50+ Virginia Beach Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Virginia Beach is an independent city and the largest in the state of Virginia. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

This city is known for its delicious seafood, beach parties, and a haven for outdoor life. It is also a very scenic place to enjoy your vacation be it for anniversaries or just a trip away from home.

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Virginia Beach Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

Virginia Beach has an aerial forest park where you can go zip lining, hop bridges, and dart through aerial trails. It’s an incredible way to face your fear of heights – if there’s any!

There is more to Virginia Beach than its alluring feel. We have therefore compiled a list of Virginia Beach trivia quiz questions with answers to help you know more about the city.


1. Virginia Beach is the most populated city in Virginia. What is its ranking in the United States, based on the population in 2006?



2. There are three and a half military bases located in Virginia Beach. These include NAS Oceana, NAB Little Creek, US Army’s Fort Story, and what other base?

FTC Dam Neck


3. One nickname for Virginia Beach is ____.

Neptune City


4. Located in Virginia Beach is a very large landfill. Many events take place on and around this landfill, including Independence Day fireworks, carnivals, and much more. What is the name of this landfill, and the lake next to it?

Mount Trashmore


5. Virginia Beach contains one water park. What is this water park’s name?

Ocean Breeze Water Park


6. What image is on the Virginia Beach seal?

Cape Henry Lighthouse


7. What state is Virginia Beach closest to?


8. What region of the United States is Virginia Beach located in as per the US Census Bureau?

South Atlantic


9. What bridge-tunnel connects Virginia Beach to the Eastern Shore (Delmarva Peninsula)?

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel


10. How many sister cities does Virginia Beach have?



11. Virginia Beach is home to many events and festivals. Name one of the festivals taking place in Virginia.

Strawberry Festival


12. The city’s largest festival is the _____.

Neptune Festival


13. What is the oldest building in Virginia Beach?

Adam Keeling House


14. The city is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having ____.

Longest Pleasure Beach


15. True or False – Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia.

False. Richmond is the largest city in Virginia.


16. Virginia Beach is home to how many military bases?

3.5 military bases


17. ____ is the largest employer in Virginia Beach.

Gold Key|PHR


18. The first lighthouse authorized by the US Government is ____.

Cape Henry Lighthouse


19. True or False – Virginia Beach has a “no cursing” law.



20. Mount Trashmore is ____.

City Park


21. What is the Norweigan Lady?

A statue dedicated to Grace Sherwood, the first witch of Virginia Beach.


22. Where exactly does the North end of the beach start?

The North End is located along the Virginia Beach oceanfront on either side of Atlantic Avenue between First Landing State Park (88th Street) and 32nd Street.


23. What bar was famous for their Friday night beach parties?

Duck Inn


24. What was the name of the old toll road on 264?

Route 44


25. Which hotel boasts the tallest building in Virginia Beach?

The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center & Residences


26. Which festivals are held in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach Jeep Fest, Shore Drive Farmers Market, Winter Wonderland and Holiday Parade at the Beach e.t.c.


27. What year was the Virginia Beach Amphitheater built?



28. What was the amphitheater Virginia Beach called?

Farm Bureau Live


29. How big is the Virginia Beach Amphitheater?



30. Who owns the Virginia Beach Amphitheater?

The Virginia Beach Development Authority


31. What is the best month to go to Virginia Beach?

Late May to early September


32. Why is Virginia Beach so affordable?

Residents benefit from a booming economy, an unemployment rate of 3.6%, a health-conscious culture, and the lowest tax rate in the Hampton Roads region.


33. What is hurricane season in Virginia Beach?

June 1 to Nov. 30


34. What is a livable salary in Virginia Beach?

For one adult without a child, the living wage is $18.68. While for a house with two adults and one child but only one adult is working, the living wage is $32.72.


35. Is Virginia Beach nicer than Ocean City?

The nightlife at Virginia Beach is better than Ocean City


36. What is a good salary in Virginia Beach?

Anything between $44,611 (25th percentile) to $77,724 (75th percentile) annually.


37. What month is the hottest in Virginia Beach?



38. What is the highest paying job in Virginia?

Consultant And Sales Representative – $225,116


39. Why do people like Virginia Beach?

Skilled workforce, diverse economy, low tax rates, and beautiful scenery.


40. Can you walk on the beach at night in Virginia Beach?

Yes you can walk on the beach at night.


41. Can you walk around with alcohol in Virginia Beach?

Open or unsealed alcohol containers are NOT allowed in public spaces or vehicles.


42. What famous people live in Virginia Beach?

Pharrell Williams, Mark Ruffalo, Jason George, Chyler Leigh, Gabrielle Douglas and Missy Elliot


43. What is the main industry in Virginia Beach?

Real estate, defense, and tourism


44. What food is famous in Virginia Beach?

Lynnhaven Oysters, She-Crab Soup, Orange Crushes, Soft Shell Crab and Fresh Pungo Berries.


45. Does it snow in Virginia Beach?

Throughout the year, Virginia Beach records a snow cover of 0.47 inches (12 millimetres) after a total of 3.8 snowfall days.


46. What’s the coldest month in Virginia Beach?



47. Where do locals go to the beach in Virginia Beach?

North End Beach


48. Is Virginia Beach a good family vacation?

It truly is a perfect vacation destination for kids of any age.


49. What are some of the top attractions in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Sandbridge Beach, Virginia Beach, Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and First Landing State Park.


50. What airport do you fly into for Virginia Beach?

Norfolk International Airport


51. Is Virginia Beach on the ocean or bay?

Atlantic Ocean


52. What is the population of Virginia Beach?



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