50 Luxembourg Trivia Questions and Answers

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world. It has an area of  2,586 square kilometers, similar to the size of Dorset County in the UK and slightly smaller than Rhode Island in the US.

If you’re looking to work in a world-class environment, then Luxembourg is a good choice. Workers earn a minimum of €1,923 per month which is higher compared to other European countries. However, the cost of living in Luxembourg is one of the highest in the world.

Luxembourg Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Here’s a thirst-quenching fact about Luxembourg. If you dine at Restaurant Chiggeri, you can take your pick of more than 2,200 different wines. This is an exclusive experience!

For those who enjoy driving high-end cars or rather have a soft spot for cars. Did you know that Luxembourg has the highest rate of car ownership in the world? There are 647 cars per 1,000 population.

Take up these Luxembourg trivia questions and answers to learn more about the country’s origin and achievements.


1. What is Luxembourg?

Grand Duchy


2. A small airport, not far from the city center, is the first place you will see if you come to Luxembourg by plane. What was it known as?



3. What is Be in Benelux?



4. Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in Europe, is the only Grand Duchy in the world. True or False?



5. When is Luxembourg City Fete?

23 September


6. Which is the national language of Luxembourg?



7. The oldest town in Luxembourg was founded in the 7th century AD by a monk. What is its name?



8. Which is the currency of Luxembourg?



9. Vianden is one of the most visited cities in Luxembourg. Which renowned French writer lived there briefly in the 19th century?

Victor Hugo & Hugo


10. Which steel company that had headquarters in Luxembourg was acquired by L. N. Mittal?



11. “The Family of Man”, a world-famous photo collection by Edward J. Steichen, originally assembled for New York’s Museum of Modern Art, is hosted by which Luxembourgish city?



12. Which country occupied Luxembourg during World Wars I and II?



13. In which town on the banks of the Moselle river was an important agreement on the abolition of border controls within the European Union signed?



14. When did Luxembourg enter NATO?



15. Luxembourg is mostly a white wine producer. True or False?



16. Who was the Grand Duke of Luxembourg from 1815 to 1840?

Guillaume I


17. Which small town, on the border with Germany, is called “la perle de la Moselle”?



18. Luxembourg is a small country indeed. The distance from north to south is only?



19. How many Olympic medals has Luxembourg received?


20. Which important politician, one of Europe’s founding fathers, was born in Luxembourg?

Robert Schuman


21. How many European Union institutions are located or have offices in Luxembourg?

13 EU institutions are headquartered or have offices in Luxembourg


22. Who is first in the line of succession to the Grand Duke of Luxembourg?

The oldest child of the Duke


23. What is the oldest city in Luxembourg?



24. What is the largest city in Luxembourg to not have a commune named after it?



25. How many Grand Dukes/Duchesses has Luxembourg had since 1815?

9 Grand Dukes/Duchesses


26. How many UNESCO-recognized cultural sites are located in Luxembourg?

4 UNESCO-recognized cultural sites


27. On average, How many births happen per day in Luxembourg?

12 births per day


28. What is the official motto of Luxembourg?

Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn (We want to remain what we are)


29. What Luxembourgish politician served as the 21st Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and as the 12th President of the European Commission?

Jean-Claude Juncker


30. What is Luxembourg’s top-selling car brand of 2021?



31. How many times has Luxembourg City been named the European Capital of Culture?

2 times


32. What is the highest elevation point in Luxembourg?

Kneiff, a hill between the village of Huldange and Wemperhaard, is the highest point in the country with its 560 m


33. What is Luxembourg’s oldest private multi-business bank?

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)


34. What telecommunications company and Subsidiary of Microsoft has its headquarters in Luxembourg?



35. In what year did Luxembourg legalize same-sex marriage?



36. What is the national bird of Luxembourg?



37. How many prisons are in the country of Luxembourg?

2 prisons


38. In 2022, how many airports does LuxAir offer travel to?

109 airports


39. How many major highways make up the Luxembourgish freeway system?

6 major highways


40. Just like so many cities in the Middle Ages, Luxembourg also became fortified. In this case, on three sides. Which ones?

To the South, to the East, and to the North-east – it was surrounded by the deep valleys of the River Petrusse and the River Alzette.


41. In the strife which took place between Francis I and Charles V, the city changed hands how many times before finally resting in those of the Habsburgs?

Four times


42. During the 19th century, the conflict between the Bourbons and the Habsburgs had Luxembourg at the very front line between which two countries?

France and Germany


43. In 1960 the number of banking establishments was?



44. What percentage of inhabitants are foreigners?



45. The city’s topography is characterized by?

Green river valleys that can be crossed by a hundred bridges


46. The population is polyglot and cosmopolitan, of approximately how many people?



47. River Alzette has since the end of the Middle Ages been known as?

The Bock


48. Luxembourg owes its origins to?

Its precipitous location and to the military interest which it thus provoked.


49. How many inhabitants were there at the beginning of the 14th century?

5000 inhabitants


50. According to legend, Count Siegfried would be married to Melusina. Who was Melusina?

A mermaid who became a part of European folklore and who was to disappear beneath the waves of the Alzette.

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