300 Disney Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Growing up, most of us loved all the Disney Pixar movies, songs and enjoyed watching Disney films every free time we got. Well, now’s the opportunity to show off your immense Disney wisdom with fun trivia quizzes.

Disney’s characters are fascinating and delightful. Their colorful and bold personalities are part of a magical world that is auspicious and surreal. Many kids of this era have a must-visit to Disney land at the top of their bucket list, thanks to its immense successes.

Disney Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

If you’re a Disney fanatic, you’ve probably been keeping tabs with all the new releases, but that doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten about the old classics. Well, now’s the chance to prove your fandom and show off your immense Disney knowledge. Be it “Scooby-Doo” or “SpongeBob Square Pants” or even the new release of “Lion King” we have covered it all.

Below are some Disney trivia quiz questions and answers to test the memory of true fandoms across the globe. Read on!

1. What year did Disneyland open?



2. Which Disney film includes the hit song ‘Let It Go’?



3. Where did the film 101 Dalmatians take place?



4. What is the name of Wendy’s dog in Peter Pan?



5. Who is the bear in ‘The Jungle Book’?



6. When was the original 101 Dalmatians released?



7. Who trained Hercules to be a hero?



8. What is the name of the group of girls Dot belonged to in the film A Bug’s Life?

The Blueberries


9. What is the name of the toy store in ‘Toy Story 2’?

Al’s Toy Barn


10. How many brothers does Prince Hans of the Southern Isles have in Frozen?



11. Which actor voiced Hopper, the head of the grasshoppers in the movie A Bug’s Life?

Kevin Spacey


12. Which ‘Full House’ actor voices the character Aladdin?

Scott Weinger


13. What is the name of Andy’s neighbor in Toy Story?



14. What is the name of Goofy’s son in the movie A Goofy Movie?



15.  In which territory in Disney World is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad located?



16. What are the names of Cinderella’s stepsisters?

Anastasia and Drizella


17. Which Disney character makes a cameo on Max’s telephone when he wakes up late for school in A Goofy Movie?

Mickey Mouse


18. What is Prince Eric and Ariel’s child called?

Princess Melody


19. Which Disney Princess sings “Once Upon a Dream”?

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


20. What is Goofy’s profession in the movie A Goofy Movie?



21. What are Hades’ minions in ‘Hercules’ called?

Pain and Panic


22. Where does Mike Wazowski take his girlfriend Celia for her birthday dinner in Monsters, Inc.?



23. What are the titles of the three movies in the Aladdin trilogy?

Aladdin, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, & Aladdin: The Return of Jafar


24.  What does ‘Hakuna Matata’ mean?

“No worries”


25. What is the name of the castle in Shanghai Disneyland Park?

The Enchanted Storybook Castle


26. Where does Aladdin live?



27. Who are the seven dwarfs in the movie ‘Snow White’?

Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey.


28. Where is the magic lamp hidden in Aladdin?

In the Cave of Wonders


29. What are the names of the mountains in Magic Kingdom?

Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad Mountain.


30. The sorcerer’s name in Fantasia spells what backwards?



31. What are the three wishes the Genie cannot grant in Aladdin?

He cannot kill anyone, bring anyone back from the dead, or make anyone fall in love


32. How many fingers does Mickey Mouse have on each hand?

Four (three fingers and a thumb)


33. Genie was stuck in the lamp for how many years before Aladdin found him?

10,000 years


34. Which Disney character does the Genie impersonate when Aladdin promises to set him free?



35. What’s the name of Walt Disney’s first ever cartoon character?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit


36. Who is Mufasa’s trusted advisor in The Lion King?



37. What color is Alice’s dress in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland?



38. Christian Bale is the voice actor of which character in ‘Pocahontas’?



39. Who is the fashion designer in The Incredibles?

Edna Mode


40. What does the rabbit continue to repeat throughout the movie Alice in Wonderland?

“Oh dear, I’m late for a very important date!”


