290+ Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

Easter is a global festival famous for the Easter bunny legend hailing from Germany. On this day, children of all ages become eager to see which treat this mythical creature has left for them.

To your shock, the Birmingham factory produces 1.5 million Crème Eggs every day. Did you know the act of painting eggs originates from a Ukraine tradition? The colorful custom of Pysanka is made using wax and dyed. It was not until Ukrainian immigrants came to the US that this culture was cultivated.

Easter Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

The world’s giant Easter egg is more of a jigsaw than a sculpture, made from 3500 pieces of aluminum. The Vegreville Pysanka stands at 31 feet tall and 18 feet wide, and the egg weighs a hefty 500lbs. Unbelievably, the Vegreville egg took 12,000 hours to complete.

Below is a sequence of a quiz about Easter to help in memorizing Scripture, incorporate into your Easter plans and help your children recall and recite the Easter story.

1. Why do Christians celebrate Easter Sunday?

It was the day Jesus was resurrected.


2. What does Maundy Thursday represent?

The washing of the feet and the last supper of Jesus Christ with the apostles.


3. Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday is known as what?

Holy Week


4. According to the Bible, what Jewish holiday was being celebrated during the week of Jesus’ death and resurrection?



5. True or false: early Christians dye eggs red at Easter to symbolize the blood of Christ.



6. According to the Gospel of Matthew, for how many silver coins did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus?



7. In some countries such as Greece, Mexico, and Spain, what is burned during Easter bonfires?

Effigies of Judas


8. Name the mischievous young rabbit created by Beatrix Potter in ‘The Tale of …”



9. According to the Bible, how many days passed between Jesus’ death and resurrection?



10. Who is always late in Alice in Wonderland?

White Rabbit


11. What is the Sunday before Easter called?

Palm Sunday


12. Judy Garland and Fred Astaire starred in which 1948 springtime film?


13. What is the 40-day period before Easter called?



14. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry and Ron Weasley’s dragon-sized Easter Eggs are filled with Molly Weasley’s delicious homemade what inside?



15. In what year was Cadbury founded? a) 1824 b) 1837 c) 1858



16. Who owns the factory in Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Willie Wonka


17. Which egg-shaped chocolate candy treat is banned in the United States?

Kinder Surprise


18. Name the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber musical – ‘Jesus Christ …’?



19. True or false: the people of Mesoamerica used cocoa beans as currency?



20. What is the name of the rabbit in Winnie the Pooh?



21. Bournville is home to which famous chocolate factory?



22. Who wrote the children’s book ‘Green Eggs and Ham’?

Dr. Seuss


23. What part of the cocoa plant is chocolate made from? a) beans b) flowers c) berries



24. Name the 1979 satirically biblical film by Monty Python.

The Life of Brian


25. Which chocolate company produced the first chocolate egg in the UK?

Frys and Sons


26. What is Bambi’s rabbit friend called?



27. The world’s tallest ever chocolate Easter egg was approximately how tall? a) 8 meters b) 9 meters c) 10 meters

10 meters


28. What animal delivers Easter eggs on Easter Sunday?

The Easter Bunny


29. What type of ‘chocolate’ contains cocoa butter but not cocoa beans?

White chocolate


30. “How do you eat yours?” was the famous advertising slogan for what?

Cadbury’s Creme Egg


31. At the Last Supper, which food did Jesus liken to his body?



32. Which half of an egg is used in the following recipes: hollandaise sauce, custard, creme brulee?

Egg yolk


33. What food is traditionally eaten on Good Friday?



34. What food is traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday?



35. What cake is traditionally eaten at Easter which is mostly a fruit cake covered in marzipan?

Simnel Cake


36. True or false: pretzels were originally a Lenten food as the shape represented arms crossed in prayer and contained no eggs or dairy.



37. What dried fruit do you find in Hot Cross Buns?



38. Colomba di Pasqua is an Italian Easter bread, shaped like which bird?



39. How is the equivalent of Shrove Tuesday known in France?

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)


40. Approximately how many Easter eggs are sold in the UK every year? a) 20 million b) 40 million c) 80 million

80 million


41. Easter always falls in which two months of the year?

March or April


42. What roast meat is traditionally eaten at Easter?



43. Finish this famous saying: “don’t put all your eggs in one …”



44. When is Lent?

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. That is forty days before Easter.


