290+ Family Guy Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Family Guy series is an American animated comedy produced by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It is best suited for an adult audience. Since its premiere on January 31, 1999, Family Guy has been nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards. 

Sick, twisted, and politically incorrect, the animated series features the adventures of the Griffin family. In a wacky Rhode Island town, the Griffins, a dysfunctional family, strive to cope with everyday life as they are tossed from one crazy scenario to another.

Family Guy Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Heading up this eclectic family circle are Peter Griffin and his stay-at-home wife Lois, who reside in Quahog. Meg, the eldest sibling to Chris and Stewie, is a social outcast. On the other hand, Chris is an awkward teenager clueless about the opposite sex.

The youngest is Stewie, a mutant baby bent on killing his mother and ravaging the world. Their anthropomorphic pet dog, Brian, keeps Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting through his own life issues.

Below is a series of Family Guy quiz questions and answers to help you realize how well you have mastered each character and the flow of the series.

1. With what name does Consuela refer to Peter?

Mr. Peter


2. Carlos Alazraqui and who else did the voice of Mr. Jonathon Weed?

Butch Hartman


3. The main family in “Family Guy” involves Peter, Lois, Brian, Chris, Stewie and Meg. There is one more living animal in the house, typically in Chris’ bedroom. What animal is it?



4. Where do the Griffins make Consuela sleep with?



5. This character specifically doesn’t like pickles on his Happy Meal and wants to kill Lois. Who is this?



6. This is Brian’s dumb ex-girlfriend portrayed by a stereotypical blonde. Who is it?

Jillian Russell-Wilcox


7. “Dear Diary: Jackpot!”



8. What was the name of the nudist that Meg liked?



9. While bowling, two people have this conversation: Person I: “I must say, I do feel a strange satisfaction watchin’ the black ball topple all those self-righteous white pins.” Person II: “Can’t blame ’em for being self-righteous, the black ball’s in their neighborhood uninvited.” Person I: “The black ball’s done nothing wrong.” Person II: “If the black ball’s innocent it has nothing to fear.” Who are the two people talking here?

Cleveland and Joe


10. From “The Cleveland-Loretta-Quagmire”: Bonnie: “Somebody save him, he can’t swim!” Peter: “Oh, he’s not even kicking. Kick Joe, kick!” Lois: “Peter, he’s a paraplegic!” What is Peter’s response?

“That doesn’t mean he can’t hear. Kick Joe, kick!”


11. This character is a ladies’ man and is known very well for his use of the phrase “Alright”.



12. “I love this job more than I love _____. And I’m a man who enjoys his _____.” – Adam West What word goes in the blank?



13. What is Lois’s sister’s name?



14. This character is another one of Peter’s neighbors. He’s handicapped and once competed in the Special Olympics.

Joe Swanson


15. He had a pillow fort made for him while he was on a plane.



16. Who does Quagmire consider his dream woman?

Taylor Hanson


17. What is Mrs. Goldman’s first name?



18. Which of Peter’s relatives owned one of the first dozen telephones?

Peter’s great grandfather Osias Griffin


19. Where did Lois plan to hold Stewie’s first birthday party?

Cheesy Charlie’s


20. He hates Jason Patric.



21. What is Stewie’s first name?



22. What is Mort’s occupation?



23. Who do the voices of Peter, Brian, and Stewie Griffin among others?

Seth MacFarlane


24. What play does Lois try to recreate after she becomes president of the Quahog Theater Club when Robert Kimble dies?

The King and I


25. This character was talking on the phone before he/she was rudely interrupted and thrown outside by Consuela. Who was kicked out?



26. What designer did Stewie model diapers for?

Calvin Klein


27. This recurring character has had many fights with Peter. Who is it?

Ernie the Giant Chicken


28. Cleveland?

Mike Henry


29. Who loves taffy and is the Mayor of Quahog?

Adam West


30. “Let me guess, you picked out yet another colorful box with a crank that I’m expected to turn and turn until OOP! big shock, a jack pops out and you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and I die a little inside.”

