290+ US Military Trivia Questions and Answers

The US Department of defense is arguably the most impressive institution in the world, with an annual budget of more than $700 billion. The US defense department alone surpasses that of China, India, Russia, and the next top eight defense spenders combined!

Spread between six branches: the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, and Coast Guards, the US military employs nearly 3 million, far beyond what most people realize. The US military boasts the world’s biggest employer, with China’s People’s Liberation Army coming in second with about 2.185 million in the defense sector.

US Military Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Lieutenant General John MacCready, a Distinguished Service, and Bronze star is the legend behind the Ray-Bans. Created by the American Company, Bausch & Lomb, pilots use the special aviation glasses in the US Air Force to block the sun’s rays and reduce nausea and headaches while flying.   

Whether you’re involved in the military, you have a family tradition to commemorate veterans, or you’re just a history enthusiast, the trivia questions below will surprise you.

1. What marked the first time since the Revolution that the U.S. accepted direct financial aid to fight a war?

The Persian Gulf War


2. What did an enemy have to be, for a U. S. soldier to call him a “believer” in the Vietnam War?



3. What U.S. military base was won in the last major battle against Japan?



4. What trials, beginning in 1945, spawned the phrase “I was only following orders”?

The Nuremberg war crimes trials.


5. What opportunistic country declared war on Japan five days before its surrender in 1945?


6. What was the first war the U. S. took part in that was partially financed with lottery dollars?

The Revolutionary War


7. What U.S. war broke out the same year the federal government first printed paper money?

The Civil War


8. What southeastern state was the last to return to the Union after the Civil War.



9. What country did ever-prudent King Farouk I declare war on in 1945?



10. What Persian Gulf warrior called his young majors in charge of combat operations “Jedi Knights”?

Norman Schwarzkopf


11. What Bill Murray Ghostbusters term did Persian Gulf Warriors use to describe being hit by chemical weapons?



12. Which two nations, constitutionally barred from military actions, sent money to support the Allied coalition against  Iraq in ” 1991″?

Germany and Japan


13. What song was the Navy band playing at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked?

The Star-Spangled Banner


14. What Ohio city was the 1995 Bosnian peace accord signed in?



15. What was the first war in which one jet plane shot down another?


16. What Civil War general graduated first in the West Point class of 1829?

Robert E. Lee


17. What so-called “war” spawned the dueling slogans “Better Dead Than Red” and “Better Red Than Dead” in the 1950s?


18. What was the B-17 long-range bomber nicknamed in World War II?

The Flying Fortress


19. What modern vehicle was invented to circumvent trench warfare?

The Tank


20. What English King introduced death by boiling and legalized the killing of gypsies?

Henry VIII


21. At what age did George Patton start quoting Iliad and Odyssey?



22. What two continents have never been the site of a major military conflict?

Antarctica and Australia


23. Which military college did George Patton graduate from?

West Point


24. Who returned to Russia from exile in October 1917?

Vlaldimir  Ilyich Lenin.


25. Which year did George Patton graduate from West Point college?



26. Where did George  Patton rank when graduating?

46th from a class of 103.


27. In which event did Patton compete?

Modern Pentathlon


28. Where did Patton represent the USA at the Olympic Games?



29. Which year did Patton represent the USA Olympic Games in Stockholm?



30. In true Patton style he used his military ____ revolver instead of the lighter .22 favored by most of the athletes.



31. George Patton was an expert?



32. Who wrote the armies manuals on swordsmanship removing the ‘parry.’?

George Patton


33. Who did George Patton kill?

General Cardena


34. Which event was on the border when General Cardenas was killed?

Foraging raid over the border


35. Which year did George Patton first see combat?



36. Where was George posted when he first saw combat?

Fort Bliss along the Mexican Border


37. Cardenas was head of the bodyguard detail for which Mexican rebel general?

Francisco Pancho Villa


38. Which story made Patton a national hero for the first time?

After the raid, Patton strapped the bodies of Cardenas, one of Villa’s captains and a private, to the hood of his car. He drove back to the U.S. base at Dublin and the war correspondents got a first-hand account of Patton’s adventure.


39. How many tanks did the Brits secretly bring to break the fortified stalemate of the Hindenburg line?

376 tanks


40. In 1917, the newly promoted Captain Patton was in Europe getting his first taste of WWI. An attachment to a particular British division during the battle of Cambrai was to give his career a course in which a new military field?

