300 Premier League Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

“That coach messed up our team big time,” “Were it not for our weak defense team, the rival team wouldn’t have scored that goal.” “We’ll rank better in the next season.”  These are the normal conversations among football lovers, whether they are watching a game at their favorite local pub or they are just enjoying some cold beer on a weekend afternoon with family or friends. Ever noticed how alcohol and football go so well together, just like your favorite tank top and ripped jeans? Yeah, that kind of thing.

In the world of sports, football is definitely the sport with the most fans. It is actually watched in over 200 countries in the world by almost 5billion people. Amazing fun fact, right?  There are several teams in the premier league: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona, and many other teams. Oh! We didn’t leave out your team on purpose.

Premier League Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers in 2023

We bet you’re among the 5 billion people who faithfully watch the premier league. So tell us, which team do you support and which one would you never even dream of supporting? Why do you support that particular team? Who are your favorite celebrity player and coach?

How much do you know about the premier league? The goals scored by different players, the highest-earning footballers, and everything in between?

Well, you wouldn’t know unless you try answering our trivia questions and see whether you really are the boss. You can do this alone or *Blows whistle* gather your friends and family and see how good you are in the game, literally!

You’ll certainly have an amazing time with your loved ones and maybe make a plan to watch the next game live.

1. Which player scored the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League?

Sadio Mane (2 minutes 56 seconds for Southampton vs Aston Villa in 2015)


2. In the 1994-95 season, when John Lyall quit as Ipswich Town manager, George Burley replaced him, but from which club did Burley move?

Colchester United


3. Who won the inaugural Premier League season in 1992/93?

Manchester United


4. What rival team was manager Kevin Keegan referring to in 1996 when he claimed “I would love it if we beat them. Love it.”?

Manchester United


5. How many clubs based in London played in the first FA premier League in season 1992-93?



6. Three players share the record for most Premier League red cards (8). Who are they?

Patrick Vieira, Richard Dunne and Duncan Ferguson


7. Who is the gifted striker who scored 10 hat tricks plus one five-goal effort during his illustrious Premiership career?

Alan Shearer


8. Who were the first three clubs to be relegated from the Premier League?

Nottingham Forest, Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace


9. When was the inaugural Premier League season?



10. Who was the Premiership’s top scorer in 1993/94, the season Manchester United won the league?

Andy Cole 34


11. Who scored the first goal of the Premier League era?

Brian Deane (Sheffield United)


12. With 202 clean sheets, which goalkeeper has the best record in the Premier League?

Petr Cech


13. Formerly Gold Coast, which African country is the birthplace of hard-tackling defender or midfielder Michael Essien?



14. The fastest goal scored in Premier League history came in 7.69 seconds. Who scored it?

Shane Long (Southampton)


15. How many clubs competed in the inaugural Premier League season?



16. Playing for a team situated in the northeast of England, which player finished as a top goal scorer in the 1999-2000 season?

Kevin Phillips


17. Who has made the most Premier League appearances?

Gareth Barry (653)


18. Which three players shared the Premier League Golden Boot in 2018-19?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane


19. Shay Given made his international football debut vs. Russia in 1996, for which country?

Republic of Ireland


20. Who received the first red card of the Premier League era?

Niall Quinn


21. In 2006, if Chelsea played Didier Drogba upfront alongside Andrei Shevchenko and Arjen Robben, then which nationality was not represented?



22. What happens to the teams that finish in the bottom 3 of the Premier League table at the end of each season?

They are relegated


23. Manchester United have won the most Premier League titles with 13 – but which club is second on the list?

Chelsea (5)


24. Which Portuguese team did Ronaldo play for before signing for Manchester United?



25. Dmitri Kharine played in the Premier League, but which team did he play for?



26. Which club holds the record for the most points in a Premier League season?

Manchester City (100)


27. Ronaldo is synonymous with the No.7, but what other number did he wear at Real Madrid?



28. Who won the Football Writer’s Association Footballer of the Year in the Premiership’s first season?

Chris Waddle


29. Which club has the worst winning record in a single season?

Derby County (2007/08)


30. Messi famously retired from international duty in which year before reversing his decision?



31. Gianfranco Zola joined Chelsea in November 1996 in a transfer from which Italian team?



32. Who is the oldest player to play in the Premier League?

John Burridge (43 years and 163 days)


33. Ronaldo exclaims which word when celebrating a goal?

“Si!”(Spanish for ‘Yes!’)


