300 This or That Questions for Couples

Want to know more about your partner or a potential lover? Pull these “this or that” questions on your next date. They are random, interestingly funny, and realistic to help keep the conversation going.

A delightful way to know each other better. Do not hesitate to play this game just because you guys have been together for so long. The point of this game is not to just know each other, but to kill the boredom that might have crept in.

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This or That Questions for Couples – 2022 – 2023

You can use this game to rekindle your romance. It could be on a normal weekend or Valentine’s Day occasion where you open up about topics that excite you.

Also, if you’re trying to know your crush, it’s normal to feel awkward when asking the usual questions. Luckily, with “this or that” questions, you get to enjoy a fun learning experience and maybe even find out if they are a match.

Here is a list of this or that questions for couples, sure to keep you entertained.


1. Iron Man or Hulk?

2. Bacon Or Sausage?

3. Zoo or aquarium?

4. Chinese Or Japanese Food?

5. Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece?

6. Dogs Or Cats?

7. Be a regular person or a celebrity?

8. IOS Or Android?

9. Sunny-side up or over-easy eggs?

10. Cake Or Pie?

11. Black coffee or sugar and cream?

12. Train Or Plane?

13. Wasp or bee?

14. Coffee Or Tea?

15. Rich or tall?

16. Beer Or Wine?

17. Peas or corn?

18. Soup Or Sandwich?

19. Broccoli or green beans?

20. Card Game Or Board Game?

21. Sports or movies?

22. Dine-In Or Delivery?

23. Travel or Netflix and chill?

24. Motorcycle Or Bicycle?

25. Canned or frozen food?

26. Book Or EBook?

27. Waffle or pancake?

28. Ninjas Or Pirates?

29. Fine dining or street food?

30. TV Shows Or Movies?

31. Mountain or the beach?

32. Winter or summer?

33. Pop Or Indie?

34. Cheese or pepperoni pizza?

35. What’s Worse: Laundry Or Dishes?

36. City or countryside?

37. Couch Or Recliner?

38. Fruit juice or alcoholic beverage?

39. International Vacation Or A New TV?

40. Introvert or extrovert?

41. Working Alone Or Working In A Team?

42. Wine or beer?

43. Perfect Teeth Or Perfect Hair?

44. Vintage or modern?

45. The Arctic Or The Desert?

46. Instagram or Facebook?

47. Forest Or Beach?

48. Nature walk or gym?

49. Theme Park Or Water Park?

50. Indoors or outdoors?

51. Africa Or Asia?

52. Shakes or ice cream?

53. Reading a book or listening to an audiobook?

54. Antique Or Brand New?

55. Saving or spending?

56. Mansion In The Suburbs Or Cabin In The Mountains?

57. Domestic travel or international travel?

58. Glasses or sunglasses?

59. Toilet Paper: Over Or Under?

60. Modern or classical?

61. Cups In The Cupboard: Right Side Up Or Up Side Down?

62. Shine or rain?

63. Wet Or Dry?

64. Chinese or continental?

65. Smile Or Game Face?

66. Bungee jumping or skydiving?

67. Small gatherings or parties?

68. Abs Or Chest?

69. Soccer or basketball?

70. Lust Or Love?

71. Expensive home or car?

72. Weird Or Normal?

73. Snowboarding or skiing?

74. Running or walking?

75. Elmo Or Ernie?

76. Hiking or fishing?

77. Bike ride or car ride?

78. Slacker Or Over-Achiever?

79. Home delivery or restaurant?

80. Truth Or Dare?

81. Train or plane?

82. Stop Or Go?

83. Resort or cruise?

84. Hidden Or Discovered?

85. Vegetables or fruits?

86. Touch Or Taste?

87. Humor or intelligence?

88. Younger Or Older?

89. Love or money?

90. Call or text?

91. Alone Or In A Crowd?

92. Intelligence or beauty?

93. Real Or Artificial?

94. iPhone or Samsung?

95. Swimming Or Sunbathing?

96. Fiction or nonfiction?

97. Big Party Or Small Gathering?

98. Live with your parents or grandparents?

99. Skirt Or Pants?

100. Flowers or candles?

101. Listening or talking?

102. Fast Food Or Sit-Down Restaurant?

103. Facial or massage?

104. Heels Or Flats?

105. Yoga or high-intensity workout?

106. Curly Or Straight?

107. Photographs or paintings?

108. Spring Or Fall?

109. Kindle or book?

110. Online Or At The Mall?

111. Relaxation or adventure?

112. Sunset or sunrise?

113. Credit Card Or Cash?

114. Swimming or yoga?

115. Sofa Or Loveseat?

116. Mall or flea market?

117. Shoes or sandals?

118. Cardio Or Weights?

119. Mobile Games Or Console Games?

120. Early riser or night owl?

121. New Clothes Or New Phone?

122. Free time or money?

123. Football Or Basketball?

124. In the air or underwater?

125. Car Or Truck?

126. Iced Coffee Or Hot Coffee?

127. Noise or quiet while sleeping?

128. Ocean Or Mountains?

129. Hotel or camping?

130. Straight Or Mixed?

131. Pencil or pen?

132. Villain or hero?

133. Brunette Or Blonde?

134. Cake or muffin?

135. Boxers Or Briefs?

136. Charades or twister?

137. Comedy or horror?

138. Movie At Home Or Movie At The Theater?

139. Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel?