Tank Warfare


41. What was Patton awarded?

The Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart.


42. With two battlefield promotions, Lt. Col. Patton led his men in the battle of?

St. Mihiel and the subsequent Meuse-Argonne Offensive


43. Why was Patton awarded a Purple Heart?

He was shot


44. When the U.S. joined WWII, Patton was sent to which continent?



45. George took over command of the 2nd Corps after they sustained considerable losses on which Atlas Mountains battlefield?

Kasserine Pass


46. By which year had Patton reorganized the 2nd Corps, restored discipline and confidence with the men, and with a counter-offensive, he had the Germans on the retreat. (Montgomery’s Brits were pushing from the east.)

March 1943


47. Aside from Patton, which other Allied general was to land on the eastern side of Sicily island?

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery


48. After Patton’s successes in Africa he was assigned to lead what?

The new 7th Army for the invasion of Sicily.


49. Both Montgomery and Patton targeted which country?


50. After breaking out of the beachhead on D-Day, the 3rd Army was the only army that managed to reach stranded pockets of Airborne troops at Le Mont St-Michel.



51. Patton was given command of the U.S. 3rd Army for the liberation of?



52. When was the first ever award of Distinguished Unit Citation awarded to an entire division?

It was during the siege of Bastogne that General McAuliffe gave his famous reply to the German request to surrender, ‘Nuts!’ For their heroism in holding Bastogne


53. Cite General Patton’s quote?

“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”


54. What were Patton’s trademarks?

His outspokenness and his ability to motivate men both through action and word


55. By armistice, Patton’s 3rd Army had liberated 80,000 square miles of territory, captured hundreds of thousands of enemy troops and inflicted nearly ____casualties.

1.5 million


56. When was George Patton killed?

21st of December, 1945


57. The United States Military Academy is one of the most recognized military schools in the country. In which state is it located?

New York


58. What is the name of this military college, which is located in the state of South Carolina?

The Citadel


59. Patton’s swift action saved thousands of cut-off airborne troops in which strategically important town?



60. Perhaps one of Patton’s greatest moments in WWII was turning his army northward and hitting the southern flank of?

The Ardennes Offensive.


61. There were several contenders to the claim of the last surviving Revolutionary War veteran, but the most generally accepted was Daniel F. Bakeman. When did he die? HINT-US transcontinental railroad completed.



62. Less than an hour drive from Washington, D.C. is Marine Corps University in Virginia. It is located in a city that is also home to the FBI Academy. Which is it?



63. Jones Morgan was a young African-American who joined the 9th US Cavalry, and served in the Spanish-American War as a host and cook for the famed “Rough Riders”. When did this last survivor of the 1898 war die? HINT-Bill Clinton inaugurated.



64. This building is known as the National War College. It is part of which military school located in Washington, D.C.?

National Defense University


65. The ship in the photograph is known as the Eagle. It belongs to a military academy based in Connecticut. Which is it?

Coast Guard Academy


66. This building is located at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. What is it used for?

Religious services


67. In which city would you be able to find the New Mexico Military Institute? Perhaps America’s future ‘Space Force’ soldiers will be trained there.



68. Each of these locations was involved with the American Revolution. Which of them is currently home to a prestigious military academy?

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania


69. Many public and private schools in the United States have programs that provide military training to students. This program is identified by what four initials?



70. Which of the following cities is home to the United States Naval Academy?

Annapolis, Maryland


71. World War 1 saw an unprecedented growth of the US military, to almost 2.9 million men. The last of that generation was Frank Buckles, who died soon after his 110th birthday. What was the year? HINT-rough year for bad guys: bin Laden, Gaddafi, Kim Jong-Il all dead.



72. The last surviving Mexican War veteran is also the only Navy centenarian in the quiz. Can you determine when Owen Thomas Edgar set sail on his final journey? HINT-Stock market crash heralds the Great Depression.



73. The hunt for Pancho Villa involved about 10,000 US participants; the last known veteran of that expedition was former Buffalo Soldier Mark Matthews. When did he take his last ride? HINT-Hurricane Katrina ravages the Gulf Coast.



