50+ Botswana Trivia Questions and Answers

Botswana is home to the densest elephant population in the world. Approximately 130,451 elephants.  Nearly 40% of Botswana is made up of national parks and wildlife reserves providing a vast area for animals to roam. Therefore, the best place to spot Elephants is at Chobe National Park as they move around the Chobe River to access drinking water.

Botswana is the world’s second-largest producer of diamonds. Data shows that the country produced millions of diamond carats over the years since 2004. Revenues collected together with sound economic policies help build infrastructure and stabilize the country’s economy.

Botswana Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

An interesting food fact is that mopane worms are a delicacy in Botswana. This well-done steak is packed with mineral nutrients and proteins required for the proper functioning of the bones.

If you plan on combining your stay with visiting Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, make sure your passport has blank pages to ensure smooth check-in and out of the various borders.

Here is an awesome opportunity to extensively learn about Botswana. Take the quiz below!

1. How was Botswana known?



2. Who was the first elected leader of Botswana?

Sir Seretse Khama


3. Which is the capital of Botswana?



4. What is the main export of Botswana?



5. Which is the currency of Botswana?



6. Which desert covers two-thirds of Botswana?

The Kalahari


7. Which is the official language of Botswana?



8. What is the name of the indigenous desert people of Botswana?



9. When did Botswana become independent?

30 September 1966


10. What is the name of the large river delta in Botswana’s north, famous for its wildlife?



11. With which country did Botswana resolve the dispute regarding alignment of boundary in the Kwando/Linyanti/Chobe river?



12. What is the national animal of Botswana?



13. Which disease has taken a heavy toll on the people of Botswana in recent years?



14. What is a citizen of Botswana called?



15. When did the University of Botswana come into existence?



16. On which continent is Botswana located?



17. Dominant religion in Botswana?



18. Bachelor’s Degree In Botswana Normally Takes How Many Years?

4 Years


19. What languages are used in Botswana?

English, Setswana, Sekalanga


20. In what decade did the country of Botswana gain independence?



21. What is the surface area of Botswana?

581,730 sq. km


22. In which South African country (countries) the HIV prevalence is above 15 percent?



23. The population in Botswana stands at?



24. If I am in Botswana and want to take a cruise, what country might I leave from?



25. What is the national anthem of Botswana?

Fatshe leno la rona


26. With approximately 118736 elephants, which country has the most elephants in the world?



27. What is the national bird of Botswana?

Lilac-breasted Roller


28. What is the national tree?



29. What is the national flower of Botswana?

Harpagophytum Procumbens


30. The country is divided into three main environmental regions. Which are?

The hardveld region consists of rocky hill ranges and areas of shallow sand cover in eastern Botswana


31. The general vegetation of the country is?

Savanna grassland


32. Small scattered groups of Khoisan people inhabit which part of Botswana?

The southwestern districts of Botswana


33. The name of the Kalahari comes from “keir”, a Tswana word that means?

“Great thirst”


34. Botswana was placed under the British protectorate to prevent the expansion of which country?

The expansion of Germany, which had begun claiming lands in Africa in 1884 starting with Namibia.


35. Botswana is home to 8 major tribes. Which are?

Bamangwato, Bakwena, Bangwaketse, Bakgatla, Barolong, Bamalete, and Batlokwa, Batawana.


36. Botswana’s currency is the Pula, which means?

“rain” or “blessing”


37. In 2016, temperatures got too high in Botswana, with figures soaring above 41°C. What caused this phenomenon?

Due to the absence of rain, the country suffered through the worst drought ever in 34 years.


38. Botswana has enviable biodiversity. How many mammalian species live there?

Over 150 mammalian species, including the big five.


39. A staple food in Botswana is a porridge known as?

Bogobe; made from millet or maize.


40. What is a favorite sport in Botswana?



41. What is the Botswana beverage known as madila?

Fermented milk and a type of beer called Bojalwa ja Setswana, which is made using fermented sorghum seeds.


42. Cattle plays an important role in the culture of Botswana, particularly the Batswana tribe. What are cattle attributed to?

Cattle is considered an indicator of status and wealth


43. What are the Natural resources found in the country?

Coal, chromium ore, asbestos, gold, nickel, copper, iron ore, vanadium, lithium, tin, platinum group metals


44. Botswana’s national colors are?

Blue, white, black


45. What is the time zone?

UTC+2 (Central Africa Time)


46. Botswana is the longest continuous multi-party democracy in Africa. True or False?



47. The Botswana flag is one of the few African flags that does not use the colours of the Pan-Africanism movement of red, black, and green. True or False?



48. How many rock paintings are preserved in an area of Botswana known as the “Louvre of the Desert”

Over 4,500 rock paintings


49. As of 1 January 2017, the population of Botswana was estimated to be?

2,331,390 people


50. Independence was secured peacefully by Botswana on which date?

June 1964


51. What is the percentage of Botswana’s citizens who identify as Christians?



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