300 Canada Trivia Questions and Answers

“Our flight to Ottawa takes off at 4 am, Jimmy, go pack your bags, as for you Karen, please make sure our flight tickets are in place. We need to be at the airport two hours earlier, so we have to prepare ourselves well and get to bed early enough.”

Ever noticed how flight journeys are normally a whole sport, especially if you are tagging your family along? You need to ensure all the bags are packed, and you don’t leave behind any necessities. However, we get to have the best times while on the flight, enjoying the geographic sceneries and when we get to our destinations especially if we are hoping to have fun and relax, you know, not those official duties where you have to represent your company in a meeting for 45 minutes then fly back home immediately.

Canada Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

We know you love to travel to different places in the world, capture some good memories and while at it, learn a few things. How about we go all the way to Canada? You will learn some interesting facts about the thriving Vancouver City and other Canadian towns. Don’t fret about tickets and looking for your favorite bikini wear, this time around, we are not packing our bags and having crazy mornings. We will do it from the comfort of our homes with friends and family as we answer these fun trivia questions just to see how much we know about Canada.

If you’ve already tried out and enjoyed our Australian Trivia Questions or Africa Trivia Questions then you’ll definitely enjoy this ultimate list of Canada trivia that we have put together for you and your loved ones.

From history, geography, sports, movies, and music let’s see how much you know. Remember the trivia rules, no cheating!

1. What is the total number of time zones in Canada?

6 time zones exist in Canada


2. Who was Canada’s first French-speaking Prime Minister?

Wilfrid Laurier


3. An anagram of the word “Canada” is the nickname of a well-known sports team. Name the team (city and nickname) and the sport it plays.



4. The famous Canadian hockey player “Wayne Gretzky” played only for which team?

Edmonton Oilers


5. Which country took control over Quebec after winning the Battle of Plains?



6. The flags of England and France have flown over Canada, as has the flag of one other European country, from 1789 to 1795. Name the country.



7. The name Canada comes from the Iroquois language which means what?

Village or Settlements


8. Who chose the name ‘British Columbia’?

Queen Victoria


9. In what Canadian city would you find an official UFO landing pad?



10. In Canada, what is a loonie?

1 dollar Canadian coin is called loonie


11. When was the maple leaf first used as a symbol of the nation?

In 1868, in the coat of arms of Quebec and Ontario


12. What year was the Trans-Canada Highway finally completed?



13. The maple leaf exists in the flag of Canada has how many corners/ points?

11 points in total


14. Which was the last province to join Canada?



15. Three prime ministers have performed the Grey Cup ceremonial kickoff. Name them and the years in which they booted the ball.

John Diefenbaker in 1959, Lester Pearson in 1964 and Pierre Trudeau in 1968


16. From these 2 prime ministers, which Canadian prime minister won the noble peace prize? 1) Jean Chretien 2) Lester B. Pearson

Lester B. Pearson


17. What route to Canada did slaves take to escape slavery in the US?

The Underground Railroad


18. Name the first status Indian to be elected to Parliament and the city he represented.



19. “He shoots, he scores” is the famous sports phrase of?

Foster Hewitt


20. When did the Great Depression take place in Canada?

The 1930s


21. What is the highest mountain in Canada?

Mount Logan in Yukon


22. Which Canadian city hosted Olympics games?



23. In which year did Canadian women win the right to vote in elections?



24. In what year did O Canada officially become the country’s national anthem?



25. What are the 2 official languages used in Canada?

English and French


26. Which Native tribe was hunted to extinction by Europeans who invaded Newfoundland?



27. The Great Lakes contain what percentage of the world’s fresh lake water?



28. Which is the only official bilingual province of Canada?

New Brunswick


29. Who led the rebellions in Quebec City against the colonial governments?

Louis-Joseph Papineau


30. When did First Nations get the vote in Canada?



31. How many total provinces exist in Canada?

Total 10 provinces exist in Canada


32. What does Remembrance Day commemorate?

11 November, the date on which World War I ended


33. What province has the largest population of aboriginal people in Canada?



34. Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area. Do you know the total area in square kilometers?