74. The Civil War ended in 1865, but long after the last veterans were gone, their family members remained. Can you deduce the death year of the last known Union veteran’s widow? HINT-Space Shuttle “Columbia” disaster.



75. World War 2 saw the largest military in US history – over 12 million men and women. It’s a prediction only, but what year does the Department of Veteran Affairs estimate the last WW2 veteran will die? HINT-Really?



76. Eclipsed by the more noteworthy Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the War of 1812 is somewhat overlooked. In what year did Hiram Cronk – the “last man standing” – die? HINT-Einstein formulated “E=mc2.”



77. What does CONEX stand for?

Container Express


78. Forget about Benteen’s and Reno’s detachments. When did the last known veteran of the ACTUAL BATTLE at the Little Bighorn die? HINT-Rosa Parks refuses to give up seat on the bus.



79. What does HMMWV stand for?

High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle


80. Of the 2.2 million men serving with the Union forces during the Civil War, Albert Henry Woolson was the last to die. When? HINT-Collision between MS Stockholm and SS Andrea Doria.



81. LFX is an acronym that stands for what?

Live Fire Exercise


82. What does MOPP stand for?

Mission-Oriented Protective Posture


83. What does EFMB stand for?

Expert Field Medical Badge


84. What does PMI stand for?

Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction


85. What does COLT stand for in reference to Artillery terms?

Combat Observation Lasing Team


86. The acronym BCT stands for what?

Brigade Combat Team


87. What military weapon has the common acronym RPG?

Rocket Propelled Grenade


88. What does AAR stand for?

After Action Review


89. What does MWR stand for?

Morale Welfare and Recreation


90. What does UCOFT stand for?

Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer


91. What does PMI stand for?

Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction


92. What does METL stand for?

Mission Essential Task List


93. What does BOS stand for?

Battlefield Operating Systems


94. What does NCO stand for?

Non-Commissioned Officer


95. SERE stands for Survive, Evade, Resist. What is the word for the last E?



96. LRRP stands for Long-Range Reconnaissance. What is the word that P represents?



97. JTF 2 was for Joint Task _______ Two. Which word belongs in the blank?



98. FAC stands for Forward-Air. What is the word for C?



99. Who was the founder of the SAS?

Colonel David Stirling

100. In the British Navy, SBS stands for Special Boat ______. What is the word for the last S?



101. This American commanded the troops that routed the British at the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812.


102. What does AO stand for?

Area of Operations


103. This Revolutionary War general led the troops that attacked the German mercenaries known as Hessians at the Battle of Trenton.

General George Washington


104. Who is the founder of Para Commando?

Lt. Col. Megh Singh


105. What Civil War General led the Union Army against the Army of Northern Virginia(led by General Lee) at the Battle of Gettysburg?

General Meade


106. What does PSYOPS stand for?

Psychological Operations


107. This colonel held off the determined Confederate Army’s assault at Little Round Top. He won the Medal of Honor for his heroism.

Col. Chamberlain


108. Who is the founder of Delta Force?

Col. Charlie Beckwith


109. What Civil War General accepted Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House?

Gen. Grant


110. What American General received fame for his heroics in North Africa, Sicily, and the Battle of the Bulge?

General Patton


111. Which future US president was second-in-command of the Rough Riders at the Battle of San Juan Hill?

Teddy Roosevelt


112. What American soldier captured 132 German soldiers by himself during one battle in World War 1?

Alvin C. York


113. What American general commanded all Allied troops during the Normandy Invasion?

General Eisenhower


114. What American General led the troops in Desert Storm?

Norman Schwarzkopf


115. What is a “deuce-an’-half”?

A transport truck with a 2.5 ton capacity. The “deuce-an’-half” was the workhorse of the logistics division.


116. What is a “bouncing betty” in the terminology of the Vietnam-era infantryman?

A mine which launches itself to waist-height before exploding.


117. What does NBC mean in U.S. military terminology?

Nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry.


118. In US military slang, which of the following is a “grunt”?

An Army or Marine infantryman


119. What does “thumper” mean in U.S. military lingo?

An M-79 grenade launcher or its operator.


120. Which of the following units was referred to as “Tropic Lightning”?

The 25th Infantry


121. Which successful movie star and US Medal of Honor recipient (with over 40 films to his credit), could at one time add “the most decorated United States combat soldier in United States military history” to his portfolio?

