in the process’


185. Joey lands a role on a TV show called “Surf’s Up” with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. What is Joey’s character’s name on the show and what animal does the character become after it is changed to a cartoon?

Flip; a kangaroo


186. What is the name of Kimmy’s boyfriend who she almost marries?



187. In her school’s spelling bee, what word did Stephanie misspell that got her eliminated?



188. What is the name of the magazine that names Danny ‘Bachelor Of The Month’?

Bay City Magazine


189. In the first season, what is the name of the band that DJ put together?

The Bracelets


190. What is the name of the actress that played Danny’s mom, Granny Tanny?

Doris Roberts


191. In episode 14, what is D.J. working towards buying?

Tennis shoes


192. Who replaces Ranger Roy as Ranger Joe?



193. Who plays Michelle?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


194. Who plays Danny?

Bob Saget


195. Where does Danny propose to Vicky?

At a Disney park


196. Who backed a car into the house?



197. What episode in season one did we first see Kimmy?



198. Which Tanner girl did an Elvis impersonation for the Honeybee Talent Show?



199. At what job does Joey date his boss?

As a radio host for a radio station

200. Which bands did Jesse not play in?

Rush Hour Renegades


201. How many different rooms did Joey have in the eight seasons of “Full House?”



202. What is the first name of the person that plays Gia, one of Stephanie’s friends?



203. What was Jesse’s last name in the first season?



204. What was the name of the cat food that Jesse and Joey pitched an idea for in their advertising business?

Kitty Krispies


205. I am the youngest out of my sisters. I am really close to my uncle. I had a pet fish and fell off of my horse. Who am I?

Michelle Tanner


206. On Jesse’s 26th birthday, everyone asks him for help with something, and Jesse gets completely overwhelmed. What does D.J. need Jesse to do?

Coach her soccer team


207. What is the last name of the actor who played Jesse?



208. How many people are living in the house at the end of the series?

Nine people


209. Danny once drove a boat in Hawaii. What did Danny mistake for an island on the map?

Chip crumb


210. Joey receives money from an old savings bond and gives everyone a gift. How many dollars does Danny expect to get from him?



211. What was Joey’s job?



212. The initial show was called “Full House” referencing the number of people who lived in it. What is the meaning of the title of this show?

Fuller is the last name of D.J.’s family.


213. What was the name of the boy that Stephanie had her first kiss with?



214. In what episode does DJ’s long-term boyfriend Steve make his first appearance?

Season 5, episode 14: “Sisters in Crime”


215. In season 2 episode 16, “Baby Love”, what is the name of Michelle’s little playmate?



216. Who did DJ have to choose between in the episode where a new member entered Jesse’s new band?

Nelson and Viper


217. Why don’t DJ, Stephanie and Michelle have a mom anymore?

Died in a car crash


218. Who was the pest next door?



219. Who pierced Stephanie’s ears?



220. What city was “Full House” set in?

San Francisco


221. DJ went on a crash diet in an episode. How many days did Stephanie say DJ had gone without eating?



222. When Kimmy goes to the Dodgers game with Nelson, she tries to pinch the bat boy’s butt but gets a handful of what?

Tommy LaSorda


223. The Katsopolis twins from “Full House” returned for an episode of “Fuller House” like most of the original cast. What were their character names?

Nicky and Alex


224. What show is Kimmy watching while DJ is studying for SATs in season 7, episode 15, “The Test”?

“Wheel of Fortune”


225. What was the price of D.J.’s sweater that got shredded by a lawn mower?



226. What is the name of the car salesman whom Joey and Jesse buy Danny’s new car from?



227. How did Michelle lose her memory?

Fell off of her horse


228. Where was Becky from?



229. The “Full House” theme song goes: “What ever happened to _____? The _______ _______, the ________, __________ tv?”

Predictability, milk man, paperboy, evening


230. After Danny’s beloved car is wrecked, Jesse and Joey buy Danny a new red convertible. What does Danny name this car?