9.98 million square kilometers


35. What were the early settlers of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia who spoke French called?



36. If you are standing in Richard’s Harbour, Newfoundland/Labrador, and travel directly south, which country’s territory will you first encounter?

France (islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon)


37. On the southern side, Canada has a border with America, Do you know how long the border is?

8891 Kilometers/5525 miles


38. What is Canada famous for?

Ice hockey, maple syrup, moose and breathtaking landscapes


39. Who was Canada’s longest-serving prime minister?

William Lyon Mackenzie King (21 years)


40. Which 2 countries have the world’s longest bi-national land borders?

America and Canada


41. What are some traditional Canadian foods?

Poutine, bannock, butter tarts and Nova Scotia lobster rolls


42. What is the capital of Canada?



43. Name the 3 largest metropolitan areas of Canada?

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver


44. What is the nickname of Canada?

The Great White North


45. What currency is used in Canada?

Canadian Dollar


46. What is the name of the national flag of Canada (bonus point if you know it in French as well!)?

Maple Leaf Flag – l’Unifolié


47. What is the largest city in Canada?



48. The Battle of Vimy Ridge, in which four divisions of the Canadian Corps fought, was in which war?

First World War


49. Who is the head of state of Canada?

The British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II

50. On which date was the Canadian Confederation developed?

July 1, 1867

51. Who served as the first Prime Minister of Canada?

John A. Macdonald


52. When is Canada Day?

1st of July


53. Who was the second prime minister of Canada?

Alexander Mackenzie


54.  In which year did British Columbia join the Canadian Confederation?

20 July 1871


55. What is the name of the national anthem of Canada?

O Canada


56. The Canadian flag’s first appearance on which date?

Feb 15, 1965


57. Which ethnic group was once forced to pay a head tax to migrate to Canada?

Chinese Canadians


58. How many territories are in Canada?

3 territories (but there are also 10 provinces)


59. The province Newfoundland join the Canadian confederation on which date?

March 31, 1949


60. Which economic issue dominated the Canadian Federal elections in the years 1891, 1911, and 1988?

Free trade


61. Who was the Prime Minister of Canada in 2017?

Justin Trudeau


62. On December 6, 1917, Which two ships collided resulting in  2000 people dead due to an explosion?

SS Mont-Blanc and the SS IMO


63. Which American war helped convince the leaders of Canada and their people to unite to form a federation in the North?

The US Civil War


64. Which province produces the most Maple Syrup?



65. In which year Tom Longboat won the Boston Marathon?

In 1907


66. The British subjects that fled to Canada during and after the American Revolution were known as what?

United Empire Loyalists


67. What was the first city in North America to become a UNESCO World Heritage?

Quebec City


68. In Canada what percentage of populations are European?

74.3% according to Wikipedia


69. The early French Traders in Canada are commonly associated with which term?

Coureurs des bois


70. Canada is home to the world’s largest uninhabited island. Which one is it?

Devon Island


71. What is the percentage of Christianity is in Canada?

67.2% source Wikipedia


72. At the beginning of the ’60s, what was the name of the political movement that swept all through Quebec City?

The Quiet Revolution


73. What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Canada?

-62.8° C


74. Traffic flows on which side of the road in Canada?

Right side


75. Which Canadian was the first to go to space?

Marc Garneau


76. How many Canadian cities have more than 1 million residents?

Six. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa


77. “From sea to sea” is the official motto of which country?