Audie Murphy


122. The US Medal of Honor was passed into law and first awarded during which of the following wars?

The Civil War


123. Rear Admiral Issac C. Kidd was the first United States Navy flag officer killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and was posthumously awarded the US Medal of Honor for his heroism and leadership. What battleship was Admiral Kidd stationed on at the time of the attack?

USS Arizona


124. Which of the following was not a US R & R site during Vietnam?

New York City


125. This World War I US Medal of Honor recipient, with 18 confirmed victories (2nd highest among U.S. Air Service pilots), had the nickname the “Arizona Balloon Buster”.

2nd Lieutenant Frank Luke Jr.


126. What is a “Huey”?

The UH-1 helicopter


127. Over 3450 US Medals of Honor have been awarded since its creation, but there have been only a handful of multiple recipients. How many men have earned a second medal?



128. How many US servicemen lost their lives in Vietnam?

Over 58,000


129. Mary E. Walker was the only woman (so far) to have been awarded the US MOH. In which war did she participate in?

Civil War


130. In Vietnam, who needed to be most aware of a “Cobra”?

The Viet-Cong and the North Vietnamese Army.


131. Sergeant First Class Randall D. Shugart and Master Sergeant Gary I. Gordon (U.S. Army) were the first two soldiers to receive the US MOH post-Vietnam (both posthumously, and during the same campaign). What country were they in at the time of their engagement?



132. While specific numbers vary depending on the reference, the United States Marine Corps were awarded approximately 84 US Medals of Honor during World War II. In which single battle did the Marines receive more than one quarter of their accumulated Medal totals?

Iwo Jima


133. John Finn (U.S. Navy, ret.), is listed as the oldest living recipient of the US Medal of Honor (98 years old as of July, 2007, and still alive at the time of this writing), of which of the following engagements?


134. Webb C. Hayes, son of President Rutherford B. Hayes, was awarded the US MOH for his participation in the “Philippine Insurrection” (1899).



135. Other father/son Medal recipients were General (then Colonel) Arthur MacArthur (Civil War), and General Douglas MacArthur (World War II).



136. General Roosevelt (b. 1887) died from heart failure on July 12, 1944, one month after landing with his troops on Utah Beach (one of two American sectors of the Normandy invasion), and was posthumously awarded the US Medal of Honor in September, 1944.



137. Following the surrender of Japan, President Truman appointed MacArthur SCAP, in effect the viceroy of Japan. What does SCAP stand for?

Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers


138. “These proceedings are now closed.” With this simple phrase 5 star General Douglas MacArthur concluded the surrender ceremony which a defeated Japan signed on Sept 2 1945. Where did the proceedings take place?

On the deck of the battleship USS Missouri


139. The Japanese people rioted when they heard that their former leaders were convicted as war criminals and sentenced to death.



140. Which of these statements is true?

Emperor Hirohito presented himself to MacArthur at his HQ.


141. MacArthur and his party landed at Atsugi airfield near Yokohama after a fierce battle by airborne forces to secure the base after Japan had agreed to surrender.



142. Which of these statements is incorrect?

MacArthur determined that post-war Japan would not be divided up into zones of occupation by the victorious powers as had happened in Germany. The Soviet Union had declared war on Japan in the last week before the surrender and seized Manchuria and the Kuril Islands. They demanded that they be given the right to occupy Hokkaido but MacArthur would have none of it. When he offered them a zone in Honshu between two US Infantry divisions they quickly dropped the matter.

The Soviet Union occupied the northern island of Hokkaido.


143. Matters came to a head in April 1951 when MacArthur’s views on the administration’s restrictions on his conduct of the war were read out in a stinging attack to the House by Congressman Joe Martin. President Truman finally had enough and ordered that General MacArthur be _________.



144. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a unified independent democratic government for all Korea.



145. MacArthur launched his strategic masterstroke with an amphibious assault at _________.



146. “The Chinese are not coming.” Did MacArthur make this statement?



147. “In war, there is no substitute for __________.” What is the missing word?



148. After the success of the amphibious assault and the breakout of the 8th Army from the Pusan perimeter the North Korean Army was in full flight up the Korean peninsula. President Truman wanted a personal meeting with MacArthur to discuss the conflict and they agreed to meet __________

On Wake Island


149. The Japanese people rioted when they heard that their former leaders were convicted as war criminals and sentenced to death.