34. Who topped the league goal-scoring list in 1992-93, the first season of the new Premier League?

Teddy Sheringham


35. Which manager has earned the most promotions to the Premier League?

Steve Bruce (4)


36. Messi wore the No.30 at the start of his Barca career and is now No.10. What other number has he worn for the club?



37. Which team were the 2001-02 League Champions?



38. Who is the Premier League’s longest-serving manager?


39. Which Portuguese island off the coast of Africa, which also shares its name with a cake, is Ronaldo from?



40. Who scored Manchester United’s first-ever Premiership goal?

Mark Hughes


41. Which player has provided the most Premier League assists?

Ryan Giggs (162)


42. Messi has won a record number of Ballon d’Or awards – how many?

Six Ballon d’Or awards


43. In Charlton Athletic’s first Premiership game, they drew 0-0 with Newcastle United. Their next game was a little more different though, as they hammered Southampton 5-0. Who scored their first ever Premier League goal?

John Robinson


44. Ronaldo helped Portugal win the European Championship in which year?



45. Which club is nicknamed the toffees?



46. Of the league’s current 20 managers, who’s the longest reigning

Eddie Howe


47. Which German multinational sportswear company is Messi an ambassador for?



48. During the 1995-96 season, who was Sheffield Wednesday’s manager?

David Pleat


49. The top transfer fee received by a Premier League club is £106m – who was the player?

Philippe Coutinho

50. Which club has won the most Champions League titles?

Real Madrid(13)


51. 1992-93 was the first season of the Premier League. On what date did it kick off?

15th August 1992


52. Which Tottenham player finished top scorer in the league’s first ever season?

Teddy Sheringham


53. Who is the only player to win the Champions League with three different clubs?

Clarence Seedorf (Ajax, Real Madrid, AC Milan)


54. Who was Southampton’s first manager in the Premier League?

Ian Branfoot


55. What are the most goals scored by one player in a single Premier League season?

34 (Alan Shearer and Andy Cole)


56. Three people have won the Champions League a record three times as manager. Who are they?

Bob Paisley, Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane


57. Who was the manager of Chelsea when they won their first FA Premier League in season 2004-05?


58. Only one African player has been named player of the season in the Premier League’s history – name him

Mo Salah


59. Which team was the first from the UK to win the European Cup?

Celtic (1966-67)


60. Who was the Premiership top goal scorer in 2001/02?

Thierry Henry


61. Manchester United won the league in 1992/1992 – which two teams finishes 2nd and 3rd and clinched a place in Europe?

Aston Villa and Norwich City


62. The Champions League has been won only once by a team from Romania. Can you name them?

Steaua Bucharest (now FCSB)


63. Defender Pablo Zabaleta wears the famous light blue and white stripes of which South American country?



64. How many wins did Derby County record during the 2007/2008 season?



65. Liverpool has won six Champions Leagues and Manchester United has won three, but who is England’s third most successful team in the competition with two titles?

Nottingham Forest


66. Who was presented with the Manager of the Year Award in 2000-01 of the Premier League?

George Burley


67. Which striker has played for the most Premier League clubs?

Marcus Bent


68. Who is the Champions League’s top goalscorer of all time?


69. Brad Friedel made his international debut in 1992 for which country?



70. Who is the youngest goalscorer in the Premier League’s history?

James Vaughan


71. Which player holds the record for most Champions League winners’ medals?

Francisco Gento (six titles with Real Madrid)


72. Ludìk Miklosko was a goalkeeper at which club when the Premier League was first contested in 1992?

West Ham


73. Only one player has scored five goals in a single Premier League half – name him

Jermaine Defoe


74. Which outfield player appeared in the Champions League final in three different decades?

Ryan Giggs


75. What is the name of the fan that Eric Cantona famously assaulted with a flying scissor kick in January 1995, at Crystal Palace?