Stewie Griffin


31. This girl is popular in Meg’s school. She plays cruel pranks on Meg. Who is she?

Connie D’Amico


32. “My dad worked at that mill for sixty years. That’s almost ______ years!” – Peter What word goes in the blank?



33. What is Quagmire’s first name?



34. This character is an elderly man with a high, squeaky voice and is known for his “interest” in Chris Griffin.



35. “He’s back! He’s back! Hurry! Protect Jon Stewart! He’s our most important Jew!”  is from which episode?

“No Meals on Wheels”


36. What does Cleveland’s brother Broderick do for a living?


37. In “The King is Dead”, Peter goes to ask who to advertise for the show on the Channel 5 News saying: “You don’t look anything like the ad. You better be huge.”

Diane Simmons


38. What is Lois’s father’s first name?



39. This character is the Griffin family’s doctor, despite the fact that he has been sued by most of his patients.

Dr. Hartman


40. He knows the guy who owns the dance club for guys.



41. Who does Cleveland consider his dream woman?

Margaret Thatcher


42. What is Mort’s greatest fear?



43. What was Lois’s sister’s latest husband’s name?



44. What instrument does Lois play and teach?



45. His favorite food is cinnamon buns.



46. What is Stewie’s middle name?



47. At what age did Mort and his wife first kiss?



48. Lois Griffin is Peter Griffin’s wife, and is the mother of?

Meg, Chris, and Stewie


49. Lois runs against Peter in an election for what position?

School Board President

50. Over the phone, what did Consuela inform Stewie that she took from him?

Play money


51. How many strands of hair does Stewie have on his head?



52. This character is a relative of Lois and runs his own company. Who is he?

Carter Pewterschmidt


53. ____ the star of “Batman”, does the voice of the mayor of Quahog?

Adam West


54. When Chris starts selling his paintings and makes money, he gets a new name. What’s the name Chris is given?



55. Which family member does Consuela bring with her to the Griffin household?

Her nephew


56. “Meg, if you don’t wanna babysit anymore that’s fine, but don’t you stand there and lie to me.” whose lines were this?

Lois Griffin


57. This fast-talking black man is a weather reporter for Quahog News Station. His reports are never longer than 1-3 seconds. Who is it?

Ollie Williams


58. “Newport would like to extend a special welcome to all of those here today who have children stationed overseas in Iraq…[silence]…just kidding!”

Regatta announcer


59. Who did Peter’s mom date after she left Peter’s dad, Francis?

Tom Tucker


60. Who is the female news anchor for Quahog?

Diane Simmons


61. “Silly, yes…Idiotic, yes…” This quote is from?

“Family Guy Viewer Mail #1” segment 2, when the Griffins gain superpowers.


62. Who is Peter’s “husky” great, great uncle?

Jabba the Griffin


63. He dated Kate Moss.



64. “Oh my god, it’s Malcolm in Middle!” whose words are this?

Jackie Chan


65. What school club is Neil Goldman a member of?

The Newspaper Club


66. This person used to be Peter’s boss; that is, until he choked to death on a dinner roll.

Mr. Weed


67. When Lois plays the slots at an Indian Casino in “The Son Also Draws”, she loses money and what else?

The car


68. Joe owns a collection of trophies for what sport?



69. Who is Stewie’s mother?



70. One of Peter’s ancestors was a great cock-fighter. What was his name?

Juarez Griffin


71. Who was the second voice of Meg Griffin?

Mila Kunis


72. He throws a hot dog at Meg after she performs with the flag girls.



73. At the end of the day, Consuela refuses to leave the Griffin house. Why is this?

it’s raining outside


74. How many members of the Goldman family wear glasses?

All three


75. This Jewish character is a pharmacist and lives on the same street as the Griffins. Who is it?

Mort Goldman


76. Who is the rival piano teacher to Lois Griffin in “Wasted Talent”?



77. Mort is the son to?



78. When Stewie was in the womb writing in his journal how many fingers did he say he had?



79. Mort has a crush on?



80. Who is Griffin’s neighbor in a wheelchair and who is married to Bonnie?

Patrick Warburton


81. Which character has a sister named Carol?



82. Inevitably, Consuela is fired. Equally as inevitable, she refuses to leave. How much money does Peter offer her to leave right away?



