300 Maths Trivia Questions and Answers

“The last time we had a class, we looked at algebra,…” Remember your math teacher back in school? What was he/she like? Which topic was your favorite? Which one gave you headaches all the time? Did your teacher make you fall in love with “this game of numbers,” or did you just sigh all the way? Well, we sure hope it’s not the latter.

There are so many benefits of playing trivia. It helps us think critically and fast in order to get the correct answer, and in the process, we get to know so many things we had no clue about. 90% of the time we are always left saying, “I didn’t know that.”

Now, attention class! It’s time for maths and this time round, we are doing it through trivia questions, don’t freak out though, it’s going to be so much fun. How about you get a paper and pen, just in case you need to do some calculations real quick?

Maths Trivia Questions and Answers

Maths trivia questions help us sharpen our minds and activate immediate responses. They literally bring fun to math problems. We have compiled some math trivia questions that are suitable for adults and kids as well. You can gather your family and friends on that lazy afternoon and try answering them.

They will keep you entertained and thinking fast, while at it, you’ll sure bond with your loved ones. Once everyone has tackled the question, click on the “show answer” to see what the correct answer is. Ensure no one cheats.

Okay, let’s see how good of a mathematician you are!

1. What is the only number that has the same number of letters as its meaning?



2. What Is The Net Prime Number After 7?



3. Is 36 a perfect number?

No, it’s not


4. What number doesn’t have its own Roman numeral?



5. The Perimeter Of A Circle Is Also Known As What?

The Circumference


6. These are Jenny’s math test scores: 98, 87, 82, 95, 93, 81, 100. What is the average?



7. What is the only even prime number?



8. 65-43=?



9. Which mathematician published more papers during his lifetime than any other mathematician in history?

Paul Erdős


10. What is the smallest perfect number?



11. True Or False? A Convex Shape Curves Outwards.



12. Solve this. (32 x 8) + 104 – 27



13. What is our current numerical system based on?

Hindu-Arabic numeral system


14. What Does The Square Root Of 144 Equal?



15. Is 45 a prime number?



16. Is Pi a rational or irrational number?

Irrational, it cannot be written as a fraction


17. What Comes After A Million, Billion And Trillion?

A Quadrillion


18. What is a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors (excluding the number itself) called?

A perfect number


19. Which number is considered a “magic number?”


20. 52 Divided By 4 Equals What?



21. What is the 21st prime number?



22. What is the most popular lucky number?



23. What Is The Bigger Number, A Googol Or A Billion?

A Googol


24. How many obvious/trivial factors does a natural number N have?



25. What is the most popular two-digit number?



27. Are opposite angles of a parallelogram equal?



28. What is the sum of the angles of a triangle?

180 degrees


29. Which is the most prime number of the first ten?

Seven, it can’t be divided or multiplied by the first ten


30. 87+56=?



31. Is 8128 a perfect number?

Yes, it is! 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 127 + 254 + 508 + 1016 + 2032 + 4064 = 8128


32. How much would the paper weigh if you printed out the number Googolplex?

More than the entire planet


33.  How Many Sides Does A Nonagon Have?



34. A fraction has a numerator and a denominator. On a fraction, what is the bottom number known as?



35. Where is four considered an unlucky number?



36. True or False? -2 Is An Integer.



37. What is the area of an equilateral triangle with a side length of 4?



38. How do you laugh in Thai text lingo?



39. Complete The Fibonacci Sequences 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34?



40. What is the smallest positive integer that is both a multiple of 3 and a multiple of 11?



41. What is the only temperature that is the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius?

40 Below


42. 7*9=?



43. Two, four, six or eight: which is a possible number of elements in a square or n x n matrix?



44. How many different combinations does a Rubix cube have?

43 quintillion


45. True or False? All sides are equal in Isosceles Triangle.

False ( 2 Sides Are Equal)


46. The total number of squares on a chessboard (of any size) is?



47. Which number is the sum of its multiples when you add the single digits together?



48. What Does 3 Squared Equal?



49. I am the first positive number (aside from one) that is both a square and a cube number. What am I?


50. What is the only number spelt with letters in alphabetical order?


51. True Or False? -4 Is A Natural Number.



52. Which number is actually the first prime number?



53. What letter does every odd number have in it?



54. 5 To The Power Of 0 Equals What?



