300 Islamic and Muslim Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Islam has become the second-largest religious group in the entire world and the fastest growing among the major religions as of now. Muslims around the world are universally united by a belief in one God and the Prophet Muhammad, and the practice of certain religious rituals, such as fasting during Ramadan, which is widespread.

Are you aware of the major events in the history of Islam? Have you read the Quran? How much do you know about Prophet Muhammad? Then let’s see how many of these you can get right by engaging in fun trivia with fellow Muslims, or perhaps you belong to any religion but simply want to find out more about Islam. Either way, we think you’ll find these quizzes interesting and enjoyable.

Islamic and Muslim Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

We have compiled a piece of more generalized information in order to get an all-round understanding of Islam and of Muslim beliefs and practices. Both hard and easy quizzes will help the younger ones to easily comprehend while at the same time learn much.

Check out the following informative Islam and Muslim trivia quiz questions and answers!

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1. Which of these denotes the Islamic call to prayer, and is recited five times during the day as a reminder to the followers to get ready for prayer?



2. It is the world’s second-largest religion with how many followers?

Over 1.8 billion


3. What is the scripture of Islam religion?



4. Allah is the Muslim title used for what?



5. What are followers of Islam known as?



6. How many chapters are there in Quran?

114 chapters


7. Name the last prophet of Islam



8. What is the Arabic term for the worship of God (Allah)?



9. Muslims make up a majority of the population in how many countries?


10. What is the term used in Quran to refer to the message the Muhammad get from Allah?



11. What is the Arabic word for the day of resurrection?



12. Islam teaches that God is what?

Merciful, all-powerful, and unique.


13. Last chapter in Quran?



14. Islamic Calendar is based on which of the following cycle?



15. The primary scriptures of Islam are what?

The Quran, viewed by Muslims as the verbatim word of God, and the teachings and normative example of Muhammad


16. Messages revealed to Muhammad during which period are collected in Quran?

During the age of 41 to 63


17. The Mahdi (the rightly guided caliph) will appear before the end of time. How long will he reign on this Earth before his death?

7-9 years


18. In a religious context, what does Islam mean?

It means “voluntary submission to God”


19. In how many ways do the Muhammad get messages according to Quran?

In 3 ways


20. Who was the first prophet in Islam?



21. What is its most fundamental concept?

A rigorous monotheism, called tawḥīd


22. Name the first wife of Mohamma?

Khadīja bint Khuwaylid


23. “La ilaha illala…” is called?



24. In Islam, God is beyond all comprehension and thus Muslim s are not expected to what?

Visualize or anthropomorphize him.


25. Who is the first Caliph after Mohammad?

 Caliph Abu Bakr


26. Prayer is what pillar of Islam?



27. Muslims believe that the creation of everything in the universe was brought into being by God’s what?

Sheer command, “Be, and it is”.


28. Who was the third Caliph?

Caliph Uthman


29. The Declaration of Faith is known as what word in Arabic?



30. There are no intermediaries, such as “what” to contact God?



31. Quran is divided into how many parts?



32. How many times does a Muslim pray in a day?



33. God consciousness is referred to as what?



34. Name each part of Quran?



35. What is the first thing you do to start Salah?

Say ‘Allahu Akbar’


36. Allah is the term with no plural or gender used by whom to reference God?

Muslims and Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews


37. What promise did Quran make as it came into existence?

That it would wipe away the practice of interest on money


38. You have just been conversing with a Faqih, or legal scholar. Now you meet two more of them! What’s the plural of Faqih?



39. Fundamental to the faith of Islam is the belief in what?



40. Who is Abbas ibn Abdul-Muttalib?

Brother of Muhammad’s father


41. Angels do not possess any bodily desire and are not subject to what?

Temptations such as eating, drinking or procreation.


42. Who said this: ‘Oh father, I have got the knowledge (from Allah) that you didn’t’?



43. It is often overlooked that Muslims consider the stories of the Bible to be part of Revelation as well, and are familiar with many Biblical characters. Which of these four is a “character” in Arabic tradition but NOT in the Christian or Jewish Bible?



