50 Ghana Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Ghana thrives in cocoa production and exportation. Also, it comes second to South Africa leading the production of gold in Africa.

Have an eye for fashion? Well, wearing the Ghanaian colorful costume made from kente, emanates feelings of elegance and glamour.

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An interesting historical occurrence was when Ferdie Ato Adoboe ran 100 meters backward in 13.6 seconds, setting a remarkable world record. Unimaginable, right?

Ghana is the birthplace of various music styles like Afro-jazz, which was invented by Kofi Ghanaba. If you love attending jazz festivals and concerts, get to experience Afro-jazz during your stay in Ghana.

We have compiled an incredible list of Ghana trivia questions and answers to help you learn about the country. Take up the quiz!

1. What does the name, ‘Ghana’, mean?



2. When did Ghana become independent?

6 March 1957


3. The precious metal that contributed to the wealth of Ghana?



4. Before Ghana had its current name, what was the name British colonialists gave the region?

Gold Coast


5. Which country is to the east of Ghana?



6. What helped trade grow in the Sahara?



7. What are the four main colors of the Ghanian flag?

Red, Yellow, Green and Black


8. When did the Portuguese build Elmina Castle?



9.  In which part of Africa was the Kingdom of Ghana located?



10. In Ghana’s Akan culture, it is common to name children after?

The day of the week


11. Ghana and Mali, controlled trade of which TWO items?

Gold and Salt


12. What is the symbol for the royalty of the Ashanti Empire?

A golden chair


13. Which is the capital of Ghana?



14. How did Ghana become so wealthy?

center of trade route


15. Who traditionally weaves kente cloth?

16. What does a typical Ghanaian breakfast consist of?
Rice and Beans
17. Which is the official language of Ghana?
18. In which Ghanian city can you find the largest market in West Africa?
19. In Ghanian folklore, the character of Anansi, can transform into which animal?
The Spider
20. The earliest civilization in West Africa was?
Nok people
21. Ghana is located between what two rivers?
Senegal and Niger
22. Who was Ghana’s first prime minister?
Kwame Nkrumah
23. Ghana’s king was supported by a strong?
24. Who overthrew the government of Kofi Busia and established military rule in Ghana in 1972?
Ignatius Kutu Acheampong
25.  What obstacle did every trader who came into Ghana have to endure?
A tax on the goods being brought in
26. Who became Ghana’s president on 7 January 2001?
John Kufuor
27. Who Composed “YEN ARA ASASE NI”?
Ephraim Amu
28. Who Composed Ghana’s national anthem?
Philip Gbeho
29. Who was the first king of the Empire of Ghana?
Dinga Cisse
30.  What kind of government did the Empire of Ghana have?
31. Which year did Kwame Nkrumah die?
32. What type of workers were revered as powerful magicians?
Iron Smiths
33. Where did Nkurmah die?
Bucharest, Romania
34. What major geographical feature was just to the north of the Empire of Ghana?
35. What was the capital city of the Empire of Ghana?
Koumbi Saleh
36. Who is the Current Head of State?
Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
37. What is the dominant religion?
38. What is the currency of Ghana?
39. What is the national anthem of Ghana?
God Bless Our Homeland Ghana
40. What is the national bird?
41. What is the national tree of Ghana?
Cacao Tree
42. What is the country’s national animal?
43. What is the estimated total area of Ghana?
238,533 sq. km
44. What is the total population in Ghana?
45. This Ghanaian man served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations for ten years. Who is he?
46. What kind of climate does Ghana have?
47. How many kilometers of coastline does Ghana have?
539 km
48. What are some current environmental issues in Ghana?
Overgrazing, erosion, poaching, and water pollution
49. How big is Ghana?
Slightly smaller than Oregon
50. Ghana has the largest artificial lake by surface area in the world. True or false?

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