55. What is (2*90)+(3*20)-100/2?



56.  What Mathematical Symbol was determined by Whiz Ferdinand Von Lindemann 1882?



57.  Solve this equation x/2 − 4 = 3



58. What are the only prime numbers that end in 2 and 5?

2 and 5, no other prime numbers end in those numbers


59. Angle More Than 90 Degrees and Less Than 180 Degrees is called?



60. How many legs are there altogether on 2 spiders and 3 crickets?



61. How many lives are cats said to have?



62. What’s The Top Number Of A Fraction Called?

The Numerator


63. I am the smallest positive integer that can be divided completely by 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. What number am I?



64. How many cupcakes are in a baker’s dozen?



65. What’s A Polygon With Four Unequal Sides Called?

A Quadrilateral


66. Which Greek letter is used to denote summation in mathematics?



67. How many colors are needed on a map to make sure that no border will share a color?



68. Which Flat Image can be displayed In 3D?

A Hologram


69. How many digits does the number 10 to the 100th power have?



70. What is 64 divided by 8?



71. What is five squared?



72. What Number Does (Giga) Stand For?

One Billion


73. There are only two numbers that are twice the sum of their individual digits. One of them is  0 and I am the other one. I am a multiple of 9. Which number am I?



74.  What is an angle called if it’s greater than 90 degrees?



75. What revolutionary digit did Arab Mathematicians Al-Khwarizmi determine in 800/B.B?



76. What is the product of 8 and 5?



77. What is five to the power of zero?



78. Number system with the base of 2 is called?



79. What is the remainder when 25 is divided by 8?



80. What is a shape with eight sides called?

An octagon


81.  How Many Equal Sides Do Icosahedrons Have?



82. What is the value of 3 + (2*7)?  * denotes multiplication.



83. An improper fraction is always greater than what number?



84. Polygon with eight sides called?

An Octagon


85. Six sevens are?



86. What does the Roman numeral “X” equal?



87. Straight line that touches a circle at a single point?



88. The famous Pythagorean Theorem, which states that the sum of the squares of the legs of a right triangle is equal to the square of the hypotenuse, is actually a special case of what theorem/law?

Cosine Law


89. Which prime number comes after 3?



90. In Which Civilization Dot Patterns Were First Employed To Represent Numbers?



91. A natural number is doubled when added to its reciprocal. Find that number!



92. What flat image can also be displayed in 3D?

A hologram


93. The Ancient Babylonians Had Their Number System Based On?



94. How many diameters does a circle of radius 10 cm have?



95. What is bigger, 100, or 10 squared?

They’re the same


96. Which was the famous number system that was commonly employed in Various Ancient Civilizations?



97. Lindsay is building a swimming pool. On the blueprint for the pool the scale is 3in. to every 5ft. If the length of the pool is 9in. on the blueprint how many feet is the actual length of the pool?



98. What is the prefix meaning 10?



99. In Which Ancient Civilization introduced the representation of digits into words?


100. This kind of number is divisible by only one and itself. The first few examples are 2, 3, 5, 7, and 11.


101. A composite number has what?

One factor


102. In Which Numerals X, M, V, L, Etc. Belong To?

Roman Numerals


103. What is the value of 3x^2 (y[x^3])^2?

3x^8 * y^2


104. How many seconds are in one day?

86,400 seconds


105. Which Ancient Civilization did work in odd and even numbers and denoted odds as males and even as females?



106. A kite’s diagonal (AC) is 4.5 cm long. The other diagonal (BD) is 3.5 cm longer than the diagonal AC. What is the area of the kite ABCD?

18 cm^2


107. How many sides does a dodecahedron have?

12 sides


108. Which is the most ancient? Fibonacci, Kaprekar, Mersenne And Figurate.



109. These are the marks gained in a FunTrivia quiz, out of 10 possible points, by ten people: 10 9 8 7 5 5 4 3 2 2. What is the modal mark?