44. Muslims believe that angels are made of what?



45. The supposed span of life of Noah?

950 years


46. During prayers, Muslims recite the ‘Takbir’ which is the Arabic phrase “Allahu akbar”. What does this mean?

God is the greatest


47. Muslims believe that the verses of the Quran were revealed to Muhammad by God through whom?

The archangel Gabriel on many occasions between 610 CE until his death on June 8, 632


48. What does the word “Dajjal” mean in English?

The Deceiver


49. While Muhammad was alive, who wrote all of these revelations down?

By his companions

50. What is Quran meant for?

To lean man ahead without diverting him from high standards

51. Who was the last of the four righteous caliphs?



52. The chronologically earlier suras, revealed at Mecca, are primarily concerned with what?

Ethical and spiritual topics


53. Which chapter in Quran stresses monotheism?

At- Tauhid


54. Who was the first muezzin?



55. The later Medinan suras mostly discuss what?

Social and legal issues relevant to the Muslim community.


56. Why are the philosophic teachings in Quran repeated?

To remind the high values of life even at a random reading.


57. Muslims perform five obligatory prayers daily. What are these called?



58. The Quran is more concerned with moral guidance than what?

Legislation, and is considered the “sourcebook of Islamic principles and values”.


59. What is the term used to refer to the explanations and actions of Mohammad?



60. The Persian, Urdu, and Turkish word for prayer is namaz, but what is the Arabic word for prayer?



61. Muslims identify the ‘prophets’ of Islam as whom?

Those humans chosen by God to be his messengers.


62. Name the book which’ has set forth Mohammad’s routine life and pieces of advice?

Sahih al-Bukhari


63. According to the Quran, the prophets were instructed by God to bring what to the peoples of the nations?

The “will of God”


64. This person climbs up a mosque’s minaret to give out the call to prayer. What is the name given to this person?



65. Muslims believe that prophets are human and not divine, though some are able to do what?

Perform miracles to prove their claim.


66. The salat are the ritual prayers offered five times during the day. What are prayers that are recited at specific occasions called?



67. What does ‘Malaikah’ mean?



68. Which of the following food and/or drinks are Muslims mainly not allowed to eat/drink?

alcohol and pig


69. What does the number of wings of angels represent?

The speed at which the mission of Allah be spread.


70. The month that follows the Holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar is called?



71. Which sahaba did Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa’sallam) help to become free from being a slave by planting 300+ date palm trees?

Salman al Farisi (ra)


72. In which part of Quran do we find that angels would pray for the redemption of the believers?

In 42:5


73. What is the virtue of reciting Ayatul Kursi before going to bed at night to sleep?

You are protected from harm till sunrise


74. This isn’t just the capital of Syria, it will also be where the Mahdi will rule from. What is this ancient city’s name?



75. Which Prophet (as) had control of the Jinn and was able to talk to animals?

Sulaiman (as)


76. Who are angels as believed by the Arabs?

The daughters of Allah


77. Which is the first month of Islamic Calendar?



78. What does Zam Zam mean?



79. Which part of Quran declares there is no community without prophets?

13:7, 15:36, 35:24


80. Jesus is said to appear when the Dajjal arrives into this world. Jesus will descend down from heaven with two angels carrying him; he will land on a white minaret. What country is this white minaret in, which Jesus will descend on?



81. 49th chapter of Quran?



82. Less than two hundred years after the Isma’ili tradition was born as a separate faith, the Isma’ilis achieved their greatest level of worldly power: the Fatimid Empire, which lasted 262 years. Among the Fatimids’ legacies is one of the great cities of the Arab world, home of the famous Tahrir Square. Which of these cities did they found?



83. Another word for Taqdir?



84. What was the name of the last daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?



85. What 2 things does a person lose if he/she misses Asr salah intentionally?

Family and Property


86. The most important ritual in Islam?

Salutation to God called Salah


87. What was the first sin on Earth described in Islam?



88. What is Az-Zaqqum?

Food for the people of hellfire


89. Which part of Quran mentions the achievements in life as a result of observing Salah?

In 29:45


90. In the Sunni sect of Islam, “Al-salâtu khayru min an-naûm” is added in the call for morning prayers. What does this mean?

Prayer is better than sleep


91. What do you call the funeral prayer?



92. What is Sidrat al-Muntaha?

A lote tree of the farthest boundary


93. Which month is chosen for observing fasting?



94. What does La Ilaha Illa La mean?

There is no God but Allah


95. What was the relation between Prophet Musa (alayhi as-salaam) & Prophet Haroon (alayhi as-salaam)?



96. What does Jihad literally mean?



97. What does Allah’s name Al-Mu’izz mean?

The One who honours


98. Why is the month of Ramadan chosen for observing fasting?

Because it was in a month of Ramadan that Allah revealed the sacred Quran for the first time.


