50 Mesa Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

In the 1800s Mesa was home to the Northern Ute Tribe. Today, in Mesa County more than 150,000 people in 15 communities reside there.

In this trivia, you will learn that fruit growing has played an important role in the economy. The productive orchards and vineyards, sunny climate, and abundance of public land have all turned Mesa into a robust tourism industry.

Mesa Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

Each year, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts use the Grand Junction area as a base as they hike, mountain bike, rock-climb, fish, raft, and camp on nearby public lands. Grand Junction is now home to a number of light manufacturing and service industries, three hospitals, a regional airport, and a number of recreational opportunities.

Explore Mesa County with the following set of trivia questions sure to fill you with great knowledge.


1. The name of Mesa County is from the Spanish word “mesa”, which means:



2. What are the names of the two largest rivers in Mesa County?

Colorado gunnison


3. The county seat of Mesa County is:

Grand Junction


4. How many US states are smaller than Mesa County?



5. Which of the following child actors of the 1970s & 1980s lived in Mesa County in 2004-2005?

  • Melissa Gilbert
  • Raven
  • Gary Coleman
  • Rick Schroder
Rick Schroder


6. Mesa County is bordered by 5 Colorado Counties and 1 Utah County. Name the Utah County.



7. Which of the following Mesa County mountains is highest in elevation?

  • Mt. Garfield
  • Leon Peak
  • Question Mark Hill
  • Battlement Mesa
Leon Peak


8. Which of the following interstate highways goes through Mesa County?

  • I-25
  • I-70
  • I-76
  • I-50


9. It is possible to cross the Colorado River in Mesa County on foot.



10. How many state capitals are within 300 miles of the county seat of Mesa County?



11. If you go to get food from a restaurant but bring it home, you get _________



12. If your skin is “chizhii,” it’s ________?

Dry skin


13. What are “piñon”?

Staple food of Native Americans


14. If you want to go to the Colorado Plateu and see pine forests, you’ll go to ________

The Rim


15. When a “snowbird” comes to Mesa, they __________?

Trying to escape freezing winters


16. How do you pronounce “Prescott”?



17. If you see a “haboob” coming your way, you should ___________

Get ready for a big dust storm


18. What is “Bear down”?

A motto from the University of Arizona


19. If you want a chimichanga, you might just ask for a _________

A tortilla wrapped around a filling, typically of meat, and deep-fried.


20. When was Costa Mesa High School Built?



21. How far away from people in public should you be?

6 feet


22. What Are Mesa’s School Colors?

Blue, Green, Red, Gold and Orange


23. What percentage of Mesa County is private land?



24. What is the largest body of water in Mesa County?

Vega Reservoir


25. Where is the headwater of the Colorado River?


26. What percentage of Mesa County is public land?

Approximately 73%


27. How many square miles of land does Mesa County encompass?

3341 square miles


28. Where is the highest point in Mesa County?

Leon Peak


29. How many forests are there in Mesa County?



30. What is the estimated 2013 population of Mesa County?

147, 554


31. How many incorporated towns and cities are incorporated in Mesa County?



32. What are the state-protected areas in Mesa?

Highline Lake State Park, James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park, and Vega State Park


33. Name two trails and two Byways in Mesa?

Old Spanish National Historic Trail, Colorado Riverfront Trail, Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic and Historic Byway, and Grand Mesa National Scenic and Historic Byway


34. List three national protected areas?

Uncompahgre National Forest, White River National Forest, and Dominguez Canyon Wilderness.


35. What are the Cities in Mesa County?

Fruita and Grand Junction


36. Which airports operate in Mesa?

Grand Junction Regional Airport, Mack Mesa Airport and Pinyon Airport


37. Paleo-Indians lived in the Mesa County area, from which period?

11,000 BC.


38. The Mesa County area was home to two distinct bands of Utes. Which are?

The Parianuche, and the Tabeguache.


39. How did the treaty in 1750 between the Utes and the Spanish impact trade?

It guaranteed safe passage for the Spanish through Ute lands.


40. Who led the first American exploration party through present-day Mesa County?

John W. Gunnison


41. When did the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad arrive?

March 1883


42. Who was the fruit-farming proponent?

William Pabor


43. The fertility of the soil in the Palisade area was first tested in which year?



44. Who tested the soil fertility in the Palisade area?

John P. Harlow


45. What marketing group formed in 1923 still serves Palisade peach farmers today?

The United Fruit Growers


46. Who formed the marketing group above?

George Bowman


47. After the turn of the century, most of the people in Mesa County had come from?

Kansas, Arkansas, and especially Iowa.


48. What industry kept the Mesa County economy stable during the Great Depression?

The fruit industry


49. How did the industry above keep Mesa afloat during the Great Depression?

Families came from as far away as Missouri to pick peaches.


50. The 2012 Census of Agriculture ranked Mesa County as?

Top fruit-producing county in the state and within the top 5 percent of all fruit-producing counties in the nation.

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