83. “Oh great! Thanks a lot. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to fit in.” This was in the third segment of “Family Guy Viewer Mail #1” when all the characters are children.



84. This character is the family doctor and works at Quahog hospital. Who is it?

Dr. Elmer Hartman


85. “All this work keeping people from having sex, now I know how the Catholic church feels! Bzing!” Whose line is this?

Stewie Griffin


86. What is the name of the teacher Chris has a crush on?

Mrs. Lockhart


87. Which character lives in Chris’s closet?

The Evil Monkey


88. “I just spent all morning watching a VH1 special on Gwen Stefani. I don’t know what a Hollaback girl is. All I know is that I want her dead.” Who says these words?

Brian Griffin


89. Quagmire has built up a resistance to what?



90. “Well, I guess the pilot must have been JFK Jr. Ugh…even I found that to be in bad taste.” Who says this?

Stewie Griffin


91. Peter’s great, great, uncle Angus Griffin supposedly invented what sport?



92. Who is the Quahog weatherman that gives the forecast in a rather disgruntled mood?

Ollie Williams


93. His favorite flavor of ice cream is butter rum. Who is he?



94. How does Joe claim he originally lost the use of his legs?

He fell off a building


95. Neil was once the intern of what news anchor?

Tom Tucker


96. Brian’s gay cousin Jasper works where?

Club Med


97. Name the manor which Lois and the family inherit from Lois’s Aunt Marguerite?

Cherrywood Manor


98. Who peed in a supermarket?



99. Who was Stewie’s first love?


100. He is not voiced by Seth MacFarlane.



101. What British neighbor moves next door to the Griffins and has a crush on Lois?



102. He competed on “Star Search” against Sinbad.



103. What animal did Stewie turn into when he slipped in the chemical waste after Quahog was blown up because of Y2K?

An Octopus


104. He did not go to New York when Peter tried to get Chris back in scouts.



105. Diane Simmons?

Lori Alan


106. Who hated the El Dorado cigarette company’s takeover of Peter’s factory?



107. How does Peter oust Consuela?

He makes her sniff a chloroform soaked rag


108. Which old man offered a popsicle?



109. This character has worked at many places including a bowling alley, a bar and a police station. He has many phrases, most notably “Oh no”. Who is it?



110. Who is banned from the video store?



111. Brian dated a girl in season five. What was her name?



112. Who beat up Lois’s piano student?



113. “I didn’t realize Greenberg was a Jedi name.” Who said these words?

Carter Pewterschmidt


114. In which year did the first Family Guy episode air?



115. “I’m so hungry I could ride a horse. I don’t get it. Well, I could ride it to the store, I guess.” Who said these words?

Chris Griffin


116. As of 2-2 how many seasons of Family Guy are there?



117. This person is the Mayor of Quahog and seems to have a few screws missing. He once led an investigation that cost thousands of dollars to find out who was “stealing” his water as it went down the drain.

Adam West


118. In which year was Family Guy canceled due to poor ratings?



119. Mort Goldman suffers from what?



120. Who created Family Guy?

Seth MacFarlane


121. What is the Pewterschmidt family policy?

Not to negotiate with kidnappers


122. As of 2002 how many episodes of Family Guy were there?



123. Lois claims him as her favorite mistake.



124. How many characters does Seth MacFarlane voice?



125. Lois learns Tae-Jitsu and beats up people from what state in “Lethal Weapons”?

New York


126. How old was Mila Kunis when she started voicing Meg?



127. “Now is the winter of your ______.”