99. How many fard (compulsory) Rakaahs have to be done at Al-Fajr Prayer?


100. Who was a first cousin of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

Abdullah ibn al-Abbas (ra)

101. The word Quran means



102. Shahada, sala, sawm, and hajj are four of the five pillars of Islam. What is the fifth one?



103. Who will get their book of deeds in the right hand on the Day of Judgment?

The believers


104. The sacred place of Muslims?



105. What is Tawaf?

Circumambulation around Kaaba


106. The Dajjal or anti-Christ will have one word written on his forehead. What is this word?



107. In which month was Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) born?



108. Gog and Magog will appear at the end of time and will slay mankind in a way that has never been seen. They will be so vast in number that when they go by a lake they will finish it, and the rest of the army still will not have tasted it. What lake will Gog and Magog be drinking out of?

Lake Tiberias


109. What issue was Imam al-Bukhari (rh) born with and how as it fixed?

Blind & fixed with mother’s dua


110. What is ‘Arafah’?

A large ground


111. What is the last surah in the Qu’ran?



112. When should the Hajj pilgrims be present in Arafah?

During the afternoon of 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah


113. According to Sunni schools of thought, it was this man who came up with the words for the Call to Prayer. He said it came to him in a dream. Who was this man?

Abd Allah ibn Zaid


114. What does Allah’s name Al-Ghani mean?

The Independant


115. Who reconstructed Kaaba?

Ibrahim and Ishmael


116. When do you pray Maghrib?



117. Which Surah was favoured over the rest of the Quran with two prostrations?

Surah Hajj


118. Which Angel will blow the horn to signal the Day of Judgement?

Israfeel (as)


119. What is food that is allowed in Islam called?



120. Which Prophet (as) addressed the ruler King Nimrod?

Prophet Ibrahim (as)


121. What is the stone fixed in the wall on the corner of Kaaba called?

Hajar al Aswad


122. Which is NOT one of the “signs” of the Approach of the Day of Judgment?

The Conversion of the Jews to Islam


123. Which uncle of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) didn’t accept Islam?

Abu Lahab


124. Where did Ibrahim take his son for sacrifice?

To Marwa hill


125. The Qur’an came down to prophet Muhammad when he was at what age?



126. What are you not allowed to do in Sujood?

Recite Quran


127. During whose period was Hajj introduced?



128. The first of the five daily prayers is called Fajr. How is the prayer performed?

From the break of dawn until the sun begins to rise


129. Which Surah doesn’t begin with the basmallah?

Surah Tawbah


130. What is the shape of Jamarat?

A semipillar


131. How did Abu Hurairah (ra) stop forgetting and had an amazing memory?

The Prophet ﷺ blessed his (r) clothing sheet


132. Before Muslims begin prayer, they have to cleanse themselves. What is this process known as?



133. For whom is this dua for – Rabbir Humhumma Kama Rabba Yaani Sahgeera?



134. What is Mahr?

A dowry paid to bride in honor


135. What is Fard Prayer?



136. Why does Allah allow suffering to happen?

Because life is a test


137. What is iddah?

The period during which a divorced woman can stay in her hither to husband’s house


138. What was the name of the one who disobeyed Allah’s order that all angels and jinns should bow down to newly-created Adam, and was therefore banished from Allah’s Grace, and became a Tempter of Men?



139. How many gates of Jannah are there?



140. The duration of iddah of a divorcee woman?

Till the woman undergoes three menstruations after her divorce.


141. The khutba is a sermon generally delivered during the noon prayers on Jumah. Which day of the week is this?



142. What is not one of the conditions of the Shahada?



143. What does Quran call money?

The life vein of man


144. How many prayers did Muslims originally have to pray a day?



145. How many letters are there in the Arabic alphabet?



146. Which fruit is mentioned in the Quran?



147. Money is referred to as what in Quran?

Blessing of God


148. Who will return to defeat the dajjal on the day of judgement?



149. Where is it not allowed to pray Salah?

On top of the Kaaba and Graveyard

150. Name the birth place of the forefathers of Nabi Musa?


151. Which is the native place of Lot Nabi?



152. What is the last pillar of Islam?

To perform the Hajj


153. What was the name of the flying animal on which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) traveled to the heavens?



154. Where is Sodom located?

In Transjordan


155. What is the first surah in the Qu’ran?



156. What is the reward for reciting Surah Ikhlas 10 times?

A palace in Paradise


157. Who is Yūsuf Nabi?

Son of Yakub Nabi


158. Which one of the following is not one of the Pillars of Faith (Iman)?

Belief in flying ninja warriors


159. Who is the only Sahaba whose name is mentioned in the Quran?

Zayd ibn Haarith (r)


160. Where is Baalbek city situated?

In Syria


161. Which act will not break Wudu?

Saying bad words


162. Name the Israel origin prophet and king?



163.  Now the second phrase isn’t accepted among all the Muslim sects. Which one of these sects reject the second part of the Declaration of Faith?



