50 Omaha Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

If you love biodiversity and wildlife, a trip to Omaha will quench your wanderlust. The city has the best zoos. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium is a biological park, dedicated to conservation around the world and home to the world’s largest indoor desert, the world’s largest glazed geodesic dome, and North America’s largest indoor rainforest.

Omaha Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

A number of famous people were born in Omaha. Billionaire Warren Buffett was born and bred here and today he is considered the most successful investor in history. Other influential people born in Omaha are; human rights activist Malcolm X, and Singer-songwriter Conor Oberst, AKA Bright Eyes among many others.

Although Nebraska is not the nation’s top corn-producing state, the food item is available here. Dishes such as corn fritters, corn chowder, and corn pudding are a staple on many Omaha menus.

Arm yourself with valuable information about Omaha by taking the following trivia quiz!


1. Which of these is a real event?

  • Omaha Fashion Week
  • Omaha Raccoon Wrestling Championships
  • Omaha Corn Launching Society Exhibition
Omaha Fashion Week


2. Johnny Rosenblatt urged the city to build a baseball stadium. Why?

To attract a Triple-A baseball team


3. Which now-deceased alt-rocker was born in Omaha?

Elliott Smith


4. Which of these legends was NOT born in Omaha?

Brad Pitt


5. Name the world’s fair-like event that drew more than two million people to Omaha in 1898.

The Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition


6. The makers of Healthy Choice, among other foodstuffs, are headquartered in Omaha. Name this food processing monolith.



7. What did the late Rev. Livingston Wills sell door-to-door for over 50 years?



8. The tremendous growth of this town’s meat packing industry in the 1880s led to its nickname of “The Magic City”. It was annexed by Omaha in 1915. Name it.

South Omaha


9. A World War II memorial can be found in Dundee neighborhood; what does it say?

“A Japanese Balloon Bomb Exploded Here”


10. The World’s Largest Coffee Pot sits on a water tower; what does it say?

The Sapp Bros


11. Before he went on to quiz shows and the “Tonight Show”, Johnny Carson was hired in 1949 by this Omaha station to perform comedy bits and skits, among other things. Name the station.’



12. What music festival is held every year at Stinson Park?

Maha Music Festival


13. James Dahlman, sometimes known as Omaha’s “perpetual mayor,” served from 1906 to 1918 and again from 1921 till his death in 1930. The popular figure was known by what nickname?

Cowboy Jim


14. Where do you go if you want beer, bros, and Pacman?



15. Jim Suttle, elected Mayor of Omaha in 2009, worked as an engineer for some 30 years. Name the other mayor with an engineering background.

Roy Towl


16. What famous dinner was invented in Omaha?

The Steak Dinner


17. Johnny Goodman was the fifth and last amateur to win this prestigious golf event in 1933. Name it.

The US Open


18. What’s your favorite football team?

  • Mustangs!
  • Huskers!
  • Colts!
Choose from the above options


19. The father of investing guru Warren Buffett followed several successful career paths. Which of the following did Howard Buffett NEVER engage in?



20. You are starving. You need a sandwich now! Where do you go?



21. What type of sandwich was invented in Omaha?


22. Which famous sporting event is held in Omaha every year?

NCAA Men’s College World Series


23. The name of the tribe of Native Americans that lived in the Omaha area in the 1800s?

Omaha tribe


24. A permanent Native American homemade of logs and grass?

American Teepee


25. The Omaha tribe lived in villages that were next to?



26. What was the main animal that was hunted by the Omaha tribe?

The Bison


27. Which chief of the Omaha Tribe let the Mormons camp at Winter Quarters?

Big Elk


28. Which team came to Omaha for two consecutive years (2001-2002) but failed to win a single game?



29. In 2002, which Georgia Tech pitcher from Omaha, Nebraska, shut out the South Carolina Gamecocks in his amazing 8 innings of work?

Kyle Bakker


30. How many total games did the Stanford Cardinal play (including the Championship series) in Omaha?



31. What United States President was born in Omaha?

Gerald Ford


32. Boys Town was founded in 1917 by whom?

Edward Flannigan


33. Malcom X, the famous civil rights activist, was born near which intersection?

34th and Pinkney


34. What famous south Omaha local was the last amateur to win the United stayed open golf tournament?

Johnny Goodman


35. What famous Omaha person is in the baseball hall of fame and won the MVP as a pitcher in the 1967 World Series?

Bob Gibson


36. Who started the newspaper, the “Omaha star”?

Mildred Brown


37. Who was Omaha’s first mayor?

Jesse Lowe


38. What event was not a disaster for Omaha in the early 19th century?

The discovery of gold in California


39. What did William Clark call the meeting place?

Council bfluff


40. What are some characteristics of the people who inhabited the area now known as Omaha and Eastern Nebraska?

Hunters, farmers and nomadic.


41. What does the name Omaha mean?

Those going against the current or upstream.


42. Who is Manuel Lisa?

Early fur trader, settled along the Missouri in the present day, and worked well with the native Americans.


43. How did the development of fort Atkinson provide a glimpse into the future?

Marked the frontier military line and the edge of white encroachment into Indian territory. Represented the first white efforts at farming.


44. Who is Lucien Fontenelle?

They are from New Orleans,began working in the fur trade at the age of 16 and were Logan Fontenelles father- a chief of Omaha tribe.


45. What two religious groups moved to Omaha in 1846?

The Presbyterians and Mormons


46. Who was Brigham Young

A leader of Mormons, who led them to Utah.


47. The Omaha/council bluffs area is a starting point for immigrants to what four future states in the 1840s & 50s?

California, Oregon, Colorado and Utah.


48. What were the first and second names of town council bluffs?

Millars hallow and Kane’s Ville


49. Where did Brigham decide to have the Mormons settle in the fall of 1846?

Winter quarters(Florence)


50. Where did Peter Sarpy and his father Desmet, recommend Brigham young to migrate to?

Utah-the Great Basin


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