45. Easter Island is part of which country?



46. Why do Christians celebrate Lent?

Lent is a preparation period before Easter. It usually includes fasting and giving up something.


47. What is the name of a male rabbit?



48. Why do people fast and abstain on Lent?

People repent and fast to reflect on Jesus Christ’s sacrifices. In some churches, they attempt to mimic what Jesus did before his ministry launched.


49. From which country did the Easter bunny originate?


50. Is there a Biblical history of Lent?

Lent is aligned with the 40-day fast where the devil tempted Jesus. Mark 1:13, Matthew 4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13.


51. On what street in New York does the city’s traditional Easter parade take place?

Fifth Avenue


52. What does Ash Wednesday have to do with Lent?

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent.


53. Egg rolling, an Easter game of rolling hard-boiled eggs down a hill, is an annual event at which famous house?


54. What is significant about Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday marks Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Matthew 21:9.


55. Semana Santa is the Spanish term for the last week of Lent. What does it mean?

Holy Week


56. What do churches usually hand out on Palm Sundays?



57. Which bird lays the largest egg?



58. Why do churches hand out palm branches during Palm Sunday services?



59. When is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday is a week before Easter and the last Sunday in Lent.


60. What holiday is being celebrated when Jesus makes his return to Jerusalem?

The Passover.


61. Why is Holy Wednesday often referred to as Spy Wednesday?

It is on this day that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ. This betrayal led to his arrest and crucifixion. Matthew 26:14-16.


62. When is Holy Monday?

Holy Monday is the day after Palm Sunday. Every day of the week leading up to Easter is significant and holy. It represents the last week of the ministry of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


63. How much did one of the disciples sell Jesus out for?

Judas Iscariot promised to deliver Jesus up for thirty pieces of silver. Matthew 14:15.


64. What happened on Holy Monday?

Jesus purified the temple of God on Holy Monday. He cast out all who bought and sold there. He told them, “My house shall be called a house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves.” Jesus also healed the blind and the lame on Holy Monday. Matthew 21:12-14.


65. Why didn’t Jesus chastise a woman for pouring a precious ointment on his head?

Jesus said, “For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.” Matthew 26:12.


66. What happened on Holy Tuesday?

Jesus cursed a fig tree because of its lack of productivity. Matthew 21:18-19.


67. Why did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus?

Satan entered into Judas. Luke 22:3.


68. What else did Jesus do on Holy Tuesday?

Jesus did a lot of teaching. He also handled questions by many of the religious leaders. He taught the parable of the marriage feast (Matthew 22). He also faced scrutiny from Herodians and later the Pharisees..


69. When did Jesus tell his disciples that he would be betrayed?

In Matthew 26:2, Jesus said, “Ye know that after two days is the feast of the Passover and the Son of Man is betrayed to be crucified.”


70. What can we learn from Holy Tuesday?

Holy Tuesday deals with the religious leaders’ constantly questioning Jesus. We should be encouraged if we are ever questioned for our faith because the Lord himself suffered many questions before his entrapment and death.


71. Why do we celebrate Good Friday?

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified and buried on Good Friday. Matthew 27-28.


72. What is significant about Maundy Thursday?

The Lord’s Supper was instituted on this day. Luke 2:19-20.


73. What were Jesus Christ’s last words on the cross?

And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” This translates as “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46.


74. Why did Jesus fall to the ground and pray on this day?

He said that his soul was exceeding sorrowful unto death. He fell to the ground and prayed if it were possible that the coming events might pass him by. Mark 14:34-35.


75. What happened when Jesus “gave up the ghost”?

The temple’s veil was torn into two pieces, from top to bottom. There was an earthquake, and rocks broke into pieces. Matthew 27:51-52.


76. Which disciples were sleeping who should have watched out while Jesus prayed?

Simon Peter. Jesus said, “Simon, sleepest thou? Couldn’t you watch one hour?” Mark 14:37.


