300 Summer Trivia Questions and Answers

The summer period is considered to be the best time of the year. A season filled with sunshine when locals can enjoy swimming in the Atlantic or any other ponds. It is during this time of the year that ladies get to show some skin by wearing fashionable summer outfits. A moment to go out for an ice cream date, or even sunbathing beside the beach and letting the sand run through your toes.

Summer Trivia Questions and Answers

If you prefer to hang out with family, kids and friends by packing traditional wicker baskets with favorite picnic foods to enjoy the weather. Then these fun summer trivia questions will come in handy to make your picnic experience worthwhile. But if you are not a picnic person, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in fun trivia exercises. There is something for everyone!

With many fun-filled and exhilarating activities to do during summer, i.e. going on a road trip, riding a canoe, going for wine tasting and concerts e.t. c. You can definitely pop up random quizzes to make the interaction with peers more fun.

Check out these summer trivia questions and answers to learn interesting facts about the proven joyous season!

1. When it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter in which place?

The Southern Hemisphere


2. The English word ‘summer’ came from which Proto-Germanic word?



3. Which country holds the world record for the hottest temperature ever recorded?

The United States (Death Valley, CA)


4. According to what, the date of the beginning of summer varies?

Climate, Tradition, and Culture


5. Summer solstice happens on which two sequential days in the northern hemisphere?

It happens on either 20 or 21 June


6. Where are the 2021 Summer Olympics being held?

Tokyo, Japan


7. Which reckoning of seasons is used in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Russia, and Japan?

The meteorological


8. Which three zodiac signs are summer signs of the Zodiac?

Cancer, Leo and Virgo


9.  In which country are you most likely to celebrate Christmas with a “barbie” on the beach?



10. What is the traditional beginning and end of summer in the United States?

Begins on Memorial Day weekend and ends on Labor Day


11.  In the US, what is the best-selling BBQ meat throughout the summer?



12. Which country gives students the longest summer vacation?

Italy (12 weeks)


13. Which country’s tradition starts summer on Victoria Day one week prior and ends, as in the United States, on Labor Day?

Canadian tradition


14. Which season is proven to be the most joyous season?



15. Where is the biggest water park in the world?



16.  In which astronomy, summer starts on or around 5 May, and it ends on or around 6 August?

In Chinese astronomy


17. Which of the former US President Barack Obama’s daughters was born on 4 July?

Malia Obama


18. In which country do people gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice?



19. Summer is the warmest season of the year, between which seasons?

Spring and Autumn


20. Two vegetables experience higher sales in August than during all the other months of the year in the US. What vegetables are they?

Corn and squash


21. Where was the ice pop invented?

San Francisco, USA


22. In which season the day becomes warmers, nights become cooler, the day is longer and nights are shorter?

Summer season


23. What vitamin can you get from direct sunlight?

Vitamin D


24. Where does the word “season” come from?

Season is an Old French word meaning “sowing” or “planting”


25. What is the first day of summer called?

The summer solstice


26. In which year was Don Henley’s nostalgic song, ‘The Boys Of Summer’ released?



27. Which summertime smell is said to elicit happy memories in humans?

The smell of freshly cut grass


28. When is National Lemonade Day celebrated?

August 20


29. When is the last day of summer?

September 20th


30. ‘In The Good Old Summertime’ by George Evans and Ren Shields was composed and published in which year?