150. Learning the lessons of the costly Buna/Gona operation MacArthur endorsed a plan to bypass the heavily fortified Japanese bastion at Rabaul making the most of his growing air power and amphibious capabilities. What was the name given to this plan?

Operation Cartwheel


151. “I came through, and I shall return.” This statement which burst upon a world desperate for some good news in those dark days of early 1942 was the first inkling that MacArthur had left the Philippines and was now in Australia. Where was he when he made this famous statement?



152. MacArthur ordered the invasion of Leyte for which reasons?

In the fall of 1944 the success of MacArthur’s SW Pacific operations and the Navy’s Central Pacific thrust presented a quandary to Allied planners for the next move. The Navy wanted to bypass the Philippines and invade Formosa which would provide a more direct route for the final assault on the Home islands. MacArthur insisted that the Philippines needed to be taken because of his pledge to the Filipino people and his Army was now in a position to invade Mindanao the southernmost island. The debate was thrashed out in Hawaii at a meeting between MacArthur, Nimitz, and Roosevelt and MacArthur’s argument won the day. When intelligence reports and Halsey’s aviators reported surprisingly light opposition in the Central Philippines the decision was taken to step up the timetable and bypass Mindanao and invade Leyte in October.


153. In his later years President Kennedy, a great admirer of Douglas MacArthur, sought his advice on various international matters. He commissioned a gold medal in his honor with which of these inscriptions best describes his role in the affairs of these four Pacific nations?

Protector of Australia; Liberator of the Philippines; Conqueror of Japan; Defender of Korea’


154. “Bob, take Buna or don’t come back alive.” MacArthur delivered this emphatic instruction to his newly arrived field commander General Robert Eichelberger after the failure of the inexperienced US 32nd Infantry to take the strongly fortified position. Where is Buna?

Northern Papua


155. The strategic position of the Filipino-American force was now hopeless and the Joint Chiefs back in Washington had written off the Philippines as a lost cause. MacArthur had set up his HQ on the fortress island of Corregidor situated in Manila Bay just off the tip of the Bataan peninsula. Because of the high profile he now had with the public due to the regular news bulletins portraying the heroic defense in the face of overwhelming odds his command was conducting in the face of the enemy Roosevelt determined that he should not fall into enemy hands. The only way he would leave his command was by direct Presidential order and this was duly issued. How was MacArthur evacuated from Corregidor?

PT Boat


156. ‘The best clerk I ever had.’ This was MacArthur’s reply to a newsman asking if he had known this prominent figure. Who was he referring to?

General Dwight Eisenhower


157. What does USMC stand for?

United States Marine Corps


158. When he heard of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour MacArthur placed all his forces on full alert and dispatched a force of B 17 bombers to hit Japanese bases on nearby Formosa.



159. AACFT stands for Army Aircraft.



160. Douglas MacArthur followed in his father’s footsteps when he was appointed Army Chief of Staff to the Philippines and later he became Chief Military advisor to the government. When he was recalled to active duty on the eve of the Pacific war with the rank of Major General he was given 4 stars. How old was he?



161. Which word does not belong in the military abbreviation NBC?



162. What does M.R.E. stand for?

Meals Ready to Eat


163. HAZMAT stands for Hazardous Materials.



164. What does SOP stand for?

Standard Operating Procedure


165. What does LAPES stand for?

Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System


166. What does AAR stand for?

After Action Review


167. What does H-HMMWV stand for?

Heavy High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle


168. Which does not belong in SPORTS?



169.”People of the Philippines: I have returned” began a radio broadcast MacArthur made from his flagship USS Nashville off the coast of Leyte.



170. What would you be doing if you heard, “hup, two, three, four”?



171. MacArthur lived up to his moniker ‘Dugout Doug’ by directing his campaigns from Head Quarters well behind enemy lines.



172. What name is given to the period of time served by a new soldier or sailor immediately after entering the military?

Basic training


173. After the invasion of Luzon and recapture of Manila in March 1945 MacArthur ordered dozens of amphibious invasions of islands in the southern Philippines and eastern Indonesia under his own authority.