78. In which year was Canada’s Constitution patriated from Great Britain?



79. For their discovery of insulin, which Canadian received the Nobel Prize?

Frederick G. Banting


80. How many national parks are there in Canada?

41 national parks


81. True or false: William Hall was the first black Canadian to win the Victoria Cross award?



82. When was the first Canadian team in the NBA established?



83. Who was the first Canadian to win the Olympic gold medal in 1900?

George Orton for the 2500 m steeplechase


84. In which year did New Brunswick become its own separate colony?



85. What is the longest river in Canada?

Mackenzie River


86. On which year did the Canadian law declare women as “Persons”?

In 1929


87. Who designed the Canadian Flag?

George Stanley


88. How many US states share a border with Canada? Name them.

13 states. Alaska, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Maine


89. When was the last time the  Canadian Hockey team won Stanley Cup?



90. Who were individuals that were responsible for the Canadian National Anthem?

Music: Calixa Lavallee, lyrics: Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier


91. What is the largest lake entirely in Canada?

Great Bear Lake


92. From the list which star actor was born in Canada? 1) Brendan Fraser 2) Jim Carrey 3) Kim Cattrall

Jim Carrey


93. What is the per capita GDP of Canada?

Approximately 46,000 USD


94. What is the biggest bay in Canada?

Hudson Bay


95. “O Canada” is the national anthem of Canada when was it officially announced?



96. How long does one need to live in Canada to become a permanent legal resident?

An individual must have been living in Canada as a permanent resident for three years out of their last five years in the country


97. From the list which movies are not made in Canada? 1) Sleepless in Seattle 2) New York Minute 3) Chicago

Sleepless in Seattle


98. Which Canadian mixed martial artist is considered to be one of the greatest fighters in MMA history?

Georges St-Pierre


99. In which province can you find Banff National Park?


100. Till now (2019) Canada hosted how many Olympics events?

Canada hosted the Olympics 3 times

101. Which city currently serves as the home to an NBA team that originated in Canada?



102. What is the capital of British Columbia?



103. In the second and third Academy Awards, the 2 best Actress winners belong to Canada. Do you remember the name of both actresses?

Mary Pickford and Norma Shearer


104. Who hit a walk-off home run to hand over Blue Jays a World Series title?

Joe Carter


105. In which national park can you find Haffner Creek?

Kootenay National Park


106. “Hockey Night In Canada” was first hosted by who?

Foster Hewitt


107. What was the last team from Canada to bag the Stanley cup, as of the year 2020?

Montreal Canadiens


108. In which city can you find the Quartier du Petit Champlain?

Quebec City


109. During Queen Elisabeth II’s reign, how many Canadian prime ministers have been served?

12 prime ministers


110. Which league, apart from the NHL, once selected Canadians with consecutive number one overall draft picks?



111. Which Canadian artist sang “Summer of ‘69”?

Bryan Adams


112. Which Canadian invented “Instant Mashed Potatoes” in 1962?

Edward Asselbergs


113. Who was the first male Black athlete from Canada to secure gold at the Winter Olympics?

Jarome Iginla


114. In which Canadian city was Justin Bieber born?

London, Canada


115. On which date in 2017 was the Quebec City mosque subject of a mass shooting, resulting in 6 deaths and numerous injured?


116. What is the name of the series of outdoor NHL games that are played exclusively between Canadian teams?

Heritage Classic


117. Which Canadian artist used to perform at The Colosseum Palace in Las Vegas?

Celine Dion


118. On October 1, 2017, Jagmeet Singh won which election, becoming the first visible minority and first Sikh to lead a major federal political party in Canada?

2017 NDP leadership election


119. Canadian Clara Hughes won medals in which Summer and Winter Olympics sports?

Cycling and speed skating


120. What is Avril Lavigne middle name?



121. On which date Premier of Saskatchewan and Brad Wall announces his pending retirement from politics?

August 10, 2017


122. What rank was held by the individual after whom the Stanley Cup has been named?



123. What was Neil Young’s first album?

Neil Young (1968)


124. 2018 Memorial Cup was held at which place?

