290+ How I Met Your Mother Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

How I Met Your Mother is a timeless American Sitcom that premiered on CBS on September 19, 2005. With a signature cold opening of about two minutes, the opening has been constant since season two. Viewers occasionally see Ted’s children on a couch and hear him narrating to them how he met their mother.

The laugh track and flashbacks are frequently featured in the story. The series explores multiple storylines, such as a love triangle between Robin, Ted, and Barney: Marshall and Lily’s affair, as well as the characters’ profession. The twists and turns are full of humor, sure to give viewers the ultimate entertainment.

How I met your Mother Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The theme song featured is a segment of ‘Hey Beautiful by The Solids, where Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the dual co-creators of the show, are members.

How much do you recall about the group’s journey through adulthood? Test your knowledge with this chunk of How I Met Your Mother trivia questions that range from easy to hard and everywhere in between.

1. In the episode ‘Murtaugh List’, what is the last item on the list that Barney tries to complete?

Beer bong


2. Where was “How I Met Your Mother” set?

New York


3. We will start off with the episode “Atlantic City”. When the gang enters the casino, a man speaks to Barney in a foreign language. Later, a group of men of the same nationality talks to Barney. What nationality are they?



4. What happened when Marshall proposed to Lily?

She got hit in the eye with a cork.


5. ‘Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit’ was a song performed at the end of the episode ‘Girls Versus Suits’. Which episode was this song celebrating?



6. Which character uses the catchphrases “Suit Up!” and “Legendary” on a regular basis?



7. In season 1 episode 3 “Sweet Taste Of Liberty”, Barney and Ted both fly to Philadelphia after following two girls they think they can get with. They soon realize on the plane that the girls already have boyfriends and are not single. What is in the suitcase Barney had brought with him to the airport?



8. In season one, Ted met a girl named Trudy at the bar and wound up in bed with her and with a questionable fruit on his nightstand. What fruit did Ted find?



9. During the episode “The Pineapple Incident”, Ted gets drunk off of a red mixed shot Carl the bartender whips up himself. What is the name of the shot Carl creates?

Red Dragon


10. In the episode “Matchmaker,” who plays Ellen Pierce, the owner/operator of the Love Solutions matchmaking service?

Camryn Manheim


11. In ‘Mystery vs. History’, how many scenes of violence are remembered by the gang?



12. In the first episode of the season, Ted meets Amy (Mandy Moore) and gets a tattoo on his lower back. What was the tattoo?

A butterfly


13. In the episode ‘The Pineapple Incident’, who burns Ted’s jacket?



14. In “The Platinum Rule”, the rest of the gang attempts to stop Ted from going on a date with Stella, the plastic surgeon who will be removing Ted’s tattoo. In doing so, all three tell stories of how they broke “The Platinum Rule” and it turned out horribly. Robin tells the story of going out with the sports reporter from her news broadcast. What sport did he play?



15. Season 1, Episode 3: “Sweet Taste of Liberty” Who participates in the following dialogue? A: “I’m so glad we finally get to hang out–just the two of us.” B: “Yeah.” A: “Are you sure you’re okay giving up your Friday night to hang out with an old, almost married lady?” B: “Oh, please. I’m so sick of the meat market scene. Guys are like the subway. You miss one; another one comes along in five minutes.” A: “Unless it’s the end of the night, then, you get on anything.”

Lily (A), Robin (B)


16. What does Barney always tell Ted to do before meeting him someplace?

Suit up!


17. In episode 1.6 “Slutty Pumpkin”, which Halloween costume does Ted attend the party in every year?

A ballot


18. Season 2, Episode 18: “Moving Day” How did Robin react in her phone call with “Guns & Ammo” magazine when she was given an offer of “a free hand grenade phone” so as not to let her renounce her subscription to the said magazine?

“You know what? Let me give you my work address.”


19. Episode 11: ‘Little Minnesota’ What is the name of Ted’s sister?



20. Most know the famous Robin Sparkles, and Barney has been well documented for his theatrical chops. Ted and Marshall have also sung a few times. But in the first eight seasons, Lily has only performed twice. One is in Barney’s song in “Girls vs. Suits”. What is the other?

Karaoke at a bar


21. Barney is by far the funniest character on the show. What famous childhood actor plays this character?


22. Season 2, episode 4: “Ted Mosby: Architect” There was a brief dialogue that occurred thrice in the episode, going as follows: A: “Yeah, you did!” B: “Had to…” It was heard in scenes when Ted, Barney and Marshall discussed Ted’s boss’s artistic perspective plan of a 78-story skyscraper to be constructed at Spokane, Washington, and when Ted had to leave Anna (who remarked about architects as “sexy” professionals) to Barney in order to finish the project. Which of the following lines did not act as the keywords to initiating the said dialogue?

“Instead, I’m spending 12 hours a day designing the cornices.” (Ted)


23. What actor plays the show’s main character, Ted Mosby?

Josh Radnor


24. Seven months before Lily and Marshall got back together, the latter had told his family through the phone about the cancellation of their wedding after their breakup. Complete the lines in the phone conversation. “What do you call someone who just takes off and leaves like that?! What do you call that?! I think that’s a little strong! I… I can’t believe you used a word like that! Geez, ____________!”



25. How many days did it take Marshall to get over his breakup with Lily?



26. Barney had a wide variety of nicknames including “Barn”, “Jack Package” and “Swarles Barkley”, but what was Barney’s full name?

Barnabus Stinson


27. In Season 1, which fruit describes an incident that took place involving Ted and Trudy?



28. Complete this dialogue of Barney Stinson in his pickup through bearing the personality of American astronaut Neil Armstrong. “Oh, yeah… Our spaceship passed through a wormhole or some gamma rays or something. I started aging backwards. Blah blah blah… So, you work in a ____________! That must be wild!”