164. Which pillar was commanded in the journey of al Isra wal Miraaj?

Praying 5 times a day


165. Where did Syu’aib Nabi live?

In Madyan


166. This second call is given right before the prayer actually begins. What is this called?



167. Where is Madyan situated?

In Hijas near Syria


168. What is said to announce the time of prayer?



169. How old was Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he got the first revelation?

40 years old


170. Who helped Israelites to enter Egypt?

Yūsuf Nabi


171. What does Bismillah mean?

In the name of Allah


172. Who narrated the most number of ahadeeth?

Abu Hurayrah (r)


173. Who killed jaloot?



174. What has been the official symbol for Islam ever since the time of Muhammad?

It has no symbol


175. What does Shirk mean?

Putting partners to Allah


176. What is common meat that Muslims are not allowed to eat?



177. Which is not one of the 5 pillars of Islam?



178. Apart from the three separators, how many beads to pray with are usually in the misbaha, the prayer chain that might be called the Muslim version of the Roman Catholic rosary?



179. How many Prophets (as) are mentioned by name in the Quran?



180. Ramadaan is the month of fasting in the Islamic religion when followers refrain from eating and drinking during the daylight hours. Sehri is the meal eaten before fasting begins each day. Which of these is the meal eaten at the end of the fast?



181. Ash-hadu is an Arabic word that has three meanings. What are they?

To know, to believe, and to declare.


182. When will the Prophet ﷺ intercede for us?

On the Day of Resurrection


183. How do you say Allah’s Attribute of Existence in Arabic and what does it mean?

Al-wujud: It means that Allah exists. This is an eternal and everlasting attribute of Allah. Allah exists without a body or place.


184. What do all Muslims have to do before prayer?



185. The angels at the Battle of Badr copied which sahabi’s yellow turban?

Zubayr ibn Awwam (r)


186. What was the Prophet’s father’s name?



187. Why we should not curse time?

Because Allah says He is Time


188. Where did the Prophet Muhammad die?

Medina, Arabia


189. Who will come from Mecca and work together with Isa to unite the Muslims?

Medina, Arabia


190. Who will come from Mecca and work together with Isa to unite the Muslims?

The Mahdi


191.  What is the Arabic word for “book”?



192. At the end of time there will be a giant fire that will come forth. It will swallow everything in its path. The fire will drive mankind to its last gathering. From what country will the fire emerge from?



193. What is the name of Madinah in the Quran?



194. What are the angels made from?

Angels are made from light


195. In sujood, which body part shouldn’t be touching the ground?



196. What is one of the common names for ‘hellfire’ in Arabic?

Hellfire has many names in Arabic


197. In what direction do Muslims have to pray?

The ka’bah


198. Which wife of the Prophet ﷺ had children and was a widow when he ﷺ married her?

Umm Salamah (r)


199. What is the age of the people in Paradise?

33 years of age

200. In order for the Declaration of Faith to be ‘official’ there must be a condition within the mind of the person declaring his faith called Al-`Ilm. What is Al-`Ilm?

Knowledge of the meaning of the declaration, its negation and affirmation

201. Which battle happened in Ramadan?

Battle of Badr


202. How many days are in the Islamic lunar month?

The Islamic lunar month could be 29 or 30 days.


203. When do you pray Tahyatul’ Masjid?

When you enter the Masjid/Mosque


204. How many times more reward does one gets for praying salah inside Masjid al Aqsa?

500 times more


205. What is the “Golden Rule” concerning our belief of Allah?

“Whatever you imagine in your mind is a creation and Allah is not like that.”


206. Allah says, with His knowledge, He is more closer to us than our?

Jugular Vein


207. What are the names of the four famous Khalifas (rulers)?

Abu-bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali


208. Which hand does a Muslim eat with?



209. Which Prophet (as) was tested with a severe illness by Allah?

Prophet Ayub (as)


210. Where would you most likely encounter a muezzin?

At the top of a minaret


211. When does Allah say we should say Innā lillāhi wa innā ilayhi rāji‘ūn?

When any calamity happens


212. What will happen to some of the Muslims who died without repenting from their major sins?

Some will be forgiven and go to Paradise without any punishment. Others will be punished for a time limit in hellfire, but not forever like the non-believers.


