50 April Fool Jokes for Wife

April Fools’ Day jokes should be all in good fun. You get to pull hilarious and even a little scary pranks on your loved ones.

Every husband loves to tease his wife, and April 1st is a great chance for them to do so. Similar to sharing dad jokes and mom jokes, the goal is to show your culprit that you’re constantly thinking of them and create fun memories.

April Fool Jokes for Wife

Before executing the plan, ensure that you have all the necessities at hand. These jokes are entirely harmless and will guide you in your practical pranks.

To that end, here’s a carefully curated list of April Fool jokes for your wife, sure to get on her nerves, and funny enough to crack ribs.

1. I may forget to wish you on your birthday or our anniversary, but not on April first.

2. After she’s arrived at work, show up shortly after and move her car to a totally different parking space. She’ll be baffled to find her car not where she parked it after work.

3. I have been praising you for your cooking skills all throughout the year, do I really need to wish you only on April 1st.

4. Put a few drops of food coloring in the top of your tube of toothpaste or directly onto her toothbrush.

5. Go to a local craft store and pick up a few bags of stick-on googly eyes. When your wife is gone or asleep, stick them on everything.

6. I always carry your beautiful picture in my wallet. When I am surrounded with problems, I take it out to have a look at you and say to myself that if I can deal with you, I can deal with any trouble.

7. Tell her that you’ve lost the wedding ring.

8. Last night I had a severe headache and the doctor advised that I should send a text message to someone who is the most stupid of all and I will be fine. And know what I am feeling much better.

9. When your wife puts her phone down, use it as an opportunity to change her phone’s language.

10. Pick up a few packets of confetti from a local party supply store. When your wife is gone, carefully sprinkle the confetti on the blades of the ceiling fan. Once she turns the fan on, she will get an unexpected confetti shower.

11. Send her off to work with a loving little pat on the bum, and make sure to leave a fun sticker or note attached without him knowing.

12. Block the remote signal with a piece of clear tape.

13. You can move all the folders on their desktop into the trash. They will be so confused when they open up their computer! Just be sure not to empty the trash.

14. Take some fake hair and some scissors then cut a piece of fake hair out of your wife’s hair.

15. If your partner drives to work, leave a fake apology note that says, “Sorry, I hit your car,” and include a made-up name and phone number.

16. Set the clocks ahead and the alarms too.

17. Replace their shoes or slippers with sculpted bread.

18. Blue Breakfast – Grab some food coloring and get ready for some confused faces!

19. Edible Worms – They may look disgusting, but you are sure to get a good laugh out of your loved ones with this surprise.

20. Set up some non-existent appointments and reminders like “oil change” and “dental cleaning.” If you can break into her work calendar, put a Zoom meeting with her boss on the clock and invite yourself to it.

21. Put Her Car Up For Sale.

22. A yogurt egg will bring so many laughs on April Fools’ morning!

23. Get A Temporary Tattoo.

24. Switch Her Drawers Around.

25. Fill A Donut Box With Veggies.


26. Give Her A Faux Fender-Bender.

27. Mess With Her Phone’s Auto-Correct.

28. Put A Fake Spider In Her Purse.

29. Solid milk is another great way to confuse your loved ones!

30. Stage an in-law visit.

31. Tell her you did the laundry as a favor, but something went wrong and her favorite shirts are now small enough to fit your toddler.

32. Fake Veggies – No veggies will be found in this side dish, but so many giggles will be.

33. Leave your spouse a silly toilet-paper message.

34. Fill the shower with toast.

35. Print out a picture of your face and put it in a jar with some green water. Then, you leave it in the fridge for your spouse to find. Make sure you are nearby to reassure them.

36. Before you pour her coffee for the day, be sure to sneak a fake bug into the kitchen.

37. Do your spouse a favor and order takeout from their favorite place. When you place the order, make sure to give them a fun name for the person who will be picking it up.

38. The night before April Fool’s Day, fill a bowl with cereal and milk, half-submerge a spoon – and then put it in the freezer.

39. You are so caring, so cute, and love you forever. I have a good sense of humor.

40. For a quick and easy breakfast prank, simply swap over two (or more) bags of cereal before your family gets up in the morning.

41. Swap beds on the eve of April Fools’ Day.

42. If they are working from home at the moment, download a picture of a cracked screen and set it as the screensaver on their laptop.

43. Place a fake head on the bed.

44. Make a plate of caramel-covered onions, and insert Popsicle sticks in them so they look like caramelized apples.

45. Find your number in her phone and change it to mom, their ex-boyfriend’s name, or someone famous, and have fun torturing them with texts all day long.

46. All you need is a pair of scissors and a pen. When you are near your wife, drop the pen to the ground. As you reach down to grab it, tear up the piece of paper. She will think you ripped your pants.

47. Wake up early if you have a cat and grab a roll of toilet paper and roll it all across the house. When she spots it, blame it on the cat!

48. All you need to do is cut out some insects and use tape to put them inside a lampshade. Watch and enjoy as your wife turns on the lamp.

49. Put some ice cubes in a glass and put the glass upside down. They will think the water is upside down.

50. Hang up teabags outside your room and see how they react.



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