50+ Slovakia Trivia Questions and Answers

Slovakia is a country situated between Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Ukraine.

If you are below 26 years old or widowed, or disabled pensioners under 62, and seniors 62 and older, you get to travel by train for free using the national railways. This privilege is enjoyed by citizens or permanent residents of countries that are member states of the European Union.

Slovakia Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

You can explore the outdoors by touring the wonderful mountains of High Tatras with peaks over 2500 m and glacier lakes formed thousands of years ago. Other spectacular sceneries include the; wild canyons, Low Tatras with lush alpine meadows, and beautiful valleys in Little Fatra and Pieniny.

The country houses the Stará Bystrica – the world’s most accurate astronomical clock. Towering above the central square, the colorful clock displays accurate time, historic Slovakian figures, and an hourly parade of small statues representing saints.

Here are more fascinating facts about Slovakia. Take the quiz to find out!

1. What is the capital city of Slovakia?



2. The national flag of the Slovak Republic is red, white, and blue. The same colors are used by a number of other countries in the region because they are considered to represent what concepts?

Pan-Slavic colors


3. How many countries border Slovakia?



4. Bratislava, the Slovakian capital city, was built on the banks of which major river?

Danube (Dunaj)


5. How would you say Slovakia in Slovak?



6. Name the century in which Bratislava is first mentioned in written records?



7. About how many inhabitants did Slovakia have when it gained its independence in 1993?

5-6 million


8. What best describes the terrain of the Slovak Republic?

Mostly mountainous, with plains in the southwest


9. Slovakia was a federative state with another country till 1993. Which one?

Czech Republic


10. What is the nearest European capital city to Bratislava?

Vienna (Wien)


11. What was the name of the national currency in Slovakia before it adopted the Euro?

Slovenska Koruna


12. What is the name of the Slovak anthem?

Nad Tatrou sa blýska (Lightning over the Tatras)


13. What is the name of the highest peak in Slovakia?

Gerlachovsky Stit


14. Bratislava has been a city of many names. There was the German name (Pressburg), Hungarian (Pozsony), an older Slovakian name (Presporok), and an old Greek name. What was the old Greek name?



15. The southernmost point in the country of Slovakia is near the village of Patince, on the Danube River. Which of Slovakia’s neighbors is adjacent to this point?



16. What is the name of the largest national park in Slovakia?

Nizke Tatry


17. Which native purple fruit is used to produce Slivovica, a Slovak liqueur brandy?



18. What is the meaning of the name ‘Bratislava’?

Slovak intellectuals created the city name using the alleged founder’s name.


19. What is the longest river that flows wholly in Slovakia?



20. What is closest to describing the seasonal temperature changes of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia?

Average daily temperature is between -3 C (27 F) in winter and 20 C (68 F) in summer


21. What is the most popular spectator sport in Slovakia?

Ice hockey


22. Which religion is most of the people in Slovakia (60%)?


23. What is it that makes Bratislava a unique capital?

It has frontiers with two countries (Austria and Hungary)


24. The national anthem of Slovakia is “Lightning Over the Tatras”. To which significant geographic feature does it refer?

Tatras Mountains


25. High Tatras in Slovakia is the highest range of which European mountain system?



26. How many sq. kilometers does Slovakia have?

Around 50 000


27. In southern Slovakia a lot of people speak another language in addition to Slovakian. Which language?



28. How often are parliamentary elections held in Slovakia?

Every 4 years


29. Which mountains were originally declared to be the second-highest in what is now Slovakia when the first official measurements were made in the 18th century, but are now considered to be the country’s highest point?

Gerlach Peak


30. Which of these cities does not have a chemical factory?



31. Bratislava’s landmark airport is named after which famous politician, pilot, general, art critic, diplomat, and astronomer?

Milan Rastislav Stefanik


32. Which is Slovak national food?



33. Bratislava Castle was built in a strategic place on the left bank of the Dunaj (Danube) and is one of the city’s well-known landmarks. The castle is unforgettable in the context of Central European castles. What is unique about it?

The castle was built in a square formation with one spiral tower in each corner. Locals call it the ‘upturned table’.


34. When you ride the cable car to the top of Lomnicky Peak, what will you find there?

Solar observatory and weather station


35. Which three colors make up the Slovak flag?

White, blue and red


36. When did Bratislava become the capital of the Slovak Republic?

21 July 1939


37. Krivan, at one time thought to be Slovakia’s highest peak, is considered a national treasure. Which of these has NOT featured an image of Krivan?

The film “Dracula”


38. The Tatra Mountains form a border with what other country?



39. How do you say “Good morning” in Slovak?

Dobre rano


40. How high is the highest point in Slovakia?

2,655 metres


41. Apart from the Slovak Republic, Bratislava has also been the capital of another area. What is that area?

The Hungarian Kingdom


42. Since Slovakia is landlocked, its lowest point is not at sea level, which is the case for many countries. On which tributary of the Tisa is Slovakia’s lowest point situated?

The Bodrog


43. What do Slovaks traditionally eat as the main part of their meal to celebrate Christmas?



44. What is the name of the oldest university in Bratislava that also teaches the Slovak language?

Comenius University


45. “Two centers – one economical region.” This is the keynote of project ‘Twin City’ joining Bratislava with another Central European capital. Do you know which one?



46. How many sq. kilometers does Slovakia have?

Around 50,000


47. Bratislava is a modern growing city with increasing demands on its transportation infrastructure including bridges over the river. The bridge that was completed in 2005 has the very interesting name of ‘Apollo Bridge’. What does ‘Apollo’ stand for?

The bridge is named after a refinery that was bombed during WWII.


48. How often are parliamentary elections held in Slovakia?

Every 4 years


49. Bratislava prides itself on public transport, which is sophisticated with perfect coverage. Which of the following conveyances is not available in Bratislava?

Subway (Underground)

50. Where is the geographical central point of Europe?

Kremnické Bane


51. Who are the most successful athletes of Slovakia?

Twin brothers Pavol and Peter Hochschorner


52. Who is the inventor of the parachute?

Slovak-born Štefan Banič


53. What is the name of the traditional Slovak speciality made of sheep cheese?



54. What is the name of the specific Slovak spirit?



55. Where is the longest wooden bridge in Europe?

In Kolárovo


56. Which country is the world’s leading per-capita car manufacturer?



57. Which enterprise operating without any break is the oldest in the world?

Kremnica mint



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