174. What are the initials “K.P.” ? mean?

Kitchen police


175. What federal building is headquarters for the U.S. Armed Forces?



176. Which is the highest U.S. military rank?



177. Before the “all-volunteer” military, how were young men compelled to become soldiers?



178. How many confirmed “kills” does a pilot need to become an “ace”?



179. Many historians of the Merchant Marine trace its origins back to the American Revolution, but this force was not officially chartered until Japanese imperialism in the 1930s made large-scale maritime war an imminent possibility.



180. During the Battle of Guadalcanal, mariners refused to unload ships under fire. This duty was taken up grudgingly by US Marines who were too ill for combat duty.



181. During World War II, Merchant Marine ship masters were under standing orders to scuttle their ships whenever capture appeared inevitable. As a result, only one Merchant Marine craft was captured during the conflict.



182. All retired mariners have routinely been eligible for full veterans benefits after a requisite time of service.



183. Though usually not included as a branch of military service, the Merchant Marine had (by most accounts) a higher percentage of war dead during World War II than any of the armed forces.



184. Who is the Commander in Chief of the United States armed forces?



185. The US Merchant Marine is a civilian cargo fleet in peacetime. It only becomes a naval auxiliary force in times of war.



186. How did the Navy SEALs get their name?

Sea air land


187. People who serve in the Merchant Marine can be referred to as Marines or Mariners; the terms are interchangeable.



188. Which is the right polite definition of SNAFU?

Situation normal, all fouled up


189. What is the right polite interpretation of the military acronym HMFIC?

Head military figure in charge


190. Notable attendees of the Merchant Marine Academy include former George W. Bush Chief of Staff Andrew Card, who was stuffed in a duffel bag and run up a flagpole as a young plebe.



191. A right polite interpretation of the acronym FUBAR is?

Fouled up beyond all recognition


192. The US Merchant Marine Academy began admitting female students in 1974, two years before its Army and Navy counterparts at West Point and Annapolis.



193. A right polite translation of the military acronym FIGMO is?

Finally I got my orders


194. The US Merchant Marine Academy is governed and regulated by the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, and its students share the facility with Navy and Marine officer candidates.



195. What is the right polite meaning of the acronym YGBSM?

You gotta be spoofing me


196. All retired mariners have routinely been eligible for full veterans benefits after a requisite time of service.



197. A nickname for the B-52 Stratofortress is BUFF, which is colloquially short for what?

Big ugly fat fellow


198. Which rating trains and supervises people in seamanship: marlinspike, boat handling, operation of deck equipment?

BM – Boatswain’s Mate


199. Which rating is responsible for navigation of the ship and maintenance of navigation equipment and records?


200. What is the right polite definition of the military acronym SOL?

Surely outta luck


201. Which rating works on motors, generators, switchboards and solid state circuitry?

EM – Electrician’s Mate


202. What is the right polite meaning of the acronym SSDD?

Same stuff, different day


203. Which rating is responsible for navigation of the ship and maintenance of navigation equipment and records?



204. The acronym MARINE is known conversationally as?

Muscles are required; intelligence not essential


205. Which enlisted rating of the U.S. Coast Guard begins at pay grade E-6 after an audition, rather than as an E-1 in Basic Training?

MU – Musician


206. Which rating, which no longer exists in either the U.S. Coast Guard or Navy, was responsible for visual communication?



207. Which rating badge is made of crossed cannons, with members of the rating disparagingly called “cannon cockers”?

Gunner’s Mate


208. Which rating deals with administrative work and is colloquially known as “Quills”?



209. Which rating, which never existed in the U.S. Coast Guard, was merged with Navy Gunners Mates aboard surface ships and with Machinist Mates aboard submarines?

TM – Torpedoman’s Mate


210. This rating badge represents two similar ratings with different names in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. What is the abbreviation for EITHER of those ratings?

MK, Coast Guard Machinery Technicians (MK) and Navy Enginemen (EN) share the same rating device, a gear. MK is one of only three engineering ratings in the CG, while the Navy has nine engineering ratings, more if you add the specialized ratings in nuclear, aviation and construction.