5 and 2


110. When was the equal sign invented?

1557 by Robert Recorde


111. Apart From The Number System, Ancient Indians Are Held In High Esteem For Their Contributions To which field?

Determinate Equations


112. 3,453,899 x 0 = ?



113. What number is twice the sum of its digits?



114. Who Wrote An Elaborate History Of Greek Geometry From Its Earliest Origins?



115. The equation 5y^2 – 3x^2 = 25 will yield what type of graph? (Note: ^ is used as “raised to the power of”.)



116. When was the number googol first used?

In 1938 by Milton Sirotta, who was only nine years old


117. Which Natural Phenomenon Was Employed In Ancient Times To Estimate The Heights Of Objects?

Shadows Cast By The Sun


118. Any even number which is at least 4 can be written as the sum of two primes. This is …?

Goldbach’s Conjecture


119. What is the billionth digit of Pi?



120. What is the meaning of ‘crore’?

10 million


121. What is the mathematical name for a pound sign (#)?



122. What are whole numbers?

Any number without a decimal point


123. What Is The Next Prime Number After(3)?



124. 2x + 4 = 14. What is x?



125. What does a century represent?

100 years


126. What Is (15-7)=?



127. When working on an equation, what is the first order of operation?

Anything inside a parenthesis is worked first


128. What is 16 minus 8?



129. What Is The Square Root Of 81?



130. Numbers that contain i are called imaginary, while numbers that don’t contain i are called real. What term is used to refer to an expression that combines both real and imaginary terms?



131. I am the only number that is both the sum and product of three consecutive numbers – these numbers are also my only factors, meaning I am a perfect number. What am I?



132. How many sides does a hexagon have?



133. What Comes After Thousand?

Ten Thousand


134. find x in the following equation: 6x + 12 = 4 (x + 9).”



135. What is 91 divided by 7?



136. What Does The Roman Numeral ( C ) Represent?

One Hundred


137. ^ means exponent: What is 25^2-199-500?



138. If Mark has 56 legos and Angelo has 24 legos, how many legos do they have together?

80 legos


139. What Are Integers?

Integers Are Similar To Whole Numbers And Also Include Negative Numbers, But Does Not Include Fractions


140. Algebra Question: 2 Factorise 24a + 16

8(3a + 2)


141. If Lacey has 84 pink flowers, and Andrew has 95 flowers – how many flowers do they have in total?



142. Is -2 An Integer?



143. In the formula for the area of the circle, A = pi x r^2, what does r represent?



144.  What is 24 plus 11?



145. Which Is Greater -50 Or 2?



146. Which pre-Columbian Meso-American civilization introduced the use of the number zero in its base-twenty system?



147. What is the basic metric unit of mass?

A kilogram


148. Which Of These Numbers Is Not An Integer -2, 0, 100, ½?



149. An octopus is swimming 200 meters below the surface of the ocean. It then dives 25 meters further down for a few minutes and then further down for another 120 meters. If the octopus finally swims up 300 meters, how far is it from the ocean’s surface?

45 metres

150. What is the least common multiple of 6, 8, and 12?


151. What Is 25+23=?



152. I am the sum of the smallest two-digit prime number and the greatest two-digit square number. What number am I?



153. If Josh gives you 17 cookies and your sister eats 3, how many do you have left?



154. What Is (25+24)-10=?



155. An angle greater than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees could have been the inspiration for which Duran Duran hit single?

The Reflex


156. What is the square root of 81?



157. What Is (22*4) =?



158. The Pythagorean theorem is best proved by using:

simple calculations involving the areas of squares and triangles


159. If there are 25 students in your class, but three students are absent, how many students are in the class that day?

22 students


160. What Is 5 Squared Equal To?



161. Geometry: Which has greater area: an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circle of radius 1 or a square inscribed in a circle of radius 1?