128. Alex Boestein voices which of the main characters?



129. Bonnie Swanson?

Jennifer Tilly


130. What color are Stewie’s overalls?



131. What does Consuela say to Joe?

“We need more lemon Pledge.”


132. What is Quagmire’s first name?



133. This Irish person has been seen in one episode when Peter goes to find his real father. He is the town drunk in “McSwiggin Village”. Who is it?

Mickey McFinnigan


134. What is Quagmire’s Job?



135. Which character lives inside Chris’s closet?

Evil Monkey


136. How many kids does Joe have?



137. Meg: “You could kill all the girls who are prettier than me.” Death: “Well, that would just leave _______.” What country goes in the blank?



138. What is Lois Maiden’s name?



139. Person I: “Hey, uh, you think we could put both our names on there?” Person II: “What? You’ve done nothing but eat Breyers and smoke pot for the last six months.” Which two actors are speaking here?

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck


140. On which street do the Griffin’s live?

Spooner Street


141. This character is Peter’s third neighbor. He used to be an auctioneer, but he was hit in the head and it slowed his speech. Now he owns a deli shop.

Cleveland Brown


142. What organ does Meg have harvested in season 2?



143. What is the name of Cleveland’s son?

Cleveland Jr.


144. What does Stewie dress as for Halloween in season 9?


145. What is the name of Peter and Lois’s unborn son Stewie meets in “Emission Impossible”?



146. Name the manufacturer where Peter worked?

Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory


147. He was in a golf tournament.



148. Who was the founder of the city of Quahog?

Griffin Peterson


149. Who voices Neil Goldman?

Seth Green

150. He made a “John 3:16” poster when he went to a Boston Red Sox game.



151. What is the name of the bar where Peter frequents?

Drunken Clam


152. He was given the power of super speed after being drenched with waste.



153. Where was Peter born?



154. Who grabbed a midget out of a well?



155.  What did Peter change Meg’s name to on her birth certificate?



156. What doesn’t Stewie like on his ice cream?



157. What is the name of Stewies’s teddy?



158. What superpower does Lois possess in the “Family Guy Viewer Mail” short entitled “Super-Griffins”?



159. What is the name of the Griffin family dog?



160. Who was mistaken for a van?



161. Where does the Evil Monkey live?

Chris’ closet


162. He was once addicted to pancakes.



163. Which famous rocker did Lois sleep with?

Gene Simmons


164. He attempted to speak Spanish while riding on a truck.



165. What is the name of the high school in Quahog?

James Woods High


166. He performed improv comedy at the bank.



167. Who is the fat guy strangler?

Patric Pewterschmidt


168. Who became a skillful banjo player.



169. Surfin’s Bird is which character’s favorite song?



170. Who says ‘Giggity, Giggity Goo!’?



171. Which giant animal does Peter have fights with?

Giant Chicken


172. Who says Damn you vile woman’?



173. What character has the middle name Gilligan?



174. Who says ‘I got drunk and then got my picture taken. So that way. When I get pulled over for drunk driving I look the same as on my license’?



175. How many years was Bonnie pregnant?



176. Who says ‘Yes, Tina Fey, you’re better than Jesus’?



177. What species of do is Brian?



178. Who says ‘You can’t sell me, you fat son of a bitch!’?



179. What machine does Stewie have in his bedroom?

Time machine


180. Who says ‘What good is mining ‘nose gold if I can’t share it with the townspeople?



181. What is the reason for the fight between Peter and the Giant Chicken?

Expired Coupon


182. Who says ‘You know what, Stewei? If you don’t like it, go on the internet and complain?



183. A petition was started when Family Guy killed off Brian true or false?



184. Who says ‘You want me to be the one who says ‘Giggity’ now’?



185. Meg’s voice was originally Seth MacFarlane’s mother, true or false?



186. Who says ‘Let’s go drink until we can’t feel feelings anymore’?



187. Lois has blonde hair in the pilot episode, true or false?



188. Who says ‘Brian, are we trash’?



189. Seth Macfarlane puts on an accent for Brian’s  voice, true or false?



190. What is the name of the fictional city where Family Guy is set?

Quahog, Rhode Island


191. Stewie’s voice was based on the voice of English actor Rex Harrison , true or false?



192. Which female comedian filed an unsuccessful lawsuit for $6 million against the show for portraying her character without her permission?