213.  Al Fattah is one of the 99 “most beautiful names of Allah”. What does it mean?

The Opener


214. What is the encouraged Sunnah way to show appreciation to a fellow Muslim for his/her kind act?

Saying Jazak’Allahu Khayr


215. What are the names of the two Angels that question the people in the grave?

Munkar and Nakir


216. What was the Prophet’s mother called?



217. What is the Arabic word for Allah’s inspiration or revelation to a Prophet (as) called?



218. There are three groups of people that are not questioned by the angels in their graves. Who are they?

Prophets, martyrs, and non-pubescent children.


219. Believing in the day of judgement is one of the six Articles of?



220. Which side did Prophet Muhammad ﷺ encourage us not to sleep on?

Stomach side


221. How does one say “Whatever Allah willed to be shall be “in the Arabic language?

“Ma sha’a Allahu kaan”


222. Once we are gathered together, there will be one last major sign before the judgment begins. Whoever sees this sign and wasn’t a believer before, no good will it do to a believer if he hadn’t believed then. The sun will not rise in the East. In what direction will the sun rise?



223. One type of minor shirk is the hidden shirk, what is it?

Showing off


224. What is the name of the Prophet’s tribe, and who does it go back to?

“Quraysh” ; it goes back to Prophet Isma^il.


225. What are the two benefits of maintaining family ties?

Increase in provision and Increase in life


226. How long was it before Prophet Muhammad received the whole Qur’an?

23 years


227. The first emigration of the Muslims in Mecca was to where?



228. In Islam, a woman is treated with dignity and respect, and not as a sex symbol. Which female companion of our beloved Prophet was famous for teaching Qu’ran?

^Aisha radi Allahu-anha


229. What does “Hijab” refer to?

The entire mode of dress of the female Muslim


230. Which prayer has the shortest waqt (time allotted for prayer)?



231. What is the meaning of the name of Allah “AL-Wahid”?

Means the One without a partner or son


232. The oldest surviving written translation of the Shahada to another language is written in what language?



233. Who is the best Muslim woman?

Maryam alayhas-salaam


234. Which Surah must you say in every rakat?

Surah Fatiha


235. What does Barak Allahu fik mean?

May Allah bless you


236. What is one of the proofs that Prophet Muhammad is the greatest Prophet?

When he went to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, He led all the Prophets in prayer.


237. Which of these specializes in “law” rather than in theology?

The Mufti


238. What is the proof from the Qu’ran that Angels never disobey Allah?

This Ayah in Surat At-Tahrim means that Angels always do what they are ordered to do


239. Why do the Muslims say that the existence of Allah is not bound by time or place?

Place is for bodies and Allah is not a body.


240. After the Mahdi arrives, smoke or fog will cloud the skies for how long?

40 days


241. Why is it blasphemy to say that the devil creates evil?

Because Allah is the only Creator.


242. Muslims give alms to poor in the name of Allah in which month?



243. How many times will the trumpet be blown at the end of time?



244. What is the meaning of “ Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama^a”?

Those who follow the creed and methodology of the Prophet Muhammad, and the Jama^ah, meaning the Prophet’s Companions.


245. Musta’lī Muslims no longer recognize an Imam. Instead, they believe that the last rightful Imam — Aṭ-Ṭayyib Abī-l-Qāsim – is hidden from the world until such a time as he can return to bring universal justice. What is the term for this hidden state, which is also used by Twelver Shi’ites to describe the status of their Imam?



246. What does it mean when we say “Allahumma Salli ^Ala Muhammad”?

We are asking Allah to increase the Prophets honor and rank and to to protect the Prophet’s nation.


247. In Sunni Islam, what is the last of the six articles of belief in Islam?

Belief in Destiny


248. What was the first major battle in Islam in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?



249. Which prayer, named in the Qu’ran, is prayed in the afternoon?


250. According to ritual, a Muslim says Adhan and Iqamah into a newborn’s ear. Into which ear is Iqamah whispered?


251. Approximately how many days are there in a lunar year?



252. In Shi’a Islam what is sometimes added at the end of the Declaration of Faith?

‘Ali yun wali Allah (Ali is the viceregent of God)


253. Which direction does the caller first face to deliver the call to prayer?

Mecca, the direction where Muslims pray


254. Once we are resurrected, we will all be scared that we won’t care about our mother, father, sister, brother, husband, or wife. We will all care about ourselves. On that day, the sun will be very close to our heads that we will be drowning in our sweat. How far will the sun be away from our head?