211. The oldest current U.S. military decoration, the Purple Heart, was established in 1789 under what name?

Badge of Military Merit


212. Which rating, known as “ping jockeys”, specialize in ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare)?

Sonar Technician


213. Boatswain’s Mate Third Class Albert R. Johnson and Engineman Earl H. Leyda were the first recipients of the Coast Guard Medal, in 1958. They attempted to save three workers trapped by a tunnel explosion in which state?

New York


214. Which of the following decorations was established AFTER the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001?

Air Force Combat Action Medal


215. For his actions on board the USS West Virginia during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Mess Attendant Dorie Miller became the first African-American to win which decoration?

Navy Cross


216. Which branch of the U.S. armed forces discontinued awarding a Good Conduct Medal from February 2006 to February 2009?

Air Force


217. In the Air Force, the acronym USAFE (pronounced: you-save-ee) stands for United States Air Forces in Europe.



218. The US Army’s Forces Command is located at __________________?

Ft. McPherson, GA


219. What band is referred to as “The President’s Own”?

United States Marine Band


220. Which of the following civilian aviation pioneers was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross?

Orville Wright


221. Who was Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2002?

Peter Pace


222. The first woman to win the Silver Star Medal was honored for doing what during World War II?

Evacuating a field hospital in Anzio, Italy


223. Who was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2002?

Richard Myers


224. The Humanitarian Service Medal, awarded to those participating in military operations of a humanitarian nature, was authorized during which president’s administration?

Gerald Ford


225. To finish, here’s a general military question. What does JROTC stand for?

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps


226. What type of fuel powers the US Navy Mk 48 torpedo?

Otto fuel


227. What type of gun is mounted on the M1A2 Abrams tank?



228. According to the advertisements, how many ways are there to be a soldier in the “Army of One”?



229. Which medieval weapon fills in the blank to complete the full designation of the following military machine? AH-64D ___________



230. What Unified Command is responsible for the Operations Theater in Iraq?

US CENTral COMmand


231. What class of ships does the DDG in a US Navy vessel’s designation denote?



232. The Air Force has three logistics centers operating in the United States. They are: Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (ALC), Robins AFB, Georgia; Oklahoma City ALC, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma; and Salt Lake City ALC, Hill AFB, Utah.



233. The M256 smoothbore gun fires what two types of rounds?



234. In the Navy, SEAL is an acronym for SEa, Air, and Land.



235. What size are the rounds fired by the M-16A2 rifle?



236. Which of the following vehicles is known as the “Deuce and a half”?

M35 cargo truck


237. Which special forces detachment is headquartered in Fort Bragg?

1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1SFOD-D)


238. The non-military form of the Unimog is traditionally classified as what type of vehicle?

Agricultural Tractor


239. What is the class of submarine that immediately preceded the Virginia-class submarine?



240. The proper military acronym for the AM General Hummer is?



241. A US Navy vessel has a CIWS. What does this stand for?

Close In Weapons System


242. In 2002 the U.S. Pentagon unveiled their new class of Medium Tactical vehicle. This eight-wheel-drive cross between a tank and an armored truck is called what?



243. The F-18 E/F Super Hornet has to replace which aircraft?



244. Which of the following vehicles did the military version of the hummer NOT replace when it was put into service in the 1980s?

M37 Power Wagon


245. Which unit has an insignia with alternating diagonal blue and white stripes?

3rd Infantry Division


246. During the Vietnam war, the mule was the favored frontline cargo vehicle due to its ability to?

Be dropped from a helicopter and still operate


247. Which unit has an insignia which looks like a red bucket?

28th Infantry Division


248. A standard U.S. military multi-fuel engine that is used in most modern cargo trucks will run on what fuels?

Diesel, kerosine, home heating oil, jetfuel, and vegetable oil


249. Which unit has an insignia that includes a carabao (water buffalo)?

12th Infantry Division

250. The U.S. military bought around 200,000 DUKWs during WWII of which almost all are still in existence today, owned by private collectors and tour companies. Which of the following countries has the most private collectors and clubs for the DUKW today?

Great Britain


251. The 79th Infantry Division’s insignia bear the cross of Lorraine.



252. The DUKW was a common amphibious vehicle during WWII. It was created by bolting a hull to what vehicle?

6×6 2.5 ton cargo truck


253. Which unit has an insignia of a clawed foot of an eagle?

17th Airborne Division


254. The Dodge M37 Power Wagon was used by the US military for only a few years. What was done with the trucks after they were demilitarized?

