300 This or That Questions for Kids

Looking for a perfect way to bond with the little ones? Engage in “this or that” questions for kids. It’s as simple as asking kids to choose one item over another.

Besides you playing this game with your kids, they too can play with other kids. Get to know what makes them happy, i.e. favorite cartoon shows or book series e.t.c.

This or That Questions for Kids

This game is perfect to strike dinner conversation ideas or pass time in the outdoors like over a campfire. You get to know your kids’ preferences, if they prefer a cat to a dog, or enjoy playing in the snow than relaxing at the beach e.t.c.

An excellent distraction during long car rides and road trips. Every kid loves attention and a worthy challenge. So try out our list of this or that questions for kids.


1. Beach or mountains?

2. Cats or dogs?

3. Car or airplane?

4. Salty or sweet?

5. Spaghetti or pizza?

6. Lakes or oceans?

7. Sleep under your bed or in the bathtub?

8. Thunder or lightning?

9. Rivers or ponds?

10. Tropical jungle or safari?

11. Country or Hip-Hop?

12. Bedroom under the stairs or bedroom in the attic?

13. Taylor Swift or Kanye West?

14. Walk on your hands or slither on your stomach?

15. Sunlight or moonlight?

16. Shoes or barefoot?

17. Sleep with one eye open or sleep with both ears closed?

18. Orange or Yellow?

19. Toast or eggs?

20. No belly button or four belly buttons?

21. Art museum or history museum?

22. Netflix or Hulu?

23. Disney+ or Netflix?

24. Two extra toes or two extra fingers?

25. Chocolate or vanilla?

26. Donald or Goofy?

27. Mickey Mouse or Kermit the Frog?

28. Be your grandma for the day or your dog for the day?

29. Sunburn or headache?

30. Eat all food in popsicle form, or drink all food?

31. Football or soccer?

32. A day with your best friend or a party with everyone you know?

33. Be a statue or a painting?

34. Ping pong or tennis?

35. Text or call?

36. Fly on a broom or fly on a vacuum?

37. Elmo or Big Bird?

38. Funny or pretty?

39. Pancakes or waffles?

40. Be a stick figure or be a bobble head?

41. Money or power?

42. Cookies or brownies?

43. Toga or a full suit of armor?

44. Spicy or sour?

45. Cookies or cookie dough?

46. Speak in rhymes or speak in song?

47. Horror or comedy?

48. Taco or burrito?

49. Walk backward or sideways?

50. Milkshake or smoothie?

51. Pasta or bread?

52. Snort when you laugh or pee when you laugh?

53. Singing or dancing?

54. Swimming or sunning?

55. Thingamajig or thingamabob?

56. Novel or comic book?

57. Big yard or small yard?

58. Number one or number two?

59. Hawaii or Alaska?

60. Funny or smart?

61. Faceplant or facepalm?

62. Burn or freeze?

63. Pretty or smart?

64. Batman or Superman?

65. Vacation: Activities or relaxing?

66. Jokes or pranks?

67. Booty or bum?

68. Ham or turkey?

69. Pool or shuffleboard?

70. School on weekends or school all year?

71. Spinach or Brussels sprouts?

72. Baseball or basketball?

73. Science or social studies?

74. Spoon or Fork?

75. Water skiing or snow skiing?

76. Art class or music class?

77. Cow or horse?

78. Spring or Autumn?

79. Ice cream of frozen yogurt?

80. Novel or graphic novel?

81. Survivor or Big Brother?

82. Anna or Elsa?

83. Library or bookstore?

84. Tater tots or French fries?

85. Art museum or history museum?

86. Doodling or journaling?

87. Pants or shorts?

88. Stuffed animals or dolls?

89. Sit at your desk or stand at your desk?

90. Sponge Bob or Patrick?

91. Disney or Nickelodeon?

92. SmartBoard or chalkboard?

93. Curly or straight?

94. Plays or musicals?

95. Group project or individual project?

96. Christmas or Thanksgiving?

97. Rain or sunshine?

98. Notebooks or folders?

99. Halloween or Easter?

100. Milk or juice?

101. Zoo or aquarium?

102. Reading or writing?

103. Hearing an example or seeing an example?

104. Whale or shark?

105. Pretzels or crackers?

106. Ariel or Jasmine?

107. Library or computers?

108. Chew or sip?

109. Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers?

110. Rap or Country?

111. Mashed potatoes or baked potatoes?

112. Red sauce or white?

113. Gatorade or Powerade?

114. Parsley or cilantro?

115. Dressed up or dressed down?

116. Keyboarding without tears or handwriting without tears?

117. Peach or plum?

118. Bikini or one-piece?

119. Regular teacher or substitute teacher?

120. Garlic or onion?

121. Mickey or Minnie?

122. Star Wars or Star Trek?

123. Homeschool or private school?

124. History or Science?

125. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

126. Lunch lady or janitor?

127. Math or English?

128. Carnival or fair?

129. Spirit week or fun Friday?

130. Skating or bowling?

131. Vegetable flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored vegetables?

132. Hair up or hair down?

133. Roller rink or bowling alley?

134. Tomato juice or pickle juice?

135. Rhino or elephant?

136. Croissants or bagels?

137. Mug or sippy cup?

138. Chocolate or caramel?

139. Kim Kardashian West or Khloé Kardashian?

140. No spoons or no forks?

141. Gatorade or Power-aid?

142. Donald Glover or Childish Gambino?

143. The Office or Parks And Rec?

144. Candy shaped like animals or animals shaped like candy?

145. One pillow or two?

146. Grey’s Anatomy or House?

147. Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts?

