60+ Memphis Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee, located along the Mississippi River in the southwestern corner of the state – Shelby County.

The city is a major industrial center that extends its economic influence to neighboring states. It is also a leading educational and medical center. Memphis Medical Center is one of the largest in the nation.

Memphis Facts Trivia Questions and Answers – 2022 – 2023

The city is home to a number of well-known celebrities. These are actors Kathy Bates, Morgan Freeman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Cybill Shepherd Dixie Carter, George Hamilton, Music icon Aretha Franklin, fashion designers Pat Kerr Tigrett and Dana Buchman, and author/historian Shelby Foote.

These little-known facts about Memphis can help spice up your tour. Take the quiz below!


1. Modern Memphis was founded on May 22, 1819, by planter John Overton, Revolutionary War officer James Winchester, and future president Andrew Jackson, on territory that the federal government had purchased from:

The Chickasaw Nation.


2. Ida B. Wells launched her anti-lynching campaign in the 1890s, while she was editor and reporter at this Memphis newspaper:

The Memphis Free Speech & Headlight.


3. Fill in the blank: In his 1982 history of Memphis, “Metropolis of the American Nile,” author John E. Harkins wrote: “From its founding in 1819 until about 1840, Memphis was a _____ striving to survive as a town.”

Primitive and pestilential little mudhole


4. In 1991, Dr. W.W. Herenton, longtime superintendent for Memphis City Schools, became the first Black mayor of Memphis when he defeated incumbent Dick Hackett by _____ votes (according to The New York Times), out of about 250,000 casts.



5. In 1826, this man was elected to Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District — the seat (with very different boundaries) later held by Harold Ford and Steve Cohen.

Davy Crockett.


6. In 1835, journalist David Cohn wrote: “The Mississippi Delta begins ____”

In the lobby of the Peabody Hotel.


7. According to the lead story on the front page of the May 17, 1905, edition of The Commercial Appeal, “between 13,000 and 20,000 people” had gathered the previous day for “what will be recorded among the important events in the history of the city,” the unveiling of the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest in what was then known as Forrest Park. Which of these passages did not appear in that lengthy story?

“The general’s investment in the slave trade inspired the occasional skeptical remark from some onlookers…”


8. Opened in 1875 at 180 N. Main, this Memphis shop is still in business, although at a different location.

Burke’s Book Store.


9. On July 15, 1853, Mrs. R.B. Berry made Memphis history when…

She became the first person buried in Elmwood Cemetery.


10. “The Hot Wing King.”

That’s the name of the play that on June 11 earned Memphis writer Katori Hall the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


11. Did someone say “Pulitzer”? In 1923, The Commercial Appeal was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for public service for what the jury described as…

“The publication of cartoons and the handling of news in reference to the operations of the Ku Klux Klan.”


12. With 24,251 music fans in attendance, which emcee and radio personality George Klein announced as “the biggest crowd ever to attend a rock concert in Memphis,” the Liberty Bowl — then known as Memphis Memorial Stadium — hosted its first rock show on June 24, 1972. The triple bill consisted of:

Buddy Miles, Black Oak Arkansas and Three Dog Night.


13. The Memphis Zoo launched its reputation as the “Hippo Capital” of America with the arrival of its first hippopotamuses (hippopotami?) in 1914. Enthusiastic parents, the proud pachyderms produce 16 calves. The mother and father hippos were named:

Venus and Adonis.


14. Memphis entrepreneur Clarence Saunders launched his culture-changing self-service grocery chain in 1916. Why did he call the business “Piggly Wiggly”? According to the Piggy Wiggly website, Saunders offered this explanation for the store’s unusual name:

“So people will ask that very question.”


15. Amos Muzyad Yakhoob Kairouz was not born in Memphis, but the impact he made on the city — and beyond — continues. The man is better known as:

Danny Thomas, comedian and founder of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


16. In 1968, influential Memphians A.W. Willis and Benjamin L. Hooks partnered with Mahalia Jackson to help the legendary gospel singer launch a fast-food chicken franchise that would function as a sort of sanctified complement to the country music-associated Minnie Pearl’s Chicken restaurant chain (also an investor in the Jackson enterprise). The short-lived franchise was called:

Mahalia Jackson Glori-Fried Chicken.


17. Signing on the air on Dec. 11, 1948, as WMCT, the station that is now WMC-TV Channel 5 was the first television broadcaster in Tennessee and the only Memphis station for five years. The W, of course, is the designated first letter of almost all radio and television stations east of the Mississippi, as mandated by federal licensing guidelines; but what did the “MC” in the call sign originally stand for?

Memphis Commercial Appeal.


18. Graceland is located in Memphis. True or false?



19. What is a nickname for Memphis?

Bluff City


20. Memphis is the capital of Tennessee. True or false?

False. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee.