77. Which Mary was present at the crucifixion of Jesus?

“Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.” These three Marys included the mother of Jesus. John 9:25


78. When Jesus was betrayed, who asked him if he was Jesus the Christ?

“Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed? And Jesus said, “I am and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven.” Mark 14:61-62.


79. What happened when a soldier pierced the body of Jesus after his death?

Blood and water came out from Jesus’ side. John 19:34.


80. Which disciple denied knowing Jesus?

Peter denied Jesus three times. Mark 14:66-72.


81. According to Scripture, who arrived first on Easter Sunday at Jesus’ grave?

Mary Magdalene arrived early on the first day of the week, when it was still dark, to the sepulcher. She saw that the stone had been taken away. John 20:1.


82. What were some of Jesus’ enemies doing on Holy Saturday?

Chief priests and Pharisees went to visit Pilate. They were concerned that someone would take Jesus’ body and say he had arisen as he told people he would. They wanted Pilate to secure the place where Jesus was buried to make sure that did not happen. They sealed the sepulcher with a stone. Matthew 27:62-6.


83. On Easter Sunday, who asked, “Woman, why weepest thou?” And the woman responded, “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him.”

Two angels were there, and they asked Mary Magdalene why she was weeping. John 20:12-13.


84. What does Scripture reveal that Jesus did before he arose on Easter?

Jesus went to hell and preached unto the spirits in prison. 1 Peter 3:19, Acts 2:31.


85. According to Scripture, who was the first person to see Jesus after he was resurrected?

Mary Magdalene saw Jesus. At first, she mistook him for the gardener. John 20:15-18.


86. What is Holy Saturday also called?

Holy Saturday is also referred to as the Blessed Sabbath. According to some scholars, this title links Holy Saturday to God’s creative works.


87. Which disciple went to where Jesus was buried to look for him?

Peter. Luke 24:12.


88. Why is the Easter Vigil celebrated on Holy Saturday?

The vigil includes lighting a fire and candles to celebrate Jesus’ passing from death to life. It also signifies the end of Lent. It also signifies the final day of his death and his triumph over hell


89. Where did the angel tell the women to go and see the risen Savior?

The angel told Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to go to Galilee to see Jesus. Matthew 28:6-7.


90. When is Holy Saturday?

Holy Saturday is always the Saturday before Resurrection Sunday or Easter.


91. What is celebrated at Easter?

The resurrection of Jesus


92. How many days did Jesus appear to his disciples after his death and rising from the tomb?

Jesus appeared to his disciples for 40 days. Acts 1:3.


93. What type of food is decorated for Easter?



94. What did Jesus teach his disciples after he was resurrected?

After he was resurrected, Jesus showed in many ways to his disciples that he was indeed alive and taught them about the kingdom of God. Acts 1:3.


95. What is a feature or message hidden in a software called?

An Easter egg


96. Why did Jesus tell the disciples to wait in Jerusalem?

Jesus told the disciples to stay in Jerusalem because soon, God the Father would send the gift he had promised: a baptism by the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:4-5.


97. How many days before Easter was the crucifixion?

3 days


98. Where did Jesus ascend into heaven?

Jesus ascended into heaven on the Mount of Olives. Acts 1:12.


99. What can you see on doors at Easter time?

Easter wreath

100. How many angels appeared to the disciples after Jesus ascended into heaven?

Two angels appeared to the disciples after Jesus ascended. Acts 1:10-11.


101. How many eggs were in the largest Easter egg tree (according to the Guinness World Record)?



102. Which spiced sweet bun is traditionally eaten on Good Friday?

Hot Cross Buns


103. How tall was the tallest chocolate Easter egg (according to the Guinness World Record)?

10.39 m


104. When is Easter? ​​

The first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon


105. How many eggs were hidden in the largest Easter egg hunt ever?

501,000 eggs


106. Which color is the Lindt chocolate bunny?



107. Atari’s arcade game Starship 1 is the first one known with an Easter Egg. When was it released?



108. Which British chocolate company makes the Mini Eggs?



109. In which country was the largest decorated Easter egg?



110. Which brand of chocolate has “Have a Break…Have a ______” as a slogan.



111. How much was the most expensive chocolate egg sold at auction?



112. Which author wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Roald Dahl


113. How many chocolate bunnies are sold in the US each year?

91 million


114. In which city can you find the statue of Christ the Redeemer?

Rio de Janeiro


115. Complete this title “It’s Easter________, Charlie Brown”.



116. Which artist painted ‘The Last Supper’?

Leonardo Da Vinci


117. ‘The Great Egg-Scapade’ is part of which series?

