50+ Ozark Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Ozark has been a hit since its Netflix debut. Critics and fans can all agree that the show gets better with time. The popular film is centered around organized crime; Mexican drug cartels, local mobs, and money laundering schemes.

The non-stop series of problems affecting the Byrdes family, leaves viewers hungry for more, with their unique problem-solving skills that open up unexpected plot twists.

Ozark Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If you love high-quality shoes and focus on them when watching a movie, you’re most likely to notice that American actor, Jason Bateman wears lots of New Balance sneakers. The same applies in Ozark, where his character (Marty) often rocks the J. Crew x New Balance M1400DM.

Did you know that the success of Ozark led to the opening of an actual bar in Missouri? If you’re around Lake Ozark, Missouri, you can order a meal and a beer at Marty Byrde Bar and Grill.

Tag your friends and fellow fans to participate in these Ozark trivia questions with answers.

1. Who was thrown off a balcony as a warning to Wendy in the first season?

Gary Silverberg


2. What did Wyatt do to get Charlotte into trouble when the family first moved to The Ozarks?

Stole a boat


3. What causes Ben Davis to get fired from his job as a stand-in teacher?

Threw his students’ mobile phones into a wood chipper/ assaulted a school member of staff


4. How long does Buddy say he has left to live?

12 to 18 months


5. What does Jonah use as targets to practice his shooting?

Beer bottles


6. What is the name of the strip club Marty visits in season one?

Lickety Splitz


7. How much money does Del order Marty to launder at the beginning of the series?



8. What drug does Darlene spike heroine with in season two?



9. What are the final words Navarro says to Wendy and Marty at the end of season three?

‘Today is the beginning’


10. How did Jonah clean $5,000 of cartel money?

Via his high school homework service


11. What does Charlotte buy Jonah, which he later uses for surveillance?

A drone


12. Where is the Lake of the Ozarks?



13. Which cast member also directed episodes of the series?

Jason Bateman


14. Where is cartel lawyer Helen Pierce from?



15. What does Darlene take from Marty in order to keep his family from harm?

Baby Zeke


16. Crime drama fans note some thematic similarities between “Ozark” and which very successful AMC series?


17. Marty first hears of The Lake of the Ozarks from his business partner, who uses what phrase to refer to the rural Missouri lake?

Redneck Riviera


18. Ruth Langamore is the young but smart leader of her hillbilly family in the TV show “Ozark”. How does Ruth plan to kill leading man Marty, but end up killing her kin instead?

Electrified boat dock


19. Jonah Byrde, the young son of Marty in “Ozark”, gets an assault rifle in episode 9, “Coffee, Black”. How does the preteen boy come to own this firearm?

Has an older friend buy it


20. What is the tagline for the 2016 TV series “Ozark”, starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney? The phrase indicates their desperate situation in the Ozark tourist attraction.

Their Last Resort


21. On the TV series “Ozark”, what device is used at the beginning to foreshadow each episode?

Symbols inside the “O” logo


22. Why are Jacob and Darlene Snell, poppy growers on “Ozark”, resentful about the lake?

Flooded out their family land


23. At the end of season 1 of “Ozark”, Marty Byrde’s main partner is engaged in what profession?

Growing poppies locally


24. Who killed Wyatt Langmore?

Javi Elizonndro


25. What is the name of the riverboat casino that Marty Byrde uses to launder money?

The Missouri Belle


26. What was the name of Wyatt Langmore’s dad?

Russ Langmore


27. Initially, who did Ruth think killed Wyatt?

Frank Cosgrove Jr.


28. Where did Wendy Byrde grow up?


29. During an argument with Sam, Eugenia threatens to give Sam’s inheritance to:



30. What last name does Wendy use while working with Sam?



31. What color is Marty’s toothbrush?



32. Gary Silverberg lives on what floor?



33. What sport did Charlotte participate in at her school in Chicago?



34. What is the name of the gentleman living in the basement of the Byrde family’s new home?



35. How is Ruth related to Wyatt?

They are cousins


36. What is the name of Ruth’s father?



37. What genre does Wyatt enjoy reading?

Science Fiction


38. How much money do the Langmores keep from Marty?



39. When Wendy talks to Sam about a bonus, she knocks something off the deck balcony of the home they are showing. What is it?

A lantern


40. Who goes inside the Byrde home to take photographs?



41. What flavor of ice cream does Charlotte request?



42. What beverage does Darlene give Bobby Dean on the porch?



43. What does Tuck give Jonah when they first meet?

A knife


44. What will you find on the sign for the Blue Cat Lodge?



45. Wendy Had Previously Worked On The Senatorial Campaign For Which Future President?

Barrack Obama


46. What is the name of the strip club managed by Ruth?

Lickety Splitz


47. Which Surname does the family use as an alias when first fleeing the cartel?



48. In the series, Frank Cosgrove is the head of the Mafia based in which City?


49. During Season 2, the family considers fleeing to the town of Mullumbimby in which Country?


50. Before beginning a relationship with Darlene, Wyatt is granted admission into which College?

University of Missouri


51. What is the name of the series’ Sheriff in the Ozarks?

John Nix


52. Wendy’s brother Ben is shown in which previous job?



53. Which band appeared as themselves, assisting Marty with his money laundering?

REO Speedwagon


54. The Navarro Cartel is in conflict with which other organized crime group?

Lagunas Cartel


55. For which organization did Roy Petty work?



56. Which character helped Jonah buy a gun?



57. Ozark first aired in what year?





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