41. Which poisonous fruit did Snow White eat?



42. Which actress plays a set of twins in Disney’s remake of A Parent Trap?

Lindsay Lohan


43. Angelina Jolie brought which Disney villain to life?



44. What secret sweet snack do the twins discover they both love in Disney’s A Parent Trap?

Oreo’s with Peanut Butter


45. Which Disney princess came to Elsa’s Coronation Day in Arendelle?



46. What is the name of Belle’s father in Beauty and the Beast?



47. Who is Bambi’s love interest?



48. Which circus is shown in the 1941 animated film ‘Dumbo’?

WDP Circus


49. What kind of animal is Flower in the movie Bambi?

A skunk

50. Who serves Pinocchio’s conscience?

Jiminy Cricket

51. How old is Crush in Finding Nemo?



52. What does Thumper try to teach Bambi when winter comes?

How to ice skate on the frozen pond


53. Who is Sleeping Beauty’s prince?

Prince Philip


54. Emperor Kuzco turns into what animal in The Emperor’s New Groove?



55. How many siblings does Thumper have in the movie Bambi?

Five Sisters


56. Who is Remy’s culinary hero in Ratatouille?

Chef Auguste Gusteau


57. In the movie Beauty and the Beast, who sings the theme song “Beauty and the Beast”?

Mrs. Potts


58. What is the color of Belle’s dress when she dances with the Beast?



59. What is Tarzan’s adopted mother’s name?



60. What is Princess Mia’s full name in The Princess Diaries?

Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi


61. What is the name of the character who wants to marry Belle in Beauty and the Beast?



62. Who composed the music for ‘Toy Story’?

Randy Newman


63. Rapunzel’s chameleon in Tangled is called what?



64. What was the name of the chihuahua from Beverly Hills that gets lost in Beverly Hills Chihuahua?



65. What is Princess Mia’s full name in the movie ‘The Princess Diaries’?

Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi


66. Who said: “Fish are friends not food”?



67. Which actor voices the dog Papi in the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

George Lopez


68.  Duchess is a mother to how many kittens in ‘The Aristocats’?



69. All you need is a little faith, trust, and what else?

Pixie dust


70. What is the name of the fictional city where Big Hero 6 takes place?

San Fransokyo


71. Which Disney character sang ‘Kiss The Girl’?



72. What illegal activity was Hero participating in at the opening of Big Hero 6?

Robot Fighting


73. What high school did Troy and Gabriella attend in High School Musical?

East High School


74. What is Baymax’s purpose/profession in Big Hero 6?

Personal Healthcare Companion


75. What name does Mulan pick for herself while pretending to be a man?



76. Who is Miguel’s idol in Coco?

Ernesto de la Cruz


77. What is the name of the hamster in Disney’s Bolt?



78. ‘The Princess And The Frog’ is set in which city?

New Orleans


79. Mowgli was raised by what animals in The Jungle Book?



80. Which actor voiced the dog Bolt in Disney’s Bolt?


81. How many bricks were used to make Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom?



82. Which Disney character sang ‘How Far I’ll Go’?



83. Who was the first cartoon character to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Mickey Mouse


84. What does King Fergus give Merida for her birthday in the film Brave?

A bow & arrow


85. How old is Meredith Blake in 1998’s movie ‘The Parent Trap’?



86. What fireworks show replaced Wishes in 2017?

Happily Ever After


87. What is the name of Merida’s three brothers in Disney’s Brave?

Harris, Hubert, & Hamish


88. What are the little fox and the hound called from 1981’s ‘The Fox And The Hound’?

Tod and Copper


89. What is the name of Simba and Nala’s daughter?



90. What is the name of the author who wrote the book Bridge to Terabithia that Disney later recreated a movie from?

Katherine Paterson


91. Quasimodo was the bell-ringer of which popular cathedral?

Notre Dame


92. Julie Andrews made her feature film debut in which Disney movie?

Mary Poppins


93. Where was the movie Bridge to Terabithia filmed?

Auckland, NZ


94. Which planet do guests frequent in ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’?



95. In Monster’s, Inc., there’s nothing more toxic or deadly than what?

A human child


96. What does Denahi’s totem mean in the movie Brother Bear?



97. Which movie is Wall-E a fan of?

Hello, Dolly!