Brandt Centre in Regina


125. Which player is the only Canadian born player as of 2020 to make an NBA all-star team apart from Steve Nash?

Jamaal Magloire


126. Which Canadian jazz pianist and singer has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide?

Diana Krall


127. 2018 North American heat wave took place on which date?

July 5, 2018


128. The overall international scoring records of which sport are being held by a Canadian woman?

Soccer (Christine Sinclair)


129. Who sang “You oughta know”?

Alanis Morisette


130. Prince Edward Island Municipal elections in Canada held on which date?


131. In which stroke did Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Mark Tewksbury specialize in?



132. When was Shawn Mendes born?



133. In which province does Jasper National Park Of Canada exist?



134. At which circuit in Montreal has the Canadian Prix been hosted regularly since the year 1978?

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve


135. Where was Drake born?



136. In which year was Jasper National Park established?

In 1907


137. In what event had the Dufour-Lapointe sisters competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics, winning a gold and silver medal each?

Women’s Moguls


138. Which Canadian indie rock band was formed by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning?

Broken Social Scene


139. What is the total height of Niagara Fall?

167 ft


140. Which Canadian athlete was the first to secure a gold medal on home turf?

Alexandre Bilodeau


141. Which Canadian novelist wrote “Station Eleven”?

Emily St John Mandel


142. Who is the only Canadian to win the NBA MVP award?

Steve Nash


143. In which Olympic games did Canada first take part?

1900 Paris Olympics


144. Which Canadian author wrote “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

Margaret Atwood


145. Which is the very first Canadian team that participated in the NBA?

Toronto Huskies established in 1946


146. One of North America’s longest-lasting sports franchises, the Ottawa Rough Riders, was founded in which year?



147. Which book by Lucy Maud Montgomery tells the story of an orphan named Anne Shirley?

Anne of Green Gables


148. In 1967 which Canadian team won the World Cup Ski race?

Ottawa’s Nancy Greene


149. The athletic teams that represent the University of Ottawa are collectively known as what?

The Gee-Gees

150. What is Kit Pearson’s full name?

Kathleen Margaret Pearson

151. In which year was Canada’s first railway line opened?

In July 1836


152. Jason and the Argonauts served as the inspiration for the name of which Toronto sports team?

Toronto Argonauts


153. Which book by Yann Martel became an international bestseller (12 million copies sold worldwide)?

Life of Pi


154. Initially in 1873, how many police officers were there in Mounted Police?

Total of 9 officers


155. In 2005, what was the name of the Saskatchewan CFL team?



156. In “One Week”, Ben Tyler starts his journey in Toronto. Where does he finish it?

Tofino, British Columbia


157. Who is the first only female prime minister of Canada?

Kim Campbell


158. What are the different nicknames that the university of Alberta maintains for their men’s and women’s teams?

Golden Bears and Pandas


159. What sport do they play in the movie “Les Boys”?



160. In which city and year was the first YMCA started?

In Montreal in 1851


161. Which Canadian city is the birthplace of ice hockey?



162. In which 2006 movie can you see two Canadian policemen from Ontario and Quebec working together?

Bon Cop, Bad Cop


163. Ryan Reynolds played the role of Wade Wilson in 2016. What is the character’s alter ego, also the film title?



164. Saskatchewan Lily is the nickname of which Canadian female high jumper?

Ethel Catherwood


165. Who directed the movie “Mommy”?

Xavier Dolan


166. Born in Guelph, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was serving with the Canadian Army in the First World War when he penned what poem?

In Flanders Fields


167. In the year 1969, which Canadian fell shy of winning the Masters golf tournament by a single stroke?

George Knudson


168. In which city is “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” set?



169. This person was an explorer. In the year 1534, he navigated the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, sent by a king to find riches and gold.