31. What is America’s number one BBQ snack?



32. When is the first day of summer?

It is between June 20th and June 22nd every year


33. What was the most traditional way to make pink lemonade?

By adding a few drops of beet juice to regular lemonade


34. What is the world record for the largest glass of lemonade?

3,211 gallons


35. What is one of the summer’s best summer treats?



36. The summer’s Dog Days are named after whom?

Sirius, the Dog Star


37. Which is the most popular ice pop flavor in the U.S.?



38. The “dog days of summer” refer to which dates?

From July 3rd to August 11th


39. What is a prominent unofficial month of festivities in the summer in the US?

National Barbecue Month


40. How much do Americans spend on alcoholic beverages on Independence Day?

$1.6 billion


41. Which month is a national blueberry month?

The month of July


42. Which summer blockbuster film was the first to be promoted to the audience by expensive television advertising?



43. What is America’s most popular ice cream flavor?



44. Which insect is the most prevalent during the summer months?



45. Who is the public service mascot that was first inducted to the US on 9 August 1944?

Smokey Bear, the fire prevention bear


46. What is the most popular cocktail in the U.S.?



47. Which butterflies spend the summer in North America before migrating south?

Monarch butterflies


48. What is the traditional birthstone for August?



49. How much tequila went into making the world’s largest margarita?

2,135 gallons

50. Which body function improves by Sunshine?

Brain Function

51. The month of July was named after which historical personality?

Julius Caesar


52. Which two cities both claim to have invented the ice cream sandwich?

Pittsburgh and New York


53. The term “dog days of summer” comes from?



54. Using clothespins to attach baseball cards to your bike was a famous summertime activity. What was the purpose of doing this?

To make it sound like the noise of a motorcycle as you cycle


55. Which Canadian city is known as the “Slurpee Capital of the World”?

Winnipeg, Manitoba


56. How much the Eiffel Tower gets taller in the summer?

Six inches taller


57. Which three fresh fruits outsell all other fruits during the summer in America?

Watermelon, tomatoes and peaches.


58. Which U.S. city hosts an annual UFO festival in July?



59. Where does the World Margarita Championship held each August?


60. Who had a summer hit with ‘Sealed With A Kiss’?

Brian Hyland


61. In which country do people celebrate the arrival of summer by jumping over fires?



62. When the planet did not experience summer in history?

In 1986


63. While spending a week at Camp Runamuck, you can achieve the rank of Junior Lifesaver. Who certifies this swimming certificate?

The American Red Cross


64. When is Mexican Independence Day celebrated?

September 16


65. Which thing gets way cheaper in the summer?



66. In Stickball, a broomstick is used as the bat, but what is the ball called?



67. Where is the U.S. music festival Lollapalooza held?



68. What is summer sleep called?



69. If you’re “caught” while playing a game of ‘1-2-3 Red Light’, what happens?

You have to go back to the start line


70. What does Pride Month celebrate?

The rights of LGBTQ+ people


71. Which sport played in summer where you hit balls into 18 holes for points?



72. Which month of the year is National Ice Cream Month?



73. Where is La Tomatina – an event widely regarded as the world’s largest food fight – held every August?

Bunol, Spain


74. What happens more in summer because of the warm humid air?



75. How did the popular summertime game ‘Frisbee’ get its name?

It was the name of a bakery, The Frisbee Pie Bakery.


76. Where is the world-famous Glastonbury festival staged?

Somerset, England


77. Why Summer is the warmest season?

Because the Earth is tilted toward the sun


78.  In which year was the beach ball invented?



79. Where does Nathan’s annual Fourth of July hot dog eating contest take place?

Coney Island, New York


80. How many long-distance summer trips are made in the USA each year?

Almost 650 Million


81. Which was the year without a summer in the northern states?



82. The Katmai National Park in Alaska holds a contest each summer to find the fattest?



83. What is the most sold item in America in summer?



84. What’s the Guinness World Record for the longest barbecue?

80 hours


85. Who holds the record for the maximum home runs?

Barry Bonds


86. Who wrote and sang the 1980s hit “Boys of Summer”?

Don Henley


87. Where do people gather to see the summer solstice, in southern England?



88. Which is the longest continuous beach in America?

Long Beach, WA


89. Who wrote and recorded the hit song “Watermelon Sugar”?

Harry Styles


90. Which is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada?



91. Which song spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the summer of 1985?

‘Shout’ by Tears For Fears


92. Which New York band wrote and recorded “Summer in the City”?

The Lovin’ Spoonful


93. Ancient pagans celebrated midsummer with?



94. In which city in the USA were ice cream sandwiches believed to have been invented?



95. When did the first-ever swimming school open in the United States?



96. The song “Summer Nights” is from which 1978 movie?



97. Summer heat and humidity provide the perfect breeding ground for what to hang out in your urinary tract?



98. What does SPF stand for?

Sun protection factor


99. Which band recorded 1969 folk-pop classic “Here Comes the Sun”?

The Beatles

100. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has two seasons?

