60+ China Trivia Questions and Answers

China has the largest population in the world. It’s home to one of the seven wonders of the world, making it a must-visit for many. Also, China’s four ancient great civilizations have been documented in history.

China has a fast booming economy. Nearly every industrial product you come across has been made in China. Amazing fun fact! Chinese people are indeed very industrious.

China Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

The Chinese culture is quite fascinating as well. Curious to know more? We’ve covered Chinese culture in this trivia. Read on!

If you enjoy Chinese food, you may be familiar with the eight great cuisines. A foodie can’t miss a chance to try some continental dishes. Just like any other nation, Chinese people eat special foods during widely celebrated holidays such as the Chinese New Year.

Take up these China trivia questions and answers to familiarize yourself with the country.

1. In which Asian country did a Cultural Revolution take place in the 1960s?



2. Approximately how many years of recorded history does China have?

5,000 years


3. Which city was known as Peking?



4. On the Chinese flag, what is the main color?



5. During the Cultural revolution almost every Chinese citizen had a copy of Mao Zedon’s what?

Little Red Book


6. Everyone knows that Beijing is China’s capital, but it was not a capital for a long period before. Which three dynasties was it capital of?

Yuan, Ming, Qing.


7. What is the meaning of Tiananmen?

Heavenly gate


8. In February 1979, what country did 300,000 Chinese troops invade?



9. Now we’re in the Qin Dynasty. What two notable constructions did Emperor Qin Shihuangdi build?

The Great Wall, Terracotta Army.


10. Who did Apple remove from its “Think Different” ad campaign in Hong Kong, so they would not offend China?


11. Present-day Xi’an was once the capital of many dynasties. What was its name then?



12. What is the official name of China?

People’s Republic of China


13. The animal that is the source of cashmere, soft wool, is what?

The Kashmir goat which lives in India, China, and Iran.


14. What is the name of the dynasty that lasted for four centuries and is considered China’s golden age?


15. When did China get back to Hong Kong?



16. Victoria, Cheshire, Poland China, and Berkshire, are breeds of what animal?

The pig


17. China was almost always ruled by emperors but was also ruled by two empresses. What were their names?

Wu Zetian and Cixi Taihou


18. What is a dynasty?

A sequence of leaders or rulers of the same family


19. When did China get back Macao?



20. There are only two species of this animal, one living in China and one in Mississippi, what is it?



21. The idea that the universe is composed of two contrasting, yet complementary, energies is central to which Chinese concept?

Yin and Yang


22. What kind of animals are Zebus?

Humped cattle found in China, India, and northern Africa?


23. Who ruled China when Marco Polo reached there in 1266?

Kublai Khan


24. Where, in the Chinese city of Beijing, did students build a Goddess of Democracy in May 1989?

Tiananmen Square


25. The concept of Yin and Yang is also important in the Chinese diet. Which types of food correspond to Yin and Yang?

Warming and cooling


26. Who became the President of China in 1912?

Sun Yat Sen


27. Microsoft was embarrassed when its Taiwanese programmers inserted anti-communist slogans into software headed for where?



28. The majority of Chinese citizens consider themselves to be?



29. Which country is considered a renegade province by China?



30. The total number of time zones in China are?



31. What is the official language of China?


32. The widow of which Chinese leader was arrested for trying to overthrow the government?

Mao TseTung


33. Which of these colors is unlucky in Chinese culture?



34. The currency of China is?



35. What country were fireworks invented in?



36. During which traditional festival do the Chinese offer sacrifices to the moon – such as mooncakes and symbolic fruits – to bring them good luck?

Mid-Autumn Festival


37. The city in which the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics game was held is?



38. Chinese writings dating to the 4th century B.C. talk of fishing with a bamboo pole, silk fishing line, and a hook made from a needle, but what did they use for bait?

Cooked rice


39. What do the four small stars represent on the Chinese flag?

The people of China


40. China’s tallest mountain is?

Mt. Everest


41. Americans call the Huang HO, China’s second-longest river, what?


42. Which of these is China’s most widely-played sport?


43. Who taught doing the right thing and hoped to bring order to China?



44. What do the Chinese call kwai-tsze, or “quick little fellows?



45. Which of these popular Chinese drinks can help to decipher a person’s personality by the way it is served?



46. In China in 1992, how many expressways did Chinese drivers have to choose from?



47. You are walking into a meeting with your Chinese business partners, who like to operate in a ‘traditionally’ Chinese way. How should you greet the room?

Shake hands with everyone in the room starting with the most senior person continuing in descending order


48. The country that ruled Hong Kong during the Second World War was?



49. You are starting a partnership with a Chinese business. What will be the best way to build trust with your new business partners?

Build and maintain a relationship through shared contacts and regular visits

50. What female reporter was the only female reporter to accompany Richard Nixon on his historic trip to China?

Barbara Walters


51. What caused thunderstorms according to the ancient Chinese belief?

Dragons Fighting


52. You are managing a team in China and you notice that one of your team members has not been hitting their sales targets. You need to approach this person about their poor performance and help them think of new strategies to improve. What should you do?

Take them out for a coffee or tea and slowly ease into delivering the feedback


53. Number of calendars the ancient Chinese used are?



54. What was the name of the TV series was the first one to air in mainland China?



55. In your first meeting with your new business partners, which topic should you avoid referring to when you engage in ‘small talk’?

Chinese politics


56. The first civilization in China was?

Shang Dynasty


57. What was the name of the third wife of the leader of China’s Long March?

Jiang Qing


58. You ask your Chinese team if they can meet a tight deadline and the response you receive is “we can try”. How do you interpret this response?

They are unlikely to meet the deadline


59. The original English name of China was?



60. The Chinese, in 240 B.C. first sighted what comet?

Halley’s Comet


61. You have been invited to a business lunch with your Chinese colleagues. What time should you arrive?

15 minutes before the arranged time


62. In 1724, the Qing Emperor Yung Cheng issued an edict which was what?

Banned The Activity Of Christian Missionaries


63. In China, what are the Chicago Bulls known as?

The Red Oxen


64. You are at a business dinner which consists of 20-30 courses, which of these should you avoid doing?

Eating plenty and finishing with an empty dish


65. Deng Xiao Peng as leader of China was replaced by?

Jiang Ze Min

66. You have been invited to dinner at your colleague’s house. Which of the following should you bring?

A wrapped gift


67. The first man in Chinese history to support himself by private tutoring according to tradition was?



68. The national flower of China is?

Plum blossom




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