Yogurt shop


29. After Barney watches Lily’s play, he decides to create his own. What is it called?

‘Suck It Lily’


30. Barney Stinson became friends with Ted, Marshall and Lily after meeting Ted in 2001 where?

At a urinal


31. In episode 1.12 “The Wedding”, what are the names of Ted’s friends who are getting married?

Stuart and Claudia


32. In “We’re Not from Here”, Ted and Barney pretend to be from out of town in order to try and get girls. What state do they pretend to be from?



33. Episode 3: ‘I Heart NJ’ What place does Ted hate?

New Jersey


34. In “No Tomorrow”, Ted and Barney go to a bar on St. Patrick’s Day where the world appears to be working in their favor. The following morning, Ted wakes up and realizes that he has lost his cell phone. He goes back to the bar, but when he can’t find it, he decides to leave and grabs an umbrella to help him home through the rain. What color was the umbrella?



35. Episode 13: ‘Three Days of Snow’ What do Lily and Marshall bring from their trip for each other?

Local six-pack of beer


36. Who is stabbed in episode 1.8 “The Duel” and by whom?

Lily, by Marshall


37. Barney has a brother called James who he thinks is the most awesome person in the world, well, that is after himself. What is so peculiar about his brother?

He is a black man who is into guys


38. Episode 12: ‘Benefits’ What did Ted and Robin do to stop fighting with each other?

Start having sex


39. Which character lived in Argentina for a brief period of time?

Robin Scherbatsky


40. In the very first episode, “Pilot”, the gang are talking about how Ted should have kissed Robin. Suddenly Barney gets up and kisses someone. Who does end up kissing?



41. For how much money did Ted sell the 1939 penny that he found in the subway?



42. Charlene Amoia is the actress who plays which character?

Wendy the Waitress


43. In Season 2, how many times was Hammond Druthers’ baseball signed, and by who?

Three times, Pete Rose


44. In “Swarley”, Robin subscribes Barney to the Spanish version of a magazine, using the name “Swarlos”. Which magazine is it?



45. How many times is Marshall allowed to slap Barney?



46. In Season 1, who accidentally alerts Victoria to Ted’s real name?



47. While Lily is trying to find a ship captain to marry her and Marshall over international waters, what game do Marshall, Ted, and Barney go to play?



48. When Ted is talking to his kids, what year is it?



49. Becki Newton has been in many TV shows, including Amanda Tanen in ‘Ugly Betty’. Who does she play in ‘How I Met Your Mother’?

Quinn Garvey

50. When Marshall and Lily go to elope at Atlantic City, Lily realizes she needs a veil to get married. Who finds a veil in the casino?



51. In season 3 episode 13 “Ten Sessions”, Ted ends up going to a tattoo removal clinic to get his tattoo he has on his lower back removed. Long story short the doctor, Stella, ends up asking Ted to go see a movie with her and her friends. What movie do they end up seeing after Ted realizes it was not a date?


52. What is Barney always desperate for Ted to do?

Suit up


53. In Marshall’s fantasy, what does George Clinton give Lily?

A ferret


54. In the episode ‘The Platinum Rule’ , who is Barney trying to talk Ted out of dating because he shouldn’t ‘love thy neighbor’?



55. During the episode “The Limo”, Ted rents a limo on New Year’s Eve for the gang to drive around New York City and hop from party to party. At one point, Barney brings back a girl to the limo to party with the rest of the night. What is her name?



56. Season 2, Episode 8: “Atlantic City” Who says the following line? “There is half an orca whale rotting not 20 feet from the cabana!”

Ted Mosby


57. What is revealed as Robin’s full legal name in ‘Happily Ever After’?

Robin Charles Scherbatsky


58. Season 4, Episode 4: “Intervention” What was Robin wearing when she said “I’ll give you summer teeth; ‘summer’ here, ‘summer’ there!” to make a pun on the words “some are”?

Vancouver Canucks ice hockey apparel and gear


59. In the episode ‘How Lily Stole Christmas’, what does future Ted rename the bad word he calls Lily?



60. What is the inappropriate joke Barney begins to tell (before future Ted cuts him off) that sends Lily off the grid for almost a month?

Season 5, Episode 24: “Doppelgangers” Lily, Robin, and Marshall jokingly compel Ted not to dye his hair blonde. However, Ted insists he does so.


61. How does Marshall ultimately react, still jokingly?

“That is not the outcome that we’re hoping for!”


62. Season 1, episode 17: “Live Among The Gorillas” A co-worker in UltraCell’s legal department, Bilson (Bryan Callen), teased Marshall (Jason Segel)–in the latter’s internship as a lawyer– by devising a game in which the player chooses between two women based on fictional accounts. There was a primary expression in that game, which was further mentioned six times throughout the episode. What was it?

“What do you do? Go.”


63. Season 5, Episode 3: “Robin 101” Name the Japanese celebrity who guest-starred in this episode, saying the line “They made me wear a wig. It was very demeaning.”

Kazu Nagahama


64. Which of the following guest stars/ recurring cast members mentioned the following lines? “Marshall, there’s a cartoon of you on our coupons!”

Matt L. Jones


65. What famous people is NOT accused (by anyone) of being Robin’s secret crush for whom she wrote The song “P.S. I Love You “


66. Marshall’s professor is making it difficult for him, so Barney decides to help him. What does Barney call her as he accepts the challenge of seducing her?



67. Season 4, episode 9: “The Naked Man” According to Future Ted’s narration for the story, Ted had gone across numerous “crazy [occasions] in [his] old apartment all over the years”, encountering them upon his entry to the room. What voices or sounds did he hear on the 15th of December 2006?

“Ike, why are you pointing your gun at me?!”


68. At the beginning of each episode, how many children are hearing their father’s story about meeting their mother?

2 – a boy and a girl


69. Robin said this in her program at Metro News One. “Coming up at eleven, are there piranhas in the East River? What you don’t know could ‘eat’ you.” The last sentence is a paronomasia or “pun” to what known idiom?

“What you don’t know could hurt you.”