Winter and Summer

101. Which president hosted the first barbecue at the White House?

Lyndon Johnson


102. Who had hits with “Fun! Fun! Fun!,” “California Girls,” and “Surfin’ Safari”?

The Beach Boys


103. What popular summer treat, was accidentally invented by an 11-year-old boy in San Francisco in 1905?



104. Which volcano erupted in 1815, causing the year without a summer in 1816?

Mount Tambora


105. What is the highest-grossing summer blockbuster of all time?


106. Scientists argue that summer babies are significantly more likely to suffer from what than babies born in other seasons?

Mood Swings


107. Name the oldest beach in America?

Revere Beach in Revere, MA.


108. What kind of animals were Timone and Pumba in The Lion King?

Meerkat and warthog


109. According to customs, in the United States, which colored pants a person can wear only during the summer?

White Pants


110. Before the US Civil War, kids had school in which seasons?

Spring and Fall


111. Which American actor appears in the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises?


112. When did Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream takes place?

On Midsummer’s Eve


113. What do goats climb on every June in Morocco?

Argan Trees


114. In this indie classic, starring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, how many “days of summer” are there?



115. In which part of summer studies reveal that most American babies are born?

In the late summer


116. Who owns the biggest collection of surfboards?

Donald Dettloff


117. What genre does the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer belong to?



118. Summertime, specifically between Memorial Day and Labor Day, is the deadliest season for whom?

Drivers aged 15–20


119. Where does the largest summer bikini procession take place?

Huludao City, Liaoning, China


120. Who directed the 1989 Batman movie?

Tim Burton


121. Which diseases get their peak due to Warmer weather in the summer?

Valley Fever, West Nile Lyme Disease, and food poisoning


122. When is International Refugee Day commemorated?

20 June


123. When was the “Summer of Love”?



124. Which quality of the insect “Cricket chirps” can you use to find the temperature?



125. When did Congress approve the Great Seal of the United States, with the emblem of the bald eagle?

20 June


126. What was the hottest U.S. summer on record?



127. How many forms of watermelons exist?

More than 1000


128. Which beach sport became official in 1986?

Beach volleyball


129. When was the rainbow-themed Pride flag invented?

June 25, 1978.


130. Which water sport is not a part of the summer Olympics?



131. Which flower thrives in the sun because it loves the sun?



132. When is International Parents Day celebrated?

1 June


133. In which year did the legendary music festival Woodstock take place?



134. In which country, the sun does not set for two-and-a-half months?

In Barrow, Alaska


135. When did Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech?

28 August 1963


136. How hot is the sun’s core?

27,000,000 °F


137. Name the busiest season in theatres?



138. How long is the largest cruise ship?

The length of four football fields


139. Which place is famous for the hot dog contest on 4 July?

Coney Island, Brooklyn


140. Plants use sunlight to make their own food. What is this process called?



141. Which team sport made its debut in the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

Rugby Sevens


142. Where do hurricanes form?

Over warm ocean waters


143. Which game was introduced to the summer Olympics in 1988?

Table Tennis


144. Which sport has been a part of the Olympic Games since their inception in 1896?



145. In hot temperatures, liquid water turns into gas. What is the name of this process?



146. In What Way is the summer solstice celebrated in Alaska?

A midnight baseball game


147. Name the ’80s summer band which sang about the cruellest summer break-up ever?



148. Records show that summers are getting hotter and hotter. Why do some people believe this is happening?

Global warming


149. From which swimming pool 9400 baths can be taken?

From the Olympics swimming pool

150. Which song was in the movie ‘Caddyshack’?

‘Summertime Blues’

151. Where is an underwater music festival held?

Looe Key Reef in Florida


152. Which game once featured in the Olympics but now does not?

Tug of War


153. What is hay fever caused by?



154. Which typical style hot dog has tomato slices on it?

A typical Chicago-style


155. Which resort boasts the highest number of pools, at 639?

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson


156. In which month are you most likely to see the Perseid meteor shower?

In August


157. What are the three zodiac signs which is the summer signs of the Zodiac?

Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.