Matthew Simmons


76. What was strange about Darren Bent’s goal against Liverpool on October 17, 2009?

His shot hit a beach ball


77. In which year was the first European Championship held?



78. Which three unfortunate teams were relegated from the Premier League at the end of the 1993-94 season?

Oldham Athletic, Sheffield United and Swindon Town


79. Which player has scored the most Premier League own goals?

Richard Dunne


80. With three titles each, which two teams have won the most European Championships?

Germany and Spain


81. In Sunderland’s Premiership debut, they drew 0-0 at home to Leicester City. They did, however, register a 4-1 win away to Nottingham Forest four days later. Who scored their debut Premiership goal?

Michael Gray


82. The record Premier league attendance occurred during which fixture in the 2017/2018 season?

North London derby


83. What is the name of the European Championship trophy?

Henri Delaunay Trophy


84. Swindon Town first appeared in the Premier League in the 1993-94 season and faced Sheffield United in the opening fixture. Which player scored Swindon’s first-ever goal in that League?

John Moncur


85. Who is the highest scoring non-English player in the league’s history?

Sergio Aguero


86. With nine goals, who scored the most goals in a single European Championship tournament?

Michel Platini at Euro 84


87. Middlesbrough took on Coventry City at Highfield Road in their first-ever Premiership game. Who scored Boro’s first goal?

Paul Wilkinson


88. In an all-time Premier League table which side would finish bottom?

Swindon Town


89. The Euro 2000 final between France and Italy was decided by Golden Goal. Which player scored the goal?

David Trezeguet


90. Leicester City faced Newcastle United in their opening game of the 1994-95 season. Who scored their first goal in the top flight?

Julian Joachim


91. The first goal of the 19/20 Premier League season was an own goal – who scored it?

Grant Hanley


92. England’s all-time leading European Championship goalscorer has a tally of seven goals. Can you name the player?

Alan Shearer


93. Which Nottingham Forest player was often told ‘He’s got a pineapple on his head’ as a reference to his haircut?

Jason Lee


94. As things stand who is the league’s top scorer in the 19/20 season?

Jamie Vardy


95. Which fiery Bosnian was one of Aston Villa’s best in 1996-1997?

Savo Milosevic


96. Has Victor Moses got a Premier League medal?



97. Which former Manchester City player is the most capped French player in the league’s history?

Sylvain Distin


98. Denmark notably won Euro 92, despite the fact that they did not initially qualify. Which team did they replace?



99. Which club finished bottom of the table in the first season of the FA Premier League?

Nottingham Forest

100. Which former Man City, Arsenal, and Spurs player has been caught offside more than any other player in the PL’s history?

Emmanuel Adebayor


101. In which year did the European Championship expand from 16 teams to 24 teams?

Euro 2016


102. Who was the first Swiss manager in the Premier League?

Christian Gross


103. Who is the club captain of reigning league champions Man City?

David Silva


104. Only one person has won the European Championship as a player and as manager. Can you name them?

Berti Vogts


105. On the 29th May 2013, the highest-scoring draw in the FA Premier League occurred. The game finished 5-5. Who were the two teams involved?

West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United


106. Mario Balotelli recorded a Premier League assist on just one occasion – which teammate did he set up?

Sergio Aguero


107. It took Cristiano Ronaldo 27 games to score his first Champions League goal. True or False?



108. Who was the Premiership’s top goalscorer in 2006/07, the year Manchester United claimed the title back after Chelsea had won the previous two titles?

Didier Drogba 20


109. Three players born after the inception of the Premier League have scored hat-tricks – name them

Romelu Lukau, Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling


110. The phrase ‘park the bus’ arose when Jose Mourinho was forced to park the Chelsea team bus after the bus driver fell ill. True or False?



111. Tall midfielder or striker Marouane Fellaini originates from which European country, also the birthplace of the great cycling legend Eddy Merckx?