Ice Age


118. What is the name of the rabbit in the Disney movie ‘Bambi’?



119. Easter is a Christian holiday.



120. In which country is a pysanka, a decorated Easter egg?



121. What are Catholics not allowed to eat on Good Friday?



122. In France, what are Easter Eggs?



123. Besides chocolate, what is the main ingredient of Reese’s?


124. Roald Dahl wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

False, it was Beatrix Potter


125. Which flavor of McFlurry does McDonald’s bring for Easter in the UK?

Creme Egg


126. Creme Eggs are available all year round.



127. Osterbrunnen is a German tradition that consists of decorating _____________ with Easter eggs for Easter.

Public wells or fountains


128. Easter is always in April.



129. What is the traditional flower of Easter?

Easter Lily


130. Good Friday is not a bank holiday in the UK.



131. Which day is the Sunrise service on?

Easter Sunday


132. What is the name of Dolly Parton’s famous Easter song?

He’s alive


133. Which brand was initially selling the Creme Egg?



134. Complete the famous quotes from Charles M. Schulz “All you need is love. But a little _________ now and then doesn’t hurt.”



135. How much is the  UK chocolate Easter Egg market worth?

£220 million


136. In which movie can you see Bing Crosby singing the song “Easter Parade”?


137. Americans consume ______jelly beans for easter?

16 billion


138. How many colors of Mini Eggs are there?



139. How many hours did it take to complete the Vegreville Pysanka egg?

12,000 hours


140. In which US state was the largest Easter egg hunt ever held?



141. In which animated movie did Russell Brand voice the Easter bunny?



142. Which jewelry house is famous for its jeweled egg?



143. With which Jewish holiday is Easter associated?



144. Which country does the Easter bunny come from?



145. Is Easter a relatively new tradition?



146. Complete the title of this Judy Garland song “In Your Easter ______”.



147. Christians began wearing new clothes on Easter in Medieval times to symbolize what?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ


148. Which US president initiated the White House Easter Egg Roll?

President Rutherford Hayes


149. Which festival is held in medieval Britain?

Egg throwing festival

150. What is the other name given to the Holy Week?

Passion Week


151. In Australia, the Easter mascot is a?



152. In which country do children dress up as witches on Easter Sunday?



153. Every year, the white house hosts a special Easter celebration.

Easter Egg Roll


154. In Switzerland, a ____bird delivers Easter eggs to kids?



155. Which prominent human was first to bring the Easter Bunny to the White house in 1969?

Pat Nixson


156. ______used to be part of Easter traditions?



157. _____ was the first president to bring the easter bunny to the white house?

Richard Nixon


158. The largest chocolate Easter bunny took ___ days to make?



159. How many people participated in the egg hunt in Florida, 2007?

Almost 10,000


160. In 2007, ______ hosted the world’s largest Easter Egg hunt?

Florida’s Cypress Gardens Adventure Park


161. Most people go for the _________ first on a chocolate bunny?



162. Which company made the marshmallow chicks with a pastry tube?

Rodda Candy Company


163. In 1953, it took more than how many hours to make a peep?



164. Painted pysanky eggs were even believed to have powers that would?

Bring fertility and good harvests in the new season.


165. The art of egg dyeing started in?



166. Easter eggs were thought to have?

Symbolic fertility


167. Polish legends say the Virgin Mary painted eggs using?

Her tears


168. The Easter bunny hopped into the United States in which year?

The 1700s


169. Easter’s date is determined by?

The lunar cycle


170. When does Easter occur on the first Sunday after the?

Paschal full moon


171. What is the main dish at Jewish Passover, is the traditional meat for the main meal on Easter Day?

Roast lamb


172. In the United States, traditional Easter foods?

Ham, chicken, and lamb


173. After Halloween, _____ is the top-selling candy holiday.



174. It is believed by some that Easter was named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eastre, whose symbols were?