231. How old is DJ when he starts dating Steve?



232. Who becomes “Princess for a Day” when the family travels to Disney World?



233. Which of D.J.’s boyfriends was an actual cast member of “Full House”?



234. What is the name of Stephanie’s date who stands her up?



235. Is Michelle Tanner left-handed or right-handed?



236. What song, choreographed by Uncle Jesse, do Michelle and her preschool class sing at their graduation?

“Twist and Shout”


237. In what episode did Kimmy first appear?



238. What did Michelle fall off of in part one the series finale?

A horse


239. What is the name of Stephanie’s third grade teacher who suggests that Stephanie get reading glasses?

Mrs. Claire


240. Who played Jennifer P. in the episode where Stephanie wants to get her ears pierced?

Danielle Fishel


241. In “Three Men and Another Baby”, what was the name of the baby the Tanner family was looking after?



242. Not including Comet’s bed, how many beds were in the Tanner household at the end of the show?



243. Danny has two red convertibles in the episode “The Big Three-O”. What are the names of the cars?

Bullet and Walter


244. Which two actresses play Michelle?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen


245. In the first season, what commercial did DJ audition for that Stephanie ended up getting instead?

Oat Boats Cereal


246. Together, it’s a __________ _______!

Full House


247. Which singer’s autograph do DJ and Kimmy ditch school to get?

Stacy Q


248. Who does Michelle share her birthday with?

The twins


249. In episode 1, who does Jesse ask to marry him?


250. When Michelle earns a lot of money selling lemonade, in “You pet it you bought it” what does she buy with her money?

A donkey


251. How old was Michelle when her mom died?

9 months


252. Who is Jesse’s sister?



253. What did Jesse tell Viper to get DJ when they were in the middle of a fight?

A stupid gift


254. In the episode “Secret Admirer”, who does Rusty want to give the letter to and who does he want that person to think sent it?

DJ, Paperboy


255. In season four’s “Slumber Party,” which town is Becky stuck in?



256. How many episodes are in “Full House?”



257. In “Bye Bye Birdie,” what was the name of the class parrot that Michelle released from its cage, causing it to fly out the window?



258. On which day did Becky and Jesse get married?


259. Michelle has a club with her friends (Aaron, Lisa, and Derek) based on popular action figures. What is the name of the club?

Mighty Mutant Super Kids Club


260. I like to watch cartoons. I am a comedian and act younger than I am. Who am I?

Joey Gladstone


261. What was the name of the all-girl band Stephanie and Gia formed for the “Wake Up San Francisco” young talent competition?

Girl Talk


262. What is the last name of the family that the show is centered around?



263. Fill in the blanks of the song from the episode “The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang”: “Dad…dad…dad…dad… He’s our dad And he has a really_______ _______ He keeps it that way with a_________ and a _______ Dad…dad…dad…dad…”

Clean, room, mop, broom


264. Stephanie stains DJ’s sweater while at a grocery store. What is the name of the food Stephanie has been sampling when this happens?

Funky Franks


265. In episode 2, what is the punishment given to Michelle after she had been naughty?

Staring at the wall


266. In “There’s a Pox In My House,” who gets chicken pox?

Jesse, Joey, Stephanie


267. Which character, who also appeared on three other television shows, was played by John Stamos?

Jesse, Joey, Stephanie


268. At Tanner family fun night, what gets stuck to a plate?

An octopus/squid


269. What time was DJ born?

3:48 AM


270. Which character was played by two actors?



271. How much money did Michelle make selling lemonade in season 8 episode 6, “You Pet It, You Bought It”?



272. Who helps Stephanie overcome her fear of wearing her glasses but gets her in trouble?



273. In season 1 episode 8. “Jesse’s Girl”, Jesse falls for his guitar student, but she prefers Joey. What was her name?

Corrina Spicer



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