162. What is 12 times 5?



163. What Is The Square Root Of 36?



164. Basic Algebra: Let x = 7 and y = 2. What is the value of x + y^2 ?



165. What is the largest composite number less than 40?



166. If you divide 48 by 6, what do you get?



167. What Is 21*0=?



168. Algebra: Evaluate -x^2 when x = 3. [Be careful here! Note that ^ represents exponentiation.]



169. What is 4 times 4?



170. What Comes Next In The Fibonacci Sequence 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,—?



171. In trigonometry, the sine of an angle theta is defined as the ratio of the length of the______ to the length of the ______.

opposite side; hypotenuse


172. How many milliliters are in one liter?

1,000 milliliters


173. What Is (15-15)=?



174. This theorem, considered a fundamental theorem in mathematics, links two branches of calculus: differential calculus and integral calculus. This is known as the…

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus


175. If 6 students share 36 cookies, how many cookies does each student get?

6 cookies


176. What Is (1-1)=?



177. What does “commutative” mean?

a*b = b*a


178. What is 100 plus 100?



179. What Is (15-4)=?



180. The logarithm (base ten) of five hundred times an integer is three. What is the number?



181. If your cherry has four seeds and you accidentally eat two, how many are left?



182. What Is (65-30)=?



183. Jane ordered an eighteen slice pizza from Crazy Joe’s Pizzeria. For dinner, Jane ate 3 slices. In the simplest form, what fraction of the pie did she eat?



184. What is 13 times 4?



185. What Is (98-45)=?



186. What is the set of positive numbers that result in whole numbers when raised to the power of one-half?



187. If there are 8 students in Ms. Collin’s class and 11 students in Ms. Andrew’s class, how many students are there altogether?



188. What Is (87-80)=?



189. A car costing £3000 is sold at a loss of 5% on the cost price. What is the selling price?



190. What is 68 divided by 4?



191. What Is (15-14)=?



192. Simplify:  5x/3 * 6x/15



193. If there are 9 chocolate bars and Chris eats 3, how many are left?



194. What Is (49-40)=?



195. If x = 3 then 2x = ?



196. What is 4 times 2?



197. What Is (34-23)=?



198. 2x + 3y = 19 and 6x – 3y = 21. Find x and y.



199. If there are 64 popsicles to split among 16 students, how many popsicles would each student get?


200. 28-9=?


201. 8*9=?



202. What is the sum of the infinite series 1 + 0.5 + 0.25 + 0.125 + 0.0625 + … ?



203. What is the nearest whole number to 206.86?



204. 5 To The Power 0 Equals What?



205. If the countdown yesterday was 120 days before the New Year, what is the date today?

September 4


206. If there are 17 postcards in a shop and you buy 6 – how many postcards are left?

11 postcards


207. 17+14=?



208. An equation with the highest order of three will form what type of curve?

cubic curve


209. What is 144 divided by 12?



210. What Does 3 Square Equal?



211. If the distance between two stars in the Universe is 4.2 {light-years;} what is the distance expressed in miles?

24,696 trillion miles


212. What is the closest whole number to 1,569.3?



213. 21/7=?



214. 2x + 5x = 35. What is x?



215. What are the even numbers in this sequence – 2, 5, 7, 9, 10?

Two and 10


216. Quadrilateral Whose Four Vertices Are Lied On Circumference Of Circle Is Called?

Cyclic Quadrilateral


217. What is 15% of $200?



218. Jamie reads 14 pages in her 38-page book. How many pages are left?

24 pages


219. Angles In Opposite Segments Are Classified As?



220. What is the math term described as the likelihood that something will happen?



221. Hundred was derived from what Norse number?

Hundrath, actually meaning 120


222. In A City Book Store, 70% Of Books Are Classified As Fiction and Remainder As non-fiction. There Is a Total of 2400 more fiction books than non-fiction books. At an average cost of $22, the owner wants to increase Fiction Books By 5%. Cost Of New Fiction Books Is?



223. What is the smallest positive integer that is both a multiple of 7 and a Fibonacci number?



224. What is the Pythagoras’ Constant, discovered by the first mathematician around 500 BC?

The square root of two


225. Which Indian Astronomer discovered zero around 600 A.D?



226. In Public Library, 30% Of Books are categorized as non-fiction and the remainder as fiction. There Is a Total of 2400 more fiction Books than non-fiction Books. Total Number Of Books In Library Is?



