300 Get To Know You Questions for Couples

It is important for couples to learn more about each other. You can know what to expect from your partner and figure out if you two are compatible. One of the best ways is using conversation starters such as “this or that” questions for couples or taking part in “never have I ever” questions for couples among many others.

In this case, “get to know you” questions for couples will be more suitable. Whether you are a new couple, or you’ve been a couple for years, we’ve got loads of questions that will be perfect to help you understand your partner better.

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Get To Know You Questions for Couples – 2022 – 2023

We have covered questions about one’s childhood, thoughts on relationships, and future goals. For instance, you may need to know whether your partner is okay with relocating to a new geographical location or not among other crucial things.

Take up these “get to know you” questions for couples sure to leave your conversation with a feeling of deeper intimacy and even a stronger bond.


1. What’s your ideal way to spend a vacation?

2. What are some of the highest-valued things on your bucket list?

3. What’s something about me that turns you on quickly?

4. What makes you dislike a person?

5. Do you want kids? If so, what are some of the values you want to instill in them?

6. What’s the strangest thing you have ever done in your life?

7. What makes you hate a person?

8. Do you think you are a confident person? Why or why not?

9. Where is a place you’ve always wanted to travel?

10. What is something you want to do together that we haven’t?

11. Would you rather lose a toe or have another date with your worst ex?

12. What about yourself are you most proud of?

13. Have you ever wanted to move anywhere else?

14. What’s the craziest job you’d be willing to take?

15. If you could gain one quality or ability, what would it be?

16. Have you ever won an award for sports?

17. What would the best version of you be like?

18. How do you see the future individually and collectively as a couple?

19. What is one person’s habit that you find disgusting?

20. What life experiences did you miss out on?

21. What things do you look forward to each day?

22. How do you foresee us resolving our most persistent problems?

23. How do you foresee us resolving our most persistent problems?

24. What are your goals for this relationship?

25. When are you the most “you”?

26. What are you hoping to learn in the coming year?

27. Is there anything you’re hesitant to accomplish that I can help you with?

28. What is your favorite film?

29. What was your favorite class?

30. What musical instrument do you wish you could play?

31. What is your favorite book?

32. What is your favorite childhood memory?

33. Have you ever won an award for sports?

34. What is the nicest compliment you’ve received?

35. What is your favorite memory of our relationship?

36. What is one person’s habit that you find disgusting?

37. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

38. Are you willing to take risks to fight for our relationship?

39. What age would you like to live to?

40. What is your favorite thing about me?

41. What is your favorite place?

42. How do you want to be remembered?

43. How did you fall out with some of your previously close friends?

44. What was your favorite part about our first kiss?

45. When has a mundane occurrence or chance completely changed the course of your life?

46. What was your favorite date we’ve had?

47. For the past five years, what have you been most thankful for?

48. Are you happy with the people you surround yourself with? Why or why not?

49. What is your favorite TV sitcom?

50. What flavor of ice cream do you like: chocolate or vanilla?

51. If you could travel to any country in the world for one month, where would you go?

52. What is your favorite karaoke song?

53. What one quality or skill would you benefit if you could wake up tomorrow with it?

54. What is your favorite memory of someone who isn’t in your life anymore?

55. What is your favorite way to communicate?

56. What has been the most daring thing you’ve done so far?

57. What was your first sexual experience?

58. When was the first time you fell in love?

59. What are some of your healthy and unhealthy habits?

60. How superstitious are you?

61. What are the things you value most from the beginning of our relationship?

62. When did you first know you wanted to be in a relationship with me?

63. Are you satisfied with our chemistry and intimacy?

64. In which situations do you feel most secure in our relationship?

65. How do you like to spend a rainy afternoon?

66. What has been a recurring theme in your life?

67. What was your most inappropriate or embarrassing fart?

68. What makes you feel most loved?

69. When do you feel the most secure and taken care of?

70. What are your thoughts on transparency between couples?

71. What do you think happens after death?

72. What song do you think of when you think of me?

73. What’s your favorite thing in your / our house?

74. How do you define cheating?

75. What is the main thing that you think makes a relationship last?

76. What book or movie do you wish you could experience for the first time again?

77. To you, what constitutes a successful relationship?

78. What experiences and situations, whether yours or someone else’s, inspired your philosophy of love?

79. If you had a friend who spoke to you the same way you speak to yourself, would you keep them as a friend?

80. How’s a romantic vacation like to you?

81. What criteria do you search for in finding new friends?

82. What is the extent of your religious ideology, if any?

83. What petty thing that people do really gets on your nerves?

84. Do you believe that good parenting is important in today’s world?

85. Is there anything you would change about yourself?

86. What brings meaning to your life?

87. What do you believe is the most important factor in making a relationship last?