112. Singer in Irish boyband Westlife Nicky Byrne played for Leeds United before moving into music. True or False?



113. Which Premier League winner’s father played rugby for Wales?

Ryan Giggs


114. Sir Alex Ferguson managed the Scotland national team. True or False?



115. In 2001-02, Arsenal completed the double by winning both the Premier League title and the FA Cup. Which Arsenal stalwart announced his retirement at the end of this great season for the club?

Tony Adams


116. Who was the first sponsor of the Premier League?



117. Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish is known as ‘King Kenny’ because he is related to the British Royal Family. True or False?



118. Edwin Van Der Sar made his first international appearance for which country in 1995?


119. Frank Lampard has scored more Premier League goals than Thierry Henry, Robbie Fowler, and Michael Owen. True or False



120. How long did it take Robbie Fowler to score the fastest ever hat-trick in the Premiership?

4 minutes 32 seconds


121. In what season did Roman Abramovich take over Chelsea?



122. Bayern Munich star Thomas Muller is a keen chess player and once won a Bavarian chess tournament. True or False?



123. Name the Costa Rican international?

Paulo Wanchope


124. Which player holds the record for most consecutive Premier League appearances (310)?

Brad Friedel


125. Former Brazil and Barcelona star Ronaldinho spent time in prison after being found to have used a fake passport. True or False?



126. Bradford City survived the drop from the Premier League resulting in Wimbledon, being dramatically relegated in which season?



127. What was significant about Mario Balotelli’s only assist in the Premier League for Manchester City?

It was for Sergio Aguero’s title-winning goal vs QPR


128. David Beckham took ballet lessons during his time at Manchester United in order to improve his agility. True or False?



129. Which team joined Arsenal, Newcastle United, and Manchester United in the Champions League in the 2003-04 season?



130. Who scored the first ‘perfect hat-trick’ (left foot, right foot, and header) in the Premier League?

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink


131. Brazil icon Pele once starred in a Hollywood movie alongside Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone. True or False?



132. In 2001, the 10,000th Premiership goal was scored by Les Ferdinand playing for which club?

Tottenham Hotspur


133. Which two non-English clubs have played in the Premier League?

Swansea City and Cardiff City


134. With 365 goals, who holds the record for top Bundesliga goalscorer of all time?

Gerd Muller


135. Who scored Arsenal’s first-ever Premiership goal?

Steve Bould


136. Who scored Nottingham Forest’s first-ever Premiership goal in the 1992-93 season?

Teddy Sheringham


137. How many times has the league been renamed?



138. Bayern Munich has won the record number of Bundesliga titles, but which two clubs follow with five titles each?

Borussia Monchengladbach and Borussia Dortmund


139. Who was the manager of Bolton Wanderers from 1999 to 2007?

Sam Allardyce


140. What was the score of the game in which David Beckham scored from the halfway line against Wimbledon on the opening day of the 1996-97 season?

United won 3-0


141. Which Swede had a clause in his contract banning him from traveling into space?

Stefan Schwarz


142. Can you name the most capped Germany international of all time?

Lothar Matthaus


143. The first-ever live Premier League match was played at which stadium?

City Ground


144. In 2005, Newcastle’s Lee Bowyer had an on-pitch scrap with which team-mate?

Kieron Dyer


145. Jurgen Klopp has managed two clubs in Germany, Borussia Dortmund and – can you name the other?



146. Teddy Sheringham ended up as the leading scorer in the 1992-93 season, but which two clubs did he play for during that period?

Tottenham Hotspur AND Nottingham Forest


147. For what club did Paulo Di Canio play when he pushed referee Paul Alcock?

Sheffield Wednesday


148. FC Cologne has which animal on their club crest?

A goat


149. In the 1993-94 season, it was all about the relegation battle come to the end of the season, but which teams made the drop to the 1st division?