The egg and the hare (rabbit)


175. The most famous Easter parade is held in?

New York


176. The word “Easter” appears in the Old Testament in the Bible.



177. A lamb is one of the symbols of Easter, as it was a sacrificial animal in the Old Testament?



178. The rabbit is an ancient symbol of fertility.



179. The egg represents “new life,” or the resurrection of Christ?



180. The most popular American Easter candy is the chocolate bunny?



181. The idea of the Easter bunny, which originated in Germany in the 1700s, was not a rabbit originally, but a:



182. The Bible says that the apostle who betrayed Jesus killed himself. Who was he and how did he commit suicide?

Judas, hung himself


183. What is the name of the Charlie Brown Easter Special?

“It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”


184. The most popular American Easter candy is?


185. How was Jesus fastened to the cross?

With nails through his hands and feet


186. The Romans, in an effort to mock Jesus, gave him a “crown” of what?



187. Jesus prophesied that Peter would deny him how many times?



188. How many gospels are in the Bible? Why are they important at Easter?

Four, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; the “Easter Story” is in the gospels


189. What came first, Jesus’ crucifixion, the resurrection, or the Last Supper?

The Last Supper


190. What was the purpose of the Easter Act passed in 1928 by Parliament in the United Kingdom?

Establish a fixed date for Easter


191. The “Easter parade,” an American cultural event consisting of a festive strolling procession on Easter Sunday, is characterized by what item of clothing won by women?



192. Who held the first egg roll on the White House lawn and in what year?

Lucy Hayes, wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878


193. Which job did Zacchaeus hold in the Bible?

Tax collector


194. What are two traditional Easter games?

The Easter egg hunt and egg roll


195. When the soldiers came for Jesus, what wound did Peter inflict on the servant of the high priest?

Cut off his right ear


196. The custom of giving candy and chocolate for Easter first appeared during what historical age?

Victorian age


197. Who wrote the popular Easter hymn “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”?

Charles Wesley


198. What colors are associated with Easter?

Purple and yellow


199. The Easter sunrise service, a distinctive Protestant observance in North America, comes from what Biblical event?

It is a reenactment of Mary Magdalene’s visit to Jesus’ tomb on the morning of his Resurrection

200. Where is the largest egg museum located and how many eggs are on display?

Poland, the Easter Egg Museum has more than 1500 eggs from all over the world


201. Some countries (Mexico, Spain, and Greece) have bonfires at Easter time. What is burned in these fires?

Effigies of Judas


202. When was the Cadbury candy company started?

This second-largest confectionery brand in the world (Wrigley’s is first) was established in Birmingham, England in 1824 by John Cadbury and sold tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate.


203. What kind of cloth was used to wrap the body of Jesus?



204. Who made the statement, “Take ye him, and crucify him, for I find no fault in him.”?

Pontius Pilate, after which he washed his hands as a sign that he was not responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus


205. Jesus’ body was placed in a sepulcher and a rock was rolled to cover the opening. What is a sepulcher?

a cave-like tomb


206. Which disciple is not present when Jesus goes to see them after his resurrection?

Thomas, who is told by the disciples that Jesus rose from the grave


207. How many angels were guarding the sepulcher?

Two, one where the head of Jesus had been and one at the feet (John 20:12)


208. What was the name of the hill where they crucified Jesus?



209. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After his crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead how many days later?



210. Which prisoner was released instead of Jesus?



211. What animal did Jesus ride on when he entered Jerusalem the week before his death?

A donkey


212. According to the song Peter Cottontail, what is the bunny bringing for Tommy?

The Easter bunny is bringing jelly beans for Tommy


213. Households spend how much on average on Easter annually?

Households spend about 131 dollars on Easter.


214. Swedish kids dress up as Easter Wizards instead of?

Easter bunnies


215. What kind of bread is associated with Easter?

Hot cross buns are associated with the Easter holiday.


216. What do the marzipan balls on a simnel cake represent?

They represent the apostles (minus Judas).


217. Who introduced the Easter bonnet into American popular culture in 1933?

Irving Berlin introduced the bonnet into popular culture.


218. Easter celebrates the ________ of Jesus Christ.



219. In the Bible, Judas traded Jesus in exchange for what?

Judas traded Jesus in exchange for 30 pieces of silver.


