60+ Hungary Trivia Questions and Answers

Hungary is undoubtedly an epicenter for Education. The country dedicates about 5 % of its GDP to facilitating education. This has tremendously improved the literacy rate up to 99%. There are more than 77 higher education institutions to help with extensive research and academic progress.

You may be thinking that Mummies only belong in Egypt until you wander over to the Saint Stephen Basilica in Budapest. The mummified right hand of King Stephen is preserved in the chapel for display and is considered a sacred artifact.

Hungary Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Ranked as the third world’s largest parliament building coming next to Romania after the USA. The Hungarian parliament is also the tallest building in the city of Budapest. It also counts as one of the oldest legislative buildings in Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

Find more valuable facts about Hungary by taking the following quiz!

1. What is the national animal of Hungary?



2. What is Hungary officially known as?

Republic of Hungary


3. How many world heritage sites are there in Hungary?



4. Hungary has a common border with seven other countries.



5. What is the capital of Hungary?



6. What is the name of the big lake in the western part of Hungary?



7. How many people are living in Hungary?

9.6 million


8. How long are the election periods in Hungary?

4 yrs


9. What is Tokaj famous for?



10. When were Buda, Pest and Obuda merged to form the city of Budapest?



11. Which is the highest mountain in Hungary?



12. Hungary was a part of the polyglot Austro-Hungarian Empire. When did this empire end?

It collapsed in World War I


13. In what year was Hungary established?



14. A majority of the Hungarians are associated with what form of religion?

Roman Catholicism


15. What currency is used in Hungary?



16. What is the approximate population of Hungary (2009 estimate)?

10.0 million


17. What is this Hungarian dish called?

Chicken Paprikash


18. With how many countries does Hungary border?



19. Who was the last king of Hungary?

Charles IV


20. In 1541, what major event happened in Hungary?

Hungary was split into 3 parts.


21. Who is the current prime minister?

Viktor Orbán


22. What is the main river traversing Hungary?



23. What is Hungary called in Hungarian?



24. The Communist party gave up its autocracy in what year?



25. How do you say hello in Hungarian?



26. Which group (or family) of languages does Hungarian belong to?



27. What is the name of the Hungarian national anthem?



28. Approximately when was Hungary under (virtually continuous) Habsburg rule?



29. How large is Hungary?



30. When did Hungarians arrive in Europe?

9th century


31. Who are the Csikós?

Mounted horse-herdsman


32. What are the three colors of the Hungarian flag?



33. When did Hungary join the European Union?



34. How long is the Hungarian coastline?

There is no coastline


35. Hungary is home to the largest thermal lake in Europe. Can you name this lake located near Keszthely?

Lake Heviz


36. When did the Hungarians rise in revolt against Soviet rule?



37. Which classical composer was Hungarian? Your options: [ Franz Liszt ] [ Ludwig Van Beethoven ] [ Johann Sebastian Bach ] [ Frederic Chopin ]

Franz Liszt


38. What is the biggest export partner for Hungary?



39. Which of the following composers was NOT Hungarian? Your options: [ Bartok ] [ Berlioz ] [ Liszt ] [ Kodaly ]



40. Which of the following describes the Hungarian flag? Your options: [ Rectangular – Horizontal red, white and green stripes ] [ Rectangular – Horizontal red, white and blue stripes ] [ Rectangular – Vertical red, white and green stripes ] [ Rectangular – Vertical red, white and blue stripes ]

Rectangular – Horizontal red, white and green stripes


41. How many letters does the Hungarian alphabet consist of?



42. In which year, did Warsaw Pact countries invade Hungary to crush a revolution?



43. Names in Hungarian are swapped compared to many other countries?



44. Who is the patron saint of Hungary?

St. Stephen


45. How many original words did Hungarian retain?



46. What was the title of some of Hungary’s monarchs?

Apostolic King


47. How many letters does the longest word in Hungarian consist of?



48. Who declared the Third Hungarian Republic in 1989?

Matyas Szuros


49. Approximately how many people speak Hungarian in the world?

13 Million

50. Approximately how old is the Hungarian language?

3000 years old


51. How much did the Hungarian language preserve from its original etymon?



52. How many true tenses are in the Hungarian language?



53. How do Hungarians say ‘kill two birds with one stone’?

Két legyet üt egy csapásra (Strike two flies with one stroke)


54. How do Hungarians say to ‘have a screw loose’?

Nincs ki mind a négy kereke (Not all of his/her four wheels are out)


55. What is the Hungarian idiom for saying that somebody is naked?

Ádám kosztüm (Adam costume)


56. Which English word has Hungarian origins?



57. What does the Hungarian slang ‘kolbászol’ (to sausage around) mean?

To loiter around


58. What Hungarian word means sulfur?

cane [keɪn] (ENG) – kén [keːn] (HUN)


59. This imposing Moorish-style structure in Hungary’s capital is the largest active in Europe. (And the second largest in the world.)



60. A thousand richly savory Hungarian recipes begin with onions sizzling in fat, followed into the pan by several teaspoons of, a spice that goes into the fisherman’s soup and goulash that Hungarians love. Name it.



61. An unassuming Hungarian architecture professor invented what in 1974, which is one of the world’s most popular and enduring games?

The Rubik’s Cube




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