Carol Burnett


193. Can you name the 3 children of Peter and Louis Griffin? (We’ll take any order)

Meg, Chris, and Stewie


194. Executive producer and writer Seth Macfarlane also voice 3 of the main characters in the show. Can you name all 3?

Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Brian Griffin.


195. What award was Family Guy nominated for that hadn’t included any animated series since The Flintstones in 1961?

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.


196. How many Emmy Awards has the show been nominated for?



197. What season of Family Guy has the highest views?

Season 1; with 12.80 million.


198. How many Emmy Awards has the show won?



199. At the end of season 1, which character’s voice-over actress had to re-audition for her role, alongside countless others?

Louis Griffin.

200. What is the name of Family Guy’s spin-off show, co-created by Seth Macfarlane?

The Cleveland Show


201. How many times has the show been canceled in its history?



202. Who is Peter Griffin’s spiritual guide?

The Fonz


203. What is the recommended viewing age for Family Guy?



204. What happened to Peter Griffin after he ate 30 hamburgers?

He had a stroke


205. After the show got canceled for a second time, how many people signed an online petition to have it reinstated on air?



206. Who does the one-eyed cat, Bootsie, belong to?

Adam West


207. Which Hollywood Actor reprised an iconic role of theirs in the episode ‘Lois Comes Out of Her Shell’?

Johnny Depp: Edward Scissorhands.


208. What did Peter Griffin sell his soul for in 1974?

Bee Gees tickets


209. Who is accidentally run over and killed by Meg in the episode ‘I Never Met the Dead Man’?


210. What was the show named by the Parents Television Council 44 separate times?

The Worst TV Show


211. In the ‘Road to Germany’ episode, who does Adolf Hitler want to execute unless they can make a charming musical number?

Mort, Brian, and Stewie


212. A Change.org petition was started by fans to bring back which killed off character in 2013.

Brian, the dog.


213. How many times does the Griffin family lose their lottery winnings in the ‘Lottery Fever’ episode?



214. The famous spouse of Meg’s voice-over actress, Mila Kunis?

Ashton Kutcher


215. Who is scouted to be a model in the episode of Stewie’s preschool graduation?



216. Peter Griffin’s voice was inspired by a real-life person spotted by Macfarlane in Rhode Island. What was this person’s occupation?

Security Guard (who is aware of his credit and owns it!)


217. In the episode ‘Stuck Together, Torn Apart,’ which Bandcamp-loving American actress played herself?

Jennifer Love Hewitt


218. What is the net worth of the show’s creator and director, Seth Macfarlane?

$300 million


219. According to IMBd, what is the most popular episode of Family Guy ever?

‘Road to the Multiverse.’


220. What religion is Peter Griffin’s adoptive Father, Francis Griffin?


221. What is the name of the episode where Canadian-born heartthrob Ryan Renolds played himself?

‘Stewie Goes for a Drive.’


222. What was the much-awaited baby girl born to Joe and Bonnie Swanson?



223. Season 13 kicked off with Family Guy crossing over to join which other hugely popular animated series? – Bonus point if you can name the episode!

The Simpsons – ‘The Simpson Guy.’


224. Who are Cleveland Brown Jr’s parents?

Cleveland and Loretta Brown.


225. What is the name of the very first Family Guy episode?

‘Death Has a Shadow.’