220. How long does it currently take to produce one marshmallow Peep?

It takes six minutes to produce a single marshmallow Peep.


221. In which state did the Easter bunny first appear?

The Easter bunny first appeared in the state of Pennsylvania.


222. What celebrity was made into a chocolate bunny for the first time in 2015?

Benedict Cumberbatch was made into a chocolate bunny.


223. What is Fat Tuesday?

Fat Tuesday is the day before Lent. Is it a time of overindulgence before fasting.


224. Which apostle doubted Jesus’ resurrection?

The Apostle Thomas doubted the resurrection.


225. Besides bunnies, what animal is considered an Easter symbol?

A lamb is considered an Easter symbol.


226. In England, when you dance between Easter eggs on a floor, it’s called what?

Dancing between Easter eggs is called hop-egging.


227. Easter Sunday is also called what?

Resurrection Day is another name for Easter Sunday.


228. Which American Literature professor wrote the traditional Easter hymn “Up from the Grove He Arose”?

Robert Lowry wrote this traditional Easter hymn.


229. Which day of Holy Week is to honor the Last Supper?

Holy Thursday is meant to honor the Last Supper.


230. Why are pretzels considered an Easter food?

They are considered an Easter food because their design is said to look like praying arms and hands.


231. Where is the largest Easter egg museum in the world?

Poland holds the largest Easter egg museum in the world.


232. In the Bible, who was the first person to enter Jesus’ tomb?

Peter was the first person to enter the tomb, according to the Bible.


233. When was Cadbury founded?

Cadbury was founded in 1824.


234. In the 13th century, the church prohibited eating what during Holy Week?

Eggs weren’t allowed to be eaten during Holy Week.


235. When were Cadbury Creme Eggs introduced?

These famous eggs were introduced in 1963.


236. The world-record largest chocolate Easter egg was made in what city?

Tosca, Italy created the world’s largest chocolate Easter egg.


237. From what is the filling in Cadbury Creme Eggs made?

Their filling is made from fondant.


238. While the Easter Bunny brings children eggs in the U.S., what sort of critter delivers the goods in Westphalia, Germany?

A fox delivers goods in Germany.


239. What pagan goddess is associated with Easter?

Ostara is a pagan goddess associated with the holiday.


240. Three days before Easter is called what?

This period of time is called the Paschal Triduum of Easter Triduum.


241. In what season does Easter take place in Australia?

Easter takes place in Autumn in Australia.


242. How many jellybeans do Americans consume during Easter?

Americans consume more than 16 million jelly beans. That’s enough jelly beans to circle the globe not once, not twice, but three times.


243. In the Bible, what did Jesus and his apostles eat at the Last Supper?

They ate bread and wine during the Last Supper.


244. How much candy is sold during this religious celebration?

2.6 billion dollars worth of candy is sold in the United States alone.


245. What’s the name of the jeweler who decorated Easter eggs for royalty?

Peter Carl Faberge decorated Easter eggs for royalty.


246. In Eastern Christianity, the end of Lent is called what?

This time period is called Lazarus Saturday.


247. What egg-shaped candy was illegal in the United States?

Kinder Surprise eggs were illegal in the United States.


248. In whose tomb was Jesus buried?

Jesus was buried in Joseph of Arimathea.


249. True or false: Most people prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate.

This statement is true.

250. How many Peeps do Americans eat during each Easter season?

600 million Peeps are consumed each Easter season.


251. Easter’s date is determined by what?

The date is determined by the moon.


252. What garment was popularized by the song “Easter Parade?”

Easter bonnets were popularized because of this famous song.


253. Each year, Easter is recognized on the first Sunday after what?

Easter takes place after the first full moon on or after the spring equinox.


254. The original Easter bunny in Germany was actually what sort of animal?

An Easter Hare called “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws.”


255.  How many marzipan balls are traditionally on a simnel cake?

11 marzipan balls are served on a simnel cake.


256. Buying what for Easter is said to bring good luck for the rest of the year?

New clothes will bring good luck for the rest of the year.


257. What was the circumference of the world’s largest chocolate Easter egg?

The circumference of this egg was 64 feet, 3.65 inches.