227. Two, four, six, or eight: which is the only one that could be the volume of a cube with integer values for length, width, and height?



228. What number sequence often appears in nature and was discovered in 1202 AD?

Fibonacci Sequence


229. In College Library, 30% Of Books Are Classified As Fiction And Remainder As Non-Fiction. There Are 2400 More Books non-fiction category than Fiction Category. Total Number Of non-fiction books in Library Is?



230. A man bought apples at a rate of Rs.12 per dozen and 10 bananas for Rs.20. What would be the cost of 2 apples and 3 bananas at this rate?

Rs. 8


231. Who is the fastest person who has ever counted to one billion?

89 days, Jeremy Harper streamed his attempt in 2007


232. Two Trigno Metrical Ratios Whose Values Cannot Be Greater Than 1 Are?

Sine And Cosine


233. I am the 21st prime. Reverse my digits and you get the 12th prime. In binary, I am a palindrome: 1001001. What am I?



234. Who invented paint by number?

Leonardo Da Vinci


235. Henry And Hazel Earn Income Of $5000. Expenses They Have To Meet Are Food $500, House Loan $450, Electricity, Water And Gas $135. Telephone $50 And Car Maintenance $155. Monthly Saving As %Age Of Income Is



236. It is the least number that is divisible by numbers from 1-10. What is the number?



237. Who is the fastest human calculator?

Scott Flansburg won the Guinness World Record in 2001


238. If A = 9.7 Cm, Angle B = 64° And C = 8.8 Cm Then Area Of Δ ABC Is

38.36 Cm²


240. What is the language of origin of the term quadrilateral?



241. Where was the oldest mathematical artifact found?

In the Lebombo Mountains


242. If A = 16.5 Cm, Angle B = 52° And C = 10 Cm Then Area Of Δ ABC Is

65.01 Cm²


243. Giant hummingbirds are known to beat their wings about 10 times per second. How many beats would this be in a period of 1.5 minutes?

900 beats


244. How was Eratosthenes able to determine the Earth’s diameter?

A rod and the rule of three


245. Formula For Area Of A Triangle Is

1/2 X Base X Height


246. The smallest three-digit palindromic square number is 121. I am the second smallest number with such properties. My first digit is 4 and the sum of all my three digits is 16. What number am I?



247. How old was Isaac Newton when he developed integral calculus?

23 years old


248. Formula Used To Measure Circumference Of Circle Is



249. The young student is taught another basic, yet important, property of mathematic operations, and it’s demonstrated below. Which property is it? (5 + 2) + 7 = 5 + (2 + 7)

Associative Property

250. What German woman formulated theories to understand relativity?

Emmy Noether

251. In Formula 2πr, ‘R’ Is Considered As



252. What is the derivative of (pi*e)a with respect to x?



253. What mathematical theory explains the randomness of nature?

The butterfly effect, discovered by meteorologist Edward Lorenz


254. If Circumference Of Circle Is 64π Then Area Of Circle (In Terms Of Π) Is

1024π Cm²


255. No other numbers are more special than me. I am the only number that is located between a square and a cube. More hints for you; I am smaller than 50 and I am an even number. Which number am I?



256. Who developed the cartesian axes?

René Descartes


257. Formula Used To Measure Area Of Circle Is

René Descartes


258. Geometry: In the plane, the sum of the measures of the three angles in a triangle is how many degrees?



259. Where was the first recorded instance of math games played?

Africa – south of the Sahara


260. If Circumference Of Circle Is 82π Then Value Of ‘R’ Is

41 Cm


261. If Sheela sells her house at a loss of 10% on cost and paid $125000 for It then its selling price is?



262. Geometry: What is true about the two acute angles of a right triangle (in the Euclidean plane?)

They are complementary


263. If A Book Is Sold For $250 At 15% Loss On Cost Then Cost Price Of Book Is



264. 101010 looks like a big number, but it’s written in binary. What is its decimal equivalent?