Sold to the private sector as farm and fire trucks


255. What category of chemical agent is Sarin (GB)?



256. Which unit has an insignia consisting of a white wolf with a green background?

104th Infantry Division


257. What does the term MOPP stand for?

Mission Oriented Protective Posture


258. The 1st Infantry Division’s insignia has a red number one on a green shield.



259. What are the three levels of decontamination?

Immediate, operational and thorough


260. Which unit has a Native American (“Indian”) head in its insignia?

2nd Infantry Division


261. What piece of equipment measures what dose rate a soldier is being exposed to?



262. The 82nd Airborne’s insignia consist of a blue square with a red circle in the middle bearing two As and a shoulder tab bearing the word airborne above the square.



263. What two types of chemical agents are there?

Persistent and non-persistent


264. Which unit has four stars with a blue background in its insignia?

23rd Infantry Division


265. Many U.S. Presidents have served in colonial or state militias, but only two have served in the National Guard as it is currently organized. Which of the following two presidents served in the National Guard?

George W. Bush and Harry S. Truman


266. Which one of the following pieces of chemical equipment will not detect chemical agents?



267. Each U.S. state has a National Guard, but so do many U.S. territories. Which U.S. territory DOES NOT have a National Guard?

American Samoa


268. Which one of the following is not classified as a biological agent?



269. The National Guard has two missions: federal and state. Which is not a state mission?

Conducting overseas combat operations.


270. What are the three types of smoke screens?

Haze, Curtain and Blanket


271. The Army National Guard of the United States is one of the oldest military organizations in the world. When was the Army National Guard founded?

Dec 13, 1636


272. The best decontamination solution is a combination of a DS2 slurry and STB (Super Tropical Bleach).



273. What were members of the National Guard/militia called during the American Revolutionary War?



274. What are the three fundamentals of Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear defense?

Contamination avoidance, Protection and Decontamination


275. Here in the U.S. we love eating hot dogs. Certain occasions call for it: watching a ballgame or enjoying a family barbecue. In the U.S. Air Force, a hot dog really means what?


276. While National Guard units have been mobilized and deployed for every major war the United States has been involved in, there is one war that did not see large-scale mobilization of the National Guard. Which war did not involve large numbers of National Guard members?

Vietnam War


277. If soldiers or marines are ‘staying frosty’, are they trying to keep cool in hot temperatures? Hardly. What are they actually doing?

Remaining alert


278. What is the title of the senior member of a State’s National Guard?

Adjutant General


279. ‘Whip it out’ is NOT what you think it is. What does it mean to an enlisted man/woman?

A proper salute


280. What is the legal authorization for the establishment of the National Guard?

U.S. Constitution


281. Night Ops might sound like secret maneuvering under the cover of darkness, but to a sailor it’s something quite different. What does a sailor mean when he/she talks about Night Ops?

Disposing of trash


282. In what year was the National Guard mobilized for World War II?



283. A shoe clerk might be someone who sells shoes in a department store. To someone serving in the U.S. Air Force, its meaning is entirely different. What does it mean?

Desk job


284. What is the rank of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau?



285. The only US Air Force Base located within the District of Columbia is:

Bolling Air Force Base


286. Cyberwarfare is alive and well in the military. Netrusion is a term used to refer to what?



287. Which of the following is not a US Military Unified Command?

Forces Command


288. In the U.S. Armed Forces, “spastic plastic” is used to refer to what?

M-16 rifle


289. The United States Army has Four Corps. These Corps are:

1st Corps, 3rd Corps, 5th Corps, 18th Airborne Corps


290. Which department of the U.S. government is known as “The Octopus”?

Department of Homeland Security


291. By law, the US Navy is allowed to have 12 of these:

Aircraft Carriers


292. The term “Fiddler’s Green” goes back to 1832 where it first appeared in print. The term, first used by sailors, is still used. It has since found its way into the vernacular of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. What exactly is “Fiddler’s Green”?

Place for dead sailors


293. Which was the last of these services to permanently be part of the Special Operations Command?

US Marine Corps


294. The U.S. military in general is fond of using acronyms, especially when those acronyms stand for something less than flattering. One example is the acronym ROAD. What does it stand for?

Retired On Active Duty



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