70. What costume did Barney NOT wear to the Yale Halloween Alumni Party?



71. Select the missing word from this famous Barney quote: “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be ______ instead”.



72. What was one of Barney’s catch phrases?

“Suit Up”


73. Forecast the next immediate lines from the episode (characters not mentioned). “It’s you. It’s me. I saw you in the street.” “Are you Annie?” “Yes.”



74. What was the name of Barney’s girlfriend who left him the day they were supposed to join the Peace Corps together?



75. Which of the following is one of Barney’s nicknames?



76. Barney believes that what man is his father?

Bob Barker


77. What is Barney’s final challenge?

Do the split mid air


78. In the episode “Belly Full of Turkey”, Marshall takes Lily to his family home for Thanksgiving. Who plays Marvin Erickson, Sr. (Marshall’s father)?

Bill Fagerbakke


79. In what year does each episode begin?



80. Episode 15: ‘The Stinsons’ What was the name of Barney’s ‘wife’?



81. Episode 15: ‘The Stinsons’ What was the name of Barney’s ‘wife’?



82. In the episode “Showdown”, Barney’s mother claims that this famous television host is Barney’s father. Who is it?

Bob Barker


83. Episode 14: ‘The Possimpible’ How many days did Robin have to find a job?



84. Ted has a former girlfriend from college reappear in his love life in season 4. Her name is Karen and she is played by whom?

Laura Prepon


85. We all know that Barney works at Goliath National Bank, who invented the yellow fuzzy stuff on tennis balls and various nuclear weapons and warfare, but mainly the yellow fuzzy stuff. But what does Barney actually do there?

Ha… Please.


86. By the end of the season, how many of the slaps that Marshall won in “Slap Bet” has he given Barney?



87. Barney Stinson has a gay black brother named James who is played by whom?

Wayne Brady


88. In Season 3, what is the last name Ted uses at the Saint Patrick’s Day party to avoid paying for drinks?



89. What kind of food did Lily and Robin spill in Marshall’s Fiero?



90. Which one is NOT one of Barney’s catch phrases? Your options: [ Suit up! ] [ Hey sexy ] [ True story ] [ It’s gonna be legendary! ]

Hey sexy


91. In Season 2, what is the last line of dialogue, spoken by Barney, for the entire season?

“Wait for it…”


92. When Barney is playing the gambling game with his foreign friends in Atlantic City, three members of the gang have no idea what was going on. But one other member does understand the game. Who is that person?



93. What is the annual holiday that Marshall created?



94. In Barney’s play, ‘Suck it, Lily’ who does the robot fall in love with?

The toaster oven


95. When the gang talks to the ship captain, he says that he will marry Lily and Marshall for how much money?



96. In season 5 episode 3 “Robin 101”, Barney sits down in Ted’s classroom and is lectured on relationship advice about Robin to help his relationship out. There are three conversation changing topics Ted goes over that distract Robin when in an argument or when she gets angry. What is NOT one of the three topics Ted discussed?



97. Which of these is NOT a game that Marshall has invented? Your options: [ Marshgammon ] [ Monopolily ] [ Chutes and Lilies ] [ Lilial Pursuit ]



98. During the episode “The Yips”, Barney runs into an old friend named Rhonda. Rhonda is the woman who Barney lost his virginity to. What is the nickname Barney and his brother used to call her?

The Manmaker


99. In season 4 episode 13 “Three Days Of Snow”, Marshall picks up Lily from the airport as this has become a tradition for them every time she returns from a trip. When Marshall picks her up, she always brings him a 6 pack of beer from the place she visited. What is the name of the beer she brings him this time at the end of the episode?

Seattle Microbrew

100. Which exhibit did Barney destroy when he was young?


101. During the episode “Arrivederci, Fiero”, Marshall’s car breaks down before hitting an ultimate milestone that he hoped he would see his precious Fiero get to. How many miles had Marshall been about to hit?



102. In the episode ‘Robin 101’, what does Marshall name his barrel?



103. In ‘Everything Must Go’, who is the person revealed to be sabotaging Barney’s reputation with women?



104. Season 6, Episode 1: “Big Days” Barney Stinson quoted “Ted, you are spitting on the grave of Sir Walter Dibs, inventor of the “dib”! It was ____. The S.S. Dibs was lost at sea–” (Ted cuts his statement short, annoyed.) On what year, according to Barney (as he claims it as true account), did the coinage of the term “dibs” occur?



105. In the episode ‘The Leap’, in what order did the friends jump off the roof?

Marshall, Robin, Barney, Lily, Ted


106. Season 4, Episode 21: “The Three Days Rule” Upon receiving the message that Ted has “gay dreams with [his] best friend”, Barney and Marshall argued about who was the “best friend” he was talking about. Which of the following lines was one that Marshall mentioned?

“There are things I could do to him that will blow his mind!”


107. Season 4, Episode 14: “The Possimpible” Lily: “Dancer’s hip! Marshall has something called “dancer’s hip”!” Marshall: “It’s a basketball injury; they only call it because it’s common among ballet dancers. (Pauses) Oh, no.” What is the Latin or Latin-like term for Marshall’s “dancer’s hip” syndrome?

Iliopsoas tendinitis


108. In the “Pilot”, which of the following is not a colored instrument mentioned?

Pink trumpet


109. Season 1, Episode 6: “Slutty Pumpkin” Which actor/actress asked this question? “Are we playing ‘I Never…’ because there’s nothing left but peach Schnapps?”

Josh Radnor


110. Complete the following dialogue of Ted. “So, this is it, right?! Last _______ minutes of your single life… I’m proud of you, buddy!”



111. Order these five women chronologically in terms of when Barney FIRST slept with them.

Ronda, Holly, Shannon, Robin, “Honey”


112. When Barney had a one-night stand with a woman, he wanted to make sure his apartment was unappealing to women, to scare off relationships. Which choice was NOT one of his woman-repellents?