140. Rich Or Successful?

141. Mustard sauce or ketchup?

142. Rap Or Rock?

143. Reading or writing poetry?

144. Flying Or Driving?

145. Salty or bitter?

146. Dancing Or Singing?

147. Tornado or earthquake?

148. Save Or Spend?

149. Cuddling or sleeping?

150. Photographic memory or high IQ?

151. Be the strongest person or the fastest person?

152. Blind date or date again with an ex?

153. Wild animal or domestic animal?

154. Work from home or at the office?

155. Zero hope or false hope?

156. Loyal or wealthy friend?

157. Kind or beautiful partner?

158. Shopping or visiting a theme park?

159. Work under the Pope or the president?

160. Cleaning or cooking?

161. Tipsy or drunk?

162. Sunday at church or in bed?

163. Powerful or popular?

164. Live without stylish outfits or life without a mobile?

165. Stay fit or have unlimited food?

166. Teleporting or telepathy?

167. Winning the lottery or working hard?

168. Vacation with a partner or sibling?

169. Pause or rewind life?

170. Stranded in a desert or an island?

171. Predict the future or read minds?

172. End terrorism or accidents?

173. Technical or creative person?

174. Marry the hottest person or the richest person?

175. Travel in the future or past?

176. Spend a month with an enemy, or lose a best friend for a lifetime?

177. Make money through an illegal business or be in loss?

178. Unlimited power or respect?

179. Underdressed or overdressed?

180. High school or college?

181. Spend life in a village with no Internet or live in a city with unlimited Internet?

182. Wake up in a jungle or underwater?

183. Rich and foolish partner or poor and loving partner?

184. Be a cult member or a cult leader?

185. Club or house party?

186. Have peace in life, or save the world from global warming?

187. Get stung by bees or scorpions?

188. Give up texting or alcohol for five years?

189. Bookcase or Mercedes at home?

190. Sacrifice money or wisdom?

191. Religion or spirituality?

192. Hitch-hiking or traveling in a luxurious car?

193. Eat lots of chocolates for free or spend money on healthy food?

194. Continue or restart your life?

195. Marry at 20 or 50?

196. Wealthy parents or wise parents?

197. Stuck in a queue or traffic jam?

198. Zero presents or useless presents?

199. Steal someone’s brain or bank account?

200. Lose online contacts or real-life contacts?

201. Plenty of casual friends or one best friend?

202. Teach a naughty child or clean a person’s home?

203. Spend one year without family or spouse?

204. Be an FBI agent or detective?

205. Be lucky or smart?

206. Be realistic or idealistic?

207. Be feared or loved?

208. Breakfast or dinner?

209. Marry an army officer or a billionaire?

210. Be a hard worker and earn respect, or lose respect and earn more?

211. Free plane rides or free Uber rides?

212. Speak animal language or all foreign languages?

213. Good at sports or music?

214. Good health or lots of money?

215. Emotion or reasoning?

216. Bookworm or a couch potato?

217. Grow plants or feed street animals?

218. Never get married or stay with your ex?

219. Be an employee at a big company or CEO of a startup?

220. Be a wise and older person for life, or be young and beautiful forever?

221. Be a part of the Justice League or the Avengers?

222. Be with parents or in-laws?

223. Passion or dream job?

224. Job satisfaction or high salary?

225. Real-life or social media?

226. Spend one month with family or one year alone?

227. Calls or texts?

228. Shower or tub?

229. Cruise or romantic retreat?

230. Audi or BMW?

231. Farmhouse kitchen or galley style?

232. Makeup or no makeup?

233. Camping or binge-watching shows at home?

234. Music or podcasts?

235. Gold or silver?

236. Hairy or shaved?

237. Good heart or good body?

238. Sweater or hoodie?

239. Candy or popcorn?

240. Skylight or mirrored wall?

241. Hugs or kisses?

242. Boating or roller coaster?

243. Formal dining room or family banquet?

244. Mom or dad?

245. Your pet or neighbor’s child?

246. Quick temper or controlled temper?

247. Girlfriend or family?

248. Neutral colors or bold colors?

249. Houseboat or yacht?

250. Charger or power bank?

251. Facts or fiction?

252. Liquid soap or bar soap?

253. Higher studies or work?

254. Strategy games or bingo?

255. Rain or sunshine?

256. New year’s eve or Valentine’s day?

257. Instant death or prolonged death?

258. A supervisor or hourly employee?

259. Government work or private sector?

260. Thunderstorm or snowstorm?

261. Wax or shave?

262. Perfume or body spray?

263. Boss or worker?

264. Author or editor?

265. Bare feet or shoes?

266. Books or magazines?

267. Divorce or staying in a bad marriage?

268. Student or teacher?

269. Doctor or patient?

270. Trash or treasure?

271. Fast or slow?

272. Alcohol or weed?

273. Office work or outside work?

274. Work from home or commute to work?

275. Painfully full or starving?

276. Handmade gifts or expensive gifts?

277. Trip or staycation?

278. Modern or rustic?

279. Rom-coms or documentaries?

280. Sinful or righteous?

281. Cable or satellite?

282. Strange or crazy?

283. Leather or fabric?

284. Smoking or drinking?

285. Smile or eyes?

286. Chandelier or lamps?

287. Twins or single kids?

288. Morning shower or evening shower?

289. Sunglasses or sun visor?

290. Cold or flu?

291. Vampires or angels?

292. Carnival or circus?

293. Pumping iron or pumping gas?

294. Harley Davidson or Crotch Rocket?

295. Bad breath or body odor?

296. Simpsons or Family Guy?

297. Dancing or cooking classes?

298. Chilly or lemon?

299. Personal chef or gym trainer?

300. Holding in a fart or holding in pee?

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