158. When does New York become the home to a fascinating sunset phenomenon?

Twice a year, around 28 May and 12 July


159. What percentage of a watermelon’s overall mass is water?



160. How tall was the tallest bonfire ever?

155 feet


161. Which Moroccan mammal is known to climb trees during the summer?



162. What Old English Word Did The Word “Summer” Come From?



163. Where is the World Margarita Championship held every summer?

Tucson, AZ


164. Which state hosts a mashed potato wrestling contest every August?


165. What Do Kids Who Like Whizzing Around But Have Limited Balance And Coordination Use Instead Of Skateboards?

Razor scooters


166. What national competition was first held on 17 June 1925?

The first National Spelling Bee


167. In which state can you celebrate Christmas in July?


168. What Famous Walt Disney Character’s First Words Were “Hot Dog”?


169. How many bats congregate beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin every August?

1.5 Million


170. Which Park Hosts A Massive Meet-And-Mate Night For Fireflies?

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park


171. Where Do People From All Over The World Gather For A Reunion Of The Finks?

Fink, TX


172. Sumardagurinn fyrsti, which literally means the first day of summer, is an annual public holiday in which European country?



173. In which state do people celebrate the story of Mike, the Headless Chicken?



174. What Food Was Endorsed By Brazilian Surfers And Jiu-Jitsu Fighters?

Acai bowl


175. Which term is used for a period of unseasonable dry, warm weather in autumn from September to November?

Indian Summer


176. What is the world’s busiest beach?

Dalian beach, China


177. Which Brand Name Is Associated With The Bright Red, Icy Cold Bottle Of Root Beer?



178. Which British rock band had a debut single called “In the Summertime”?

Mungo Jerry


179. The United States will host the Summer Olympics in 2028, but in which city?


180. Who Is The Record Holder For The Longest Barbecue That Lasted 80 Hours?

Jan Greef


181. The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in which city?



182. Which athlete has the most total Olympic medals?

Michael Phelps (28)


183. Lana Del Ray Evoked Nostalgia For Summers With What Song?

“Summertime Sadness”


184. Which ingredient can be used as the filling for a summer pudding?



185. Which former U.S. president was born on July 4, 1872?

Calvin Coolidge


186. Since It Began In 1971, This Festival Has Been Attracting 20,000 People Each Year?

Ukulele Festival Hawaii


187. In which country can you visit the Summer Palace, a vast ensemble of lakes, gardens, and palaces?



188. In which city were both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution signed?


189. Queen Elizabeth II often spends her summer holiday in which royal residence?

Balmoral Castle


190. What was the coldest temperature ever in summer in the United Kingdom, which was recorded in 1955 in Dalwhinnie?

-5.6 Celsius degrees


191. What is the nation’s favorite hot dog topping?



192. Summer season comes after?



193. “Shall I compare three to a summer’s day” is the opening line in which sonnet by Williams Shakespeare?

Sonnet number 18


194. Which actor starred in the movie National Treasure?

Nicholas Cage


195. What does warm days with perfect weather allows animals to do?



196. The Summer Exhibition is held annually in which art gallery in London?

The Royal Academy of Arts


197. What is the main attraction at the Iowa State Fair?

A 600-pound cow sculpted from butter.


198. What was the hottest day in 2020?


199. The Summer Time was first introduced in Britain at what year?


200. In which southern state can you attend a summer festival dedicated entirely to Elvis Presley?

Tupelo, Mississippi

201. Can you tell what was the hottest day in the world?

10 July 1913


202. Why does summer in Europe occur at the same time as winter in New Zealand?

Because they are located on different hemispheres


203. Which U.S. state generates the most solar power?



204. What is is the current temperature of Earth?



205. The summer solstice is the first day of summer. What does “solstice” mean in Latin?

Sun stands still


206. On the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is directly over the

Tropic of Cancer


207. In Eastern Asia, which kind of weather is often caused by monsoons?

Rainy weather


208. What are the United States’ three hottest states?

Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana.


209. The first day of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun is directly over the?

Tropic of Capricorn


210. Which state is the coolest in summer?



211. Which southwestern state features the “Zia sun” on its flag?

New Mexico


212. When it gets late summer, the days get long and hot. Some people refer to these days what?

The “dreadful days” of summer


213. On June 5, 2019, Thomas van den Dungen (Germany) broke the record for the world’s tallest sandcastle. But just how tall was it?