Swindon Town, Oldham Athletic, Sheffield United

150. Against which team did Wayne Rooney score his Premier League first goal?



151. RB Leipzig are otherwise known as…?

The Red Bulls


152. Which club did Stuart Pearce manage from 2005 to 2007?

Manchester City


153. Who was the first Premier League manager to be sacked?

Ian Porterfield


154. Germany has won the World Cup four times, but how many times have they done so as a unified country?



155. Which team plays their home games at Dean Court?

AFC Bournemouth


156. Who was Jose Mourinho’s first signing at Chelsea?

Paulo Ferreira


157. What is the nickname of Borussia Monchengladbach?

Die Fohlen


158. On 28 August 1994, in a span of under 5 minutes at Anfield, this player tore Arsenal’s defense to pieces three times. Who was this demon, aged under 19 when achieving this?

Robbie Fowler


159. How many times had David Moyes won the prestigious LMA Manager of the year award?



160. I made my international debut for Brazil in 1993 and scored in the game. I played in two World Cup finals and my club career saw me play in Brazil, Italy, Angola, Spain, Greece, and Uzbekistan.



161. Who was the Premiership’s top goal scorer in 1992/93, the season that the Premiership was introduced?

Teddy Sheringham 22


162. Who was the first Italian manager to win the Premier League?

Carlo Ancelotti


163. I’ve played in Germany, Italy, Austria, and France. I have won Serie A and scored the first-ever Golden Goal in international football.

Oliver Bierhoff


164. Which Premier League side was originally called St. Domingo’s?



165. Which manager was in charge at Manchester City when they won their first Premier League title?

Roberto Mancini


166. I have played in the Conference, League Two, League One, Championship, Premier League, the UEFA Cup, Champions League, and the World Cup.

Steve Finnan


167. Which country, the original home of martial art Taekwondo, is the birthplace of energetic footballer Park Ji-Sung?


168. Who has managed Reading, Swansea, and Liverpool?

Brendan Rodgers


169. I was the first Liverpool player to win the Ballon d’Or. I scored 40 goals for my country and have played in England and Spain.

Michael Owen


170. In 2002-03, which club broke the record for the fewest goals scored and least points gained in a Premier League season?



171. Which club did Glenn Hoddle join after being sacked as England manager in 1999?



172. I was originally a striker before becoming a defender. I played 11 seasons for the same club before managing them. I’ve won two Bundesliga titles and a Champions League.

Jurgen Klopp


173. Craig Gordon made his international debut in 2004 for which country?



174. How many times did Sir Alex Ferguson win the Premier League Manager of the Month award?



175. I have played for Chelsea and spent time playing in Turkey. I’ve been crowned African Footballer of the Year four times and the Africa Cup of Nations twice.

Samuel Eto’o


176. Which two players were the only players to have scored in each and every one of the first 16 Premiership seasons (1992-93 to 2007-08)?

Ryan Giggs and Gary Speed


177. Who was the first English manager to win the Premier League Manager of the Year award?

Harry Redknapp


178. I have won league titles in Italy, Germany, Portugal, and Austria. I also won the European Cup both as a player and as a manager.

Giovanni Trapattoni


179. During the 2006-07 Premiership season, Portsmouth goalkeeper David James surpassed whose record of most clean sheets?

David Seaman


180. Ron Atkinson last managed which club in the Premier League?

Nottingham Forest


181. I am the manager who first named David Beckham as England captain.

Peter Taylor


182. In Feb 2005, Arsenal played Crystal Palace in a league game at Highbury. What made the headlines alongside the score in the following morning’s newspapers?

Arsenal’s starting eleven PLUS the five substitutes were foreigners


183. Which England player scored in 46 different Premier League games throughout his career?

Darius Vassell


184. I’ve won the World Cup and European Championship at the international level and I won the Champions League on two occasions as manager of two different clubs.