98. Where was Kenai when he first met Koda in Brother Bear?

In a bear trap and hanging from a tree


99. Mike and Sulley enrolled in which league in Monsters University?

Oozma Kappa

100. Who was the first black Disney princess?

Princess Tiana

101. Which actress stars as the main character in Disney’s Cadet Kelly?


102. What is the name of the Jonas Brother’s band in the movie Camp Rock?

Connect 3


103. What is the name of Pixar’s lamp mascot?

Luxo Jr


104. What’s the name of the daycare that Andy’s toys end up at in Toy Story 3?



105. What are the names of the Jonas Brother’s characters in Camp Rock?

Nate Gray, Shane Gray, and Jason Gray


106. Disney created its first animated openly gay character in which movie?



107. Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness guide whose emotions in Inside Out?



108. What is the name of Mitchie’s mother in Camp Rock?



109. Which Disney film features the famous dialogue, “Mirror, mirror”?

‘Snow White’


110. What did Jason want Shane to make him during camp in Camp Rock?

A birdhouse


111. What was Nemo’s mother’s name?



112. Which actor voiced Lightning McQueen in the movie Cars?

Owen Wilson


113. Which character tells Buzz Lightyear that he’s his dad?



114. Dory suffers from what?

Short-term memory loss


115. Who was Radiator Springs founded by in the movie Cars?

A steam car named Stanley


116. What name did Ursula use when she was a human form?



117. Russell belongs to which scouting organization in Up?

The Wilderness Explorers


118. What was the name of the shop that Luigi & Guido owned in Cars?

Luigi’s Casa Della Tires


119. Which Grammy winner wrote the songs on the ‘Tarzan’ soundtrack?

Phil Collins


120. What was the name of Jessie’s original owner in Toy Story 2?



121. What was the name of the town where Disney’s Chicken Little took place?

Oakey Oaks


122. Who was Geppetto’s pet in ‘Pinocchio’?



123. What sport was Chicken Little’s father famous for?



124. Who said: “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it”?



125. Who is also known as Experiment 626?



126. The Queen of Hearts wants her roses what color in Alice in Wonderland?



127. What shape was the piece of the sky that fell in Chicken Little’s room?

An octagon


128. What is Princess Jasmine’s tiger called?



129. Who sang “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” in Mulan?

Donny Osmond


130. What is the name of the character Raven-Symoné plays in the movie College Road Trip?

Melanie Porter


131. What are the names of Walt Disney’s children?

Diane and Sharon


132. The World Showcase comprises of how many nations?



133. What is the name of Disney’s private island?

Castaway Cay


134. What college does Melanie want to go to in the movie College Road Trip?

Georgetown University


135. ‘Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow’ is the theme song of which iconic Disney ride in Magic Kingdom?

The Carousel of Progress


136. Which siblings were behind a number of Disney movie scores and “It’s a Small World (After All)”?

The Sherman Brothers


137. Which character says, “Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it”?



138. What type of creature is the Disney sidekick Mushu?

Chinese dragon


139. What is the address Dory has to memorize in ‘Finding Nemo’?

42 Wallaby Way, Sydney


140. What are the names of Cruella’s henchmen in 101 Dalmatians?

Jasper and Horace


141. In ‘The Jungle Book’, what kind of animal is King Louis?



142. In ‘Zootopia’, what kind of animal is Judy Hopps?



143. What animal is ‘Dumbo’?



144. What is Simba’s mother’s name?



145. Which princess has a live-action remake released in 2020?



146. Which song do Cinderella and Prince Charming dance to at the ball?

So This Is Love’


147. What were Aladdin’s three wishes?

To become a prince, to be rescued from drowning, and to free the Genie.


148. What is the name of Cinderella’s evil mother?

Lady Tremaine


149. Who did Pocahontas’ father want her to marry?


150. What’s the first monster Hercules fights when he arrives in Thebes?


151.  Who voiced Maui in Moana?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


152. What color hair does Ariel have in ‘The Little Mermaid’?



153. Which six Disney characters are known as the “Sensational Six”?

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto are known as the “Sensational Six” in the Disney universe.


