55+ San Jose Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

San José is located at the southern edge of the San Francisco Bay, about 80 kilometers south of San Francisco, and 630 kilometers north of Los Angeles.

According to the 2019 census report, the population of San Jose stood at 1 million people. Hence becoming the 10th most populous city in the U.S. and the 3rd most populous city in California.

San Jose Facts Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

After World War II, San Jose experienced an economic boom, with rapid population growth and aggressive annexation of nearby cities. This led to the development of the high-technology and electronics industries further accelerating the transition from an agricultural center to an urbanized metropolitan area.

Take the following San Jose trivia quiz questions and answers to fully understand everything about this global city.

1. What state is San Jose found in?



2. Which region, which is famous for technology, is San Jose part of?

Silicon Valley


3. Do you know the way to San Jose?

I’m going back to find some peace of mind


4. What caused serious damage to San Jose in 1906?

An earthquake


5. Name a few famous San Jose communities?

Rose Garden, Alviso, the goondocks


6. What did conservationist Roger Castillo discover in 2005?

The remains of a mammoth


7. What is the Quetzalcoatl in San Jose?

The statue of feathery snake


8. What is the name of San Jose’s famous ice hockey team?

San Jose Sharks


9. List three famous companies that have their head office in San Jose.

Adobe Inc, PayPal and, Zoom


10. Which of these celebrities is NOT from San Jose? Your options: Scott Weiland, Dustin Diamond, Rihanna, and Kate Walsh



11. Who is the fastest hot dog eater around San Jose, able to crush 69 binned wieners in 10 minutes?

Joey Chestnut


12. When was San Jose founded?



13. Name the largest public library west of the Mississippi?

San Jose State University’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library


14. It’s against the law for an unmanned vehicle to do what?

Travel faster than 60 miles per hour.


15. What is the oldest parish in California?

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in San Jose


16. SharkByte, San Jose’s 2001 display of decorative sharks, was inspired by?

Chicago’s display of decorated cows. These auctioned pieces can still be found around the city depending on where their purchasers chose to display them.


17. Josh Holloway, the actor that played the bad boy Sawyer on “Lost,” was born in San Jose.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in San Jose


18. Cisco Systems has over 13,000 jobs in San Jose, making the largest private employer in the city. True or False?



19. The average haircut in San Jose costs?



20. What is the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts located in the West of San Jose?

San Jose’s Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum


21. San Jose is the most concentrated tech center in the entire world. How many tech companies are there?

7000 tech companies


22. San Jose’s association with Silicon Valley has resulted in the San Jose Metropolitan Area is home to the highest concentration of super wealthy people in the world. Nearly half of all homes – 47% – in San Jose are worth? What is the median home value in the city?

47% of homes are worth $1 million or more while the median home value is $968,000


23. The Winchester Mystery House is among the main landmarks and tourist hotspots in the city. It was originally the home of?

Sarah Winchester, widow of William Winchester and heiress to the Winchester gun fortune.


24. San Jose is home to a multitude of parks. What area do the parks cover?

The city features about 15,950 acres (6455 hectares) of parklands, including numerous flower gardens, the Japanese Friendship Garden, and a section of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.


25. San Jose boasts the world’s largest monopoly board. True or False?

Discovery Meadow features a 930 sq ft (83.4 sq m) Monopoly game board.


26. San Jose has had how many Chinatowns?

5 Chinatowns. The first was established in 1866, but none survived past 1931. Three were destroyed in fires, one in a flood, and the last during the city’s redevelopment.


27. Krazy George Henderson, who began cheerleading at San Jose State in 1968, is credited as the inventor of?


28. One of California’s first wineries was?

San Jose’s Old Almaden Vineyards on Blossom Hill Road, established in 1852.


29. Every holiday season, what takes over Downtown with nearly half a million visitors exploring 500 decorated trees and 40 animated displays on two acres of Plaza de Cesar Chavez?

Christmas in the Park


30. Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple Computer with Steve Jobs in 1976, was born in?

San Jose


31. What did Caitlyn Jenner launch in 1973 in San Jose?

Launched her Olympic training


32. The city is home to which notable universities?

San Jose State University, San Jose City College, Santa Clara and Stanford universities


33. What year were the San Jose Sharks founded?

founded in 1991


34. Who was the Sharks’ very first draft pick?

Pat Falloon


35. Who was the first Shark to score 50 goals in a season?

Jonathan Cheechoo


36. Who holds the franchise single-season record for penalty minutes?

Link Gaetz


37. Which Sharks coach has the highest winning percentage?

Cap Raeder


38. What number did Patrick Marleau originally wear with the Sharks?



39. Who was the first player to win the Hart Memorial Trophy as league MVP during a season that he played for two different teams?

Joe “Jumbo” Thornton


40. What was the nickname for the Sharks line that featured Joe Pavelski, Kyle Wellwood and Torrey Mitchell?

The Helicopter Line


41. What was Igor Larionov’s nickname?

“The Professor”


42. Who was the first Shark to score 100 points in a season?

Joe Thornton


43. Which Sharks goaltender holds the single-season franchise record for wins?

Evgeni Nabokov


44. Which Sharks goaltender has the highest single-season save percentage?

Vesa Toskala


45. Who scored the first hat trick in franchise history?

Rob Gaudreau


46. Who was the first Shark to win NHL Rookie of the Year?

Evgeni Nabokov


47. Who was the Sharks’ first captain?

Doug Wilson


48. Who is the Sharks’ career leader in game-winning goals?

Patrick Marleau


49. What is the name of the San Jose Sharks’ mascot?

S.J. Sharkie


50. What 43-year-old player did the Sharks lure out of a five-year retirement in 2009?

Claude Lemieux


51. Who replaced Joe Pavelski as captain of the Sharks?

Logan Couture


52. When did the Earthquakes win their MLS cups?

2001 and 2003


53. Who scored the first-ever goal for the Earthquakes?

Eric Wynalda


54. What was the first stadium San Jose was playing in?

Spartan Stadium


55. Who was San Jose’s opponent in their first-ever game?

D.C. United


56. True or False? San Jose scored the first-ever goal in MLS history?




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