88. What has been the weirdest food you’ve eaten?

89. What helped shape your current political stance and principles?

90. What is something you wish you could say to people but can’t?

91. What opportunities did you miss out in life?

92. What are some of the things that you are most grateful for?

93. When you look at a man or woman, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

94. What does a perfect day look like to you?

95. What is something you wish you could say to people but can’t?

96. What movie would you recommend for us to watch when we’re relaxing?

97. What are some of the most attractive traits a person can have?

98. Would you try long-distance if anything happened that required me to move far from here?

99. What type of cologne/perfume do you prefer on a man/woman?

100. Are there any people, from friends to relatives, you want to get closer to? Why?

101. What’s a secret you’ve never told anyone?

102. Do you consider yourself to be a forgiver?

103. Do you trust me?

104. What small pleasures do you enjoy the most?

105. Have you ever dated someone who is older than you?

106. Are there any conflicts that we’ve had in the past that you don’t feel are wholly resolved yet?

107. Who is the most irritating person you know?

108. Have you ever been on a blind date?

109. What activities would you like to do for our next date?

110. What has been your biggest screw-up so far?

111. Do you still believe in love at first sight?

112. What have you struggled with your entire life?

113. Which family member did you admire most when you were young?

114. What is the most significant change you would like to make in your life?

115. What do you want out of life?

116. Do you believe that how long you’ve known someone influences whether or not you’re in love with them?

117. What does a balanced relationship look like to you?

118. What calms you down the most?

119. Are you someone who forgets people’s name easily?

120. What is your idea of a healthy relationship?

121. What are kinds of things do you find repulsive?

122. What was your relationship like with your parents?

123. Is there anything about me that you don’t currently know but want to?

124. If you received a salary to follow whatever passion you wanted to, what would you do?

125. What is the ideal number of phone calls that a couple should make every day?

126. What part of your life does love and affection play?

127. Are there any people you’d like to get closer to, from friends to relatives?

128. What’s your most embarrassing story about being sick?

129. What friend have you not thought about in a long time?

130. Do you have any addiction?

131. What’s the craziest thing that has happened at a job you worked at?

132. What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to learn?

133. Who do you act nice around but secretly dislike?

134. Which would you like to know: when you’ll die or how you’ll die?

135. If money was no object, and with no input from me, how would you decorate your / our house?

136. What smartphone app do you mostly use?

137. How good are you at reading people?

138. How many true best friends do you have?

139. Are you hopeful about your future?

140. Who do you want to be more like or who do you look up to most?

141. What kind of physical touch best expresses your feelings for me?

142. What were the healthiest and unhealthiest periods of your life?

143. What kind of gift do you want from me?

144. What’s the worst emotional or mental anguish you’ve endured?

145. What do you like most about where we live?

146. What if I made more money than you? How would you feel?

147. What do you worry about?

148. If you could change one thing about me, what do you think would it be?

149. What’s something you screwed up and then tried to hide?

150. How do you feel when I’m giving you your favorite flowers?

151. What’s the scariest / creepiest place you have ever been?

152. Do you think the world is improving or getting worse? Why?

153. What about our work could become a recurring problem?

154. What climate do you think is best for establishing a permanent residence?

155. How do you think society is changing? Do you think we’ll change with it?

156. What are the three things we have in common?

157. What’s the biggest betrayal you have ever experienced?

158. What would be the greatest gift to receive?

159. How do you actually feel whenever I hug you?

160. What would you want your obituary to say?

161. Do you feel any pressure right now?

162. What has taken up too much of your life?

163. What’s the most disheartening and heartening realization you have come to?

164. What if we can’t agree on something important that both of us are involved in?

165. What’s one question you never really asked me?

166. What was the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?

167. What would you do if we had the opportunity to change jobs tomorrow?

168. Would you take 3 million dollars if it meant that the person you hate most in the world gets 9 million?

169. What’s your fondest memory of a tree?

170. What’s the perfect advice you could give me right now?

171. What’s the most unethical thing you do regularly?

172. Have you enjoyed meeting new friends as a child?

173. What is way more difficult than it sounds?

174. What percentage of your money are you willing to invest rather than save?

175. What job do you think you were born to do?

176. What is something you feel our relationship is lacking?

177. What’s the biggest financial mistake you’ve made?

178. What do you think will ruin this relationship?

179. What makes you lose faith in humanity when you think about it?

180. What was the first thing that came to mind when you noticed me?

181. Can you change your whole self just for me?

182. What do you most like to do when you have alone time?

183. What does a perfect date night look like to you?

184. If there was a horrible accident and you were unconscious and on life support, how long would you want to be on life support?