Having too many towels, blankets and pillows


113. Season 6, episode 2: “Cleaning House” To what Norwegian traditional dish was Marshall making a reference on what he claimed Santa Claus needed to eat along with milk when he secretly entered every home to put gifts, before Lily said “Santa doesn’t get cookies in Minnesota?”

Lutefisk, salted whitefish prepared with lye


114. Lily: “He naked-muggered you?” Barney: “I’m not going to ask where he’s keeping the gun.” Ted: _______ What was Ted’s lines there?

“Are we sure it was a gun?”


115. Lily: “I guess I’ll have my pick of something old.” Marshall: “And something blue. Somebody should really check on this lady.” What were Lily and Marshall talking about “something old” and “something blue”?

Bridal articles for good luck


116. Barney displays a skill for what in many episodes?



117. Barney enjoyed gratuitous sex with many women. Which woman in Barney’s life did he believe wanted to kill him?

Wendy the Waitress


118. In the episode of ‘The Window’, what does Barney accept to wear?

Marshall’s overalls


119. Barney’s mother told him that a celebrity was his father, and although Barney might not truly believe this, he maintains it is true until he discovers his real dad. Who is this celebrity?

Bob Barker


120. What are the names of the two male roommates?

Ted and Marshall


121. When Barney crashes into Lily’s and Marshall’s suburban house as he was traveling through the drunk train to pick up chicks, he accepts a particular challenge. But what does he find instead?

A bet box


122. What did Lily get arrested for when she was visiting Marshall’s family over Thanksgiving?

Public urination


123. What actor supplies the voice of the father speaking to his children?

Bob Saget


124. Who was Marshall engaged to?



125. How many parties did Ted throw in order to see Robin at a “casual” event?



126. What’s Robin’s job?



127. Why did Marshall and Lily break off their engagement?

She applied to art school without telling him


128. What does Barney say to girls to introduce his friend to them?

“Haaaave you met Ted?”


129. At the end of the first season, Lily left New York (and Marshall) to attend an art program in what city?


130. What was the name of the girl Ted had a one-night-stand within the episode “The Pineapple Incident”?



131. Who played Sandy Rivers, a co-anchor of Robin’s newscast in the episode “Come On”?

Alexis Denishof


132. For nearly two years, Robin hid parts of her past from her friends, most importantly that she was a teenage Canadian pop star. Robin had a big hit under her stage name Robin Sparkles. What was the name of her hit song?

Let’s go to the Mall


133. In “The Bracket”, we find out that one of Barney’s ex-girlfriends is sabotaging him by warning every girl he tries to hit on. Which of the following was not one of the places where Barney gets slapped?


134. This child star from an 80’s television series played Trudy, Ted’s one night stand, in the episode “The Pineapple Incident”.

Danica McKeller


135. In episode 1.15 “Game Night”, what is the name of the board game Marshall creates?



136. In the next episode, Ted attempts to go for the “Championship Belt” in a competition with Barney to see who can be first to have a threesome. We find out that Barney actually bought both a real belt and a crown that he earned by sleeping with an actress from what soap opera?

Days of Our Lives


137. Episode 4: ‘Intervention’ Ted finds another banner that said ‘Intervention’ in the closet, even though the last one had been burnt up. He then realizes that the gang had planned an intervention for him. What was the intervention about?



138. In “Ten Sessions”, we see Ted go through his ten sessions with Stella to remove his tattoo. As Ted attempts to get Stella to date him, he actually gets Stella’s assistant, played by Britney Spears, to fall in love with him. What was her name?



139. In episode 1.18 “Nothing Good Happens After 2am”, why does Robin invite Ted to her apartment?

To make juice


140. What does Robin prefer as a pet, dog or cat?



141. After Lily and Marshall broke up, Marshall began hanging out with one of his recently dumped law school friends. They went to concerts and brunch together, but Marshall started to get a little creeped out when it seemed like he and his friend were dating. What was the name of Marshall’s law school buddy?



142. In the episode “Aldrin Justice”, Hammond Druthers, Ted’s boss at the architectural firm, designs a building with an inappropriate shape. Who plays this odd and sarcastic character?


143. What “rule” makes Ted think that Robin is perfect for him at the very beginning of the series?

The Olive Theory


144. In “I’m Not That Guy”, Marshall gets offered jobs at both a high powered legal firm and the National Resources Defense Council, his dream job. However, he ends up taking the job with the firm after finding out his sole client would be what company?

Tuckahoe Funland


145. What former sitcom star provides the voice for Ted in the year 2030?

Bob Saget


146. In “Sandcastles in the Sand”, Robin’s former boyfriend Simon, played by James Van der Beek, comes to New York and Robin reverts back to her 16-year-old self. We also learn about Robin’s second music video, “Sandcastles in the Sand”. Which member of the gang does she show the video to?



147. This pioneer woman was the cougar that Barney swore that he could tame on the episode “Aldrin Justice”.

Jane Seymour


148. In episode 1.22 “Come On”, what dance does Ted learn?

Rain dance


149. In “Dowisetrepla”, Lily and Marshall end up buying an apartment that they can barely afford. At the end of the episode, what do they find out about the area that the apartment is in?

The area smells bad

150. Episode 6: ‘Happily ever after’ In the end of the episode, what does Ted see as he gets out of his cab?

Stella coming home to Tony and her daughter Lucy


151. In “The Goat”, we see that Barney sleeps with Robin and the backlash of that incident. Barney hires Marshall as his lawyer to check the “Bro Code” and find a loophole that says he did nothing wrong. When Marshall finds no loophole, Barney ends up confessing to Ted, though Ted had already found out. Who told him?



152. Episode 16: ‘Sorry, Bro’ What was the name of Ted’s old girlfriend who reappears in this episode?



153. In episode 2.3 “Brunch”, which secret does Ted discover his parents have been hiding?

They got a divorce


154. One of my favorite things about Barney Stinson is his catchphrases. Which one of these is not one of Barney’s high five sayings?

