60+ Funny Lemon Jokes and Puns

If you are here, you must have a soft spot for funny jokes. We have prepared a great collection of corny, tasty, and funny lemon jokes for you, and everyone who likes lemons.

These zesty lemon jokes will make you and your loved ones burst into laughter. The best thing about jokes is that they turn ordinary moments into perfect fun times. Our list of lemon jokes also makes good conversation starters.

Funny Lemon Jokes and Puns

Imagine yourself enjoying a cool glass of lemonade in the summer. Satisfying, right? There are so many opportunities to make some brilliant fruit-based puns and wordplay that will leave you in tears of joy.

This collection of friendly and delicious jokes and puns about lemon is clean and safe for all. It’s time to squeeze every drop of funny out of these lemon jokes and puns!


1. Went to the shop today to buy some lemons and apples, but they didn’t have any.

It was a fruitless trip.


2. Walking down the road, I passed an apple pie, a lemon cheesecake, and ice cream.

I thought the streets are desserted!


3. Lemons and limes like to fight.

They are bitter rivals.


4. A lemon was given only 10 minutes to clean her house, so she hired a?

Minute Maid


5. What did the lemon in the salad say to the tomato?

“Give me a squeeze”.


6. Why did the lemon cross the road?

He wanted to play squash.


7. Why did the lemon visit the doctor?

Because it was not peeling well.


8. Why did the lemon stop when he was crossing the road?

He ran out of juice.


9. I ate the lemon,

Because it looked so a-peeling.


10. Which citrus fruit is bitter and green?

A lemon in a green jumper.


11. A dinosaur eating a lemon is?

Tyrannasourest Rex.


12. How do you make a lemon drop?

Hold it high and let go.


13. A cat that eats lemons,

A sour puss


14. Why was the lemon by himself?

Because the banana split.


15. Don’t you just love lemons?

They are sub-lime!


16. Friend of mine lost his job at the lemon factory.

He couldn’t concentrate.


17. Lemon and limes love to fight,

They are bitter rivals.


18. How do you make a lemon puff?

Chase it round the garden?


19. Lemons are positive fruits.

They always squeeze the day.


20. What’s yellow and goes bzzzzz?

An electric lemon.


21. And of course… What do you give a sick lemon?



22. Why did the lemon stop on the road,

Because it ran out of juice.


23. You’re citrus the best!

Better than all the zest!


24. Do you like lemons?

I think they are sublime


25. When life throws you lemons,

Make lemonade!


26. The lemon answers the phone by saying,



27. When life gives you lemons,

Squeeze them in people’s eyes.


28. One lemon met another,

The zest is history


29. When life throws you lemons,

be Beyonce.

30. Lemon and limes love to fight.

They are bitter rivals


31. How did the lemon change up her style?

She got lemonade braids.


32. What do you get when you ask a lemon for help?



33. Who is the lemon’s favorite author?

Lemony Snickett


34. What did the organic lemon say about the genetically modified lemon?

Those are totally fake zests!


35. What did the lemon say to the orange?

Sour you doing?


36. What is yellow and solves your problems?

Lemonade because it’s yellow and aids to solve your problems!


37. Why did the lemon stop rolling down the hill?

Because it ran out of juice.


38. Lemon failed her driving test.

She kept peeling out.


39. I once dated a bottle of lemonade,

she really Schwepped me off my feet


40. Why was the lemon by itself?

Because the banana split.


41. Walking down the road last night, I passed an apple pie, an ice cream sundae, and a lemon cheesecake.

I thought “the streets are strangely desserted tonight.”


42. What did the teacher tell the lemons when they misbehave?

You have to do bitter next time.


43. My wife asked me to pick up a single lemon at the grocery store.

But I have no idea how to tell if a lemon is in a relationship or not.


44. How long did it take for the lemon to form its zest?

A couple sours


45. One lemon said to the other lemon,

“we are zest friends forever!”


46. My friend lost his job at the lemon factory.

Because he couldn’t concentrate.


47. People laugh when the lemon says it has a new car,

until they see its new lemon-sine.


48. If life gives you lemons…

Apply it to your hair, it’s good for preventing dandruff


49. Who is the lemon’s favorite Beetle?

John Lemon


50. Why did the baker throw in a dozen lemons to his bread mix?

He wanted to make sour dough


51. Who goes out on a date with sour grapes?

Liz Lemon


52. Do you know dino-saurs?

They used to dominate this planet in the early citrus era


53. What did the optimist say to the sour lemon?

Life is sweet!


54. Why was the car salesman arrested?

For selling lemons.


55. Do you know that limes and lemons often fight with each other?

They are actually bitter opponents.


56. What happened after the lemons got married?

They made lemon drops.


57. Did you hear about the lemons that got sick?

They got lime disease


58. Where did the grapefruit get her joggers?



59. What do you call a dancing pie?

Lemon Merengue


60. When life gives you lemons…

find someone whose life gave them vodka, then have a party!


61. When life gives you lemons,

Just find salt and tequila and enjoy the party!


62. A glass of lemonade a day,

Keeps the worries away



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