Jupp Heynckes


185. Who was on the receiving end to the biggest away win in the Premier League in season 1998-1999?

Nottingham Forest


186. Who is the only person born before 1960 to score a Premier League hat-trick?

Gordon Strachan


187. I’ve worn numbers 7, 17, 28, and 9 in my career, playing my football across, England, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo


188. Which three teams were promoted into the Premiership for the 2003-04 season?

Wolverhampton Wanderers, Portsmouth and Leicester City


189. Who is the Premier League’s all-time leading goal scorer?

Alan Shearer


190. In what league is the concept of a ‘Designated Player’ a feature?


191. One player had a habit of scoring spectacular long-range goals, it seems that’s all he ever did, but who is he?

Matt Le Tissier


192. Which team lost two games by an eight-goal margin in 2009-2010?

Wigan Athletic


193. Which club is associated with ‘Galacticos’‘?

Real Madrid


194. David O’Leary was the manager of which EPL club from 1998 to 2002?

Leeds United


195. The highest-scoring Premier League game finished 7-4. Which two teams played?

Portsmouth and Reading


196. Which manager was famously said to have given players ‘the Hairdryer Treatment’?

Sir Alex Ferguson


197. Which manager was convicted of accepting bribes during the 1994-95 season?

George Graham


198. Who scored the first Premier League hat-trick?

Eric Cantona


199. Which club is sometimes referred to as FC Hollywood?

Bayern Munich

200. Which club avoided relegation during 1992-93 thanks to a 4-3 win against Southampton on the final day of the season?

Oldham Athletic


201. Who went down in 1996-97 after being deducted three points?



202. In English football what is ‘St Totteringham’s Day’?

The date on which it is mathematically impossible for Tottenham to finish above Arsenal


203. On 25th January, 1995 Eric Cantona ‘Kung-Fu’ kicked a Crystal Palace fan and received an F.A. ban for how long?

8 Months


204. Which striker made the PFA Team of the Year in 2004-05 despite being relegated?

Andy Johnson


205. After Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter, with nine Scudettos, which team has won the most Serie A titles?



206. With which club was Pepe Mel manager before taking over at West Bromwich Albion in 2014?

Real Betis


207. Who was the first outfield player to play every minute of the season for a Premier League title-winning side?

Gary Pallister


208. In Spanish football, what is ‘the Pichichi‘?

The award given to the top goalscorer (named after Rafael “Pichichi” Moreno)


209. Ronald Koeman became the manager of which Premier League club in June 2016?



210. In the video game FIFA 20, team Piemonte Calcio represents which real-life club?



211. Who was the Premiership’s top goal scorer in 2000/01, the first full season of the new millennium?

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 23


212. In what season did Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ go the whole season unbeaten?



213. Which MLS franchise team does David Beckham own?

Inter Miami


214. From which team did Arsenal sign the exciting winger, Theo Walcott?



215. Which club conceded 100 goals on the way to being relegated in 1993/94?

Swindon Town


216. Which country noted for producing world-class cricket and rugby players, is the birthplace of versatile footballer Brett Emerton?



217. Which club was relegated in their first season in the Premier League in 1997/98?



218. In 2003-04, Arsenal finished the season unbeaten and was crowned as Premier League champions. Which Arsenal player was rewarded by being named the PFA Players’ Player of the Year?

Thierry Henry


219. Who is the only team to have received a gold version of the Premier League trophy?



220. David James played his first match at the international level in 1997, for which country?



221. How many times did Alex Ferguson win the Premier League?



222. Beginning with the 2009-10 season, what happens to the teams that finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the league?

They automatically qualify for group stages of the next Champions League


223. The winners of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europe League compete for which sporting trophy?

UEFA Super Cup


224. David James became number one when it came to Premier League appearances with 470 achieved in the 2006-2007 season, but can you name the retired goalkeeper who had 372 appearances?

Nigel Martyn


225. Which variant of the game of football has its own UEFA Championship?



226. Which country did 2002 Blackburn Rovers international midfielder, Tugay, come from?



227. “La Liga” is the name of which European country’s professional football association?



228. Which Premiership team had the players Michael Owen, El Hadji Diouf, and Stephane Henchoz in their squad in the 2002-03 season?



229. The professional football association of which European country is called “Serie A”?



230. Chelsea thrashed promising Sunderland 4-0 on the opening day of the 99-00 season. The pick of the bunch was volleyed in by Gus Poyet in the 78th minute, but supplied by the “scoop” of which Italian?