57 feet!


214. If you want to stay cool in the summer heat, what color clothes are best to wear?

light-colored clothes


215. How much did the world’s largest scoop of ice cream weigh?

3000 pounds


216. What’s the world record for the longest-running BBQ?

80 hrs


217. What do the five rings on the Olympics flag refer to?

The five competing continents


218. Pro competitive eater Joey Chestnut holds the world record for the most hot dogs eaten in one sitting. How many hot dogs did he eat during his record-breaking attempt?



219. The Heat Index, or apparent temperature measures?

What the temperature feels like to the human body


220.  In which Olympics were electronic timing devices used for the first time?

Stockholm Games, 1912 Olympics


221. The world’s tallest sunflower was grown in Germany in August 2014. How tall was it?

30.1 feet


222. What are UV Rays?

Rays from the sun that can damage skin


223. Which country has bagged the most Olympic medals?



224. Kevin Strahle from New Jersey, USA, holds the world record for the most ice pops eaten in a minute. How many did he eat?



225. Can you tell that by eating fresh fruit the body to replenish what important fluid?



226. Which U.S. state experiences the most wildfires during summer?



227. Which Olympics witnessed the Munich Massacre?



228. True or false: More thunderstorms occur during the summer than at any other time of the year?



229. What are the odds of being struck by lightning?

1 in 500,000


230. Which US city hosted the first modern Olympic Games?

St. Louis


231. How do arctic foxes cool down in the summer?

shedding their fur


232. What is the name for plants and trees that remain green and healthy for more than one season?



233. What is the name of the official hymn of the Olympics games?

Olympic Hymn


234. How many strokes are often performed in international swimming competitions?



235. Which song by The Motels got to number nine on the Billboard Hot 100?

Suddenly Last Summer


236.  True or false: Heat is the most dangerous weather condition to humans and animals?



237. Which organization is the governing body of the Olympic Games?

International Olympic Committee


238. In international team races, how many swimmers are there in each team?



239. Which season is named in George Gershwin’s opera “Porgy and Bess”?



240. What species of fish do bears feed on in summer?



241. Which athlete was the first person to take the Olympic oath?

Victor Boin


242. Which country has won the most medals in swimming in the Summer Olympics Games?



243. Which artist released a Scat influenced single of George Gershwin’s “Summertime” in 1966?

Billy Stewart


244. What is the longest streak of consecutive rain-less days in U.S. history?

150 days (Las Vegas, summer 2020)


245. Which athlete slowed down to make way for a group of ducks in the middle of the rowing race at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam?

Bobby Pearce


246. At which age did Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe become the youngest world champion?



247. ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’, probably the most ‘summery’ song, came out in which decade?



248. Which state is the wettest in summer?



249. Which athlete took part in the 1904 Summer Olympics with a prosthetic leg and won a gold medal in gymnastics?

George Eyser

250. When did swimming first become part of the modern Olympic Summer Games?


251. “June Is Busting Out All Over” is a song from which musical comedy?



252. The freestyle stroke in swimming was developed based on a traditional swimming style in which country?

Solomon Islands


253. According to a 1970 Mungo Jerry smash hit, what can you do “in the summertime when the weather is high”?

“touch the sky”


254. Who is the famous actor and athlete who has won 5 gold medals in swimming?

Johnny Weissmuller


255. What is the position of the face in the water in backstroke?

Face up


256. “Wonderful Summer” was a one hit wonder for this session singer in 1963. Can you name her?

Robin Ward


257. Which athlete holds the title of attending the most Olympic games?

Ian Millar (10 Olympics)


258. How long is a lap in an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

50 metres


259. ‘See the curtains hangin’ in the window in the evenin’ on a Friday night’ is the first line of which song?

Summer Breeze


260. Which American sprinted and 3-time Olympic gold medalist is considered to be the fastest woman in history?

Florence Griffith Joyner


261. Which is often considered to be the most difficult stroke in swimming?



262. Complete this song title: Those _______, __________, ___________ Days of Summer?

Lazy Hazy Crazy


263. Which United States gymnast won the Olympic gold medal for horizontal bar gymnastics in 1992?

Trent Dimas


264. How many laps does an Olympic athlete swim in a 10,000-metre freestyle marathon?

200 laps


265. Which song spent a record nine consecutive weeks at the Number One spot on the Billboard charts in 1960 and earned a Grammy Award for “Record of the Year” in 1961?