265. A natural number is halved when reduced by thirteen. Find that number!



266. If A Handbag Is Sold For $2000 At Gain Of 20% On Cost Price Then Cost Is



267. Which famous mathematician said that “in any right-angled triangle the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides”?



268. A cube measures y cm on one side. If the surface area of the cube is 294 square centimeters, what is y (correct to 2 decimal places)?

7.00 cm


269. A Car Traveled 281 Miles In 4 Hours 41 Minutes. The Average Speed Of The Car In mph?

60 Miles Per Hour


270. Robert is 2 years older than Vivian. The sum of their ages is 106. How old is Vivian?



271. N A Group Of 120 People, 90 Have An Age Of More 30 Years, And The Others Have An Age Of Less Than 20 Years. Find the probability that a person’s age is less than 20 if a person is chosen at random.



272. What is the name for the type of number that cannot be written as a ratio of two integers?



273. If length=4*width, If The Area Is 100 M2 What Is The Length Of The Rectangle?

20 Meters


274. How many solutions are there for 2x – 1 < 20, given that x is an odd number?



275. A Six-Sided Die Is Rolled Once. What Is The Probability That The Number Rolled Is An Even Number Greater Than 2?



276. What will be the base of a triangle when the area of the triangle is 36 cm^2, the perpendicular height is 0.36 meters and the slant height is 6 m?

2 cm


277. Point A Has The Coordinates (2,2). What Are The Coordinates Of Its Image Point If It Is Translated 2 Units Up And 5 Units To The Left, And Reflected In The X Axis?



278. Let f(x) = 3x/2. Let g(x) = 2x + 3. What is f(g(f(g(f(g(f(2)))))))? Write your answer as a fraction, not a decimal.



279. If The New Cube Has A Volume Of 64,000 Cubic Centimeters, What Is The Area Of One Face Of The Original Cube?

400 Square Cm


280. What do you call the inverse function of the exponential function?

Logarithmic Function


281. If The Radius of a cylindrical container is multiplied by 2, How Do You Change The length Of The Container So That The Volume Will Stay The Same?

¼ Of The Original Height


282. When I take the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, how many different 5 digit numbers can be formed if you may not use the same digit twice in the number?



283. One Leg Of A Right Triangle Is 18 Cm And Its Area Is 108 Square Cm. Find Its Primeter.

51.6 Cm


284. Fill in the blank: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, … ?


285. A polygon with 5 sides has the sum of interior angles?

9180 Degrees


286. Jane was given 80 dollars to divide between herself and her two brothers Wayne and Graeme. If she gets 20 dollars more than either of her brothers, how much will Jane receive?



287. Find The Circumference Of A Circle Inscribed Inside A Square With A Side Of 20 Meters.

20pi Meter


288. 4x + 2y = 20. If x = 4, what is y?



289. One Pump Fills A Tank Two Times As Fast As Another Pump. Pump fills the tanks in 18 minutes. How much time a single pump takes to fill the tank all alone?

Faster Pump-27 Minutes, Slower Pump-54 Minutes


290. A triangle is a three-sided figure. What kind of triangle has three different sides with three different angles, none of which is 90 degrees?

Scalene triangle


291. Two Numbers x And 16 Have LCM = 48 And GCF = 8. Find x.



292. What is the smallest positive integer that is both a palindrome and a multiple of 12?



293. The area of a circle is 81pi square feet, find its circumference.

18 Pi Feet


294. Calculate the median of this set of numbers 10, 14, 10, 12, 10, 11, 12, 10, 11, 9, 12.



295. Find The Greatest Common Factor Of 24, 40, and 60.



296. If a zebra has 50 black stripes and a tiger has 60 black stripes, how many black stripes are there altogether if there are 2 tigers and 5 zebras?



297. If nimo had lunch at $100 and he Gave 20% Tip, How Much Did He Spend?



298. The sum of my two digits is the same as the product of my two digits. I am a multiple of 11. What number am I?



299. Little John Had $8.50. He Spent $2 On Sweets And Gave To His Two Friends $4.5 Each. How Much Money Was Left?



300. What Is X If X + 2y = 10 And Y = 3?



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