258. Easter symbols like rabbits stem from what Anglo-Saxon festival?

This festival was called Eostre.


259. How many states consider Good Friday a holiday?



260. The Easter Season begins on Easter Day and lasts for how many days?

The season lasts for a total of 50 days.


261. Judy Garland stars alongside which classic movie star in Hollywood musical Easter Parade?

Fred Astaire


262. Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?

Beatrix Potter


263. Who wrote the music for rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar?

Andrew Lloyd Weber


264. Which classical composer wrote St. Matthew Passion?



265. Which comedy group created the 1979 film Life of Brian?

Monty Python


266. Who plays Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Gene Wilder


267. “He’s Alive” was an Easter hit for which country music star?

Dolly Parton


268. “I am the egg man, they are the egg men” is a line from I Am The Walrus, but which band was that a hit song for?

The Beatles


269. Pomerode in Brazil holds the record for the largest easter egg tree ever created, but how many painted eggs hung off the tree?



270. The world record for the largest hot cross bun was set in Bolton in 2012. How much did it weigh?

168 kg (370 lb 6 oz)


271. Which Disney film features a rabbit called Thumper?



272. How much did the largest chocolate egg weigh?

7,200 kg


273. Which chocolate treat has the slogan “the lighter way to enjoy chocolate”?



274. What is the name of the workers village southwest of Birmingham, which gave its name to a brand of dark chocolate?



275. American couple Steve Lubanski and Candace Frazee broke the record in 2011 for the largest number of rabbit-related items, but how many items are in their collection?

28,423 items. They have so many they created their own Bunny Museum in Pasadena, California, USA!


276. Bini the Bunny holds the record for the most basketball slam dunks in one minute. How many did it score?



277. Which island celebrates the start of Easter with a kite flying festival?



278. Which Italian city hosts a firework display from an ornate cart, with origins going back over 350 years?



279. A town in which country serves up a giant omelet from over 15,000 eggs on Easter Monday?

France (the town of Haux)


280. What was the name of the high priest servant who had his ear cut off by the disciple and subsequently reattached by Jesus?

Malchus (John 18:10)


281. How did Judas identify Jesus to the soldiers?

With a kiss, Mathew 26: 47-49


282. What did Pilate’s wife counsel him to do concerning Jesus?

To leave Jesus alone because he was just a man. She had a bad dream concerning the Lord and she probably felt it would bring bad luck to the household of the Pilate ( Mathew 27: 19)


283. A man named Simon was compelled to carry the cross of Jesus. In Mark 15 we are told the names of Simon’s two sons were?

Alexander and Rufus( Mark 15:21)


284. What was the inscription above the cross?

Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews(Luke 19;19)  It was written in three languages according to John 19:20; Hebrew, Greek and Latin


285. When Jesus died there was darkness in the land for how long?

3 hours


286. Who was the first person to see risen Christ?

Mary Magdalene


287. I was crucified beside Jesus; who am I?

(thief) – Matthew 27:38


288. I met the women at the tomb and told them Jesus had risen; who am I?

(an angel) – Matthew 28:5-6


289. I went early to the tomb and saw the stone rolled away; who am I?

(Mary Magdalene) – John 20:1


290. Jesus took us with Him to the garden to pray, but we kept falling asleep.

(Peter, James, John) – Mark 14:33


291. I was the High Priest who accused Jesus and wanted Him dead; who am I?

(Caiaphas) – John 11:49


292. I carried the cross for Jesus when He could no longer; who am I?

(Simon of Cyrene)  – Luke 23:26


293. I anointed Jesus with expensive perfume; who am I? 

(Mary, Lazarus’ & Martha’s sister) – John 12:1-8


294. I went with Joseph to bury Jesus in the tomb; who am I?

(Nicodemus) – John 19:39


295. When Jesus was on the cross, He asked me to take care of His mother.

(the disciple Jesus loved, John) – John 19:26


296. I saw Jesus after His resurrection on the road to Emmaus; who am I? 

( Cleopas) – Luke 24:18


297. They brought Jesus to me for trial, but I found no guilt in Him; who am I? 

(Pilate) – John 19:4




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