50 Sacramento Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Sacramento’s rich history dates back to 1839. The city became vibrant during California’s gold rush and thanks to its convenient location, it became a hub for transportation, agriculture, and community.

You’ve probably heard of Sacramento’s sports teams. Besides the Sacramento Kings – the NBA team, they also have minor league sports such as; baseball and soccer.

Sacramento Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

If you’re a food lover, you’ll get to experience a tasty meal from Sacramento’s local produce. Since the place is big on agriculture, you can enjoy the freshest vegetables, meats, fruits, and desserts.

Planning a trip to Sacramento? How about we take you on a virtual trip with the following quiz to learn about Sacramento beforehand? Enjoy the trivia below!


1. What is the Sacramento area code?

Area code 916


2. TRUE or FALSE: Sacramento is the capital of California.



3. What animal will you find at a Sacramento Kings home game?

A Lion


4. What nut brand is located in Sacramento?

Blue Diamonds Almonds


5. The California State ______________ Museum in Sacramento is the largest of its kind in the U.S.

California State Railroad Museum complex


6. What records is a national landmark in Sacramento?



7. Which of these is NOT a nickname for Sacramento?

The Big Apple


8. TRUE or FALSE: Sacramento has an entire network of tunnels under the city.



9. Sacramento is second only to Paris for the largest number of ________ per capita.



10. What mail-delivery service is Sacramento the birthplace of?

The Pony Express


11. What famous author worked for a newspaper in Sacramento?


12. How many rivers run through Sacramento?

Three major rivers


13. Name the rivers that run through Sacramento?

The Sacramento River, San Joaquin River, and American River.


14. How long will it take you to drive from San Francisco to Sacramento?

1 hr 48 minutes drive


15. About how far is Sacramento from San Francisco in miles and kilometers?

87 miles/ 140 Km


16. What country founded the city of Sacramento?



17. What is Sacramento’s nickname?

River City, City of Tears, and Capital City


18. What Native American people inhabited the Sacramento area prior to the arrival of settlers?

Nisenan, Modoc, and Plains Miwok Native Americans


19. Sacramento was the western end of the _____.

Pony Express


20. Which U.S. president was nearly assassinated in Sacramento?

Gerald Ford


21. Which NBA franchise is located in Sacramento?

Sacramento Kings


22. How did California Governor Leland Stanford attend his inauguration in 1861?

In a rowboat


23. What music awards are hosted in Sacramento every year?



24. Sacramento’s first _____ opened in 1903.

Car dealership


25. What do you call someone from Sacramento?



26. How many soldiers from the Sacramento area fought in World War I?

4,000 troops


27. What is the oldest institute of higher learning in Sacramento?

Sacramento City College


28. What is the oldest art museum in Sacramento?

Crocker Art Museum


29. When was the last time downtown Sacramento had significant snow?



30. Which of the following is a fun Sacramento Summer pastime?

Going go-karting


31. What is the tallest building in Sacramento?

Wells Fargo Center


32. Fairytale Town is?

An amusement park


33. Most of the best restaurants in Sacramento are?



34. How are the working hours at the city of Sacramento?

40 hrs a week


35. What is the population of Sacramento?

515,000 people


36. Where can you find the government of the U.S. state of California?

California State Capitol


37. What is the abbreviation for Old Sacramento State Historic Park?

Old Sac


38. The California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento is a world-class tribute to the role of the “iron horse” in connecting California to the rest of the nation. What is featured in the Museum?

21 restored locomotives and railroad cars, some dating back to 1862


39. What is Sutter’s Fort famous for?

Its association with the Donner Party, the California Gold Rush, and the formation of Sacramento.


40. What major league sports team is in Sacramento?

Sacramento Kings


41. What is a summer snack in Sacramento?

Ice cream and Fro-yo


42. When is the California State Fair held, and what is it about?

It takes place each year at Cal Expo and lasts for 17 days. The event showcases California agriculture, industry, and diversity.


43. Where can you find the best Ice Cream in Sacramento?

At Burr’s, Vic’s and Gunther’s


44. The city is home to the world’s oldest triathlon. What’s odd about the event, known as Eppie’s Great Race?

Instead of swimming 6.10 miles, racers kayak.


45. What is the cost of living in Sacramento?

It is more than 22 percent higher than the national average.


46. When was the last snow event recorded?

The last of which was in 1976 when the city recorded two inches of snow.


47. The Capitol building was the largest restoration project in U.S. history. How much money did it cost?

$68 million.


48. Sacramento’s elevation is?

17 feet above sea level


49. Sacramento is one of America’s “haunted” cities. Some of the famously haunted locations include?

The Governor’s Mansion and the California State Library.


50. Sacramento is California’s sixth capital, since which year?



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