185. What outfit of mine do you think best fits me?

186. If you had a million dollars to give to any charity, what type of charity would you give it to?

187. What memories do you want us to recreate together?

188. What’s something that a lot of people are afraid of, but you aren’t?

189. Do you want to know anything about my past relationship/s?

190. What untrue thing did you believe for an incredibly long time?

191. Do you think money can bring us happiness?

192. What was the last thing I did that totally impressed you?

193. If someone tries to break us apart, what would you do?

194. What were the three most important turning points in your life?

195. How do you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

196. Do I make you feel like you’re still my priority while we’re with my family?

197. What animal are you most afraid of?

198. Did you ever cry in front of a huge crowd?

199. What scandal happened in your neighbor or town when you were growing up?

200. If you had a second life, how would you live your first?

201. What extreme adventures would you like to try with me?

202. How well do you think you would handle prison?

203. What song would you play to sum up your life so far?

204. In what street did you grow up?

205. What’s the most awkward social situation you’ve been in?

206. Who were you closest to growing up: your mom or your dad?

207. What was your dream job as a child?

208. When was the last time you cried?

209. Did you also hate the smell of playdough while you were playing?

210. What’s the most peaceful/restful night of sleep you’ve had?

211. What is your most favorite memory with your dad?

212. What’s your biggest regret?

213. What is your most favorite memory with your mom?

214. Is it better to trust people or not trust people? And why?

215. What is your most favorite memory with your dad?

216. Who do you miss the most?

217. What is your most favorite memory with your mom?

218. Did your mom read you a book before going to sleep?

219. What is the hardest life lesson you’ve had to learn?

220. What would you change about the way you were raised if you could?

221. What’s the most ambitious thing you’ve attempted?

222. What’s the best birthday party you had when you were a child?

223. How often do you change your opinions or how you view the world?

224. What was your favorite color when you were a kid?

225. What’s a question you wish people would ask more often?

226. Do you keep in touch with friends from your childhood?

227. What is the saddest thing about your life that nobody knows?

228. What memory from your childhood would you like to relive right now?

229. Were you spoiled as a kid?

230. What’s your childhood’s most terrible memory?

231. What was your favorite board game as a child?

232. What’s your most favorite childhood memory?

233. What are you most sentimental about?

234. What was your biggest fear as a child?

235. What question do you most want an answer to?

236. Did you also hate vegetables like how other kids did?

237. How much was your daily allowance?

238. What do you look forward to most in the day?

239. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

240. When is your favorite time of day?

241. What’s the most rewarding thing in your daily routine?

242. Was your room filled with toys?

243. Did anyone ever tell you who was present when you were born? If so, who were they?

244. Were there any special items in your house that you still remember?

245. How likely are you to believe in conspiracy theories?

246. Who was your first celebrity crush when you were a kid?

247. What are some alcohol-induced stories of your younger days?

248. What kind of rules did your family have when you were a kid?

249. What three words best describe you?

250. Can you describe a childhood event that made you feel anxious or scared?

251. What is your weakness?

252. At the family dinner table, were there any topics that were off-limits?

253. Were your parents strict?

254. What was your ugliest nickname when you were a kid?

255. What age is the perfect one for us to have kids?

256. What’s the biggest favor you’ve done for someone?

257. What forms of punishment would you use to correct the actions of a child or a teenager?

258. How does your current morning routine compare to your ideal morning routine?

259. How do you see our future as a couple, both separately and collectively?

260. What brings you the most joy?

261. What dream job of yours do you still want to achieve in the future?

262. In five to ten years, where do you see yourself?

263. What are you purposefully ignoring even though you know you should probably deal with it?

264. How do you want our future house to look like?

265. What do you wish you were better at?

266. Are you willing to retire just to take care of our kids?

267. Where do you want us to get married?

268. Is there anything you did wrong for years and years, only to discover later that you were doing it wrong?

269. What’s your dream proposal like?

270. What is something your parents did or used to do that really embarrassed you?

271. Do you still want to be with me 100 years after?

272. What are the skills that you want to learn in the future?

273. What is your most important objective for the next five years?

274. What is the best or worst thing you inherited from your parents?

275. What habits do you still have from childhood?

276. Should we adopt if we are unable to have children?

277. How traditionally “normal” was your family?

278. What do you think I’ll need in the future?

279. What toy played the most significant part in your childhood?

280. What can we do now to get ready to live in the same city in the future?

281. What are some of your earliest memories?

282. What gender do you want our first child to have?’

283. What new hobbies or activities would you like to try together as a couple?

284. What would you name our child if he came out as a boy?

285. What could we do to make our relationship stronger?

286. What are the things you do not want to be part of our future?

287. What are really your financial goals?

288. What is something small that we can do daily for each other to make our lives better?

289. What would you want me to do in the future to spice up our marriage and make it more fun and exciting?

290. How much space / alone time should people in a relationship give each other?

291. Are you excited to wake up with me every day for the rest of your life?

292. What do I do that makes you the happiest?

293. Could our difference be the source of conflict in the near future?

294. Is there anything about the future you think I want, but you’re not quite sure about?

295. What makes our relationship better than other relationships?

296. Who will be the one to manage our bills in the future?

297. What do you think would bring us closer together as a couple?

298. Do you anticipate maintaining your single lifestyle after we get married in the future?

299. What do you think the most essential thing in a successful relationship is?

300. Do you want us to be crazy rich or just live a simple life?




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