50+ Bahamas Trivia Questions and Answers

The Bahamas got its name from Spain. The word Baha mar means shallow sea in Spanish. As can be seen, the water around the Bahamas is indeed shallow and with a bright turquoise color to it.

After America and Canada, the Bahamas comes in third place as the richest country globally. The largest industry in the country is tourism which accounts for 60% of the country’s income and half of the nation’s employment.

Bahamas Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If you are a wine person, make a point to tour the Graycliff’s wine cellar. The place has more than 250,000 bottles from 400 winemakers in 15 countries. It offers some of the rarest, most expensive wines in the world.

Sunny clear skies and abundant beauty, make The Bahamas a popular destination for filming movies. There are more than 30 films made in the country and many more feature Bahamian scenes.

Want to learn more? Let’s explore the Bahamas trivia questions and answers as shown below.


1. Which district, sometimes called the “Gateway to the Bahamas”, is the closest geographically to the United States?



2. When did The Bahamas become independent?

10 July 1973


3. Who is recognized as the formal head of state for the Bahamas?

The King or Queen of Great Britain


4. Who granted The Bahamas to Robert Heath in 1629?

Charles I


5. On several islands in the Bahamas, in particular Cat Island, locals harvest cascarilla bark for export to Italy as one of the main ingredients in what beverage?



6. Who ended piracy in The Bahamas?

Woodes Rogers


7. Just offshore, to the west of Clarence Town on Long Island in the Bahamas, is a world famous geological feature; what is it?

Dean’s Blue Hole


8. Lying just 50 miles from Cuba, one of the largest islands in the Bahamas is Great Inagua, with an area of just under 600 square miles. It is home to the second largest industrial operation of its type in North America. What industry is this?



9. Who was The Bahamas’ governor-general in 2004?

Ivy Dumont


10. Which island group within the Bahamas do Green Turtle Cay, Walker’s Cay, Castaway Cay, and Man-o-War Cay belong to?



11. Which is the capital of The Bahamas?



12. The Bahamas, like many island nations, has a semi-tropical climate. What two seasons do Bahamians experience?

Summer and Winter


13. Who was The Bahamas’ prime minister in 1996?

Hubert Ingraham


14. The Bahamian village of Hope Town is situated on a small island called Elbow Cay, which is just six miles long. Reached by boat from neighbouring Abaco Island, it has a famous landmark and tourist attraction dating from the late 19th century. What is this landmark?

Striped red and white lighthouse


15. When was slavery abolished in The Bahamas?



16. April 27, 1965 is known by what “colorful” name in the Bahamas?


17. Which is the currency of The Bahamas?



18. Grand Bahama is often referred to as “Big Island”, but it is not the largest of the Bahamian islands. Which one, known as “Big Yard”, is the largest?



19. Which is the official language of The Bahamas?



20. During the Christmas season, the cities and towns of the Bahamas are overcome by a festival featuring drums, bells, whistles, costumes and parades through the streets. What is the name of this regional festival?



21. What is the area of The Bahamas?

5,382 sq. mi


22. The first Royal Governor of the Bahamas, Woodes Rogers, was also a privateer and English sea captain. He has a connection with a famous literary character. Which character is it?

Robinson Crusoe


23. The islands of Abaco and Eleuthera were settled by the Loyalists. The first Loyalists in the Abacos settled in an area now known as Treasure Cay. What name did they give their first settlement?

Carleton Point


24. Andros Island is famed for a local product called ‘Androsia’. If someone gave you a gift of androsia, what would you do with it?

Wear it


25. Paradise Island, home to the famous Atlantis Resort, used to be called by a somewhat less romantic name. What was it?

Hog Island


26. In Hope Town on Elbow Cay in the Abacos, there is a graveyard dedicated to the victims of an epidemic in the 1850s. What horrible disease claimed over 100 citizens of this tiny island?



27. In what year were Bahamian women given the right to vote?



28. In addition to Androsia fabric and the annual Crab Fest, the island of Andros is famous for being home to a mythical three-toed, red-eyed, three-fingered, birdlike creature with a long tail. What is this creature called?



29. Who discovered the Bahamas in 1492?

Christopher Colombus


30. What Bahamian island has rich deposits of aragonite off its coastline?



31. Which island did Christopher Colombus land on?

Guahani (San Salvador)


32. Poaching in the Bahamian waters is a source of local trouble. In May of 1980, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force was involved in a situation combating poachers from what country?



33. Name of the ships Columbus sailed on?

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria


34. The capital city of Nassau boasts many historic sites, among them, a staircase of 65 steps cut into solid rock, called The Queen’s Staircase. For which queen is this monument named?


35. How many islands are there in the Bahamas?

700 islands and 2,000 rocks and cays


36. There are seven forts found in New Providence. Incidentally, the Queen’s Staircase provided soldiers access to which of these forts?

Fort Fincastle


37. What is the official name of the Country?

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas


38. The first Europeans to try and colonize the Bahamas were the Eleutheran Adventurers from Bermuda. With which United States university do the Adventurers have a connection?



39. What is the capital of The Bahamas?

New Providence


40. What is the name of the national tree of the Bahamas?

Lignum Vitae


41. Which ocean is The Bahamas In?

Atlantic Ocean


42. Hurricanes are a major source of natural disaster for the Bahamas. What US-based company suffered large losses in the Bahamas due to the 2008 hurricane season?

The Morton Salt Company


43. Where is the highest Hill in The Bahamas?

Mt. Alvernia in Cat Island


44. Where in the world would you locate the Bahamas?

Off the east coast of Florida


45. What is the name of the line of latitude that passes through The Bahamas?

Tropic of Cancer


46. Which two islands does it run through?


47. What is the population of the Bahamas?



48. What is the Dominant Religion?



49. Name the current Head of Government?

Philip Davis


50. What is the National Bird?

West Indian Flamingo


51. What is the National Flower?

Yellow Elder


52. What is the National Animal?



53. Can you identify the National Anthem of the Bahamas?

March on Bahamaland




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