Legendary high five


155. Episode 7: ‘Not a Father’s day‘ Why did Ted think Robin was against babies?

She was scared of them


156. Which character is made fun of on numerous occasions for being an immigrant from Canada?

Robin Scherbatsky


157. Episode 17: ‘The Front Porch’ Who made Ted and Karen break up?



158. Where does Marshall first invite his friend Brad in “World’s Greatest Couple”?

To an Alanis Morissette Concert


159. In Season 3, which Replacements song appears at the end of the episode “Miracles”?

Here Comes Your Regular


160. Who is “Swarley”? Your options: [ A name I just made up. ] [ Barney Stinson ] [ Robin’s name for her gun. ] [ Marshall’s name for his Fiero. ]

Barney Stinson


161. Aldrin is the last name of _______.



162. Which of these isn’t done by Robin to keep from knowing the score of the Super Bowl game that aired the previous night in “Monday Night Football”? Your options: [ She constantly interrupts the sports reporter ] [ She tells her colleague that she missed the game because a friend of hers died during the weekend ] [ She leaves the studio ] [ She plugs her ears and sings “La La La…” ]

She leaves the studio


163. When Barney takes advice while gambling in Atlantic City for Lily and Marshall’s wedding money, he bets all he has, and must pick one of six hands, one of which has a secret item inside it that will make him win. What item is it?


164. In Season 4, what holiday did Barney invent?


165. Barney has a gay black brother, James. What are the names of his son, daughter, and father?

Eli, Sadie, and Sam


166. How many kids does Ted want?

2-one boy and one girl


167. In season 6 episode 7 “Canning Randy”, Marshall is stuck with a dilemma about whether to fire Randy though Randy would rather be fired to continue his venture in brewing his own beer. What is the name of the beer he created?



168. In the episode “Good Crazy”, when Barney and Lily plan to bring Marshall to Atlantic City to unwind, Barney challenges Marshall to turn off his phone for how long?

One hour


169. During the episode “Rebound Bro”, Barney looks for a new wing man since he and Ted are no longer talking. He resorts to choosing Randy, his co-worker, as his wing man to help him get women. What Barney soon realizes is that Randy hasn’t had sex in a long time. How long has it been for Randy?

13 years


170. Who did Barney originally think Jerome Whittaker was?

His uncle


171. In season 7 episode 2 “The Naked Truth”, Marshall is offered a position at his dream job, an environmental law firm. Before he is hired though, his future boss sees a disturbing video online of him but doesn’t seem to care and hires him anyway. What is the nickname Marshall is given after the video goes viral online?



172. In the episode ‘Glitter’, what is the name of Robin’s old best friend?



173. During the episode “The Naked Man”, Ted meets a guy named Mitch who is on a date with Robin and finds him sitting naked on his couch in his apartment. Mitch ends up telling Ted that this is his move. He says he does this move on dates when the date looks bleak and is not going well. How many times out of how many times does Mitch say this move works with women on dates?

2 out of 3


174. Season 3, Episode 14: “The Bracket” Barney conducts a forum to determine the girl causing frequent sabotage against him, using a tournament-style knockout scheme. He refers to the battle between Kate and Jannett in the Midtown Region final round. A: “‘Evil Twin’!” B: “‘Prince of Norway’! How could it not be ‘Prince of Norway?!” C: “Barney, you’re the tie-breaker.” Barney: (thinks) “I’m going with ‘Evil Twin’.” Just to test your memory, who did not score points for this round?

Ted and Lily


175. What object does Barney not touch or wear on his visit to the museum in ‘Natural History’?



176. Season 7, Episode 2: “The Naked Truth” Ted Mosby, through a star-struck encounter with each of 16 individuals he attracted with a magazine featuring himself, made mention of “sixteen moments of pure destiny in one day”. Out of those sixteen, how many were women?



177. In the episode ‘The Magician’s Code Part One and Two’, what is the name of Lily and Marshall’s son?



178. Although it is never confirmed, Barney claims that he went to a certain college in the episode “The Drunk Train”. Which college is it?



179. Season 8, Episode 1: “Farhampton” Barney Stinson speaks in a rapid pace: “…Then, [Ted] finally kissed [Victoria]; they started dating. Ted kissed Robin, lost Victoria; Ted did a rain dance, got Robin. Ted and Robin broke up; Robin moved to Brazil; came back with a Latin stud…” The explicit flaw in this dialogue is that Robin did not travel to Brazil and end up back home with her new Hispanic fiancée, Gael. Where did she actually move to?



180. Season 2, Episode 4: “Ted Mosby: Architect” What five-word phrase can complete the following statement, as read in a “lovely form letter” to Anna, whom Barney addressed as an unknown “resident”? “Dear resident, the time we spent together, however long it was, meant the world to me. I would love to see you again but, unfortunately, I cannot. You see, I… am a ghost. I can only materialize once every decade on the anniversary of my death. I’d chose to spend my one day among the living with you, sweet resident. Perhaps, we will meet again in another decade, ________. Until then, all my love from the beyond… Barney.”

Provided you keep your figure


181. Season 2, Episode 20: “Showdown” How did Barney react when Lily stated one of the things she and Marshall wanted to sell online, a Kitchen-Aid Artisan Series Tilt-Head Mixer?

“Retail price: $319.99… What else?”


182. How long did this conversation take before Barney, Marshall and Ted immediately proceed to a strip club, based, at least, on the overall dialogue for the episode? Barney: “Alright, let’s talk about the bachelor party! Are we thinking full-on strip club or should we rent a room and have a private toy show?” Ted: “What did you just say?” Marshall: “Barney, no…” Barney: “Marshall, I’m your best man.” Marshall: “You’re not my best man.” Ted: “Right here…” Barney: “And, as your best man, I have to throw you a bachelor party. That’s part of being a best friend!” Marshall: “You’re not my best friend!” Ted: “Right here…”

Two minutes


183. When Marshall cleans up his language around Lily while she is pregnant, Barney says it is like watching ________ on TBS. What movie?