154. What is the name of the fictional city where Big Hero 6 takes place?

San Fransokyo


155. What’s the name of the giant whale that swallowed Pinocchio?



156. What is the name of Aladdin’s lost father?



157. What is the name of Lady Tremaine’s cat in Cinderella?



158. Who is Princess Ariel’s best friend in “The Little Mermaid?”

Flounder, the fish


159. Cruella de Vil is the villain in which Disney movie?

101 Dalmatians


160. In “The Lion King” movie, where was Simba born?

Pride Rock


161. In what year was the short film Steamboat Willie released?



162. What is the name of the boy who owns Buzz Lightyear in the movie Toy Story?



163. Disney Pixar’s film Coco tells the story of which holiday originating in Mexican culture?

The Day of the Dead


164. Which Disney princess has a raccoon as a sidekick?



165. What is the name of Disney’s first African-American princess?

Tiana, a fictional character of the animated feature film “The Princess and the Frog.”


166. What was the name of the musician that Miguel admired?

Ernesto de la Cruz


167. In the movie Frozen, which song does Elsa sing as she builds the castle?

Let It Go


168. Who played the role of Mowgli in 2016’s “The Jungle Book?”

Neel Sethi


169. Which two sisters star in the Disney movie Cow Belles?

Aly & AJ Michalka


170. What do other animals call Mowgli in “The Jungle Book?”



171. What band is obsessed over in the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?



172. What is the name of Bambi’s rabbit friend?



173. What is Mickey’s Toontown?

It is a themed land at Disneyland and a recreation of Mickey’s neighborhood.


174. What is Lola’s real name in the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?



175. What does the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan?

A clock


176. Who visits the workshop and brings Pinocchio to life?

A blue fairy


177. What charm does Lola wear on her necklace?

Coke Bottles


178. Angela Lansbury plays a witch called Miss Eglantine Price in which Disney movie?

Bedknobs and Broomsticks


179. Pluto is also known as?

Pluto the Pup


180. Who is Dumbo’s true, loyal friend?

Timothy Q. Mouse


181. The character Burt was played by which actor in Mary Poppins?

Dick Van Dyke


182. What is the name of the gigantic snow creature that Elsa creates to send Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf away?



183. What game did Kronk play when he and Yzma were in the jungle searching for Kuzco in Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove?

Exotic Bird Bingo


184. In the movie Dumbo, what type of animal was Dumbo’s friend Timothy?



185. What was the name of the old lady who knew about the magic in Rapunzel’s golden hair?

Mother Gothel


186. What is Kronk’s specialty food when Kuzco comes over for dinner in The Emperor’s New Groove?

Spinach Puffs


187. Who is the first Disney character to be a superhero?

Goofy’s alter ego, which turns into a superhero by eating super goobers (peanuts).


188. What is the name of Pacha’s wife and children in Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove?

His wife is Chicha, Daughter is Chaca, & Son is Tipo


189. Who states, “Fish are friends, not food,” in Finding Nemo?

Bruce the shark


190. What does Cinderella’s fairy godmother turn into a carriage?



191. In “Winnie-the-Pooh,” what type of animal is Eeyore?



192. What is the name of Anna’s little brother in Freaky Friday?



193. Which was the first Disney movie to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture?

Beauty and the Beast


194. What does Thumper try to teach Bambi when winter comes?

How to ice skate on the frozen pond


195. What is the name of the character who proposes to Anna in Disney’s Frozen?



196. In the Disney movie Robin Hood, what type of animal was Robin?

A Fox


197. Who bullies pigeons out of their food in Disney’s “Bolt?”

Mittens, the cat


198. Who was Kristoff adopted by in the movie Frozen?

A family of rock trolls


199. What is the name of The Lion King?


200. What is the name of Merida’s parents in Disney’s “Brave?”

King Fergus and Queen Elinor

201. What was the name of the store with a “Big Summer Blowout” in Disney’s Frozen?

Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna


202. In the movie Mulan, the young female warrior brings along a horse during training. What was the name of this horse?



203. Which Disney movie features Marnie, the witch?



204. What type of animal is Bernard in The Rescuers?

A mouse


205. What number is written on the front of Disney’s famous car, Herbie?



206. Which Disney animated movie has a soundtrack that has gone ten times platinum according to the Recording Industry Association of America?