1 mile


255. How many people are required to be nearby for the call to prayer to be recited (though less is fine, but this number is recommended)?

Two persons or more


256. It is commonly known that Isa is the Islamic name for Jesus. Which of these do Muslims believe is a holy book that was revealed to Isa?



257. The Isma’ilis are not particularly numerous, and they’ve usually been a religious minority in the lands where they live. Historically, a key element of their survival has been their practice of Taqiya. How is this principle best described?

Believers may conceal their true faith to survive persecution.


258. A Sufi is a Muslim mystic. His clothes are traditionally made of what material?



259. Who was the last wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) if you do not count Maria the Copt?



260. What is appropriate to do while praying?

Look down at the floor


261. The first revelation that Allah’s messenger received forms the first verses of which Surah?

Surat Al-Alaq


262. In Surah Maryam (Mary), Prophet Ibrahim is asking his father, Azar, to convert to Islam and stop making idols. What did Azar say he would do if Ibrahim didn’t stop doubting the idols?

He would stone Ibrahim


263. Al-Mutakabbir means what in English?

The Majestic


264. Which word in Arabic means the Subtle One?



265. Al-Qayyum means what in English?

The Self-subsisting


266. Which is the only chapter that doesn’t start with “Bism Allah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim” – “In the Name of God, most Beneficent, most Merciful”?

“The Immunity”


267. What does Ar-Rahman mean in English?

The Beneficent or Gracious


268. Al-Haqq means which word in English?

The Truth


269. In Surah Qasas (Stories), Firawn (Pharoah) says that he knows no God but himself and he thinks that Prophet Musa (Moses) is a liar. But, he orders somebody to go build him a lofty palace so he can mount up to the God of Prophet Musa. Who did Firawn ask to do this?



270. In which chapter can you find the line “Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?” about 34 times?

“The Beneficent”


271. What were the first phrases of the Koran to be revealed (not compiled)?

Iqra Bisme Rabbikal Lazi


272. The Forgiver means?



273. In Surah Al-Ahzab (The Confederates) in Ayah 35, Allah gives us a list of people who he will forgive and grant rewards to. Who is not included in that bunch?

Men and Women who Pray Extra Fard (Obligatory) Salahs


274. What is the Witness in Arabic?



275. What is the chapter “The Elephant” about?

Abraha’s attack on the Ka’aba


276. Which of these men is credited with first compiling the Qu’ran into a single book?

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq


277. As-Salam is another name. What would it be in English?

The Source of Peace


278. The Giver of Life is?



279. The Light is what in Arabic?



280. Who was the only companion of Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) to be named in the Koran?



281. In Surah At-Tahrim (The Holding to be Forbidden), Allah tells us that two prophets’ wives disobeyed the command of Allah and rejected Islam and Allah will tell them to enter the Hell-Fire with those who enter the Hell-Fire! Which two prophets’ wives is Allah referring to?

Prophets Nuh and Lut’s Wives


282. How many times has the Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem appeared in the Quran?

114 times


283. At whose command, the Quran was written?

Abu Bakr


284. What does Al-Muizz mean?

The Honourer


285. On whose advice did Abu Bakr (RA) decide to assemble the Quran as a whole?

On the advice of the companion of Umar

286. What is the first thing that Almighty Allah created?

The Noor (Light) of our Prophet 


287. The chapter called The Victory deals with what victory?

Treaty of Hudaybia


288. Where did the first revelation of the Quran descend?

In the Cave of Hira


289. How many Surahs of the Quran were sent down in Makkah?

86 Surahs

290. What is the Arabic word for the Aware?



291. Which Surah is regarded as the Heart of the Quran?



292.  How many Names of Allah are mentioned in the Quran?

Ninety nine


293. What is the name of the Quran Translation by Aala Hazrat (radi Allahu anhu)?

Kanzul Imaan


294. Al-Hakam means what in English?

The Judge


295. What are the other names of the Quran according to the Quran itself?

The Qur’an is referred to as Al-Furkan, Al-Kitab, Al-Zikr, Al-Nur, Al-Khuda.


296. What is the name of Allah that means Al-Musawwir in Arabic?



297. Under what conditions can you touch the Quran?

A person touching the Koran should be in a state of ritual ablution.


298. The names of which Jinns are mentioned in the Holy Quran?

Only the name of Iblees


299. Who took responsibility for the preservation of the Quran?

The Almighty


300. From whom did humans learn about making graves?

From a Crow

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