184. While Barney’s apartment had a lot of things to repel women, that was not the case with everything. He also had a life sized “what” in his living room?



185. Season 4, episode 9: “The Naked Man” Who said the following lines? “All these years, I have been bustin’ my hump with my secret identities, and my tricks, and my gadgets. I mean, I’m like Batman! But, this Mitch fellow?! He’s Superman! He just rips off his clothes and he’s good to go!”

Barney Stinson


186. Cite the next immediate lines (characters not mentioned). “Stick ’em up!” “Oh, God. Oh, God! Don’t shoot.”

“There was no banana!”


187. How did Barney react when Marshall blurted out to Lily that he had spent eighteen minutes finding the veil with Barney and Ted and, not supposedly, had “[gone] to a strip club”?



188. The exact nature of Barney’s job at Goliath National Bank is not revealed until the final season. Until then, he deflects any questions about his job by saying what?



189. Which leisure activity was Barney obsessed with talking about and playing?

Laser tag


190. When Barney promises Ted a ‘legendary night’ and takes him to Philadelphia, what is the legendary thing they do there?

Lick the Liberty Bell


191. How did Lisa (Celeste Thorson) react to why Sarah calls Barney by the name of Neil Armstrong, an American astronaut?

“The cyclist?”


192. What is Lily’s occupation?

Kindergarten teacher


193. This catchphrase is first used by Barney to refer to his attempt at sleeping with Marshall’s professor. What is it?

Challenge accepted


194. What game do Robin and Barney both claim to have never lost at?



195. All of them were invited to go to a ball in the Museum of Natural History where Barney picks up a challenge there. Which one is it? Your options: [ Touch everything there ] [ Create chaos ] [ Have fun with a girl there ] [ Prove he had done something really bad in there ]

Touch everything there


196. Every year on Halloween, Ted goes up to the rooftop’s annual Halloween party to wait for the girl whom he calls what?

The slutty pumpkin


197. What is the name of Ted’s obnoxious friend?



198. What color is Lily’s hair when she returns from San Francisco?



199. What was the actual profession of the “prostitute” that Barney hired to be Ted’s date at Robin’s award ceremony?


200. Although it seems that Lily has always lived with Ted and Marshall, she started out the series with an apartment of her own that she hardly ever returned to. When Lily returned to her apartment after a three month absence, she was surprised to see it had been turned into what type of business?


201. Ted claimed he hadn’t thrown up since when?



202. In the episode “Brunch,” we finally meet Ted’s parents, played by Cristine Rose and what former TV father?

Michael Gross


203. What does Barney do to make the girls he has one-night stands with leave in the morning? Your options: [ has no food or coffee ] [ all of the these ] [ had his adult films professionally lighted ] [ had his toilet seat made to go back up after being put down ]

All of the these


204. In the next episode, we learn the stories of how everyone else met. In this episode, we see future Ted use a euphemism for smoking pot. What was it?

Eating a sandwich


205. Who gets married on a boat only to get unmarried a moment later?

Marshall and Lily


206. In “The Chain of Screaming”, Barney teaches Marshall about the “Chain of Screaming” after Marshall’s boss yells at him for not finishing a report. When telling the story to the gang, what does Marshall call the report to simplify it?

The Ninja Report


207. In season one, Barney and Ted take a trip and end up licking which American monument?

Liberty Bell


208. Who was Robin Daggers’ song ‘P.S. I Love You’ about?

Paul Shaffer


209. Future Ted, who is narrating the story in every episode, is voiced by what comedic actor?

Bob Saget


210. What state does the show take place in?

New York


211. In “The Yips”, Barney loses his “mojo” and has trouble hitting on women at the Victoria Secret fashion show after party. This occurs after Barney finds out that Rhonda, the woman Barney lost his virginity to, only slept with him as a favor to his brother James. What was Rhonda’s nickname?

The Man Maker


212. Season 4, Episode 18: “Old King Clancy” In a flashback scene, Marshall steps up on the platform for his open-microphone stand-up act, about which Barney and Ted lie that he stole the show nicely, but actually “killed… everyone’s Thursday night.” In his act, Marshall goes through on a list of the names of fish, which he claims to be comical to hear. What fish does he not mention?



213. In “Miracles”, the final episode of season 3, Ted is in a car accident, but manages to survive without a scratch. Marshall calls it a miracle while Robin laughs at the idea of miracles. At the end of the episode, Robin reveals why she doesn’t believe in miracles. She says that when she was a child, her dog was about to die and the doctor told her that there was a new procedure they could use to cure the dog, but when she got her dog back it had “turned into” a different animal. Which animal did her dog “turn into”?

A turtle


214. Season 2, Episode 2: “The Scorpion And The Toad” After attending the art program in San Francisco, Lily encountered and told Robin her growing happiness as a student admired by her teacher for her artwork, a story known to be untrue in the end of the episode. With respect to what Lily claimed happened, what did the teacher mean to say, when he remarked “I can’t teach you anything.”?

He observed her art experience as beyond what he can teach through the program.


215. In episode 2.9 “Slap Bet”, when does Robin Sparkle want everybody to go to the mall?



216. Which of the following is NOT a play from Barney’s infamous “Playbook”?

The “Escaped Man-slaughterer”


217. Episode 10: ‘The Fight’ What is the name of the bartender in this episode?



218. Season 3, episode 5: “How I Met Everyone Else” Which of the following lines did Lily say throughout the episode?

“Dude, we’re 42.”


219. Episode 20: ‘Mosbius Designs’ What was the name of Ted’s new secretary?



220. What words should fill in the spaces on the receptionist’s line, suggesting about where Lily and Marshall should go to have a marriage license. “You could go to the ___________. In some extreme circumstances, the waiting period can be ___________, but you have to have a good reason.”

