50 Albuquerque Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Albuquerque is the most populous city in New Mexico. The city covers a total area of 491 square kilometers. There are numerous activities to do while in the city, from attending the world’s largest International Ballon Fiesta to visiting the diverse zoos and even learning its unique history.

If you are a tech-savvy person you will be impressed to learn that Microsoft is not only associated with the Greater Seattle area but was mainly started in Albuquerque, between 1975 and 1979. Also, the country’s first bitcoin machine has its tech hub here.

Albuquerque Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

If you follow sports keenly, have you ever wondered where the baseball team, Albuquerque Isotopes got its name from? They got their mascot name from an episode of the “Simpsons show” where Springfield’s minor league baseball team plans to move to Albuquerque.

Below are little-known facts about Duke City. Take this Albuquerque trivia to test your knowledge of the city.


1. In which US state is Albuquerque?

New Mexico


2. What is the approximate population of Albuquerque?

562,599 (2021)


3. Which Interstate runs east/west through Albuquerque?

I- 40


4. Headquartered in Albuquerque, what is the team name of the University of New Mexico athletic teams?

The New Mexico Lobos


5. In what year was Albuquerque founded?



6. What is the name of the public commercial airport in Albuquerque?

The Albuquerque International Sunport


7. Which major river runs through the western side of Albuquerque?

Rio Grande


8. Albuquerque is known as the City of Lights during which holiday?



9. How many counties does Albuquerque and all of its suburbs reach into?



10. Albuquerque is home to the New Mexico State fair each year during which month?



11. Located in Albuquerque, what is the name of the sixth-largest Air Force Base in the USA?

Kirtland AFB


12. Which 2012 movie’s studio filming was in Albuquerque?

Breaking Bad (2008–2013) The Book of Eli (2010) The Avengers (2012) The Lone Ranger (2013)


13. When your waiter asks you, “red or green?” what are they asking?

It refers to whether you want your burrito, enchilada or taco smothered with green or red chile.


14. Where would you be able to get an authentic taste of Native American cuisine?

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center


15. What is the cuisine in Albuquerque known as?

New Mexican cuisine


16. Albuquerque has a cookie that is special to them. What is it called?



17. What famous state route had many songs sung about it?

Route 66


18. Where can you find some of the best restaurants?

Nob Hill


19. Albuquerque is a top 10 arts destination! True or False?



20. What gemstone is popular in Albuquerque?



21. Albuquerque is the ballooning capital of the world. True or False?

True, it is the hot air balloon capital of the world.


22. Where can you see a large collection of hot air balloons?

Balloon Fiesta Park


23. How many balloons can you see in the air at one time?

600 balloons


24. What is the 9-week celebration from December 16th – December 24th called?

Las Posadas


25. What does the celebration of Las Posadas represent?

The journey that Joseph and Mary made from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a safe refuge where Mary could give birth to the baby Jesus.


26. The current design of Civic Plaza was built on two city blocks in what year?



27. Albuquerque’s traditional center before Civic Plaza was built was ________, developed in __________.

Old Town Plaza, 1706


28. Route 66 once traveled through what is now Civic Plaza. True or False?



29. Nationally renowned urban planner Jeff Speck studied Albuquerque last year and his suggestion for Civic Plaza is to:

1. Blow it up and start over. 2. Cut it in half and sell the other portion to a developer, with the revenue and tax benefits used to support the plaza reconstruction. 3. Make it flat, cover it in trees and grass, and allow street access on all four sides.


30. Some of the current ideas for bringing more life to Civic Plaza include:

1. A “play and spray” waterpark for kids, perhaps to replace the existing fountain, which is leaking. 2. Movie nights. 3. An ice rink. 4. A weekly growers market.


31. What is known as the Albuquerque Isotopes?

A minor league baseball team in New Mexico


32. Albuquerque lies in the Chihuahuan Desert, in a broad valley that stretches about 30 miles (48 km) east-west. The valley is bounded for most of its length by what features?

By the Sandia Mountains to the north, the slightly lower Manzano Mountains to the east, and the low but rugged lava escarpments to the south and west.


33. What is Albuquerque’s climate?

Mild and dry, with an annual average of more than 200 clear days.


34. What is Albuquerque’s average annual temperature?

The average annual temperature is in the mid-50s F (about 13 °C).


35. Due to Albuquerque’s distant outpost of the Spanish empire, its residents were mostly from which ethnic groups?

Hispanic or mixed Hispanic–Native American ancestry.


36. What was Albuquerque’s economy like before and after the arrival of the Spanish?

Mainly agricultural


37. Tourism is an important adjunct to the economy. Where is the original Spanish settlement that still attracts many visitors?

Old Town


38. Albuquerque is governed by a mayor and a nine-member city council. Like many cities in the West, the elected council’s power is secondary to that of the?

Appointed city manager


39. Who operates clinics and hospitals in Albuquerque?

Besides private and public facilities, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Indian Health Services are in charge of health care in the city.


40. What affected Albuquerque’s public education system in the early 21st century?

Overcrowding and a lack of funding.


41. Albuquerque’s most popular annual events are:

The New Mexico State Fair, held in mid-September, and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which takes place in early October.


42. Archaeological evidence indicates that humans have lived in the area of what is now Albuquerque for how long?

Over 10, o00 years


43. At the end of the Cold War, Albuquerque’s economy began to diversify, especially in the development of?

Solar energy systems and computer equipment.


44. The American International Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque Old Town is home to?

The largest collection of live rattlesnakes in the world.


45. Albuquerque is the highest metropolitan city in the US. What is the elevation point?

An elevation of 5314 feet above sea level.


46. Albuquerque is the home of Ben Abruzzo, Larry Newman and the late Maxie Anderson, the three pilots of?

The world-famous “Double Eagle II” — the first manned balloon to cross the Atlantic.


47. At 150 miles south of Albuquerque is the largest state lake. What is the name of this lake?

Elephant Butte


48. The Albuquerque Biological Park or Albuquerque BioPark contains four main facilities?

Albuquerque Aquarium, ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden, Rio Grande Zoo and Tingley Beach.


49. Albuquerque is the center of the New Mexico Technology Corridor, a concentration of high-tech institutions, including?

The metropolitan area is the location of Intel’s Fab 11X In Rio Rancho and a Facebook Data Center in Belen, and also a founding location of MITS and Microsoft.


50. The KiMo Theatre is a theatre and historic landmark located on the northeast corner of Central Avenue and Fifth Street. When was it built?

It was built in 1927 in the extravagant Art Deco-Pueblo Revival Style architecture.

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