Jacques Cartier


170. What is the total number of teams that are present in the NHL?



171. Who plays Nicole Burnell in “The Sweet Hereafter”?

Sarah Polley


172. Which athlete, humanitarian and cancer activist was born July 28, 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Terry Fox


173. Which Canadian won the American League MVP award in the year 2006 whilst playing for the Minnesota Twins?

Justin Morneau


174. Who plays “The Montana Kid” in “Gunless”?

Paul Gross


175. This painter was greatly inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast and by nature. She has an art university in Vancouver named after her. Who is she?

Emily Carr


176. To which city did the Quebec Nordiques depart in the year 1995?

Denver, Colorado


177. Which 1970 movie tells the story of two friends from rural Nova Scotia moving to Toronto?

Goin’ Down the Road


178. What was the issue that the Famous Five took to the Supreme Court of Canada?

Does the word ‘person’ in The British North America Act include women?


179. Who became the first male golfer from Canada to win a Major when he bagged The Master’s title in 2003?

Mike Weir


180. Name the 4 family members of the family in Schitt’s Creek

Johnny Rose, Moira Rose, David Rose and Alexis Rose


181. This glamorous lady from Ontario sprang to fame in 1995 with the album “The Woman in Me”. She is often referred to as “The First Lady of Canadian Country Music”“. Who is she?

Shania Twain


182. Which medal did Canada secure in the very first team figure skating event at the 2014 Olympics?

Silver medal


183. In which province is “Heartland” set in?



184. How many older siblings did the Dionne quintuplets have at the time of their birth?



185. When did the Toronto Blue Jays win their first World Series?



186. In the American TV Show “How I met your mother”, what is the name of the Canadian girl?

Robin Scherbatsky


187. In what country were the Dionne quintuplets born?



188. Which two Canadian cities were the first to have hosted the Olympic Games?

Montreal in 1976 and Calgary in 1988


189. Which show tells the story of a Korean-Canadian family in Toronto?

Kim’s Convenience


190. Terry Fox is a well-known Canadian, he was an active, competitive athlete. Cancer hindered his athletic abilities temporarily. After surgery and chemotherapy, he became athletic again, by becoming a runner. What type of cancer was Terry diagnosed with having?

Osteogenic Sarcoma


191. Which Nova Scotia school had the nickname ‘X-Men’?

St. Francis Xavier


192. Which Canadian TV series is an adaptation of one of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books?

Anne with an E


193. Who was the first person to own a car in Ontario?

John Moodie


194. Which Toronto sports team won in 2005 to register their fifth league championship win in 7 years?

Toronto Rock


195. In which city is “Frankie Drake Mysteries” set?



196. In 2000 the Historic Sites and Monuments of Canada granted this woman recognition and she became a Canadian National Historic Person. Who is she?



197. What is the nickname that is given to the University of Toronto’s athletic teams?

Varsity Blues


198. Which medical show is set in the fictional hospital, Hope Zion?

Saving Hopes


199. In most of Canada, winter means snow and more snow. Canadians have created several ways to enjoy the snow, one of the more popular winter pastimes is ski-dooing. What Canadian is responsible for the creation of the Ski-doo?

Joseph-Armand Bombardier

200. What was the first professional team with which Wayne Gretzky was associated?


201. What sport did Matth Shade in “Private Eyes” used to play professionally?



202. Which game show host was born in Manitoba?

Monty Hall


203. When Team Canada won the Olympic double gold for the first time, where were the Olympics being held?

Salt Lake City Olympics


204. Which Canadian TV series is based on the novels of Giles Blunt?



205. This Canadian hero was a World War I flying ace. His first name was William, but that’s not what Canadians know him as.

Billy Bishop


206. Which athlete won the silver medal at the World Figure Skating championships in 1988?

Elizabeth Manley


207. Which American TV show is based on a novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood?

The Handmaid’s tale


208.  Who was Canada’s first female magistrate or judge?

Emily Murphy


209. What is Calgary’s football team known as?



210. Which Viking explorer reached Newfoundland around A.D. 1000?

Leif Eriksson


211. Which Canadian actress starred in the film “Barb Wire” in 1996?

Pamela Anderson


212. Which Canadian city plays home to the Canucks?



213. What was the name of the war that happened before 1754 and 1763?

French and Indian War


214. During the War of 1812, a battle was going on outside on this woman’s property. But instead of running she stayed to help the wounded.