Courthouse, waived


221. In the episode called “The Stinsons” we learn about Barney’s fake family that he has so that can please his mother. He has a lovely “wife” called Betty and a rather irritating “son” named ____.



222. Barney’s job at Goliath National Bank was always somewhat of a mystery. Whenever anyone would ask what he did for a living, he always skirted the question by laughing and saying, “Please…”. Eventually we found out his job description had an acronym. What was it?



223. Joe Nieves is a regular actor on the show. Marshall once thought his character was a vampire. Who is the character Joe plays?

Carl the Bartender


224. Complete the following lines by Barney with four words. “They don’t like finding out they’ve been lied to because a lie is just a great story that someone ___________.”

Ruined with the truth


225. What is Ted’s middle name?



226. What is Stripper Lily’s real name?



227. In the last season, where Barney says that he completed every challenge given, Lily reminds him that there was one which he didn’t. Which one was that?

Bring samosas and a bag of diapers while picking up a chick


228. What word does Lily hate?



229. What is Marshall’s occupation?

Law student


230. Barney says that if he gets Marshall back to New York in time for the birth of his son, what will be the baby boy’s middle name?

Wait For It


231. On New Year’s Eve, Ted, Barney, and Robin mistook a gunman for which celebrity?



232. When is the third of Marshall’s slaps given to Barney?



233. Ted had how many children in the future?



234. In season 5 episode 15 “Rabbit Or Duck”, what animal is considered to be good and considered to be attractive as a metaphorical concept?



235. What name did the cashier at the coffee place the boys went to put on Barney’s cup?



236. During the episode “Monday Night Football”, who does Barney see walking the streets of NYC and asks who won the Superbowl since he was not able to watch it?

Emmitt Smith


237. What scary feature did Marshall’s temporary girlfriend Chloe possess that Barney and Ted warned him about?

Crazy eyes


238. Which of these things Ted teaches Barney at Robin 101 is incorrect? Your options: [ How to distract her from being angry ] [ How she shows she loves someone ] [ How to read her facial expressions ] [ Her surprising erogenous zones ]

Her surprising erogenous zones


239. At Eriksen family holidays, Marshall, his father and his brothers play a game that is a combination of three sports. Which of the following is NOT one of the sports?



240. Where does the gang hang out the most?



241. Barney’s brother James is, if possible, even more full of awesome than Barney. Who plays this trend setting, suited up, legendary sibling?

Wayne Brady


242. Season 6, Episode 4: “Subway Wars” In a separate scene in reference to why Barney needs a win an action-packed foot race around Manhattan, which of the following situations does he tell or imply to the rest of the gang besides that he “smell[s] incredible”? Your options: [ Half of his department got fired at work, resulting a twofold increase in his salary. ] [ He had gone to watch in front of a chamber the process of a lethal injection execution. ] [ He had eaten lunch at Staten Island, where he also had sex with a hairdresser. ] [ He felt the spirit of freedom after tasting the Liberty Bell. ]

Half of his department got fired at work, resulting a twofold increase in his salary.


243. In “Spoiler Alert”, the gang begins to realize each other’s flaws. What is Marshall’s flaw?

Singing what he’s doing


244. When Ted reads the text message from Barney that he and Robin are engaged, Ted describes the pain he feels as many things all at once times a million. Which of the following is not one of the pains referred to?

When Stella left him at the altar


245. In “Rebound Bro”, Barney attempts to find a replacement wingman after Ted says they are not friends anymore. He eventually settles on Randy, a worker in his office, played by Will Forte. After Randy is unsuccessful at picking up women, Barney finds out about Randy’s former job and eventually finds a woman to go home with him. What was Randy’s former job?


246. Season 6, episode 2: “Cleaning House” How did Robin and Ted, sitting in the backyard of Sam Gibbs’s house, react to how the day was going by?

“Weird day…”


247. In episode 2.6 “Aldrin Justice”, what possession does Lily steal from the office of Hammond Druthers?

A signed baseball


248. What I believe to be Barney’s funniest character trait was shown in the episode “Say Cheese”. The gang was looking through a photo album and Robin noticed something about Barney. What was it?

He never took a bad picture


249. Episode 8: ‘Woooo!’ What is the name of the architecture firm from Sweden that was going to design Goliath National Bank’s new headquarters in New York City?


250. Who mentioned the following dialogue? “Barney, enough with the lies! You can’t just tack on a new ending just because you’re not satisfied with how the story wraps up.”

Ted Mosby


251. Episode 18: ‘Old King Clancy’ What did the famous Canadian wrestler who once asked out Robin collect?

Harvey’s trays


252. Finally, my favourite recurring joke in the show: this number appears all over the place when it comes to Barney, from fake statistics to blog posts. Which number is it?



253. In the episode “World’s Greatest Couple” we learn about Barney’s apartment and how he claims that it is “heart of the bachelor country”. Lily complains that Barney doesn’t have a television, but he does have one, in fact he has two. How big were the televisions?

300 inches


254. In the episode ‘As Fast As She Can’, how many speeding tickets does Barney try talking out of is shown?



255. We all know that Neil Patrick Harris (or NPH) plays the awesome Barney Stinson. What did Barney do before he became his awesome self?

He worked in a coffee shop as a long-haired hippie.


256. Which descriptive word does Barney often use to describe things?



257. How old was Barney when he lost his virginity?



258. How did Lily ruin a $8000 wedding dress?

She sat on a cake


259. In Season 4, in what order did the gang complete “The Leap”?

Marshall, Robin, Barney, Lily, Ted


260. What colored musical instrument did Ted take to Robin to try to get a second chance with her?

A blue french horn


261. What does Marshall do at his wedding?

Shaves part of his hair


262. What was Robin’s stage name when she was a Canadian teen pop star?

Robin Sparkles


263. While Barney and Marshall’s phones are turned off in Atlantic City, Marshall gets drunk by drinking one hundred shots of which type of alcohol?