21. What sport do the Memphis Grizzlies play?



22. What event is celebrated in Memphis in April?

Africa in April


23. Hot chicken is no spicier than regular fried chicken. True or false?



24. Which of the following singers did NOT get their start in Memphis? Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin


25. What sport do the Memphis Tigers play?



26. During what month is Carnival Memphis held?



27. You can get Prozac Cupcakes from Muddy’s Bake Shop. True or false?



28. Where is the Memphis Walk of Fame located?

Beale Street


29. Which of the following is a famous museum in Memphis? Pink Palace, Blue Palace, or Purple Palace

Pink Palace and Planetarium


30. Which of the following celebrities are from Memphis? Justin Timberlake, Usher, or Justin Bieber

Justin Timberlake


31. Where were the Memphis Grizzlies originally located?

Vancouver Grizzlies


32. What were the Grizzlies originally going to be called?

Vancouver Mounties


33. Which coach led the Grizzlies to their first winning season?

Hubie Brown


34. Who was the first Grizzly to win NBA Rookie of the Year?


35. Which player did the Grizzlies trade for his younger brother?

Pau Gasol


36. Who was the first Grizzly with three triple-doubles in a season?

Delon Wright


37. What is the name of the Memphis Grizzlies’ mascot?



38. Which Memphis Grizzly was nicknamed “Wendigo”?

Marc Gasol


39. Which Grizzly won the NBA Sportsmanship Award three times?

Mike Conley, Jr


40. Who was the first Grizzly to win the Sixth Man of the Year Award?


41. Which Grizzlies coach has the highest winning percentage?

Dave Joerger


42. How many games did Allen Iverson play for the Grizzlies?



43. The Memphis Grizzlies’ Eddie Jones wore jersey #6 in honor of which NBA legend?


44. Who was the first Memphis player with at least 1800 points in a season?

Shareef Abdur-Rahim


45. Which team drafted Brandon Clarke in the 2019 NBA draft?

Oklahoma City Thunder


46. How long was the Grizzlies’ longest losing streak?

lost 23 straight games


47. How many games did O.J. Mayo start for the Grizzlies in his last season with the team?



48. Who was the first Memphis Grizzly with at least 150 steals in a season?

Mike Conley, Jr.


49. In 2017-18, who was the only player on the Grizzlies roster who averaged more than 20 points per game?

Marshon Brooks


50. Who was the mayor in December 2001?

Willie Herrenton


51. What is the name of the major theatre that has the slogan ‘Where Broadway Meets Beale’?

The Orpheum


52. What county is Memphis a part of?



53. What is the name of Memphis’ main opera company?

Opera Memphis


54. What is the name of the famous store that’s over a hundred years old, located on Beale Street?



55. Upon your arrival in the cordial city of Memphis, Tennessee, may I suggest choosing the historic Peabody Hotel for your stay? What remarkable march can be witnessed daily in its splendid lobby?

March of the ducks


56. You need to relax and rest on your first night in River City. However, you must eat to build your strength for the following day’s activities. What type of food is traditional in Memphis?



57.  While you are contemplating your vacation in Memphis, a good friend notifies you to visit the historical and famed studio that helped launch the recording careers of many notable musical artists. To which top-attraction studio is your friend referring?

Sun Studio


58. Now you are ready to view other unique attractions in Memphis. Of all the transportation modes accessible, which will you choose to burn off those extra calories the quickest?

Biking Route


59. After a couple of days of taking in a few attractions, the sun begins to set. Before returning to your room, you decide to attend an admission-free concert. What is the name of the famous outdoor amphitheater that is located in Memphis’ 342-acre public park?

Overton Park Shell


60. After an exciting but exhausting day, I’d advise you to take the Main Street Trolley to your hotel. Your itinerary schedule for the following day includes a visit to Audubon Park, where you will be stopping to smell the roses and observe an array of brilliant flowers. What garden will you be touring?

Memphis Botanic Garden


61. It has been another action-packed, fun-filled day in Memphis. You board the shuttle and it takes you to a location called A. Schwab. What sort of place is that exactly?

Small general store


62. An abundance of activity and leisure is waiting for you as you step on board a paddle-wheel riverboat excursion. What is the name of one of the well-known replicated steamboats Memphis has to offer?

The Delta Queen


63. After a romantic and unforgettable night on the Mississippi River, I propose that you tour the home of Elvis when he was a teenager. In which low-income apartments did the Presleys famously reside after they departed from Tupelo, Mississippi?

Lauderdale Courts


64. Unfortunately, you have approached the end of your trip and have only seen a few of the Blues City’s attractions. However, no visit is complete in Memphis until you have visited the final home and resting place of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. What is the name of the famed Presley estate?




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