Catherine Lundy


215. In which sport did Erin McLeod represent Canada over 100 times?



216. When did Canada become an independent nation?



217. Who was the first Canadian to walk in space?

Chris Hadfield


218. With which team did Grey cup winner Anthony Calvillo start his football career in the Canadian Football League?

Las Vegas Posse


219. When did the Great Depression in Canada start?



220. The Famous Five includes the first woman in the British Empire to be elected to a legislative body (above the level of county council). What was her name?

Louise McKinney


221. Which British Columbia city played host to the 1994 Commonwealth Games?



222. Who established a french colony at Quebec City in 1608?

Samuel de Champlain


223. Who in October 1984 became the first Canadian to travel in space?

Marc Garneau


224. In which sport was Gaetan Boucher an Olympic gold medalist?

Speed skating


225. What accord was rejected in the 1992 national referendum?

Charlottetown Accord


226. William Irving Jr. was the first provincial police officer to be killed in the line of duty. When did he die?

July 1904


227. The University of Prince Edward Island is associated with which feline nickname?



228. Which act, established in 1774, granted Quebec its own legal and religious rights?

The Quebec Act


229. Who is the heroine commemorated by a large statue at Vercheres, located on the St. Lawrence River?

Madeleine de Vercheres


230. Which SJHL hockey team won the Royal Bank Cup in the year 2005?

Weyburn Red Wings


231. Which province joined Canada in 1871?

British Columbia


232. Olivia Poole a mother of seven, in 1957 along with her son founded the Poole Manufacturing Co. Ltd in British Columbia. They had received the patent for an invention that she had created 47 years earlier. What invention did Mrs. Poole create?

The Jolly Jumper


233. Which now-defunct Canadian department store had the slogan, “the lowest price is the law” at one point?



234. When was the last Referendum about Quebec Independence?



235. Communication: Alexander Graham Bell is generally, though controversially, credited with inventing the telephone in 1876. How did Bell come up with the idea of the telephone?

He was daydreaming


236. Who played the role of Sara Stanley on the show ‘Road To Avonlea’?

Sarah Polley


237. Which new Artic territory was created in 1999?



238. Who was the first prime minister to run for a seat in Manitoba?

Sir John A. MacDonald


239. Canada’s passenger train service is known as what?

VIA Rail


240. Which Canadian dish is made of fries, cheese, and gravy?



241. Who was the first women Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada?

Beverly McLachlin


242. Which popular Canadian store stars a beaver as part of its logo?

Roots Canada


243. Which meat pie is made with minced meat and potatoes?



244. The television show ‘Freaks and Geeks’ was the acting debut for which multi-talented comedian and writer?

Seth Rogen


245. What do Canadians mean when they are talking about their ‘Ski-Doo’?

A snowmobile


246. What dessert was invented by female factory workers early during the Great Depression in Quebec?

Pouding chômeur


247. Which actress from the “X-Men” series of movies was born in Winnipeg?

Anna Paquin


248. Which popular confectionery store is named after one of Canada’s greatest war heroes?

Laura Secord


249. What type of seafood can you find in a roll in Nova Scotia?


250. What was another name for The Famous Five?

The Valiant Five


251. The annual ranking of Canadian Universities is put out by which magazine?



252. What pie has a berry filling and is usually served with vanilla ice cream?

Saskatoon Berry Pie


253. Which Canadian, born in Ontario in 1861, is generally regarded as the man who invented basketball?

James Naismith


254. Which Canadian province chooses to opt out of Daylight Savings Time?



255. Which Canadian pastry tart has a filling of butter, sugar, syrup, and egg?

Butter tart


256. Bob Homme,  a Canadian actor known for saying “look up, look waaaaaay up”. Who is the character that he played?

The Friendly Giant


257. Which Canadian was involved in the co-creation of Superman?

Joseph Schuster


258. Which bar dessert was named after a city in British Columbia?

Nanaimo bar


259. When Sir Sanford Fleming devised the concept of “Standard Time” in 1878, how many time zones did he propose the world be split into?