264. On New Year’s Eve, Ted rents a limo for the gang to go to multiple parties in New York City. They are all having a great time and even pick up a celebrity. However, it turns out that the celebrity isn’t a celebrity at all but is a crazy person with a gun. What one-named celebrity did the gang mistake the crazy person for?



265. How old was Barney when he lost his virginity?



266. Barney believes that his father is a famous game show host. Which show and host pairing is correct?

“The Price is Right” – Bob Barker


267. In season 7 episode 5 “Field Trip”, Marshall and his boss Mr. Cootes are working on a settlement with a corporation that has been dumping toxic waste. How much money does the corporation offer Mr. Cootes and Marshall at first, and Mr. Cootes ends up accepting the offer?



268. In “Slapsgiving”, Marshall sets up an online countdown to count down to his third slap of Barney, which is to occur on Thanksgiving. However, at the beginning of the episode, Barney miscounts thinking that October only has 30 days. This has proven to be a problem in the past when Barney dressed up as which comedic character on October 30 of the previous year?



269. During the episode “Murtaugh”, Ted creates a thing called the Murtaugh List. This list Ted creates states a bunch of things he thinks people his age are too old to do. He challenges Barney to complete everything on the list to show him that he is getting too old to do things that Barney thinks he can still do. What’s the first thing Barney does on the list once he accepts this challenge?

Pierce ear


270. In “Everything Must Go”, Marshall and Lily find out that it will cost them $1500 to fix the crooked floor in their new apartment. In order to fund this project, Marshall suggests that Lily sell here designer clothing. However, Lily first attempts to sell her paintings in order to keep her clothes. Though initially unsuccessful, Lily and Marshall eventually find someone to buy her paintings. Who bought the paintings?

A veterinarian


271. In the episode ‘Who Wants to Be a Godparent?’, what song does Barney NOT sing and change the words to?

Humpty Dumpty


272. In episode 2.7 “Swarley”, which of these is not a joke made about Barney’s new nickname? Your options: [ Swarlos ] [ Swarley Von Lieberwitz ] [ Swarls Barkley ] [ Bob Swarley ]

Swarley Von Lieberwitz


273. In the episode ‘Ring Up’, how is Ted’s newest girlfriend related to Barney?



274. Episode 9: ‘The Naked Man’ Who invents ‘The Naked Man’?



275. Season 7, Episode 4: “The Stinson Missile Crisis” “Okay, Survivors! Today’s Reward Challenge is brought to you by Dr. Barney Stinson’s Free Breast Reduction Consultations.” Jeff Probst actually appears in this episode as himself as the host of “Survivor” and his only line is used to sponsor “Dr.” Barney Stinson’s services. On what edition of “Survivor” (USA) is this spoken, as feature in a television screen?

Survivor: South Pacific


276. Episode 19: ‘Murtaugh’ Which of the following was not on the ‘Murtaugh’ list?

Finishing twelve bottles of wine in one go


277. Season 8, Episode 12: “The Final Page (Part 2)” To whom did Ted state the following line? “Oh, by the way! I’m breaking a jinx swear here so don’t tell Barney or he gets to whack me in the nuts three times with a whiffle ball bat.”



278. “The Bro Code”. How could I have a quiz about Barney Stinson and not have a question about the bro code. In what year did Barney’s relative Barnabus Stinson write “The Bro Code”?



279. Up to season 8, which of the following parents of the group have NEVER been seen on camera (in person or photographs)? Your options: [ Ted’s dad ] [ Barney’s real dad ] [ Robin’s mom ] [ Lily’s mom ]

Robin’s mom


280. Halfway through season one, Ted Mosby starts a relationship with Victoria. Which actress played Victoria?

Ashley Williams


281. Season 1, episode 17: “Life Among The Gorillas” What word should fill each blank in this dialogue? Marshall: “I wanna give you the _______.” Lily: “_______? You’ve already given me the _______. You’ve got a great _______, Marshall. “I love your _______.” Marshall: “Lily, you’re the most incredible woman I know and you deserve a big _______.” Lily: “Your _______ has always been big enough! You may not realize this, Marshall Eriksen, but you’ve got a huge _______.”



282. Which part of Marshall’s body is Lily unable to resist?

His calves


283. At each time the receptionist (Patricia Belcher) quoted the numbers “35” and “27”, Barney secretly looks onto a card. What was Barney doing?

Playing keno


284. In Season 5, what class does Ted mistake for his Architecture 101 class?

Economics 305


285. The entire gang each had a doppelgänger that was found at some point. There was Lesbian Robin, Moustache Marshall, Stripper Lily, Mexican Wrestler Ted and Barney’s look-alike. On four separate occasions, it was believed by someone in the gang that Barney’s was found. Who was Barney’s real doppelgänger?

Dr. John Stangel


286. What does Don never wear?



287. Which of the following countries did Marshall not mention, where “monkey crime is”, according to him, “an extremely common nuisance”?



288. During the trip at the casino in “The Magician’s Code: Part 1”, what new rule is placed as a sign in the casino?

No motorcycles on the casino floor


289. How many dogs did Robin own?



290. Barney takes up a challenge to seduce a bridesmaid on the phone, so why does he do it?

Help Ted and let Victoria get away from her own wedding


291. In season 6 episode 14 “Last Words”, Marshall’s father has passed away and the gang all go to the funeral in Minnesota. Before Marshall’s father passed away, he left a message on Marshall’s cell phone. What did Marshall’s father last say to Marshall before he passed away?

Asking for his foot cream for the rash on his foot


292. In the first episodes, who is the love of Ted’s life?



293. During the episode “The Rough Patch”, Barney and Robin are entering the latter months of their relationship. The gang realizes that this relationship seems to be making them miserable. The gang tries to think of ways to break them up and make them realize they are not right for each other. Who thinks of a master plan to try and break them up?



294. Ted’s mom always said, “Nothing good happens after _____.”

2 am



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