The Lion King


207. Where does High School Musical take place?

Albuquerque, New Mexico


208. The song “You Can Fly” is from which Disney movie?

Peter Pan


209. Disney films often use two different talents for speaking and singing voices. Who was one of the few prominent actors to perform as both the speaking and singing voice of his Disney character?

Mel Gibson


210. What is Troy’s basketball number in High School Musical?



211. What color are Mickey Mouse’s shorts?



212. What was the first original Disney song has won an Academy Award for Best Original Song?

When You Wish Upon a Star, Pinocchio


213. What is the name of Elastagirl in Disney’s The Incredibles?

Helen Parr


214. What is the wizard’s name in the movie The Sword in the Stone?



215. What magical, mythical forest creatures did Merida follow through the woods in the movie Brave?

Will o’ the Wisps


216. Who is Violet’s crush in the movie The Incredibles?



217. What did Dash place on his teacher’s chair as a joke in The Incredibles?

A thumbtack


218. What does Dumbo use to fly?

A feather


219.  In which city is the Disney movie Ratatouille based?



220. Who voices Remy in Ratatouille?

Patton Oswalt


221. Which Disney movie features Keke Palmer and Corbin Bleu?

Jump In


222. What did Syndrome call his superhero persona way before he debuted himself as a villain?



223. What is Tramp’s nickname for Lady in Lady and the Tramp?

“Pidge,” short for Pidgeon


224. Scar is a villain in which Disney movie?

The Lion King


225. How many tentacles did Dory’s octopus friend have in the movie Finding Dory?



226. What famous line comes from the movie Lilo & Stitch?

“Ohana means family…family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”


227. What is Cinderella’s slipper made of?



228. Animators for Disney-Pixar films often incorporate the code A113 in many of their films as a minute detail in the background of a scene. What does this code refer to?

A classroom in animation school


229. What does Lilo put in Stitch’s bottle in Lilo & Stitch?



230. What was Wall-E’s job as a robot?

Garbage compactor


231. What is the name of the main character in Meet the Robinsons?



232. He voiced Ham in Toy Story, the Yeti in Monster’s Inc. and a variety of other minor characters in every Disney-Pixar film to date. Who is he?

John Ratzenberger


233. Where does Moana live?



234. Maui steals whose heart to give humanity the power of creation in Moana?

Te Fiti’s heart


235. There was a spin-off to the movie Cars that wasn’t an official Pixar animated production. What was it?



236. What name did Arlo give his human companion in the movie The Good Dinosaur?



237. Who chooses Moana to return the heart?

The Ocean


238. What South American destination do Carl and Ellie dream of visiting in the movie Up?

Paradise Falls


239. What do the Kakamora use as armor in Moana?



240. What was the biggest challenge that animators faced in the process of creating the movie Brave?

Merida’s Hair


241. Why do monsters scare the children in Monsters, Inc.?

To generate electricity for Monstropolis


242. In the movie Finding Nemo, Dory and Marlin ride through a current to speed up their travel to Nemo’s location. What current was it?

The East Australian Current


243. How many eyes does Mr. Waternoose have in Monsters, Inc.?



244. In the movie Brave, a massive bear engages Merida’s father and mother in one final battle. What was his name?



245. What is the slogan for Monsters Incorporated?

“We scare because we care.”


246. Why is Charles Muntz living in South America?

To capture and return with a living flightless bird


247. What is Sulley’s full name in Monsters, Inc.?

James P. Sullivan


248. Flick thinks he’s hiring a group of skilled assassins when he discovers that the bugs he brings back to his colony are actually what?

