50+ Gotham Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Gotham serves as the backdrop for the Batman comics, TV shows, and motion pictures. The mind-blowing film has scored huge ratings and has run for five seasons. This show follows the life of one cop’s rise into power in a dangerously corrupt city.

The series showed us a Gotham before Batman was popularized. You get to witness how the city becomes a crime zone and how iconic villains like Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, and Mr. Freeze evolve into such worthy contenders. A depiction of the birth of Superheros.

Gotham Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

However, the tiny village of Gotham as explained in comic books, has no towering skyscrapers, houses no known mafia members, and its population consists of just under 1,600 residents.

We have dug through the archives and come up with the following Gotham trivia questions with answers. Explore!

1. Who’s the main protagonist of the show?

Jim Gordon


2. Who is the first character shown in the pilot episode?

Selina Kyle


3. What is Strange’s alias?

The Philosopher


4. On whose orders is Gordon forced to take Oswald Cobblepot, also known as the Penguin, out to the pier and kill him?

Carmine Falcone


5. Mario is the son of which Gotham crime lord?

Carmine Falcone


6. Episode 5 titled “Viper” serves as an Easter egg and potential origin of this “Batman” villain?



7. Who killed Bruce’s parents?

Matches Malone


8. Who are the two characters from the major crimes unit who arrest Jim Gordon for the murder of Oswald?

Montoya and Allen


9. Why does Penguin cut off Butch’s hand?

So he’ll make a more believable double agent


10. In episode 10 titled “Lovecraft”, an assassin shows up at Wayne Manor. Who was the target?

Selina Kyle


11. What secret facility did Strange run?

Indian Hill


12. In episode 11 titled “Rogues Gallery,” who was behind the Arkham breakout?

Jack Gruber


13. Tabitha and Theo are descended from what ancient family?



14. Who was Oswald secretly working for?



15. Who is Ed’s first murder?

Tom Dougherty


16. Which villain had Fish Mooney kidnapped and imprisoned on a remote island?

Francis Dulmacher


17. Where do Bruce and Alfred go to lay low?



18. Of the following people, who has not been exposed to the Tetch virus?

Jervis Tetch


19. Who did Zsasz torture into working with Penguin?

Butch Gilzean


20. Where does Lee go during her time away from Gotham?



21. Who was the kid Bruce beat up for talking about his mother?

Tommy Elliot


22. Court of Owls assassins are given what title?



23. In episode 13 titled “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon,” who is the corrupt cop in charge of the illegal drug dealings?



24. Who killed Penguin’s mother?

Tabitha Galavan


25. What is Ed Nygma’s job at the GCPD?

Forensics expert


26. Selina is friends with what Indian Hill test subject?

Bridgit Pike


27. The main plot of episode 16, titled “The Blind Fortune Teller,” is a nod to which “Batman” villain?

The Joker


28. What’s the name of this daring reporter?

Valerie Vale


29. What did Carmine Falcone plan to do in the finale?



30. Bruce discovers his father’s secret in a book about what historical figure?

Marcus Aurelius


31. Who turns Barbara insane, causing her to kill her parents?

The Ogre


32. What criminal group was led by Jerome?

The Maniax


33. Fish has her DNA fused with what species?



34. Where do Jerome and Bruce face off?

In the hall of mirrors


35. How is Barbara killed?



36. When does Ivy run into the mutant who ages her?

While escaping from Fish and her gang


37. Of the following people, who was not resurrected at Indian Hill?

Victor Fries


38. What occupation does Bullock take up after his demotion?



39. Theo is reborn as what persona?



40. What was the name of Fries’ wife?



41. What was the name of Ed’s librarian girlfriend?



42. Alfred served in what British military group?

The Special Air Service


43. How many times has Jim been married?

He hasn’t


44. What is Butch’s birth name?

Cyrus Gold


45. How does Zsasz keep track of the people he’s killed?

By carving tally marks into his body


46. What is Kathryn’s last name?



47. What’s the full name of Bruce’s doppelganger?



48. How many people have served as head of the GCPD?



49. What was Selina’s mother’s first name?


50. What was the name of Jim Gordon’s uncle?

Frank Gordon


51. What was Jerome and Jeremiah’s mother’s name?

Lila Valeska


52. What was Capt. Barnes first name?



53. What was the Ogre’s real name?

Jason Skolimski


54. What was Kristen Kringle’s doppelgänger’s name?



55. She’s Vicki Vale’s aunt, but what is her name?

Jamie Chung


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