Gianfranco Zola


231. Name the Dutch footballer who was voted “European Player of the Century” in 1999.

Johan Cruyff


232. The 1997-98 season saw Barnsley make their Premiership debut and also saw them relegated in their first season. Who scored their first-ever goal in the Premiership in a 2-1 defeat at the hands of West Ham United?

Neil Redfearn


233. Which French player is a record-scoring footballer for Arsenal and went on to become Assistant Manager of Belgium?

Thierry Henry


234. Everton was pitted against Sheffield Wednesday in their first Premier League game. Who scored the Toffee’s first-ever goal?

Barry Horne


235. Which player went through the Ajax youth system, played for Ajax, and became Assistant Manager at the club in 2011?

Denis Bergkamp


236. Robert Pires played for Arsenal from 2000 to 2006. Which country did he represent?



237. Name the Juventus goalkeeper who was the first winner of the Golden Foot Award.

Gianluigi Buffon


238. Ruel Fox played for which team in the 1994-95 season?

Newcastle United


239. Who started their professional football career at Stuttgarter Kickers, became captain of the German team and then head coach of the USA team?

Jurgen Klinsmann


240. In what position did the 1992-93 Football League Champions (Division 1 winners) finish in the 1993-94 Premier League season?



241. How much did Sporting Lisbon receive for the transfer of 17 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo?

£12 million


242. At the end of the 1992-93 season, which London-based club finished the highest in the table?

Queens Park Rangers


243. What links Steve Bruce, Mark Atkins, Ian Pearce, Mike Newell, David May, Stephen Hughes, Marc Albrighton, Nathan Dyer, and Phil Foden (amongst not too many others)?

They won the Premier League Title without having won an England cap


244. Who was the first player from outside of Europe (UEFA countries) to score 100 Premier League goals?

Dwight Yorke


245. Blackburn Rovers won the Premier League in the 1994-95 season on the last day of the season, despite losing to Liverpool 2-1 on the last day: who got the winner for Liverpool?

Jamie Redknapp


246. In 1994, which marvel of a player-manager was unveiled to the press wearing a suit jacket with a tie above the waist and football shorts with socks below?

Bryan Robson


247. Which three Premier League clubs has George Graham been manager of?

Arsenal, Leeds United, Tottenham Hotspur


248. Only one hat trick was scored for Wimbledon FC. By whom?

Dean Holdsworth, versus Oldham Athletic in April 1994


249. Who was Blackburn Rovers manager when they won the Premier League in season 1994-95?

Kenny Dalglish

250. What links Nick Barmy, Les Ferdinand, Darren Bent, and Craig Bellamy (amongst others)?

They have scored for at least six Premiership clubs


251. Who is the striker, that later on became coach of his national team, who never scored a Premiership hat trick, but did score four goals in a match?

Jürgen Klinsmann


252. Manchester United won the Premier League title for the third time in a row in 2001. Three teams had also won the English top division three times in a row, Arsenal, Liverpool, and who?

Huddersfield Town


253. From which French side did Arsenal sign flamboyant midfielder Samir Nasri?



254. What links Paul Ince, Kevin Campbell, and Steve Bruce (amongst a few others)?

Their sons have played in the Premier League


255. Striker Gabriel Agbonlahor is affectionately known as a Brummie. Which country in the UK is his birthplace?



256. Tottenham Hotspur narrowly failed to attain a Champions League place in the 2005/06 season after losing on the final day to West Ham. What was given the blame?

A dodgy lasagne from the evening before which left the players unwell


257. Petr Cech made his international debut in 2002. Which country did he represent?

Czech Republic


258. Which Spurs midfielder and later Seaman lobber was the first Spaniard to score in the Premier League?



259. What is the main component of the body of the premiership trophy?

Sterling silver


260. Which portly midfielder was the first man from Denmark to get a goal?

Jan Molby of Liverpool


261. John Lukic is best known for playing for Arsenal, but which other team did he play for in the Premier League?

Leeds United


262. Which Manchester City striker was the first German to score?

Uwe Rosler


263. Between 1996 and 2002, which Italian striker played in the Premiership for Sheffield Wednesday, Aston Villa, Bradford, Derby County and, finally, a loan period at Middlesbrough, before returning to Italy?