Circus performers


249. Disney’s Mulan takes place in China during which dynasty?

Han Dynasty

250. What was the megacorporation that owned and operated everything in the movie Wall-E?

Buy n’ Large

251. True or false – Jessie actually belonged to Andy’s mom?

True, Andy’s mom was revealed to be Emily


252. What kind of wood is Pinocchio made of?



253. Hakuna Matata is a song that Pumba and who teach Simba in the Lion King?



254. A recurring pizza brand shows up in numerous Disney-Pixar film. What was this fictional brand?

Pizza Planet


255. What did Peter accidentally leave behind in Wendy’s bedroom in Peter Pan?

His Shadow


256. What was Mickey Mouse’s original name?



257. What kind of dinosaur was Arlo in the movie The Good Dinosaur?



258. Which mystical creatures does Peter take Wendy to meet in Peter Pan?



259. Mike makes up a fake musical to cover up the fact that he and Sully are in possession of Boo. They end up actually performing this musical during the movie credits for Monster’s Inc. What was its title?

Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me


260. The necklace Pocahontas’ father gave to her originally belonged to who?

Her mother


261. How many spots on the dogs in 101 Dalmatians?

6.4 million spots


262. Which character in Toy Story 3 says this line: “Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from threat of force?”



263. What name does Linguini give Remy in Ratatouille?

Little Chef


264. What type of accent does Sebastian have in the Little Mermaid?

A British accent


265. What was the name of the supposed 5-year long cruise that would house the entire human race until the Earth would be a viable planet for sustainable life in the movie Wall-E?

The Axiom


266.  How does Remy direct Linguini’s cooking in Ratatouille?

By pulling Linguini’s hair


267. If the character Merida in Brave straightened her hair, how long would it be?

Four feet long


268. Who was the character who sacrificed himself in one of the most emotional scenes in the movie Inside Out?

Bing Bong


269. What does the wicked queen ask the huntsmen to return with as proof that Snow White is dead in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Snow White’s Heart


270. What was the most expensive Disney film ever made?

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End


271. What was Eve’s directive in Wall-E?

To find evidence of sustainability of life on Earth


272. What do Rapunzel’s parents release once a year in Tangled?

Sky lanterns


273. Jackie Chan was the voice in what movie?

The Chinese version of Beauty and the Beast


274. What was the name of Marlin’s wife in the movie Finding Nemo?



275. What kind of animal killed Tarzan’s birth parents?



276. What was the name of the lovable caterpillar character in the movie A Bug’s Life?



277. What is the name of the horse in the movie the Aristocats?



278. In what other Pixar movie does the Wall-E company “Buy n’ Large” make an appearance?

Toy Story 3, as the brand for Buzz Lightyear’s batteries


279. What is the name of the owl in The Fox and the Hound?

Big Mama


280. What is the only Disney princess to have dimples?



281. What was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be produced in color?

The Band Concert


282. Which actress stars in Disney’s The Princess Diaries?

Anne Hathaway


283. What singer auditioned three times for the role of Tiana?


284. Disney created an initial character which he illustrated for Universal Studios. When his request for a bigger budget was rejected, Walt left Universal and decided to create a new character since the company owned the rights to his original cartoon. Who was this cartoon who was replaced by Mickey Mouse?

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit


285. What is Hamm in the movie Toy Story?

Hamm is a piggy bank

286. What was Walt Disney’s favorite piece of animated transformation?

Cinderella’s dress


287. In the 1940 animated musical film Fantasia, Disney cast Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice. Who was originally supposed to play the role?



288. What is the “tell” whenever Aladdin tells a lie?

The feather falls in his face


289. What full length Disney animated film was only shown in 14 theaters across the globe for its complicated audio?

Fantasia because most theaters weren’t equipped with the sound system needed for the movie in 1940.


290. What was the name of Maleficent’s pet raven?



291. Who was the inspiration for Ariel’s features?

Alyssa Milano


292. What was the last movie that Walt Disney was able to work on before he died?

The Jungle Book


293. How many balloons would it take to lift up Carl’s house in the movie Up?

9.4 million balloons


294. What is the full name of “WALL-E?”

Walter Elias


295. What was the original name of The Emperor’s New Groove?

Kingdom of the Sun


296. What’s the substance that created the hallucinations to unlock Dumbo’s potential in Dumbo?



297. What was the name of the Disney educational film released in 1943?

Education for Death


298. What year was Oliver & Company released?



299. What day is Mickey Mouse’s birthday?

November 18th


300. How many characters are in Big Hero 6?

15 main characters and 701 unique characters

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