55+ Portland Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

In 1912, Businessman Simon Benson donated $10,000 to the city for the installation of four-bowled bronze drinking fountains in downtown Portland, to stop residents from going to drinking joints in the daytime. Today, there are 52 four-font fountains all doubling as useful landmarks in the city.

Portland is the most bike-friendly city in America. There are 350 miles of bike lanes and advanced bike infrastructures. Cycling is quite popular as on average 5.3% of residents commute to work by bike.

Portland Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

Portland has been ranked among the best cities for millennials. It has a mix of generations but often appears like a millennial city. This means the industries cater to things millennials enjoy — like accessories, vintage clothes, plants e.t.c.

Below is a Portland trivia quiz packed with surprising facts that will impress anyone interested in knowing about the city.


1. Once upon a time in downtown Portland, a strange shrine harbored machines that dispensed tacky trinkets. The establishment displayed relics of the ’70s and offered “cheap, not legal” weddings to any and all. To whom was this “24-Hour Church” dedicated?



2. What is the closest snow-capped mountain to Portland?

Mount Hood


3. There is an actual organization with the moniker “Keep Portland Weird!” What does this group want us to do?

Support local businesses


4. How high is Mount Hood?



5. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s Portland branch prides itself for, in the words of its website, “militant activism and progressive politics embedded in a true rank and file democracy.” Links on its website point to “The Portland Red Guide,” a list of all things leftist in PDX. Which Portland business is the largest represented by this union?

Powell’s Books


6. What is the name of the river that cuts through Portland?

Willamette River


7. Portland is home to much public art. One of the most notable pieces is known to locals as “Pull My Finger.” What is the real name of this famous artwork?



8. Which river forms the border between the States of Washington and Oregon?

Columbia River


9. And now for more bizarre public artwork! Count Alexander von Svoboda unleashed a monstrosity carved from a 190-ton chunk of white Carerra marble upon an unsuspecting Portland public. The sculpture, created for what was then the Georgia-Pacific building, is officially known as “Quest.” Locals, however, give it a much earthier appellation, a play on the title of a famous ditty which received the Academy Award for Best Original Song. What do they call it?

Three Groins in a Fountain


10. What is the name of the inactive volcano on the east end of Portland?

Mount Tabor


11. If you are looking for some good clean fun in Portland, you might want to spend some time at this museum.

The Vacuum Cleaner Museum


12. Downtown Portland is famous for its beautiful fountains, especially the Ira Keller fountain with its multitude of levels and waterfalls. However, you can do something in the Portland fountains that is not usually allowed in fountains elsewhere. What is that?

Go swimming


13. Not just in Portland, but in all of Oregon, people cannot do something that most people in other states regard as part of everyday life. What is that?

Pump their own gas


14. The streets in the northwest section of Portland are organized how?



15. Ah, polite Portlanders. According to a 2007 survey, residents in the City of Roses were tops in which polite practice?

Courteous driving


16. Which famous television show uses several street names from Portland?

The Simpsons


17. Approximately how many blocks in northwest Portland fit into one mile?



18. The people wearing green uniforms belong to which Portland services?

Sidewalk Ambassadors


19. On Christmas Eve, an Oregon resident—while on the line with President Biden, the First Lady, and his child who were having a fun conversation about the NORAD Santa tracker—signed off by saying WHAT to the president?

“Let’s Go, Brandon!”


20. Why are people discouraged from giving money to Portland’s many panhandlers?

There are many social services available for the disadvantaged in Portland.


21. What is the population of Portland?

Two million


22. What is the average summer temperature in Portland?

78 degrees


23. What is Portland’s average annual rainfall?



24. How much does an all-day bus pass cost?



25. Name a Mexican city that is a sister city to Portland?



26. Portland and its sister city, Guadalajara, celebrate which of these holidays together?

Cinco de Mayo


27. Natives of Oregon refer to which of these as “The Living Room?”

Pioneer Courthouse Square


28. Velveteria is what sort of attraction?

Velveteria is a museum that focuses on velvet paintings.


29. How many books will you find at Powell’s City of Books?

One million


30. Name a Portland restaurant that has a “no menu” policy?



31. Which local group of workers vowed to vote on a strike as soon as Monday (Jan 10, 2021) unless management increased their wages?

City of Portland workers


32. Starting in 1863, what holiday was regularly celebrated for years in Oregon on January 1?

Emancipation Day


33. What is the area of Portland?

145 square miles


34. What is the elevation point in Portland?

Average of 173 feet above sea level


35. What is the time zone in Portland?

Pacific (PST)


36. Miles from Portland to the ocean?

78 miles


37. Miles from Portland to the glacier?

65 miles to the Palmer Glacier on Mount Hood.


38. What are the average Portland temperatures?

Winter, ~40 °F, Summer, 80 °F


39. Name the official bird of Portland?

The lovely Blue Heron


40. What are the area codes of Portland?

503 and 971


41. Portland is home to what park that is also the smallest park in the world?

Mill Ends Park


42. What large university is in Portland?

Portland State University


43. American Style magazine recognized Portland as?

The 10th best Big City Arts Destination in the United States in 2006.


44. What is the status of strip clubs in Portland?

Portland reportedly has more strip clubs per capita than both Las Vegas and San Francisco.


45. Which creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, is originally from Portland?

Matt Groening


46. Famous movies filmed in Portland?

My Own Private Idaho, Good Will Hunting, Elephant e.t.c.


47. Home to the very first professional hockey team in the US. Name it.

Portland Rosebuds


48. What does Freddies mean?

Refers to the ever-popular Fred Meyer chain of stores.


49. What is The Schnitz?

Refers to the historic Paramount theater, now known as “The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall”, a grand theatre downtown.


50. What is Pill Hill?

Oregon Health Sciences University is located on “the hill” South of Downtown Portland. The entire area is often referred to as “Pill Hill”.


51. The city of Portland was officially incorporated on what date?

February 8, 1851


52. With over 7000 rose plants of 550 varieties, what rose garden is located in Portland’s Washington Park?

International Rose Test Garden


53. Including McMenamins, Widmer Brothers, and BridgePort, Portland has 28 of these businesses, more than any other town in the United States, if not the world. What are they?



54. Portland is home to the second largest copper repoussé statue in the United States after the Statue of Liberty. What is this sculpture’s name?



55. The Oregon Zoo in Portland’s Washington Park has been the birthplace for 28 of these animals, the most of any city in North America.


56. Portland was the childhood home to what author known for the characters Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, and Ralph S. Mouse?

Beverly Cleary


57. Portland is home to the largest outdoor arts and crafts market in continuous operation in the United States. What is this market known as?

Portland Saturday Market

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