226. Who provides the voice for Brian’s ex-girlfriend, Jillian Russell-Wilcox?


227. What is the name of the comedic actor who played The Black Knight in the episode ‘Mr. Saturday Night’?

Will Ferrell


228. Who is Mickey Mcfinnigan to Peter?

Biological Father


229. What saying is said in almost every single episode?

‘What the Hell?!’


230. Chris Sheridan was an Executive Producer of Family Guy until when?



231. How many episodes have been permanently banned from US screens?

2: ‘Partial Terms of Endearment,’ and ‘When you wish Upon a Weinstein.’


232. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, who is Peter Griffin’s mother?



233. Which character is obsessed with world domination?

Stewie Griffin


234. What is the name of the mother in Family Guy?



235. What is her registered birth name of Meg?

Megatron Griffin.


236. Family Guy is set in a fictional city in which US state?

Rhode Island


237. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, what is Joe Swanson’s wife called?



238. What is Peter Griffin’s middle name?



239. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, Cleveland Brown often ends up falling into the front yard of his house when he is where?

In the bathtub


240. Which character is asked by Meg to do her SATs?



241. Family Guy centers on which family?



242. What is Peter Griffin’s nationality?



243. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, Brian the dog is portrayed as an intellectual who attended which university?



244. What is the nationality of Louis Griffin?



245. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, Dan Quagmire takes his name after a sex change operation.

Ida Davis


246. Who are Biscuit and Coco?

Brian’s parents.


247. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, name 2 members of the Quagmire family?

Glenn and Dan


248. Chap Stewie was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?



249. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, who is the Swansons’ son?


250. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, name a member of the Brown family?



251. Road to the Multiverse was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



252. Mila Kunis voices which Family Guy character?

Meg Griffin


253. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, what is the name of Brian’s human son?



254. Daniel Palladino was an Executive Producer of Family Guy until when?



255. Into Fat Air was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



256. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, who is a member of the wealthy Pewterschmidt family?

Lois Griffin


257. What is the surname of the child molester in Family Guy?



258. Seth Green is the voice of which Family Guy character?



259. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, Francis Griffin is a devout follower of which religion?



260. Are you there God? It’s Me, Peter was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?



261. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, who is Brian Griffin’s flamboyantly homosexual cousin?



262. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, what is Karen ‘Heavy Flo’ Griffin’s profession?



263. Name an episode from Family Guy season 1?

Mind over Murder


264. A House Full of Peters was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?



265. Fore, Father was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?



266. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, what is the first name of Lois Griffin’s father?



267. North by North Quahog was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



268. How many episodes were made for Season 10 of Family Guy?



269. Stu and Stewie’s Excellent Adventure was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?



270. Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane was born in which decade?



271. Stewie Loves Lois was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



272. How many episodes were made for Season 2 of Family Guy?



273. Love, Blactually was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



274. How many episodes were made for Season 6 of Family Guy?



275. Family Guy was created for which broadcasting company?



276. Brian: Portrait of a Dog was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?



277. Pilling Them Softly was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



278. How many episodes were made for Season 14 of Family Guy?



279. The Thin White Line was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



280. David Zuckerman was an Executive Producer of Family Guy until when?



281. Finders Keepers was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



282. How many episodes were made for Season 4 of Family Guy?



283. Peter’s Progress was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?



284. Family Guy Season 4 included an episode titled (? how many) Simple Rules for Buying my teenage Daughter?



285. The Boys in the Band was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



286. Blue Harvest was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



287. Lottery Fever was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



288. There Were Fewer was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



289. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, wPeter Griffin works as a clerk at which brewery?



290. How many episodes were made for Season 12 of Family Guy?



291. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, what is Chris Griffin’s middle name?



292. The Simpsons Guy was the first episode of which season of Family Guy?



293. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, which of the Griffin family built a time machine?



294. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, who is the Griffins’ middle child?



295. On the TV show ‘Family Guy’, which Griffin character is often bullied or ignored by the family?



296. Meet the Quagmires was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?



297. When You Wish Upon A Weinstein was the final episode of which season of Family Guy?




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