50+ Dolphin Trivia Questions and Answers

Dolphins are among the most popular animals in the world. They are well known to be highly intelligent and for their special abilities in rescuing humans from shark attacks.

Communication is a big part of how Dolphins socialize and hunt for food. They have the ability to use echolocation to find other Dolphins and prey in the low-light conditions of the ocean.

Dolphin Trivia Questions and Answers

You may not expect to find a dolphin in freshwater areas, but this species thrives in the Amazon River. Fascinating geographical fact, right?

Despite all the good things about Dolphins, they face human-generated threats such as pollution of world oceans. This affects the Dolphin’s ability to find food and risks their health.

Explore the following Dolphin trivia questions and answers to get more information.


1. What is a group of dolphins called?

A pod


2. How would you classify a dolphin?



3. Where can you find Dolphins?

In Oceans


4. How many members did the largest known dolphin pod have?

100,000 dolphins


5. What color is the Amazon river dolphin?

Pink river dolphin


6. What is the name of the hole on the top of the dolphin’s head?



7. What do they eat?

Fish, squid and crustaceans


8. What is the fin on top of the dolphin called?

Dorsal fin


9. Do they have any special skills?

Using tools


10. How long can the average dolphin hold its breath?

Eight to 10 minutes


11. What is the tail called?



12. How long can Dolphins live?

50 years


13. Dolphins have been trained by the U.S. Navy to do what?

Guard nuclear arsenals, locate underwater mines and find enemy swimmers


14. Dolphins belong to the cetacean family, which also includes porpoises and whales. Are there more than 50 species of cetaceans?



15. Dolphins are used in shows to entertain people.



16. Which have Dolphins been known to do?

Rescue humans


17. How many stomachs do most dolphins have?

Two stomachs


18. Dolphins eat what type of fish?

Two stomachs


19. How often does a bottlenose dolphin shed its outermost layer of skin?

Every 2 hours


20. The orca, or killer whale, is the largest dolphin species.



21. Which dolphin body part is used for echolocation?



22. Do dolphins have bellybuttons at any time in their life?



23. How do Dolphins communicate with each other?

Clicks and Whistles


24. How is a dolphin different from a porpoise?

They have longer beaks, curved dorsal fins and are bigger


25. How many species of Dolphins are there?



26. How do dolphins communicate?

With Whistles, clicks and squeaks


27. How fast can a Bottlenose Dolphin swim?

30 mph


28. What is a female dolphin called?



29. How do Dolphins sleep?

They stay half awake, half asleep


30. How high can a Pacific white-sided dolphin leap?

Up to 20 feet in the air


31. How long do mothers feed their calves?

2 years


32. Which dolphin species is considered “functionally extinct”?

Chinese river dolphin


33. What is the biggest threat to Dolphins?



34. How old was the oldest-living dolphin in captivity?

61 years old


35. What does a dolphin use to breathe?

Using a blowhole


36. When did dolphins first appear on earth?

50 million years ago as land animals.


37. Some dolphins hunt for fish by using traps. What material do they use to make these traps?

Mud and Bubbles


38. How deep can some dolphins dive?

300 meters


39. What does a dolphin do every two hours?

It sheds its outer layer of skin


40. Judging by the amount of spots on this dolphin, how old is it?



41. Some dolphins use which object to search for food?

Using a sea sponge


42. What is the maximum amount of time a bottlenose dolphin can hold its breath?

20 minutes


43. How does a dolphin sleep?

They sleep at the water’s surface so that their blowholes can take in air.


44. Dolphins use _________ to navigate and find food that is not visible.



45. A dolphin can launch itself up to five meters out of the water. What is this action called?



46. How are dolphin calves born?

By a live birth, much like humans.


47. Which senses do Dolphins have?

Taste, hearing and smell.


48. What do young dolphins learn from their mothers?

To forage for food, to socialize in the pod and to defend itself from other dolphins


49. In which sport would you see a Dolphin, bent knee, a walkover front, and a Catalina?

Synchronized swimming


50. The majority of small toothed whales are called?

Synchronized swimming


51. Tuffy, a dolphin trained by the US Navy performed the deepest dive recorded by a bottlenose dolphin. How deep did he go?

990 feet


52.  Which sport does the Miami Dolphins play?


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