“Theme from A Summer Place”-Percy Faith


266. Which athlete wore a parachute while flying to the 1960 Olympic games hosted in Rome?


267. Where is the headquarters of the International Swimming Federation or FINA located?

Lausanne, Switzerland


268. ‘Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer’ was made popular by?

Nat King Cole


269. Which was the first Olympic game where all the participating countries sent female athletes?

2012 London Games


270. What is the only event in open water to be included in the Olympic schedule?

10 kilometres


271. ‘September Song’ is an oldie, dating back from 1938, but which has been recorded countless times since then. Do you know in which Broadway musical the song was introduced?

Knickerbocker Holiday


272. Who is the first female athlete to win medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games?

Christa Luding-Rothenburger


273. In breaststroke, the legs and arms of the swimmer move like which animal?



274. Don Henley of the Eagles wrote and recorded a huge song that hit Number One on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock charts. The song’s title was taken from Roger Kahn’s 1972 non-fiction book of the same name about the 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team, yet the tune had nothing to do with baseball. What’s the title of this 1984 hit that makes it fit well into this quiz?

The Boys of Summer


275. Who is said to be the founder of the Special Olympics?

Eunice Kennedy Shriver


276. Which is the name of a kick that swimmers often used to maximise their speed at the start and after the turns of a race?

Dolphin kick


277. Who first recorded ‘Summertime Blues’?

Eddie Cochran


278. Where was the 1995 Special Olympics games hosted?

Yale University, New Haven.


279. What is the benefit of wearing a swim cap?

To reduce drag by keeping hair out of the way


280. What is the name of the song that Terry Jacks took to number one in 1974?

Seasons in the Sun


281. What is the motto of Special Olympics games?

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”


282. In major competitions, both men and women swimmers are not allowed to wear swimsuits going past which part of the legs?



283. Which group released a 1976 US Top Ten single simply entitled “Summer”?



284. In which country did the first Special Olympics happen?



285. Which country will host the FINA World Championships 2022?


286. “The summer air was soft and warm, The feeling right, the Paris night, Did it’s best to please us.” What is the name of this song, performed by the supergroup ABBA?

Our Last Summer


287. How many countries take part in the Special Olympics?



288. Which professional swimmer is the only one to win American, British, European, Commonwealth, Olympic, and world titles at the same time?

David Wilkie


289. The song “Summer Nights” was included in the massively successful 1978 teeny-bopper movie musical, “Grease”. The movie stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, who as a duo, perform the song during the movie. Anyone who is a fan of “Grease” will remember them singing the hit tune. Who are the characters that Travolta and Newton-John play in the movie?

Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson


290. How often is the Special Olympics held?

Every two years


291. In which U.S. city can you find the International Swimming Hall of Fame?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


292. Seals & Crofts had a 1972 hit with the song “Summer Breeze.” Which type of flower is mentioned in the lyrics



293. Where is the venue for the 2021 Special Olympics games?



294. What does the acronym IM stand for in swimming?

Individual Medley

295. ‘Summer’s almost gone’ appears on which album by The Doors?

Waiting for the Sun


296. When was the first Special Summer Olympics held?



297. What is the slowest stroke in competitive swimming?



298. “Loving you this way, Has made my tired heart sing, Lady, you touch my soul, With all the love you bring.” “Summer Lady” was a song recorded by which famous band, based around a man famous for his guitar skills?



299. Which swimsuit brand is so popular that the name of the company becomes synonymous with racing bathing suits?



300. In 1965, the song “Summer Wind” was released by the Las Vegas stalwart of music, Wayne Newton. Unnoticed, it was re-released a year later by a member of the Rat Pack. In addition to great success on music charts, it was used in commercials, movies, t.v. programs, and was covered by several notable artists such as Barry Manilow and Lyle Lovett. Which “Rat Pack” member achieved big success with his version of “Summer Wind”?

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