Benito Carbone


264. Which Oldham player was the first Norwegian to score?

Gunnar Halle


265. Peter Schmeichel’s only Premiership goal, scored in 2001, came on which ground?

Goodison Park


266. Which Coventry City player was the first Zimbabwean to score a Premier League goal?

Peter Ndlovu


267. Queens Park Rangers faced Manchester City at Maine Road on 17th August 1992. Who scored QPR’s first goal in the Premier League?

Andy Sinton


268. In 1996, which Columbian, signed from Parma, became the first from his country to score in the Premier League?

Faustino Asprilla


269. Which Italian scored his country’s first Premier League goal (as a part of a hat-trick on the first day of the season)?

Fabrizio Ravanelli


270. He was the top scorer in the 1993-94 season and won the PFA young player of the year award. Who was that player?

Andy Cole


271. Who was the first Egyptian to score in the league, at White Hart Lane against Portsmouth?



272. In the 1996-97 season Liverpool, Newcastle United, and Arsenal all finished on 68 points. Can you name the right order?

Newcastle United, Arsenal, Liverpool


273. Manchester United won their first title in 26 years. Who were the runners-up?

Aston Villa


274. Who was the first man from the Republic of Ireland to manage a team in the Premier League?

Joe Kinnear


275. The first team to be relegated was Nottingham Forest. Who was their manager?

Brian Clough


276. Clint Dempsey enjoys his football in England, but where across the pond was he born?


277. Who finished the top placed London side?



278. Jussi Jaaskelainen made his debut at the international level for which country in 1998?



279. Sir Alex Ferguson first raised the idea of signing Eric Cantona when the Leeds chairman phoned to enquire about buying which Manchester United player?

Denis Irwin


280. French international goalkeeper Bernard Lama had a short spell in the Premier League with which team?

West Ham United


281. Who was promoted from being in charge of the youth team to be the manager of Norwich for the beginning of the 92/93 season?

Mike Walker


282. How many 0-0 draws were there in 2002-2003?



283. Only one manager was sacked during the season. Who was it?

Ian Porterfield


284. Which Premiership team escaped relegation and rose to position 17 on the League table in the 2002-03 season?

Bolton Wanderers


285. Leeds won the league the previous season. What was notable about their ‘defence’?

They did not win a single away game, escaping relegation by two points


286. Which Liverpool midfielder, in successive seasons, scored brilliant goals at Old Trafford to win both matches 1-0?

Danny Murphy


287. Which team stayed up on goal difference?

Oldham Athletic


288. In West Bromwich Albion’s first-ever Premier League game on 17th August 2002, they faced Manchester United at Old Trafford and went down 1-0. A week later, they were at home to Leeds United. Who scored West Brom’s first-ever Premiership goal?

Lee Marshall


289. The North Bank at Highbury was being redeveloped and a large mural with a crowd painted on it was put in front. What problem with it did striker Kevin Campbell point out to vice-chairman David Dein?

That there were only white people in the ‘crowd’


290. Derby County took on Leeds United at the Baseball Ground in a six-goal thriller in their first-ever Premiership game. Who scored Derby’s debut goal?

Dean Sturridge


291. From which stadium did Derby move to Pride Park?

The Baseball Ground


292. Who was Tottenham Hotspur’s sponsor in the 1994-95 season?



293. In which stadium did the club that moved to the King Power formerly play?

Leicester City moved from Filbert Street in 2002


294. Who were the runners-up in 1993-94?

Blackburn Rovers


295. What was the name of Sunderland’s ground before they moved to the Stadium of Light?

Roker Park


296. Who were relegated on the last day of the 1997-98 season by goal difference?

Bolton Wanderers


297. Swansea moved from where to the Liberty Stadium in 2005?

The Vetch Field


298. Harry Redknapp has managed Portsmouth, QPR, Southampton, Tottenham and West Ham in the Premier League and in 2016 was an international manager for two games, but for which country?



299. From where did Bolton move in 1997?

Burnden Park


300. Which stadium was left for another that had been built for the Commonwealth Games?

Manchester City

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