260. The title of the longest freshwater beach in the world can be claimed by which Canadian beach?

Wasaga Beach


261. Which Canadian sweet candy is made with boiling maple syrup and snow?

Tire d’érable sur la neige (or Maple Taffy)


262. In Billy Mosienko’s interesting career, he holds a hockey record. What is it?

fastest 3 goals


263. Which region in Canada recorded the country’s lowest temperature?

Snag, Yukon


264. Who is the only Canadian-born World Heavyweight Boxing Champion?

Tommy Burns


265. Which Vancouver-born actress played the role of Lily Munster on television between 1964 and 1966?

Yvonne de Carlo


266. To which rare weather phenomenon does Canada play host?



267. Which popular sport in Canada is the oldest organized sport in North America?



268. I worked along side Isaac Brock during the war of 1812. I was killed in the Battle of the Thames. Who am I?



269. Who is the famous children’s writer who is associated with titles such as ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ and ‘Love You Forever’?

Robert Munsch


270. What sport is played during the Grey Cup?

Canadian football


271. Which actress, born on December 14, 1921 in Winnipeg, appeared in a number of musicals in the 1930s and 40s, winning an Academy Juvenile Award in 1938?

Deanna Durbin


272. Which Canadian province was the latest addition to the Canadian Confederation?

Newfoundland and Labrador


273. Who was the first Canadian man to reach Wimbledon Final?

Milos Raonic


274. This architect designed the Royal Canadian Mint and the Canadian Embassy in Mexico. Who is he?

Etienne Gaboury


275. Vancouver has been given which nickname owing to its thriving film industry?

Hollywood North


276. How often are the Canada Games held?

Every two years


277. Terry planned to run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. He ran daily for 143 days before being forced to give up. Running on average 40-42 kilometers a day, how far did Terry run?

5373 km/3339 miles


278. Which figure is the official mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival?

Bonhomme Carnaval


279. What is the name of the Toronto ice hockey team?

Toronto Maple Leafs


280. When did Edward Schreyer become the Governor-General?



281. Which country is Canada’s largest trading partner?

The United States


282. What sport do the Canadian Wolverines play?



283. Who was the first woman Governor General of Canada?

Jeanne Sauve


284. In which year did Canada adopt its current flag?



285. In which city can you find Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport?



286. Which singer/actress had a breakthrough hit with “Complicated” in 2001?

Avril Lavigne


287. Which is the only territory in Canada that is governed by Inuits or Eskimos?



288. Which Canadian airport has “YYZ” as an airport code?

Toronto Pearson Internation Airport


289. During the Seven Years’ War this man led the British in Canada. He died during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Who was he?

James Wolfe


290. How many oceans does Canada border?



291. What is the largest train station in Canada?

Toronto’s Union Station


292. What did local women donate to the Dionnes in order to help quintuplets survive?


293. What is the length of the coastline of Canada, also considered to be the longest coastline in the world?

Approximately 243,000 kilometers


294. Which two cities does “The Canadian” train journey connect?

Toronto and Vancouver


295. In 1928, Eileen Vollick was the first woman to receive her ____ ____ in Canada?

pilot’s license


296. In which province is the city of Flin Flon located?



297. If you are driving from Montreal, will it be quicker to get to Quebec City or Burlington, Vermont?

Burlington, Vermont


298. What is the most common last name in Canada?



299. Which famous type of pizza was invented in Ontario?

Hawaiian Pizza


300. Which type of pasta do Canadians eat more than any other country in the world?

Mac and Cheese





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