148. Chocolate or vanilla donuts?

149. Store food in your cheeks or store food in the ground?

150. Jumpin jacks or pushups?

151. Puppies or kittens?

152. Grow all your food or buy all your food?

153. Peanuts or cashews?

154. Stay home two weeks or live in a tent for one week?

155. Sliced apples or applesauce?

156. Online shopping or in-person shopping?

157. Granola bar or chocolate bar?

158. Amazon Video or Vudu?

159. Double burger or sliders?

160. Green or purple grapes?

161. Boxed macaroni and cheese or homemade?

162. Safari or snorkel?

163. Cheddar or Swiss?

164. Library or bookstore?

165. Madonna or Cher?

166. Camping or tourism?

167. Camper or cabin?

168. Mayonnaise or Mustard?

169. Toga or a full suit of armor?

170. Skinny pig or naked mole rat?

171. Manicure or pedicure?

172. Talking dog or barking cat?

173. Carnival or fair?

174. Scared cat or smiling dog?

175. Rome or Florence?

176. Centaur or minotaur?

177. Bravo or E!?

178. Hippogriff or thunderbird?

179. Toilet paper or flushable wipes?

180. Stay home two weeks or live in a tent for one week?

181. Save the world or rule the world?

182. World made of fast food or world made of candy?

183. Never dream or never stop dreaming?

184. Wand or crystal ball?

185. Potion or spell?

186. Wizard or warlock?

187. Fire power or ice power?

188. Pet parrot or pet monkey?

189. Hook hand or sword?

190. Bury your treasure or spend it all?

191. Gold doubloon or silver coin?

192. Whistle while you work or sing while you work?

193. Scrub the deck or walk the plank?

194. Arr or ahoy?

195. Pirate queen or pirate fairy?

196. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys or Jake and the Neverland Pirates?

197. Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Barbossa?

198. Locked in a tower or locked in a dungeon?

199. Talk to animals or beautiful singing voice?

200. Brave or kind?

201. Castle on a mountain or castle by the sea?

202. Pocahontas or Snow White?

203. Ariel or Moana?

204. Beauty and the Beast or The Princess and the Frog?

205. Remote control car or remote control helicopter?

206. Squirt gun or Nerf gun?

207. LOL or Shopkins?

208. Play dough or moon sand?

209. Pooping baby doll or pooping toy dog?

210. Board game or card game?

211. Slime or silly putty?

212. Barbie or Skipper?

213. Robots or aliens?

214. Monopoly or Life?

215. Chess or checkers?

216. Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh?

217. Play kitchen or play store?

218. Fort or indoor tent?

219. Glow sticks or glow necklaces?

220. Picture books or chapter books?

221. Fiction or nonfiction?

222. Read out loud or read to yourself?

223. Pete the Cat or Bad Kitty?

224. Eric Carle or Dr. Seuss?

225. Coloring book or activity book?

226. Joke book or cookbook?

227. Bookmark or dog-eared page?

228. Old books or new books?

229. Color or black and white?

230. Read all day or read all night?

231. Ebook or real book?

232. Write a book or illustrate a book?

233. Baby Groot or baby Yoda?

234. Spider-Man or Ant-Man?

235. Finding Nemo or Finding Dory?

236. Harry Potter or The Wizard of Oz?

237. Movie theater or rent a movie?

238. 3D movie or IMAX movie?

239. Animated movie or live-action movie?

240. Stop motion or claymation?

241. Mario or Yoshi?

242. Princess Zelda or Princess Peach?

243. Splatoon or Fortnite?

244. Noob or Steve?

245. Creeper or cave spider?

246. Creative mode or survival mode?

247. PlayStation or Xbox?

248. Disney Infinity or LEGO Dimensions?

249. Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution?

250. Single-player game or multi-player game?

251. Wii or VR?

252. Puzzle game or role-play game?

253. Controller or joystick?

254. DanTDM or Thinknoodles?

255. Headphones or earbuds?

256. Spotify or Pandora?

257. Dance party or karaoke?

258. Let it Go or Into the Unknown?

259. Whip or Nae Nae?

260. Kidz Bop songs or original versions?

261. Maracas or tambourine?

262. Keyboard or piano?

263. Drum set or drum pad?

264. Banjo or ukulele?

265. Hum or whistle?

266. Play music or listen to music?

267. Construction paper or scrapbooking paper?

268. Scissors or hole punch?

269. Glue stick or liquid glue?

270. Glitter or sequins?

271. Chalk or charcoal?

272. Clay or Model Magic?

273. Collage or drawing?

274. Craft kit or create your own?

275. Wood craft or paper craft?

276. Keep it or give it away?

277. Indoor soccer or outdoor soccer?

278. Coach or referee?

279. Greatest of all time or highest paid of all time?

280. NFL or XFL?

281. Street hockey or ice hockey?

282. Most points or most assists?

283. Animal mascot or human mascot?

284. Wiffle ball or softball?

285. Ultimate frisbee or frisbee golf?

286. World without plants or world without animals?

287. Camp with no tent or camp with no fire?

288. Creek or stream?

289. Lake or pond?

290. Butterfly or dragonfly?

291. Earthquake or tsunami?

292. Freezing or sweating?

293. Gloves or mittens?

294. Hat or earmuffs?

295. Jupiter or Saturn?

296. Black hole or wormhole?

297. Freeze dried ice cream or freeze dried brownie?

298. Human astronaut or chimpanzee astronaut?

299. Galaxy or solar system?

300. St. Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day?

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